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Submitted by Michael L. Brown

Born:  c. 1806, Maine.
Married:  Mary Melvin.
Died:  ?
Children:   John, Asenith, Lena, Theodore, David, Charles, Sarah, William, Samuel, Jeremy, Nathan, Mary, Elizabeth.

Biography:  David Martin Sr. was an early settler in Lawrence Co., Ohio, probably coming to Ohio as a youth with his parents.  He first appears in Gallia Co., Ohio where he was married to Mary Melvin on 27 January 1827 by Rev. William Fuson.  Mary was born c. 1806 in Ohio.  Her parents were Jonathan and Nancy Anna (Broom) Melvin.   According to the 1880 census, David's parents were both born in Massachusetts.  David was a farmer and by the time of the 1830 census he and his family lived in Perry Twp. of Lawrence County.  A land deed between David and Jonas Jenkins appears in 1858.  David and Mary were both illiterate, although in 1880, he is said to be able to read, though not write.  All children living at home in 1860 were listed as attending school.  Also in 1860, David's real estate is valued at $3000 and his personal estate at $600.  His name appears in the local newspaper, issue of 27 December 1877, as a delinquent tax payer!  As noted, both David and Mary lived to 1880, but for how long afterwards is not known for certain.  The death of a Mary Martin in Lawrence Co. on 7 June 1889 at 84 years and 3 months, of "old age", could well be our Mary.  

1)  John, born c. 1829 in Ohio.  He is called a "laborer" in 1850.

2)  Asenith, our ancestor.  See entry on Jonas Jenkins.

3)  Lena, born c. 1831.

4)  Theodore, born c. 1833.

5)  David, was born c. 1836, quite possibly a twin of Charles.  His wife was named Nancy and she was born c. 1841.  David was a farmer, living in Lawrence Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio in 1880.
        a. Reynolds, born c. 1860.  He became a farmer.
        b. Roberta, born c. 1864.
        c. Esadra, born c. 1866.
        d. Benjamin W., born c. 1868.  He also was a farmer.
        e. Uyssues E., born c. 1870.
        f. Van J., born c. 1876.
        g. Rufus C., born c. 1878.

6)  Charles, born c. 1836.  

7)  Sarah,  born 15 October 1840.   She married Mitchell McClaskey,  a "laborer", who was about two years younger than her.  Sarah died on 11 January 1922, in Perry Twp., with chronic bronchitis.  She was buried in Woodland Cemetery two days after her death.  She died a widow.

8)  William, born c. 1842.  His wife was named Eliza J.  and she was about two years older than he was.  She was marked illiterate in 1880.  William was a farmer like his father.  They also lived in Perry Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio and had at least seven children.
        a. Michael, born c. 1867, helped his father farm.
        b. Sarah, born c. 1870.
        c. Nathaniel, born c. 1871.
        d. Mary E., born c. 1873.
        e. Margaret J., born c. 1874.
        f. William, born c. 1876.
        g. Henry, born c. 1879.

9)  Samuel, born 28 June 1844.  He became a farmer and his wife was named Sarah.  She was born c. 1849 and died before her husband.  Six children are listed at home in 1880, all six of them boys!  Samuel died on 30 October 1928 in Fayette Twp., Lawrence Co.  The cause of death was noted to be, "Infection from wound on hand caused by barred wire."  Senility was listed as a contributory cause on his death certificate.  He was buried in Woodland Cemtery.  
        a. John, born c. 1867.
        b. Joseph, born c. 1870.
        c. Willis, born c. 1873.
        d. David, born c. 1875.
        e. Milan, born c. 1877.
        f. Ezekiel, born c. 1879.

10)  Jeremy, born c. 1846.

11)  Nathan,  born c. 1849.  In 1870, he was working on the farm and listed as being illiterate.

12)  Mary, born c. 1851.  She probably married to David McKnight.

13)  Elizabeth,  born  c. 1853.   She still lived at home in 1870.   Listed at that time as illiterate.  She married to William McClaskey c. 1873 and they continued living there in Perry Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Williams occupation in 1880 is given as "farm laborer".  
        a. Charles, born c. 1874.
        b. Eliza J., born c. 1876.
        c. George, born c. 1879.







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