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Submitted by Michael L. Brown

Born:  c. 1768, Germany.
Married:  1) Barbara Arbaugh.  2) Barbara Rife
Died:  c. 1853, Lawrence Co., Ohio.
Buried:  Yates Cemetery, Symmes Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio.
Children:  Isaac, Delphia, Elizabeth, Nancy, Michael, John, Adam, George, Delilah, Rachel, Rhoda and Ellen.

Biography:   Henry Miller  was born in Germany and came to this country when still a young boy.  The account, from a number of sources, states that Henry's parents died on the ship coming over from Europe.  One record states that cholera struck among the German emigrants aboard ship.  Some survivors later told of English shipmen yelling in fear, "Let's throw all the Germans overboard!"  Henry and a brother named John and they are said to have been raised by a Ruffner family in Botetourt Co., Virginia.  There is also a story of a sister to Henry and John, but nothing is known of her.  Henry's brother served in the American Revolution.  Henry reportedly substituted for John for two months, during which time he lost a finger.  John Miller died a bachelor.  Henry learned English, but it is said that whenever excited, he reverted back to his mother tongue of German.  Henry first married to Barbara Arbaugh on 9 August 1796 in Greenbrier Co., (West) Virginia where they lived and farmed.  Farming was Henry's main life occupation.  In 1797, Henry bought 102 acres of land on Muddy Creek Mountain.  In 1800, he owned 196 acres there.  Henry and his sons gathered stones which they used to build a strong stone house that stood for a century and a half.  About 1815, Barbara died, there in Greenbrier Co.  It is said that Henry told his crying children, "Never thee worry, for I will get thee another Barbara".  On 28 March 1816, he married to Barbara Rife, the ceremony performed by a Rev. Josiah Osborne.  First known record of Barbara Rife is on 27 March 1813 when she was a witness to a land rental agreement made between Henry Miller and a Henry Stuart.  She was born about 1790 in (West) Virginia.  Henry and his wife lived there for about 13 years, but then they moved north to Ohio.  By tax time 1829, Henry shows up in Symmes Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio.  They soon moved over to Gallia Co., Addison Twp. to live there for a time.  It is there that they are listed in the 1830 census.  In the 1830's, however, they returned to Lawrence Co., settling for good along Buffalo Creek in Symmes Twp.  Henry built his house, barn and sheds of hickory wood.  Their home once burned there while they were away.  Barbara claimed to recognize a bed cover in the neighbors wash and so the Bandy family was thus accused of robbing, then burning, the Miller home!  Indications are, however, that the feud was eventually settled.  Henrys last two children were born in Ohio, the youngest appearing with her parents in the 1850 census, in which Henry is listed as being a farmer.  Barbara is shown to be illiterate.  Henrys deathdate is uncertain, but it is estimated at about 1853/4.  Barbara is said to have died about 1864.

1)  Isaac, born c. 1794 in Greenbrier Co., (West) Virginia.  He married to Catherine Rife and they had ten children.  Isaac moved to Ohio with his parents and there died about 1865.  He is buried along Buck Creek, Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Obviously, if the record of his birthdate is correct, he was born out of wedlock.
        a. Lucinda, born 1812 and died 20 October 1886.  She married to John Neal (1808-1895) on 23 June 1828.
        b. John, born 18 December 1816 and died 6 May 1873.  He married to Winifred Wray (1819-1890) on 11 January 1836.  He moved to Missouri, where he died.
        c. Catherine, born 4 June 1819.  She died in Hutchinson, Kansas in 1896.  She married to Walter Wiseman (1813-1891) on 5 January 1837.
        d. Mary (Polly), born 23 June 1823 and died 22 June 1869.  She married on 15 November 1840 to Joseph Massie.
        e. Nancy, born 1824 and was still living in 1900.  On 15 May 1844, she married to Moses L. Massie (1824-1903).
        f. Annie, buried near parents in Mason Twp., Lawrence Co.
        g. Elizabeth, born 1833 and died 1910.  She married two times, first to George Lewis on 13 August 1854 and then to Rev. Brooks Hereford on 16 October 1869.
        h. Rachel, married to a Noble.
        i. George, born 1831 and was alive in 1900.  He married on 14 August 1856 to Elizabeth Green.
        j. Rebecca, born in 1836, was still living in 1900.  She was married to Jacob W. Markle (1833-1898) on 28 Febraury 1855.

2)  Delphia,  born c. 1795  and married on 10 January 1809 to Benjamin Nelson.  They moved to Douglas Co., Illinois.  She was also born well before her fathers marriage in 1796!

3)  Elizabeth,  born 14 October 1796,  only a little over 2 months after her fathers marriage!  She married to Francis Cooper on 20 May 1820.  They lived their lives in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Elizabeth died on her birthday, 14 October 1889.
        a. David, born c. 1813 and died 27 November 1907.  He married Virginia Asbury on 11 April 1839.
        b. Thomas, born 4 May 1821 and died 5 January 1915.  On 19 January 1843, he was married to Isabel Boggess.
        c. George Washington, born c. 1822 and died c. 1918.  He married Maria Asbury.
        d. Mary Ann, born c. 1824 and died 1892.  She married Thomas Depreist.
        e. Jeremiah, born 11 May 1826 and died 12 March 1911.  He married Polly Ann Miller, a cousin, on 29 December 1849.  She was the daughter of George Miller.  They lived by their grandparents, Henry and Barbara Miller, in 1850.
        f. Barbara Rebecca, born c. 1828 and married Morris Bryant on 13 July 1843.
        g. Madison, born 15 March 1828 and died 22 July 1923.  He first married to Mary Levisay on Christmas day, 1854. Mary soon died, without children, and Madison remarried to Eleanor White on 7 January 1857.
        h. Elizabeth Jane, born c. 1833.  She married to Nathan Barnett on 28 April 1853.
        i. Nancy, born 21 November 1834 and died 11 June 1907.  She married James W. Slagle on 4 October 1855.
        j. Ruth, born c. 1837 and married on 25 March 1855 to James Green.
        k. William Francis, born 11 March 1840 and died on 26 November 1933.  He was a Civil War veteran.  He was first married to Lydia Woolum on 3 February 1859. His second wife was Comfort Massie Miller, a widow and evidently the widow of his uncle George!  He married to her on Christmas day, 1879.  Thirdly, he married to Missouri Willson Huggins, also a widow, on 20 April 1912.  And his fourth wife was Mary Vencil!

4)  Nancy,  born  c. 1798  and  never married.   It is said that she "went west" and nothing more is known.

5)  Michael,  born c. 1800  and  lived back of Parkersburg,  (West) Virginia.

6)  John,  born c. 1802 and married to Anna Mariah Neal.  He died c. 1872.

7)  Adam, born 10 March 1806 and married first to Elizabeth Hulett on 24 April 1829.  She died about 1838 and Adam remarried to Patsy Ward on 5 October 1840.  In the 1850 census, his wife is named as Martha, so this may have been a third wife!  Adam was a farmer and his real estate value in 1850 is listed at $300.  He lived by his parents at that time.  Adam died on 29 March 1881.
        a. James, born c. 1833.  He was a farmer.
        b. Nancy, born c. 1834 and married to George Ward.
        c. Cynthia, born 22 February 1836 and died 6 February 1885.  She married to Michael Malone on 23 December 1884.  They had no children.  This Michael was the widower of Rhoda, daughter fo Henry and brother of Adam.
        d. George, born c. 1840.
        e. Harvey, born c. 1841 and died in the Civil War.
        f. Sarah, born c. 1843 and married Joshua Woodruff on 6 November 1863.  He was a widower when they married.
        g. Robert, born c. 1844 and died 1921.  He married to Mary E. Woodruff (1845-1913) on 13 August 1865.
        h. Henry C., born 17 February 1846 and died 14 April 1909.  He was a Civil War veteran who married to Permellia Hysel (1847-1928) on 11 July 1867.
        i. John Leblon, born 3 December 1847 and married first to Louise Woods on 9 April 1869.  On 18 May 1882, he then married to Melissa McCoy.  John died on 19 March 1913.
        j. Martha, born c. 1850.
        k. Letha Jane, born c. 1854 and married on 2 October 1873 to Seabird Rose.

8)  George,  born 4 June 1812  and married twice.   His first wife was Sarah Smith, who died in 1861.  George married secondly to Comfort Massie.  In all, he fathered a grant total of 19 children!  He died on 18 October 1875.  George was Henry Millers last child by his first wife.
        a. Polly Ann, born 1 April 1832 and married to Jeremiah Cooper (1826-1911) on 29 December 1849.  She died on 1 May 1910.  Jeremiah was her cousin, son of Elizabeth (Miller) Cooper.
        b. Samuel Sherman, born 16 May 1836 and died on 4 December 1926.  He married Elizabeth Woolum (1837-1923) on 30 March 1855.
        c. Margaret, married Valentine Wray on 19 November 1854.  She was born c. 1837 and died after 1882.
        d. Adelphi Jane, born c. 1839.  She married Lafayette Bandy on 11 June 1861.  
        e. George Amos, born c. 1840.  He married Philena Rayburn on 11 September 1862.  They moved to Kentucky.
        f. Henry Wilson, born 14 October 1843 and died on 16 November 1912.  He married to Mary Massie (1845-1919) on 12 September 1865.
        g. John Bennett, born in 1846 and died in 1907.  His wife was Amanda Lee, whom he married on 31 December 1865.
        h. William Francis, born c. 1848.  He married Henrietta E. White on 22 August 1866.  They moved to Idaho.
        i. Frances, born c. 1849.
        j. Thomas, born c. 1851 and never married.  He moved to the state of Idaho and lived there with his brother William.
        k. Josephine, born c. 1853.  She married Henry P. Depriest.  She moved to Florida.
        l. Comfort, born c. 1858 and died umarried 26 August 1885.
        m. unnamed child, born 31 August 1861 and died only lived a few days, until 8 September 1861.  Not only did this child die, but the mother died in childbirth.
        n. Logan, born 10 April 1863, the first child of George by his second wife.  Logan married Matilda Wisecup on 3 July 1892 and died 27 December 1923.
        o. James M.C., born 11 January 1867 and died 29 December 1944.  He married on 8 April 1893 to Cora O'Neal (1876-1945).  He moved to Marion Co., Ohio.
        p. Orlena, died 13 August 1867 at two years of age.
        q. Alexander, born 18 September 1868 and he died on his birthday in 1936.  He married 7 November 1886 to the former Philena Woolum (1870-1936).  They lived in Marion Co., Ohio.
        r. Martha Ellen, born 18 May 1870 and died in 1923.  She married to Jacob Clarkson (1868-1952) on 15 February 1896.
        s. Rachel Ellis, born 1874 and was still alive in 1907.  She married Samuel Donally on 14 September 1897.  They moved to Kentucky.

9)  Delilah,  our ancestor, the first child of Henry Miller by his wife Barbara Rife.  See entry on Joseph Henry Filkins.

10)  Rachel,  born c. 1824  and married to Absalom Halterman on 7 June 1844.  They moved to Flora, Illinois.
        a. Joseph H., born 14 April 1845 and died 22 May 1932.  He married Helen M. Riggle on 21 November 1869.
        b. Mary E., born c. 1847 and died 1872.  She married to George William Thompson on 10 September 1863 in Clay Co., Illinois.
        c. Elizabeth Jane, born 20 August 1848 and died on 21 December 1918 in Clay Co., Illinois.    She married to James Harper.
        d. John Wesley, born 30 October 1850 and died on 19 July 1917 at Clay Co., Illinois.  He married to Rebecca Ellen Riggle.  
        e. James Alfred, born 5 April 1853 and died 13 March 1920 in Clay Co., Illinois.  He married on Valentines day, 1880 to Margaret Emily Pruitt.
        f. William Siddleton, born 1855 and died after 1880 in Clay Co., Illinois.
        g. Margaret Delilah, born 21 April 1857 in Lawrence Co. Ohio.  She died on 3 June 1940 in Clay Co., Illinois.  She married on 18 October 1877 to James Miller Jenkins.
        h. Martha Catherine, born 11 February 1860 in Clay Co., Illinois.  She died 3 April 1920.  On 1 December 1893, she married to Joseph Halterman.
        i. Singleton, died in infancy.
        j. Anderson, died in infancy.

11)  Rhoda, born 4 January 1828 and married 6 May 1845 to Michael Malone.  They then lived in Lawrence Co., Ohio but around 1857 Michael and Rhoda, along with children Mary Ellen, John Henry, William Samuel, Alfred and Richard, moved to Clay Co., Illinois, near the town of Flora.  They reported owned 40 acres of land there, where they farmed, growing corn.   Michael joined the Union Army during the Civil War, serving from February 10, 1865 until September 11 of that year as a private in the 152nd Regiment of the Illinois Infantry.  In 1869, the family moved back to Ohio, reportedly due to Rhodas poor health.  Rhoda died on 20 June 1884 of "con. of the brian".  Michael remarried on 23 December 1884 to Rhodas niece, Cynthia Miller, daughter of Adam, but she only lived until the following 6th of February.  He then remarried to Wilsina Prose Campbell Shaw.  It was said that Michael was "very proud of his beard".  He was 5'8" tall, with blue eyes and dark hair.  In 1898 he was granted a pension due to loss of eyesight and chornic diarrhea brought about by military service.
        a. Mary Ellen, born 26 June 1846 and married Andrew Lee in Clay Co., Illinois.  She died on 26 October 1864 when she was only 18 years old.
        b. John Henry, born 9 October 1848 and died 4 November 1922.  He married to Purlene Delaney on 8 October 1869.
        c. William Samuel, born 4 December 1850 and died in September of 1940.  He married on 28 January 1870 to Sarah Ann Rice.  It appears he was known as "Sam".
        d. Alfred Martin, born 24 June 1853 and died on 15 April 1932.  He married Helen Woolum on 20 February 1873.
        e. Richard Warren, born 2 October 1855 and died on 2 February 1932.  He first married to Martha Woolum, sister of his brother Alfreds wife, on 10 September 1879.  His second wife was Phebe Campbell, whom he married on 8 October 1885.
        f. Daniel Ellis, born 8 January 1858 and died 27 March 1935.  He married on 10 September 1878 to Fannie Rice, sister of his brother Williams wife.
        g. Martha Levina, born 11 May 1860 and died 4 May 1931.  She married James Sharp on 21 March 1880.
        h. Anderson McClelland, born 11 January 1863 and died 2 March 1944.  He married Ellen Yates 1 December 1881.
        i. Dolly Elizabeth, born 28 January 1865.  She married to Samuel Burns.
        j. Mary Jane, born 20 October 1867 and died 8 December 1910.  She married Isaiah Oliver on 8 December 1886.
        k. James Michael, born 2 April 1871.  He married 3 times.  He married his first wife, Annie Hixon, on 19 May 1895.  His second wife was Delphi Depriest.  The third was Janey Eakman.

12)  Ellen,  born c. 1836 and married to Joseph Vickers.  She died on 19 August 1895.
        a. Cebina, or Sabrina, born 27 December 1858 and died on 19 December 1919.  She married James Donley and had ten children.
        b. Jacob, born in February 1861.  He did not marry.
        c. John, born in February of 1864.  He never married either, and died on 24 March 1928.
        d. Theodore, born in September 1867 and died on 13 April 1914.  He never married.
        e. Perly, born 5 February 1871, and may have died a child.
        f. Ithmar Boyd, born 20 December 1872.  He was married, to the former Effie Kiser, but they were later divorced!  They had five children.
        g. Joseph Belldon, born 5 April 1879.  He is said to have married.








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