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Submitted by Maxine Marshall

John Cade 1811-1882

Harriet Cade 1813-1876

(Per Stacy O誰eal, John Cade built first house in Symmes Twp. In 1977 Ella Yates still lived in this house and we visited with her. Ella was John & Harriet痴 great grandson痴 wife. John Cade痴 death certificate states he was born in Lawrence County Ohio and was 70 years old. Harriet Cade was a Simms. Death certificates of her children confirm this. Her death certificate states she was born in West Virginia and was 63 years and 2 days old.)

Henry Miller Abt 1760-1853

Marker placed there by ancestors

Rev. William Miller & Rev. Chester Miller

Johnson O誰eal 1829-1901 (11 Feb 1829-23 Oct 1901-Johnson Lewis O誰eal

Rebaka O誰eal 1836-1905 (30 Jul 1836 - 7 Jan 1905)

John F O誰eal D.Sept 28, 1861 Aged 1 Yr

Son of J & R A O誰eal

(Johnson O誰eal was a Civil War Vet. He married Rebaka Cade, dau of John & Harriet 14 June 1853. My grandmother, Cora Jerusha O誰eal Marshal, told me her Grandmother Rebaka fell off a horse when she was little and it always bothered her. My Grandmother said that when her Grandmother Rebaka died she thought her world had come to an end.

Elizabeth Yates 1838 - (D.28 Feb 1920)

Benjamin Yates Jan 2, 1829 - Aug 8, 1903

(Elizabeth Yates was a dau of John & Harriet Cade. Married Benjamin Yates 7 May 1854.)

Thomas J Cade 1834-1917 (8 March 1834 - 21 Apr

(Thomas Jefferson Cade was a son of John & Harriet (Simms) Cade. )

Read by Maxine Marshall

Stephen H. Martin read the additional:

Thomas J Yates born 1855 died 1927 (1 April 1927)

Grover, son of J. W. & M. A. Yates 1887-1889 (footstone G.L.Y.)

Rebecca Jan daughter of B. & E. Yates 1 May 1898 - 17 Feb 1880 aged 1?

(As written)

Obadia Pruet died 22 Nov 1845.

NOTE: There are many more burials in this cemetery.


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