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Ironton Directory

Residential Listings

FOR 1882-83

 Transcribed by Ken Clark, San Antonio, Texas


[Bartram - Bruce]


Occupation/Business Residence/Location
Bartram, John H. Stone Cutter Hecla between 2nd and 4th
Bartram, Lewis Fireman Marcellus Norris'
Bartram, Lucy Isaac Tipton's
Bartram, M.S. County Auditor Office, Court House; Residence 6th and Adams
Bartram, Minerva Housekeeper Martin E. Warffuel's
Bartram, Thomas 5th Between Vesuvius and Hawk
Bartram, Thomas J.  Laborer Thomas Bartram's
Basham, Jas G. Clerk John W. Basham's
Basham, John W. Carpenter Railroad between 6th and 7th
Basham, Wm. Carpenter East End Railroad
Bates, Richard Painter 6th between Hecla and Mill
Bates, Samuel Ball Throwing 3rd between Railroad and Centre; Residence: Whitfield Angre's, West Ironton
Batham, Hattie John Batham's, West Ironton
Batham, Jennie Milliner John Batham's, West Ironton
Batham, John Boiler 2nd north of North Corporation Line, West Ironton
Batham, Mary E. Teacher John Batham's, West Ironton
Batham, Wm. E. Boiler 2nd north of North Corporation Line, West Ironton
Bauer, Andrew Teamster Louis Bauer's
Bauer, Chas. Tailor 6th between Monroe and Quincy
Bauer, Geo. Laborer Michael Bauer's, West Ironton
Bauer, Lizzie Michael Bauer's, West Ironton
Bauer, Louis Grocer 2nd between Adams and Jefferson
Bauer, Martin Louis Bauer's
Bauer, Michael Alley between 3rd and 4th and Union and Pearl, West Ironton
Bausmann, John M. Butcher 4th between Railroad and Lawrence
Baxter, Thos. P. Machinist 4th between Olive and Vernon
Bay, Wm. Secretary Portsmouth & Pomeroy, Front & Centre; Res: 6th between Adams and Jefferson
Beall, E.E. Clerk Harrison, Beall & Co's; boards at Mrs. Kerrs
Beall, Geo. S. Adams between 3rd and 4th
Beatty, Anna Geo. Beatty's
Beatty, Frank Pilot Ironton and Russell Ferry
Beatty, Jas. Laborer Geo. Beatty's
Beatty, Samuel Laborer Geo. Beatty's
Beatty, Wm. S. Carpenter Geo. Beatty's
Beck, Chas. Blacksmith 4th between Walnut and Spruce
Beck, Chas. W. Boiler Maker Buckhorn between 3rd and 4th
Beck, Elizabeth Widow East End Olive
Beck, Hnery Geo. Clark's
Beck, John E. River Heater Chas. Beck's
Beck, Priscilla Chas. Beck's
Becker, Emil Printer Boards at Eliza Manring's
Becker, Mrs Mollie V. Mrs. A.E. Peck's
Beckett, A.C. Cooper Boards at Geo. Moreland's
Beckett, Daniel Cooper Hawk between 5th and 6th
Beckett, John L. Cooper Elm between 4th and 5th, West Ironton
Beckwith, Daniel Furnace Filler Boards at 5th and Pine
Beckwith, Miranda Widow 8th between Jefferson and Quincy
Beckwith, Millie 8th Between Jefferson and Quincy
Beckwith, Nannie Miranda Beckwith's
Beeman, Gaines Engineer 4th and Jefferson
Beeman, Lulu 4th and Jefferson
Beeman, Mary E. Tailoress 4th and Jefferson
Beh, Augusta Oysters & Co. 2nd between Olive and Vernon, Residence: Same
Beh, Carrie Seamstress Michael Beh's
Beh, Geo.  Tailor Vernon between 3rd and 4th
Beh, Michael Tailor Vernon between 3rd and 4th
Belcher, G.W. Machinist Lawrence between 4th and 5th
Belcher, John 3rd between Buckhorn and Etna
Belcher, Mrs. W.A. Widow 3rd south of South Corporation Line
Belcher, Wm. 2nd between Sycamore and Oak
Beles, Henry Boiler 2nd and Pearl, West Ironton
Beles, Mahala Widow 2nd and Pearl, West Ironton
Belfont Iron Works Iron Furnace Jas. H. McCune, manager; foot of Jefferson Street
Belfont Iron Works Pig Iron and Nails F.D. Norton, Pres; L.T. Dean, Vice Pres; B.H. Burr, sec'y.  2nd & Hecla
Bell, Elmer Clerk Mrs. W.H. Kerr's
Bell, Jacob Filler 1st between Monroe and Quincy
Bell, W.J. Jr. Clerk 3rd and Centre; boards at 5th and Railroad
Bellamy, Letitia Widow Etna between 7th and 8th
Bellamy, Oliver Watchman 4th between Walnut and Mulberry
Bellamy, Oscar Painter Oliver Bellamy's
Bellinger, Emma Domestic Ironton House
Benline, Kate Domestic Geo. T. Scott's
Benline, Mary Wm. G. Lambert's
Bennemann, Chas. Dry Goods 2nd between Pearl and Elm, West Ironton, residence: Same
Bennett, Jas, E. Laborer 7th and Monroe
Bennett, Mary A. 7th and Monroe
Bennett, Nancy J. Widow 7th and Monroe
Bentz, Mrs. Hattie Mill between 4th and 5th
Bentz, Mari I. Mrs. Hattie Bentz's
Berg, Geo O. Stoves Manufacturer, copper, Tim, &Sheet Iron; 2nd & Olive; Res: 3rd and Washington
Berger, Anna Widow 4th south of South Corporation Line
Berger, Chas. Laborer Anna Berger's
Berger, John Laborer Anna Berger's
Berger, Lizzie Domestic 4th and Railroad
Berkley, J.W. Staple/Fancy Goods 71 2nd between Lawrence & Railroad; Res: Same
Berlin, Sophia Widow Olive between 9th and Spring
Berry, Wm. Wood Turner Boards at Mary M. Clinefelter's
Bertram, Pauline Albert Foster's
Bester, Bros. Hardware Lewis and William, 3rd and Spruce
Bester, Henry 3rd south of South Corporation Line
Bester, Lewis 3rd and Spruce
Bester, Mary Henry Bester's
Bester, Wm. 3rd south of South Corporation Line
Betts, Isaac C. Front and Mulberry
Betts, Isaac J. Mate 2nd between Walnut and Mulberry
Betts, Samantha Mrs. W.A. Belcher's
Betts, Thos. Mrs. W.A. Belcher's
Betts, Wm. Postmaster Office, Post Office; Residence: Front and Centre
Betz, Frank Rooms 2nd and Lawrence
Betz, J.F. Clerk Harmison, Beall, & Co., Rooms - 2nd and Lawrence
Betz, John M. City Cab Line-Stand Corner 2nd and Railroad
Bevan, David Low Alley between 4th and 5th and Mill and Vesuvius
Bevan, Thos. Heater Vesuvius between 4th and 5th
Beverly, Mattie Beverly & Owen 2nd between Railroad and Centre
Beverly & Owen Milliners/Dress Makers 2nd between Railroad and Centre
Bibbee, Geo M. Clerk C. Alderman's; boards at Wm. S. Sisson'sBingaham, Benjamin
Bickly, Nelson Driver Center between 9th and Spring
Bickmore, W.L. W.L.B. & Co. 2nd between Vernon and Washington
Bickmore, W.L.  Dry Goods/Notions 3rd opposite Post Office
Billian, Geo. Tailor Mulberry between 1st and 2nd
Bingaham, Benjamin Clerk 182 2nd; Boards at Benjamin F. Ellsberry's
Binkley, Rev. L.H. Pastor Wesley Chapel M.E. Church, 5th between Etna and Hecla
Bird, E.J. Manager Etna Iron Works, Res: 3rd Street, Whitwell
Bird, E.J. Sr. B., Peters & Co. Whitwell
Bird, John Foundryman Sarah Furnace
Bird, Pendelton Laborer Etna Iron Works
Bird, Peters & Co. Limestone Center between 3rd and 4th
Bird, Polly J. Bird's, Whitwell
Bixby, E. Jeweler/Insurance Agent 162 2nd: 3rd between Olive and Centre
Bixby, E.W. Teller First National Bank, res: 3rd and Centre
Bixby, Hal E. Bixby's
Bixby, L. Henry Clerk 162 2nd; Res: E. Bixby's
Black, Matthew Waiter Sheridan House
Black, Ollie Chambermaid Sheridan House
Black, Usual Laborer 8th between Jefferson and Quincy
Blackwell, Chas. Laborer Boards at Emily Christian's
Blackwell, Elias R. Drayman 6th Between Jefferson and Monroe
Blackwell, Elizabeth Widow S.B. Blackwell's
Blackwell, John A. Coal Dealer 10th and Adams
Blackwell, Margaret Gabriel M. Taitt's
Blackwell, Richard Policeman 7th between Jefferson and Monroe
Blackwell, S.B. Grocer 4th and Railroad
Blackwell, Susan N. 10th and Adams
Blake, Harry Salesman Cohen & Brumberg's; Res: J.H. Blake's
Blake, Helen S. Saleslady A.T. Dempsey & C0., Res: Olive between 8th and 9th
Blake, J.H.   Olive between 8th and 9th
Blake, Laura K. Operator Southern Ohio Telephone Exchange Co., Res: Henry Blake's
Blankenship, Chas. Laborer East End Railroad
Blankenship, John Chair Caner Alley between 3rd and 4th and Union and Pearl, West Ironton
Blevins, Calvin Laborer New York and Ohio Steel Co.
Blevins, John Coal Miner 6th and Spruce
Blevins, Sarah Domestic Center House
Bode, Henry   Mary Alley between 4th and 5th and Vesuvius and Hawk
Bode, Henry Blacksmith 2nd south of Union, West Ironton, 3rd Street
Bode, John Boiler Henry Bode's, West Ironton
Bode, Mary   Henry Bode's, West Ironton
Bode, Wm. Nail Feeder Hnery Bode's, West Ironton
Bolden, Alice   8th and Chestnut
Bolden, Harry Laborer 8th and Chestnut
Bolden, Romanine   8th and Chestnut
Boren, John Miller Boards at Elza Manring's
Boss, Amelia   2nd and Monroe
Boss, Anna   2nd and Monroe
Boss, Fred Stone Mason 2nd and Monroe
Bothwell, Alice   Mary A. Bothwell's
Bothwell, Anna Widow Frank Hathaway's, West Ironton
Bothwell, Ella M.   6th and Lawrence
Bothwell, Geo. B. Helper Mary A. Bothwell's
Bothwell, Jas. M. Catcher 4th between Hecla and Mill
Bothwell, John H. Nail Maker 6th and Lawrence
Bothwell, Louis H. Nail Maker Railroad between 4th and 5th
Bothwell, Mary A. Widow 4th between Hecla and Mill
Bothwell, Millward Helper Mary A. Bothwell's
Bothwell, Wm. E. Nail Maker 6th and Lawrence
Botts, Fannie Domestic 6th and Adams
Bowen, Hattie   3rd and Pine
Bowers, Mary Domestic W.A. Murdock's
Bowers, Wm. H. Deputy Sheriff County Jail
Bowman, Emily Domestic 3rd and Vernon
Bows, Geo. Driver Hecla between 2nd and 4th
Bowser, Amos Watchman Jefferson between 2nd and 3rd
Boyce, Daniel Laborer 5th north of Elm
Boyer, Addie Domestic Front and Olive
Boylan, John Grocery 6th and Etna, Res: Buckhorn between 6th and 7th
Boyle, Jas.   Walnut Alley between Hecla and Mill and 7th and 8th
Boyle, Jas. Jr. Laborer Jas. Boyle's
Boyle, John Saloon 3rd between Railroad and Lawrence
Boyle, Mary Domestic 3rd and Vernon
Boyle, Nora   Geo. Beh's
Boylen, Lawrence Helper Buckhorn between 6th and 7th
Bradford, W.G. Proprietor Ironton Wharf-boat; Res: 6th between Vernon and Washington
Bradshaw, Geo. W. Blacksmith 6th and Monroe
Bradshaw, George W. Boiler 6th between Jefferson and Monroe
Brady, Henry   Buckhorn between 6th and 7th
Brady, Henry Boiler John Brady's
Brady, John Laborer Elm west of 5th
Brady, John Printer Ironton Register, Res: John Brady's
Brady, Maggie   Henry Brady's
Brady, Mary   Henry Brady's
Brady, Patrick F. Nail Feeder North end 5th
Brady, Thos. Boiler Henry Brady's
Bragg, Clelly Laborer Boards at John Christian's
Brammer, Almeda   E.G. Brammer's, West Ironton
Brammer, E.G.   3rd between Pearl and Elm, West Ironton
Brammer, E.S. Engineer E.G. Brammer's, West Ironton
Brammer, Felix E. Confectionary Olive between 3rd and 4th; Res: Same; Also Engineer at Water Works
Brammer, Frank Engineer Walnut between 1st and 2nd
Brammer, Lizzie A. Principal West Ironton School, Res: E.G. Brammer's West Ironton
Bramwell, J.H. Vice Pres/Manager New York & Ohio Iron and Steel; 2nd and Hecla; Res: Lawrence between 4th & 5th
Branch, Henry C. Laborer 10th and Quincy
Brandt, J.C. Engineer Front between Walnut and Spruce
Branigan, Mary Domestic Jas. M. Ferguson's
Brashears, Josuha Nail Feeder Boards at Sarah Davis'
Brashears, Thos. Nailer Boards at Sarah Davis'
Brattin, Allen T. Carpenter Railroad between 3rd and 4th, Res: Etna between 3rd and 4th
Brattin, Armina Widow John Cline's
Brattin, Nola   Allen T. Brattin's
Braun, Louis Hooker 3rd Street, West Ironton
Brawley, Alexander pilot 2nd between Elm and Sycamore, West Ironton
Brawley, Cinda A. Dressmaker Alexander Brawley's, West Ironton
Brawley, Geo. Helper Alexander Brawley's, West Ironton
Brawley, Geo. W. Iron Shearer Front between Vernon and Washington
Brawley, Ida   Alexander Brawley's, West Ironton
Brawley, Jas. Teamster Frank Gilkey's
Brawley, Samuel S. Shearman 7th between Jefferson and Monroe
Brawley, Wm.   Buckhorn between 2nd and 3rd
Breece, M.J.C. Laborer 6th and Etna
Breeden, Andrew J. Boiler 9th and Adams
Breeden, Julia A. Widow 8th between Jefferson and Quincy
Breeden, Richard Boiler Julia A. Breeden's
Breeding, Abner Driver Olive between Spring and 9th
Brewster, Maggie Domestic 5th and Olive
Bric, Rev. J.F. Pastor St Lawrence Catholic Church; Res: Center between 6th and 7th
Brill, B.F. Blacksmith 3rd Street, Whitwell
Briner, Geo. W. W. Heater 2nd Street, West Ironton
Broce, H.H. Blacksmith/Horse Shoer 3rd between Chestnut & Mulberry; Res: Front B Mulberry & Chestnut
Broce, Lewis Section Boss 2nd between Mulberry and Walnut
Brooks, C.D. Clerk 137 Centre, Boards at Richard Blackwell's
Brooks, Chas. Hoe Maker 4th between Hecla and Mill
Brooks, Edwain C.   8th between Spruce and Pine
Brooks, John H. Plasterer Centre between 5th and 6th
Brooks & Jones Boot & Shoe Makers Railroad between 3rd and 4th
Brooks, Rowena   Edwin C. Brooks'
Broom, Frank Teamster Boards at Massie House
Broom, Ozias Driver 11th opposite Fair Grounds
Broom, Andrew J. Molder Edward Broom's
Broom, Annie   Edward Broom's
Broom, Edward Molder 6th north of Elm
Brown, Alfred H. Boiler Jane Brown's
Brown, Ambrose Watchman Toledo, Delphos & Burlington R.R. Freight Depot
Brown, Austin Laborer 1st between Spruce and Walnut
Brown, Emma   3rd and Pearl, West Ironton
Brown, Emma Domestic 3rd and Pearl, West Ironton
Brown, Frank Laborer Jane Brown's
Brown, Geo. A.  Boiler Jane Brown's
Brown, J.R.C. City Engineer/County Surveyor Office, City Building; Res: Chestnut between 3rd and 4th
Brown, Jane Widow Buckhorn between 3rd and 4th
Brown, Josephine   John Jackson's
Brown, Leander M.C. Saloon East end Olive, Residence: Same
Brown, Louis Helper 3rd and Pearl, West Ironton
Brown, Marcellus Porter Austin Brown's
Brown, Martha J. Widow 8th between Quincy and Chestnut
Brown, Melvin Laborer Boards at Jonathan Massie's
Brown, Nancy J. Widow Adams between 7th and 8th
Brown, Robert C. Stone Mason 10th between Madison and Quincy
Browne, Henry R. Contractor 8th and Vernon
Brownstead, Chas. Engineer E. Brownstead's
Brownstead, E. Engineer 1st between Walnut and Spruce
Brownstead, Ernest Engineer Wm. S. Merrill's
Brownstead, Mrs. Hannah   1st and Quincy
Brownstead, Louis Helper E. Brownstead's
Bruce, John Laborer 3rd between Walnut and Mulberry




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