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Lawrence County, Ohio Probate Births 1867 (includes some 1868 births and earlier)
Submitted by Martha J. Kounse
ADAMS, John Franklin 1868 Mar 22 Ironton M W Zeri Adams Alice Cory Ironton, OH
ADAMS, Sarah Louella 1867 Aug 2 Ironton F W Henry Adams Nanacy Anne Ironton, OH
AINSWORTH, -------- 1867 Oct 29 Ironton F W R.M. Ainsworth Susan P. Millersport, OH
ALDRIDGE, Robert Stewart 1865 Sept 7 Elizabeth Twp. M W Lafayette Aldridge Feby? Armstrong Etna
ALLEN, Sarah E. 1867 Dec 7 Aid Twp. F W George Allen Nancy Aid Twp.
ANDERSON, ----- 1867 Jul 9 Ironton M W David P. Anderson Maria J. Ironton, OH
ANDERSON, ----- 1867 Dec 5 Fayette Twp. M W John L. Anderson Louisa Fayette Twp.
ANDRE, Florence May 1867 Jul 26 Ironton F W Davis Andre Catharine N. Ironton, OH
ANDREWS, ---- 1867 Sept 8 Fayette Twp. F W Leonidan Andrews Deliliah
ARCHIBLD, Susanna 1867 Aug 6 Ironton F W Henry Archibold Susanna Ironton, OH
BARREN, ----- 1867 Jul 24 Ironton F W Richard Barren Catherine Ironton, OH
BAY, G.W. 1867 Dec 21 Union Twp. F W G.W. Bay Mary Suiter Union Twp.
BEAMAN, --- 1867 Dec 20 Ironton F W Gains Beaman Eliza Ironton, OH
BEAR, ----- 1867 Dec 2 Lawrence Twp. F W Rufus Bear Mrs. Bear Lawrence Twp.
BIAS, ------- 1867 Sept 5 Union Twp. F W William Bias Elizabeth Union Twp.
BLACK, ---- 1867 Sept 17 Ironton F Col Usual Black Ironton, OH
BLAKE, ----- 1867 Oct 3 Rome Twp. F W M.L. Blake Alice Rome Twp. Twp
BLANKENSHIP, ----- 1867 Dec 24 Perry Twp. M W Joseph Blankenship Dolla Elizabeth
BLANKENSHIP, Ida J. 1867 Nov 1 Aid Twp. F W Johnson Blankenship Jane Aid Twp.
BLOWERS, ---- 1867 Sept 21 Upper Twp. F W Uriah Blowers Isabelle Upper Twp.
BOLEN, ----- 1867 Dec 30 Scioto Co, Bloom Twp. M W Gilbert Bolen Lucinda Bloom Furnace, Decatur Twp.
BOWEN, ------ 1867 Oct 13 Rome Twp. F W Columbus Bowen Martha Rome Twp. Twp
BRADY, James 1868 Mar 24 Ironton M W Henry Brady Bridget Ironton, OH
BRAINARD, ---- 1867 Dec 10 Ironton M W George Brainard Helen Ironton, OH
BRAMMER, Charles 1867 Nov 13 Union Twp. M W Chas. Brammer Rebbeca Earles Union Twp.
BRAMMER, Luthelia 1867 Aug 13 Fayette Twp. F W Josiah Brammer Mary J. Fayette Twp.
BRAWLEY, ----- 1867 Oct 25 Ironton F W Alexander Brawley Ironton, OH
BRICE, Matilda 1867 Aug 7 Ironton F W Chas. H. Brice Sarah J. Ironton, OH
BROOKS, ---- 1867 Aug 6 Ironton M Col Henry Brooks Alice Ironton, OH
BROOKS, Estella Vird. 1867 Jul 30 Ironton F W Edwin Brooks Mary E. Ironton, OH
BROOM, ---- 1867 Nov 20 Ironton F W Edward Broom Ironton, OH
BROWN, John Sampson 1866 Jun 8 Lawrence County M W John Anderson Brown Hetty Ann Russell Lawrence County Ruth M. Davis
BRUBAKER, ----- 1867 Dec 30 Rome Twp. M W David Brubaker Salome Perry Twp.
BRUBAKER, Frank Sheridan 1867 Oct 7 Fayette Twp. M W Abraham Brubaker Matilda Perry Twp.
BRUBAKER, Isaac 1867 Dec 3 Fayette Twp. M W Hamilton Brubaker Tempe Fayette Twp.
BRUCE, George 1867 Oct 6 Perry Twp. M W Wm. Bruce Mary Perry Twp.
BURNS, Fredrick 1867 Dec 10 Ironton M W Thomas Burns Catherine Ironton, OH Margaret A. Hopkins, midwife
BUSH, ---- 1867 Dec 22 Ironton M W Horace Bush Mary Ironton, OH
BUTLER, --- 1867 Aug 20 Upper Twp. F W William Butler   Old Maidsville, Upper Twp.
CAMPBELL, Frank 1867 Oct 17 Fayette Twp. M W William A. Campbell Jennie Fayette Twp.
CAMPBELL, Wm. 1867 Nov 18 Lawrence Twp. M W David Campbell Mary Lawrence Twp.
CARP, ----- 1867 Sept 16 Ironton ? W George Carp Lizzie Ironton, OH
CARPENTER, --- 1867 Dec 30 Rome Twp. M W William Carpenter Allacary Adams
CARR, Michael 1868 Jan 10 Ironton M W John Carr Julia Ironton, OH
CASSIDAY, ---- 1867 Oct 10 Perry Twp. M W Rees Cassiday Elizabeth Perry Twp.
CECIL, ----- 1867 Sept 8 Upper Twp. M W Not Known (Illegitimate) Prudent Cecil Upper Twp.
CHRISTIAN, ---- 1867 Jul 7 Union Twp. M W Jasper Christian Martha Sites Union Twp.
CLERE, Chas. Henry 1867 Dec 14 Decatur Twp. M W D. M. Clere Mary J. Elizabeth
COLLIER, --- 1867 Sept 18 Upper Twp. M W John Collier Aseneth Collier Upper Twp.
COULTER, --- 1867 Sept 8 Millersport F W J.P. Coulter Nancy Chick Millersport, OH
CRAWFORD, Frank Leslie 1867 Nov 20 Fayette Twp. M W James R. Crawford Eliza Fayette Twp.
CRAWFORD, John W. 1867 Oct 12 Mason Twp. M W Alma Crawford Ann Mason Twp.
CRAWFORD, Nancy Marinda 1867 Sept 28 Fayette Twp. F W George K. Crawford Lucinda Fayette Twp.
CRAWFORD, Virginia Alipher 1867 Sept 13 Fayette Twp. F W Geo. W. Crawford Emma
CROSS, Lissy B. 1867 Jul 27 Rome Twp. F W Israel Cross Levina Brown Rome Twp.
CROSSLEY, Harriet 1867 Oct 12 Hanging Rock F W Maj. Simeon Crossley Sarah Hanging Rock
DARLING, ----- 1867 Dec 18 Decatur Twp. M W Mosey Darling Viana Millersport, OH
DAVIDSON, William Gilbert 1867 Nov 7 Perry Twp. M W Jas. D. Davidson Mary A. Fayette Twp.
DAVIS, Chas. 1867 Jul 29 Ironton M W Joseph Davis Anna Davis Ironton, OH
DAVIS, George 1867 Jul 29 Ironton M W Joseph Davis Anna Davis Ironton, OH
DAVIS, Jesse 1867 Oct 18 Union Twp. M W Jesse Davis Hunt Union Twp.
DAVIS, Rachel 1868 Feb 21 Ironton F W Philip Davis Ruth Ironton, OH
DELLER, Sophia 1865 Mar 30 Ironton F W John Henry Deller Mary Caroline Wick Ironton, OH Louise Williams? & Mary C. Crossley
DITMAR, Fred Wm. Henry 1867 Oct 19 Ironton M W Henry Detmar Charlotte Millersport, OH
DIXON, ---- 1867 Dec 5 Upper Twp. F W Dixon Dixon Upper Twp.
DONOHUE, ---- 1867 Dec 3 Decatur Twp. M W James Donohue Mary Buckhorn Furnace
DOVEL, ---- 1867 Oct 20 Union Landing F W Geo. W. Dovel Union Twp. Landing
DUGAN, Susie 1867 Nov 30 Ironton F W Hugh B. Dugan Catherine Ironton, OH Margaret A. Hopkins, midwife
DUNCAN, ---- 1867 Aug 14 Union Twp. M W Wm. Duncan Manerva Hanley Union Twp.
DUPUY, Edwin 1867 Jul 7 Ironton M W Richard S. Dupuy Cynthia Ann Ironton, OH
EBERT, Margautta 1868 Jan 25 Ironton F W Hieronimus Ebert Helena Ironton, OH
EBERT, Matilda 1867 Dec 23 Ironton F W Leo. Ebert Matilda Ironton, OH Margaret A. Hopkins, midwife
EDWARDS, Henry 1867 Dec 4 Rome Twp. M W Henry Edwards Rome Twp.
ELKINS, Chas. L. 1867 Oct 23 Perry Twp. M W William Elkins Elizabeth Perry Twp.
ELKINS, James Milton 1867 Aug 13 Fayette Twp. M W Archie Elkins Claister Fayette Twp.
ELLIOTT, ---- 1867 Aug 12 Union Twp. F W Ruth Ann Elliot Union Twp.
EVANS, ------ 1867 Sept 23 Ironton M W Richard O. Evans Jane Ironton, OH
EVANS, Florence Belle 1867 Aug 3 Ironton F W Evens D. Evans Elizabeth Ironton, OH
EVIE, Kyle 1867 Jul 7 Perry Twp. M W Henry Evie Jane Perry Twp.
FEUCHTER, ------ 1867 Aug 6 Ironton M W Christian Feuchter Henrietta Ironton, OH
FIELDER, ----- 1867 Aug 17 Union Twp. M W Wm. Fielder Turley Union Twp.
FOLWELL, Susie 1867 Nov 29 Ironton F W Chas. Folwell Matilda Ironton, OH Margaret A. Hopkins, midwife
FOSTER, Bartlet 1867 Nov 20 Union Twp. M W Bartlet Foster Mary Cowan Union Twp.
FRAZER, Annie Laura 1867 Sept 29 Hanging Rock F W John R. Frazier Mrs. Frazier Hanging Rock
FULLERTON, ----- 1867 Dec 19 Fayette Twp. F W Calvery Fullerton Jane Fayette Twp.
GARDNER, John 1868 Mar 8 Ironton M W Michael Gardner Eliza Ironton, OH
GIBSON, Jackson 1867 Jul 18 Lawrence Twp. M W James Gibson Eliza Lawrence Twp.
GILLAND, ---- 1867 Aug 17 Lawrence Furnace M W Ben Gilland Mrs. Gilland Lawrence Furnace
GILLETT, Solomon Chas. 1867 Nov 19 Rome Twp. M W Theodore Gillett Emma Recard
GILLILAN, Elizabeth 1867 Oct 29 Washington Twp. F W John  Gillilan Mary Olive
GOLDEN, Annie Louiza 1866 Feb Ironton F W Thomas Golden Mary F. Upper Twp.
GOLDEN, Lena Esther 1863 Nov 14 Upper Twp. F W Thomas Golden Mary F. Upper Twp.
GRAY, John Wilson 1867 Sept 11 Ironton M W G.N. Gray Eliza Helca Furnace
GREEN, ---- 1867 Nov 21 Upper Twp. F W George Green Eliza. Thomas Upper Twp.
GRIMES, ------ 1867 Aug 7 Pine Grove Furnace F W Robert Grimes Mrs. Grimes Pine Grove Furnace
GUTHERLET, Mary 1867 Jul 23 Ironton F W John Gutherlet Mary Ironton, OH Margaret A. Hopkins, midwife
HALL, ----- 1867 Sept 13 Hanging Rock M W William Hall Mrs. Hall Hanging Rock
HANEY, ---- 1867 Nov 26 Ironton M W David Haney Martha A. Millersport, OH
HARRISON, James William 1867 Sept 11 Hanging Rock M W Henry Harrison Eve Hamilton Twp.
HARTMAN, Geo. 1867 Dec 10 Rome Twp. M W George Hartman Lewis Rome Twp.
HATTEN, ----- 1867 Jul 29 Ironton M W Robert Hatten Elizabeth Ironton, OH
HAYNES, ------ 1867 Nov 11 Ironton M W James Haynes Caroline Millersport, OH
HEALY, ---- 1867 Aug 11 Ironton F W Patrick Henley Catherine Ironton, OH
HENRY, ----- 1867 Jul 20 Ironton M W Wilson Henry Mary A. Ironton, OH
HILB, Lenia 1867 Nov 20 Ironton F W Morris Hilb Hannah Ironton, OH
HOLLEY, Anna May 1866 May 14 Elizabeth Twp. F W William Holley Don't know, died when child Washington Twp. Two mos old Elizabeth Gus Frazier & Frank M. Smith
HOLMES, --- 1867 Dec 19 Scioto Co, Bloom Twp. F W Lafayette Holmes Margaret Bloom Furnace, Decatur Twp.
HOPKINS, ---- 1867 Oct 9 Ironton M W David W. Hopkins Ann Ironton, OH Margaret A. Hopkins, midwife
HOPKINS, Maggie J. 1868 Mar 8 Ironton M W W.C. Hopkins Jennie Ironton, OH
HUGHS, ----- 1867 Jul 24 Greenbottom, Cabell Co, WV M W Cab. Hughes Jane Bowen Greenbottom, WV
HUGHS, ----- 1867 Sept 1 Perry Twp. F W John Hughs Perry Twp.
HUNT, Andrew 1867 Dec 30 Union Twp. M W Andrew Hunt Union Twp.
JACKMAN, Sarah Annie 1867 Aug 14 Ironton M W John Jackman Sarah Anne Ironton, OH
JENKINS, ---- 1867 Oct 14 Aid Twp. F W James Jenkins Mary C. Jenkins Aid Twp.
JOHNSON, ------ 1867 Dec 29 Perry Twp. F W Enoch Jones Mary Ann Johnson Perry Twp.
JOHNSON, Chas. Edward 1867 Sept 10 Ironton M W William W. Johnson Rebecca Larica Johnson Ironton, OH
JOHNSTON, ------ 1867 Oct 3 Aid Twp. F W John Johnston Nancy Mann Aid Twp.
JOHNSTON, ------ 1867 Oct 16 Rome Twp. M W James Johnston Emily Rome Twp.
JOHNSTON, Alice Mandane 1867 Aug 11 Fayette Twp. F W Benjamin Johnston Ethel Fayette Twp.
JOHNSTON, Willie Walter 1867 Dec 26 Fayette Twp. M W Thomas Johnston Amelia Perry Twp.
JONES, --- 1867 Sept 9 Upper Twp. M W Jones Julia Jones Upper Twp.
JONES, --- 1867 Sept 9 Upper Twp. M W Isiah Jones Upper Twp.
JONES, Agnes 1867 Aug 31 Ironton F W Evan Jones Mary Anne Ironton, OH
JONES, Jennie 1867 Sept 21 Ironton F W Evan D. Jones Elonor Ironton, OH
JONES/JONES (twins) 1867 Oct 13 Upper Twp. F/F W Andrew Jones Martha Upper Twp.
JUROCK, Geo. 1867 Oct 11 Ironton M W Prosper Jurock Ironton, OH
JUSTICE, ------ 1867 Sept 2 Elizabeth Twp. M W John Justice Ohio Lawrence County
JUSTICE, Edward Lewis 1868 Jan 13 Lawrence Twp. M W Wm. Justice Hester Perry Twp.
KEMP, --- 1867 Aug 10 Ironton F W Thos. W. Kemp Mary Ellen Kemp Ironton, OH
KERR, Jacob 1867 Dec 2 Union Twp. M W Jacob Kerr Mary Nickols Union Twp.
KING, Rachel E. 1867 Nov 1 Aid Twp. F W Pleasant King Martha Aid Twp.
KIRKMAN, ----- 1867 Sept 14 Union Twp. M W Nicholas Kirkman Union Twp.
KLINE, Clematis 1867 Dec 12 Center Furnace F W James Kline Jemima J. Elizabeth
KOUNS, Benjamin Edgar 1867 Nov 8 Fayette Twp. M W Samuel Kouns Saloman Perry Twp.
KYLE, McDowell 1867 Jul 12 Rome Twp. M W Edmund Kyle Sarah West Rome Twp.
LADY, --- 1867 Aug 15 Ironton M W D.H. Lady Ann Ironton, OH
LANE, Mary Jane 1867 Jul 20 Lawrence Twp. F W John Lane Nancy Lawrence County
LAYNE, Rella 1868 Nov 17 Lawrence Twp. F W Willam Fowler Layne Susan Stewart Symmes Twp.
LEWIS, ---- 1867 Oct 8 Rome Twp. M W David Lewis Elizabeth Rome Twp. Twp
LEWIS, ---- 1867 Oct 19 Rome Twp. F W Wilson Lewis Emily Lafoone
LEWIS, Mary Elizabeth 1867 Nov 24 Upper Twp. F W Jonathan Lewis Fannie Helca Furnace
LOCEY, Abemalike 1867 Sept 27 Rome Twp. M W Thomas Locey Drapetta Sutherland Rome Twp.
LOUIS, Hanna 1867 Jul 16 Ironton F W Duis T. Louis Mary Ironton, OH
LOUIS, Winnie? 1867 Jul 16 Ironton F W Duis T. Louis Mary Ironton, OH
LYND, John Jefferson 1867 Dec 2 Fayette Twp. M W Samuel Lynd Emeline Fayette Twp.
MAGEE, --- 1867 Aug 18 Upper Twp. F W John Magee Mary Upper Twp.
MaHAFFEY, ---- 1867 Jul 1 Ironton M W Hugey Mahaffey Ellen Ironton, OH
MARTIN, ---- 1867 Jul 18 Perry Twp. M W James Martin Eliza Martin Perry Twp.
MARTIN, ---- 1867 Dec 7 Rome Twp. F W Robert Martin Rachel Blowers Rome Twp.
MARTIN, ---- 1867 Oct 5 Perry Twp. M W Wm. Martin Jane Perry Twp.
MASSIE, Ellihue 1867 Sept 17 Lawrence Twp. M W Isaac Massie Jane Lawrence County
MAY, Moses 1867 Dec 22 Upper Twp. M W John May Rulana Upper Twp.
MAYS, ---- 1867 Aug 4 Union Twp. F W Daniel Mays Forgey Union Twp.
McCARTY, Mary 1867 Dec 28 Ironton F W Thos. McCarty Ironton, OH
McCLURE, Harry 1867 Sept 25 Fayette Twp. M W Wm. S. McClure Paulina Fayette Twp.
McCORKLE, ----- 1867 Jul 3 Union Twp. M W R.F. McCorkle Athalia Mount Union Twp.
McCULLOUGE, ------ 1868 Mar 3 Ironton M W John McCollouge Ironton, OH
McGARVEY, ----- 1867 Nov 16 Upper Twp. M W Alex. McGarvey Lydia Upper Twp.
McMACKIN, Ellen 1867 Nov 25 Elizabeth Twp. F W Jack McMackin Julia Center Furnace
McNICKEL, Geor. Edgar 1867 Jul 12 Ironton M W Thompson Silvester McNickel Maria Ironton, OH
MEEKS, Wm. 1868 Feb 4 Ironton F W Matthew Meeks Sarah Ironton, OH
MILLER, ----- 1867 Sept 20 Ironton M W Peter Miller Catherine Ironton, OH
MILLER, Adolph 1867 Jul 14 Ironton M W Adolp Miller Lena Ironton, OH
MILLER, America 1867 Sept 5 Rome Twp. F W Nathan Miller Sarah E. Paine Rome Twp.
MILLIRONS, Andrew Ellison 1867 Dec 14 Decatur Twp. M W Abner Millirons Rebecca Bloom Furnace?, Decatur Twp.
MILSTEAD, ------ 1867 Sept 15 Union Twp. F W James Milstead Amanda Union Twp.
MISER, Andrew Creighton 1867 Mar 17 Rome Twp. M W Andrew Miser Mary Jane Rome Twp. Twp
MISER, Stillborn 1867 Mar 17 Rome Twp. M W Andrew Miser Mary Jane Millersport, OH
MOHR, John A. 1864 Oct 7 Upper Twp. M W John F. Mohr Ash Louisa Decatur Twp.
MOON, Andrew Lake 1867 Jul 12 Ironton M W Isaac A Moore Lucinda A. Ironton, OH
MOORE, ---- 1867 Jul 18 Perry Twp. F W Firman Moore Moore Perry Twp.
MORRISON, ------ 1867 Oct 2 Ironton M W Charles Morrison Lucinda Millersport, OH
MURPHY, -- 1867 Sept 10 Ironton M W James D. Murphy Ironton, OH
MYERS, Harry Curtis 1867 Aug 1 Fayette Twp. M W Dan? Myers Mary Fayette Twp.
NEAL, ------ 1867 Nov 23 Center Furnace F W Andrew Neal Mary Aid Twp.
NEFF, McDowell 1867 Aug 26 Rome Twp. M W Adams P. Neff Ella Rolph Rome Twp.
NETTLE, John 1867 Nov 7 Ironton M W Stephen Nettle Theresa Millersport, OH
NOLEN, ---- 1867 Sept 5 Upper Twp. M W Paul Nolan Upper Twp.
O'CONNER, Michael 1867 Sept 16 Ironton M W Thomas O'Conner Catherine Ironton, OH
PAGE, --- 1867 Dec 1 Ironton F Col Illegitimate Melvina Page Ironton, OH
PAINE, Reuben J. 1867 Oct 8 Mason Twp. M W Euline W. Paine Malinda Mason Twp.
PANCAKE, ---- 1867 Aug 1 Elizabeth Twp. M W Pancake Mrs. Pancake Elizabeth Twp.
PARKER, ----- 1867 Aug 15 Rome Twp. F W Bruce Parker Nancy Neff Athalia
PEMBERTON, Sarah 1867 Dec 8 Lawrence Twp. F W Clinton Pemberton Linna Lawrence Twp.
PEYTON, Wm. 1867 Oct 12 Aid Twp. M W Wm. Peyton Emeline Aid Twp.
PIERCE, -- 1867 Sept 6 Upper Twp. F W Wesley Pierce Upper Twp.
PORTER, ----- 1867 Aug 5 Union Twp. F W Emanuel Porter Adams Union Twp.
POWELL, Wilmer 1867 Nov 7 Aid Twp. M W James Powell Ellen Aid Twp.
POWERS, Geneva E. 1867 Nov 12 Fayette Twp. F W Noah Powers Permelia Fayette Twp.
POWERS, Hattie Laura 1867 Jul 18 Ironton F W J.D. Powers Harriet W. Ironton, OH
PRATT, --- 1867 Sept 17 Ironton M W Nimrod Pratt S.M.? Helca Furnace
PRIOR, John Henry 1867 Oct 2 Elizabeth Twp. M W Henry Prior Louisa Elizabeth
RANSBOTTOM, ---- 1867 Aug 9 Union Twp. M W George Ransbottom Union Twp.
RARIDAN, Edward 1867 Sept 7 Fayette Twp. M W James Raridan Olivia Fayette Twp.
RAY, ---- 1867 Sept 15 Ironton M W Oscar Ray Arabelle Ironton, OH
RAYBURN, Robert 1867 Nov 8 Aid Twp. M W John Rayburn Eliza Aid Twp.
RAYBURN, Stell 1867 Sept 1 Washington Twp. M W Thos. L. S. Rayburn Mary Pioneer Furnace
RAYLEY, Chas. 1868 Jan 29 Ironton M W Chas. Rayley Besina Ironton, OH
REEVE, ----- 1867 Nov 30 Ironton M W John Reeve Sarah Millersport, OH
REHM, ---- 1867 Nov 23 Symmes Twp. M W Henry Rehm Mary Symmes Twp.
REYNOLDS, --- 1867 Aug 11 Union Twp. F W Wm. Reynolds E. McAlister Union Twp.
RHODES, William Kuhns 1862 Nov 12 Pedro M W Thomas Rhodes Elizabeth Pedro
RICKETTS, Sarah Elizabeth 1867 Aug 10 Perry Twp. F W John Ricketts Jane Perry Twp.
ROBERTS, ----- 1867 Oct 20 Ironton M W Robert Roberts Mary Ironton, OH
ROBERTS, Ida 1867 Dec 11 Ironton F W Jas. P. Roberts Sarah Jane Ironton, OH
ROBERTS, Samuel 1868 Mar 31 Perry Twp. M W John Roberts Martha Ironton, OH
RODGERS, ------ 1867 Jul 8 Ironton F W Quincy Rodgers Elizabeth Ironton, OH
ROE, ---- 1867 Oct 20 Lawrence Twp. F W Guy Roe Rebecca Upper Twp.
ROSE, ---- 1867 Aug 20 Upper Twp. M W Jones Emily Rose Upper Twp.
ROSS, --- 1867 Jul 2 Ironton M W Thos. Ross Eliza Ross Ironton, OH
ROY, Mary Alice 1867 Aug 5 Union Twp. F W Alexander Roy Mary Union Twp.
RUCKER, Martha 1868 Feb 28 Lawrence Twp. F W Elias Rucker Margaret Lawrence Twp.
SAMPLE, Maggie L. 1867 Sept 13 Ironton F W Henry Sample Josephine Ironton, OH
SANDERS, John 1867 Oct 30 Ironton M W Ebonzer Sanders Mary Jane Millersport, OH
SAVAGE, Chas. M. 1867 Oct 12 Ironton M W Pleasant M. Savage Jane Ironton, OH
SAVAGE, Jennellia 1867 Dec 19 Greenup, KY F W John D. Savage Hellin H. Greenup Co, KY
SAYLOR, Amos 1867 Oct 2 Aid Twp. M W James Saylor Hannah Aid Twp.
SELL, ----- 1867 Sept 23 Upper Twp. M W John Sell Upper Twp.
SHAUGHNESSEY, Edward 1867 Aug 6 Ironton M W Matthew Shaughnesey Annie Ironton, OH
SHIVLEY, Sarah Ann 1867 Oct 17 Rome Twp. F W James A. Shivley Martha Wade Rome Twp.
SIMES, Wm. Edward 1867 Nov 28 Decatur Twp. M W James Simes Eliza E. Buckhorn Furnace
SIMONS, Sarah Anne 1867 Aug 11 Rome Twp. F W Joseph Simmis Sarah Marks Rome Twp.
SLONE, ---- 1867 Sept 20 Upper Twp. M W Albert Slone Elizabeth Upper Twp.
SMITH, ----- 1867 Jul 15 Union Twp. M W I.S. Smith S.B. Whitehead Union Twp.
SMITH, ----- 1867 Aug 11 Ironton M W Wm. W. Smith Nancy Ironton, OH
SMITH, ----- 1867 Aug 25 Ironton M W Patrick Smith Mary Ironton, OH
SMITH, ----- 1867 Nov 7 Ironton M W Smith Minerva Smith Not Known
SMITH, ----- 1867 Oct 26 Proctorville M W Wm. Smith Sarah Bay
SMITH, Maggie 1867 Oct 10 Ironton F W Patrick Smith Catherine Ironton, OH Margaret A. Hopkins, midwife
SNELL, Silas Kenton 1867 Dec 17 Fayette Twp. M W Albert Snell Sarah Fayette Twp.
STANLEY, ---- 1867 Dec 29 Perry Twp. M W Robert Stanley Henrietta Fayette Twp.
STARKEY, --- 1867 Dec 3 Russell's Place M W Wm. Starkey Jane Bevans Union Twp.
STEPLETON, Willie 1867 Aug 11 Ironton M W James Stepleton Caroline Ironton, OH
STITCH, Caroline 1867 Sept 10 Ironton F W Peter Stick Caroline Ironton, OH
SUITER, W.M. 1867 Dec 1 Union Twp. M W Wm. M. Suiter Jane Goodall Union Twp.
SULIVAN, ----- 1867 Nov 8 Scioto Co, Vernon Twp. F W Dennis Sullivan Mary Howard Furnace, Ohio
SURATT, Jesse 1867 Oct 31 Aid Twp. M W George Suratt Sarah Elizabeth
SUTHERLAND, ---- 1867 Nov 6 Rome Twp. F W Caine Sutherland Sarah Floyd
SUTHERS, ---- 1867 Sept 21 Union Twp. M W Eldridge Suthers Margaret Benson Union Twp.
TAYLOR, ----- 1867 Dec 18 Aid Twp. F W Hirman Saylor Rheuhan Aid Twp.
THOMAS, ------ 1867 Dec 23 Perry Twp. F W St. Clair Thomas Susan Fayette Twp.
THOMAS, Willis Mortimon 1867 Jul 2 Fayette Twp. M W Chas. Grayman Letitia Fayette Twp.
THOMPSON, ----- 1867 Oct 9 Ironton M W Wm. Thompson Mary Millersport, OH
TOLBERT, ---- 1867 Sept 6 Ironton M W Sarah Anne Tolbert Ironton, OH
TOWNSEND, Daniel 1867 Oct 2 Lawrence Twp. M W James H. Townsend Margaret Gillen Lawrence Twp.
TROUTMAN, Charles 1867 Oct 13 Scioto Co, Vernon Twp. M W Leonard Troutman Nancy Howard Furnace, Ohio
TULL, ----- 1867 Sept 10 Rome Twp. M W Samuel Tull Hanley Rome Twp.
TURLEY, Isaiah 1867 Nov 14 Union Twp. M W J. Turley Holdrogel Union Twp.
TYLER, Emily Elizabeth 1867 Jul 4 Ironton F W Henry Tyler Charlotte Ironton, OH
URICK, ---- 1867 Sept 30 Ironton M W Jas. B. Urick Hannah Ironton, OH
VANSICKLE, ------ 1867 Jul 30 Hamilton Twp. M W James VanSicle Mrs. VanSicle Hamilton Twp.
WADDLE, John Alanson 1867 Aug 1 Rome Twp. M W Obiaham Waddle Julia Gillett Rome Twp.
WADE, Wm.? 1867 Dec 8 Union Twp. M W Wm. Wade Suiter Union Twp.
WALBERT, Albert 1867 Sept 20 Ironton M W Christian Walbert Rebecca Ironton, OH
WALDICK, Jas. 1867 Dec 14 Union Twp. M W James Waldick Emily Russell Union Twp.
WALKER, ----- 1867 Sept 15 Fayette Twp. M W John H. Walker Elizabeth J.
WALTERS, W. 1867 Dec 20 Ironton M W Thomas Walters Susan Ironton, OH
WALTON, --- 1867 Dec 27 Rome Twp. F W Thomas A. Walton Sarah Massie
WARD, ------ 1867 Dec 23 Lawrence Twp. F W Jacob Ward Nancy Lawrence Twp.
WARD, Harriet 1867 Jul 30 Lawrence Twp. F W Unknown Harriet Ward Lawrence County
WATTS, Nimrod 1867 Nov 30 Fayette Twp. M W James Watts Ellen Walters Fayette Twp.
WEBB, Elizabeth 1867 Nov 21 Lawrence Twp. F W Pleasant Webb Nancy Lawrence Twp. Eliz. Delawder, midwife
WILES, Jarvis 1867