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1930 Lawrence County, Ohio Census Index

Submitted by Ellen Gammon

This index lists "Head of Household" only.  It does not list every person listed in the 1930 census.
The columns are sorted in alphabetic order by: Head of Household, Township and Page Number.   Please check the original microfilmed copy for additional names.

Cable, Elmer Upper 82B
Cade, Charles Elizabeth 125B
Cade, Gold Symmes 262B
Cade, Henry Upper 206A
Cade, Hiram Decatur 113B
Cade, John Elizabeth 126A
Cade, Leo Elizabeth 135B
Cade, Neoma Elizabeth 120B
Cade, Paul Union 31B
Cade, Squire Decatur 113B
Cain, James Upper 140B
Cain, Virgil Fayette 158B
Cain, William Upper 182A
Caldwell, Maude B. Upper 79B
Cales, Charlotte V. Union 9B
Cales, Owen P. Upper 76B
Calhoun, John Decatur 111A
Callahan, David Upper 108A
Callahan, Elmon Washington 262B
Callahan, Mitchel Upper 165B
Callahan, Robert Elizabeth 139A
Callaway, James Washington 265B
Callender, John Hamilton 176B
Callicoat, Ambrose Rome 242A
Callicoat, Catherine Upper 118B
Callicoat, Clifford C. Mason 206B
Callicoat, Cyrus C. Mason 202B
Callicoat, Elmer J. Mason 205A
Callicoat, Festus Windsor 272B
Callicoat, Fonnie Mason 205A
Callicoat, Frank Windsor 279B
Callicoat, George E. Mason 202A
Callicoat, Herbert Mason 205B
Callicoat, James F. Mason 201B
Callicoat, John O. Windsor 272A
Callicoat, Lewis Rome 241A
Callicoat, Noah Rome 233B
Callicoat, Ogle Mason 201B
Callicoat, Olza M. Mason 201A
Callicoat, Owen Mason 210A
Callicoat, Perry Windsor 278B
Callicoat, Raymond Windsor 272A
Callicoat, Robert W. Mason 201B
Callicoat, Sarah E. Mason 207B
Callicoat, Will Windsor 272B
Callicoat, William B. Mason 202B
Callicoat, William G. Mason 206B
Callihan, Dennis J. Upper 159A
Callihan, John Upper 151A
Callihan, Margaret Union 11B
Callihan, Margaret A. Upper 111A
Calver, Robert H. Upper 56A
Calvin, James C. Hamilton 178B
Cambell, Mildred E. Upper 156B
Cameron, Archie Upper 72B
Cameron, Edward Upper 127B
Cameron, Florence Upper 95A
Cameron, Floyd Elizabeth 119A
Cameron, John Elizabeth 118A
Cameron, William Upper 94B
Camp, Roy Upper 195A
Campbell, Alfred Upper 198B
Campbell, Charles Fayette 163A
Campbell, David Elizabeth 128B
Campbell, Edmund Elizabeth 128A
Campbell, Ernest Elizabeth 118B
Campbell, Eugene Fayette 162A
Campbell, Frank Upper 119A
Campbell, Frank D. Upper 203A
Campbell, Fred Upper 134B
Campbell, Genevieve Upper 119A
Campbell, Gertrude C. Upper 180B
Campbell, Jarvis Upper 230B
Campbell, John Fayette 167A
Campbell, John Upper 180A
Campbell, John Upper 186B
Campbell, John F. Rome 233B
Campbell, Katie Union 21B
Campbell, Lawrence Upper 132B
Campbell, Mary A. Upper 83B
Campbell, Mattie Fayette 152B
Campbell, Normal L. Upper 150A
Campbell, Perry C. Upper 166A
Campbell, Tibbetts G. Upper 167B
Campbell, William A. Fayette 159A
Campbell, William G. Upper 236A
Canavis, Nickolas A. Upper 131A
Canell, William Rome 241A
Canelli, Vada Rome 240B
Canfield, Mercedes Upper 105B
Cannon, Albert J. Upper 81A
Cannon, Earl Elizabeth 138B
Cannon, Francis Upper 99A
Cannon, Frank Upper 99A
Cannon, J. P. Upper 95A
Cannon, John Upper 113B
Cannon, John M. Upper 92A
Cannon, Lawrence P. Upper 167A
Cannon, Mary L. Upper 92A
Cannon, Robert L. Upper 203A
Cannon, Thomas Upper 155B
Cantberry, Janetta Union 2B
Canter, Charles Washington 267B
Canter, Dora Washington 260A
Canter, Hellard Washington 261B
Canter, James Washington 260C
Canter, Juble Washington 259B
Canter, Lonzo Washington 262B
Canterbury, Clara Union 22A
Canterbury, George Washington 269B
Canterbury, Martin Union 40B
Canute, James W. Upper 156A
Canute, Mira Upper 156B
Capper, Brook Upper 200B
Capper, Clifford Windsor 279A
Capper, George Windsor 274A
Capper, Herbert Windsor 274A
Capper, John M. Lawrence 193A
Capper, Richard Windsor 275B
Capper, Tomis Windsor 275B
Capper, William Windsor 275A
Cappert, John Upper 247B
Carbaugh, Ella Upper 218B
Carbaugh, William M.  Upper 127B
Cardwell, William A. Upper 212A
Carey, Charles Upper 59A
Carey, Clyde Upper 57B
Carey, Daniel W. Upper 54A
Carey, Edward Upper 172B
Carey, Evaline Upper 188A
Carey, Frank Upper 58B
Carey, Fred Upper 57A
Carey, George Fayette 167B
Carey, James Fayette 167B
Carey, John E. Upper 54A
Carey, Oscar M. Fayette 167B
Carey, Paul B. Upper 213B
Carey, Philip S. Upper 54A
Carey, Samuel Upper 54A
Carey, Thomas L. Upper 160B
Carey, Timothy Perry 223A
Carico, Alfred W. Fayette 166A
Carico, Arnold Union 40A
Carico, Carl Fayette 168A
Carico, Clyde Windsor 285B
Carico, Elmer J. Perry 212B
Carico, Evert Fayette 167A
Carico, Grover Fayette 166B
Carico, Leander Lawrence 191A
Carico, Lenard Fayette 166A
Carico, Lonnie Perry 230B
Carico, Orvel Fayette 166B
Carico, Ray H. Fayette 143A
Carico, Reece Lawrence 191A
Carico, Virgil Fayette 166A
Cariger, Grover Perry 222B
Carlisle, Bernard E. Upper 60A
Carlyle, Jane Upper 161B
Carman, Andrew Upper 84A
Carman, Howard Upper 106B
Carmen, Burl Elizabeth 139B
Carmen, Earl Elizabeth 124A
Carmen, Frank Elizabeth 120B
Carmen, Jacob Elizabeth 121A
Carmen, Leonard Elizabeth 119B
Carmen, Leonard Elizabeth 125A
Carmen, Maude Upper 73A
Carmen, Walter Upper 174B
Carmen, Walter J. Upper 174B
Carmen, Willard Elizabeth 139B
Carmichael, Kenneth Upper 239A
Carmon, Herbert Upper 81B
Carnahan, Joseph E. Upper 83B
Carpenter, Charles M. Upper 65A
Carpenter, Clarence Rome 255B
Carpenter, Edward Rome 255B
Carpenter, George Upper 177A
Carpenter, Gertrude Upper 125A
Carpenter, John W. Rome 257B
Carpenter, Lewis Union 24B
Carpenter, Luther Washington 259B
Carpenter, Mary Upper 51A
Carpenter, Otis Rome 255A
Carpenter, Randolph Union 35A
Carpenter, Rosco Rome 255A
Carpenter, Sarah Upper 142A
Carpenter, Sarah L. Upper 108A
Carpenter, Vinton Union 24B
Carpenter, Wyatt Rome 254B
Carrico, Irene Upper 55B
Carrico, Lelia M. Upper 125B
Carroll, Charles E. Upper 70B
Carroll, James F. Upper 71A
Carroll, Thomas Upper 212B
Carson, Charley W. Union 13B
Carson, Emmet T. Upper 234A
Carson, Orville Union 13A
Cart, J. F. Symmes 265B
Cart, Norman E. Upper 208B
Carte, Tillie M. Upper 129B
Carter, Albert J. Upper 161B
Carter, Alice Hamilton 175A
Carter, Asa Washington 269B
Carter, Carl Windsor 283A
Carter, Golda Upper 86B
Carter, Goldie Upper 69A
Carter, Jack A. Upper 50B
Carter, L. Courtney Upper 135A
Carter, Millard Symmes 262B
Carter, Myrtle Upper 112B
Carter, Will Upper 137A
Carter, William Upper 51B
Carter, William Upper 69A
Carter, William Washington 261A
Caruss, James Upper 199A
Carver, G. S. Upper 138A
Case, Floyd Upper 176A
Casebolt, James H. Upper 62B
Casey, Charles Upper 197B
Casey, Chester A. Upper 209B
Casey, Harry H. Upper 81B
Casey, James Upper 98A
Casey, Laura A. Upper 191B
Casey, Leonard L. Upper 80B
Casey, Martin Upper 69A
Casey, Robert A. Upper 71B
Cash, Frank J. Fayette 149B
Caskey, Damon T. Upper 68A
Caskey, Linda Perry 228A
Casper, Frank Symmes 259B
Cassady, Newton Union 1B
Cassidy, George H. Upper 56B
Cassidy, Gertrude Upper 67A
Cassidy, Jane Upper 161B
Cassidy, Julius A. Union 4A
Castle, Arnold Elizabeth 130A
Castle, Clem Elizabeth 130A
Castle, Lulu Upper 120B
Castle, Virginia Upper 138A
Castner, Jeanne Upper 129A
Castrop, Garnet Upper 154A
Caudall, David Perry 229B
Caudall, Williams Perry 230A
Caudill, James Upper 244A
Caudill, Ross D. Upper 213A
Caudill, Silas W. Upper 115B
Cauley, Andrew Symmes 261A
Cauley, Earl Symmes 261A
Cauley, Emal Washington 260A
Cauley, H. E.  Symmes 262A
Caulwell, Frank Washington 268B
Cawford, David G. Union 17B
Cecil, John Fayette 159A
Cecil, John C. Hamilton 176A
Chadwell, Ruth Upper 127B
Chaffin, Ella Fayette 150B
Chaffin, Forest Upper 168A
Chaffin, Haskell Upper 130A
Chaffin, John Upper 87B
Chaffin, Thadas Fayette 150B
Chafins, Albert Upper 69A
Chain, Elijah Union 20A
Chambers, Brinten W. Upper 220A
Chambers, Emma M. Upper 84A
Chancellor, John Upper 93B
Chancellor, Myrtle Upper 94A
Chaney, Cecil Washington 269A
Chaney, Geoffrey E. Upper 154A
Channon, Irving Upper 138A
Chapdu, Mary A. Upper 111A
Chapman, Addie Upper 228B
Chapman, Claude R. Upper 179A
Chapman, Earnest Rome 244A
Chapman, Everett L. Upper 211A
Chapman, Henry Union 19B
Chapman, John A. Rome 244A
Chapman, Leonard Union 47A
Chapman, McClelen Upper 50B
Chapman, Paul Upper 211B
Chapman, Roland M. Lawrence 196A
Chapman, Sankie Rome 251A
Chapman, Sarah Upper 211A
Chapman, Virginia Union 33A
Chapman, Walter Upper 230A
Chapman, Werner Union 44A
Chapman, William Aid 99A
Chapman, William Union 12A
Chapman, William M. Rome 247A
Charron, Landon T. Fayette 163A
Chatfield, Arthur M. Upper 105B
Chatfield, Ben Upper 172A
Chatfield, Charles F. Upper 92B
Chatfield, Charles W. Perry 226B
Chatfield, Frank Upper 98A
Chatfield, Fred Upper 243A
Chatfield, Homer Upper 240A
Chatfield, Hugh Elizabeth 129B
Chatfield, John Perry 227A
Chatfield, Sarah Upper 228A
Chatfield, William Upper 231A
Chatfield, Winona Upper 142B
Chatman, Addie Upper 156B
Chatterton, William Union 10B
Chatts, William Upper 147A
Chenoweth, Dail W. Upper 82B
Cherrington, Lucy M. Upper 126A
Chesnut, Philip S. Upper 122A
Chestney, Sam Upper 154A
Chick, Addie E. Upper 158A
Childers, Charles F. Upper 181B
Childers, Earnest Rome 255A
Childers, Gustave  Union 29A
Childers, Hazel Rome 254B
Childers, Jeff Union 24A
Childers, Kyle Rome 255A
Childers, Martin Union 38A
Childers, Russell Perry 231A
Childers, Stella Union 29A
Childers, Sydney D. Windsor 285A
Childs, Howard W. Upper 161A
Chinn, Buryl Upper 161B
Chinn, Curtis Upper 197A
Chinn, Earl Upper 211B
Chinn, Frank Union 44B
Chinn, Fred H. Upper 168A
Chinn, Lois E. Upper 207A
Chinn, Squire R. Lawrence 191A
Chinn, Thomas Upper 94B
Chinn, William Upper 207A
Chipman. J. J. Upper 133A
Chitman, Bessie Hamilton 171A
Christian, Alva Elizabeth 141A
Christian, Charles Upper 255A
Christian, David Upper 191A
Christian, Earnest Windsor 285A
Christian, Elmer Upper 98B
Christian, Harrison Upper 253B
Christian, Harry Hamilton 173B
Christian, John Elizabeth 131B
Christian, John Upper 237B
Christian, John Q. Upper 108A
Christian, Lonzo Windsor 285A
Christian, Margaret Rome 245B
Christian, Mary Elizabeth 140B
Christian, Perry Union 10A
Christian, Roma Windsor 290A
Christian, Rosa Upper 171A
Christian, Roscoe Windsor 285A
Christian, Walstein Windsor 289B
Christian, Walter Upper 238A
Christian, Walter Windsor 289B
Christian, Wilbern Windsor 290A
Christian, Willard Upper 210A
Christian, William Union 25B
Christian, William T. Upper 239B
Christian, Zelia Union 19B
Christie, Marvin Upper 132B
Christmas, Robert Upper 154B
Church, Charles Perry 226B
Church, Clarence H. Hamilton 179A
Church, Delbert Upper 52A
Church, Emma Rome 244B
Church, Harry Rome 249A
Claar, Alfred Elizabeth 139A
Clagg, Raymond Union 24B
Clake, Hannah Upper 128A
Clarbury, Albert Union 38B
Clardy, Walter L. Upper 152A
Clark, Bernard Windsor 276B
Clark, Bill M. Upper 51A
Clark, Calvin Fayette 155B
Clark, Cecil Union 37B
Clark, David E. Upper 173B
Clark, Delbert Union 34B
Clark, Dennis H. Upper 135A
Clark, Earnest S. Upper 115A
Clark, Edgar E. Upper 191A
Clark, Elmer Upper 53A
Clark, Emanuel M. Upper 122A
Clark, Emory Upper 155B
Clark, Ervin Union 23A
Clark, Eugene Upper 69A
Clark, Florence Upper 172B
Clark, Frank Washington 267B
Clark, George Upper 86B
Clark, George Upper 186B
Clark, George B. Upper 218B
Clark, George W. Upper 214A
Clark, Grover F. Rome 234B
Clark, Guy L. Union 8B
Clark, Hannah Union 3A
Clark, Harlow Windsor 283A
Clark, Harold P. Upper 157A
Clark, Harrison Union 29A
Clark, Harry Upper 53A
Clark, Howard S. Upper 216A
Clark, James E. Hamilton 181B
Clark, James E. Upper 148A
Clark, John Aid 98B
Clark, John H. Windsor 283A
Clark, John R. Lawrence 185B
Clark, John W. Upper 103A
Clark, Kate Hamilton 175A
Clark, Kenneth W. Upper 157A
Clark, Lewis Upper 56B
Clark, Lucian D. Upper 225B
Clark, Luella N. Mason 203A
Clark, Milton Upper 145A
Clark, Nancy S. Mason 203B
Clark, Ollie A. Mason 208A
Clark, Otis Upper 210B
Clark, Shirley Union 35A
Clark, Stanley Union 25B
Clark, Stella L. Upper 147B
Clark, Tillie Upper 55A
Clark, Wayne Upper 56B
Clark, William Rome 254B
Clark, William Union 1B
Clark, William Upper 60A
Clark, William Upper 210A
Clark, William S. Upper 122B
Clarke, Adda M. Upper 219B
Clarke, Charles C. Upper 209A
Clarke, Katherine Upper 136A
Clarke, Sister James Upper 113B
Clarkson, Jake Symmes 266B
Clarkson, Oshard Symmes 266B
Clarkson, Roy Perry 146B
Clarkson, Thomas Washington 259A
Clary, Edgar L. Upper 203A
Clary, Henry A. Mason 211B
Clary, Ira J. Mason 209A
Clary, John T. Mason 208B
Clary, Oyer W. Mason 208B
Clary, Robert Upper 164A
Classing, Frank W. Upper 219B
Classing, Henry J. Upper 180B
Classing, Raymond Upper 192B
Classing, William Upper 220B
Clatton, Charles Fayette 159B
Claudenine, Amy Union 12B
Clay, Albion B. Upper 146A
Clay, Archie B. Perry 220A
Clay, Billie Perry 219B
Clay, Carrol C. Lawrence 184A
Clay, Charles F. Upper 223B
Clay, Dwight M. Perry 227A
Clay, Earl Upper 114A
Clay, Edward Upper 256B
Clay, Fred Upper 223A
Clay, George D. Lawrence 183B
Clay, Harley Hamilton 170A
Clay, Homer M. Upper 169A
Clay, Hubert L. Upper 233A
Clay, James Elizabeth 132A
Clay, Kathleen Upper 190A
Clay, Leonard M. Lawrence 186B
Clay, Lon H. Lawrence 186A
Clay, Willard Union 45B
Clay, William Upper 189A
Clay, William G. Lawrence 192A
Clayton, George Upper 198B
Cleary, Ben Upper 243B
Cleary, Cornelius Upper 98B
Cleary, Michael Upper 115A
Cleary, Robert Jr. Upper 115B
Clement, Ezekiel J. Lawrence 184A
Clements, Herbert Union 19A
Clements, James Union 28A
Clements, John Lawrence 194B
Clemments, George Upper 256B
Clemons, William Aid 96B
Clester, Cecil O. Upper 236B
Clester, Virgil Upper 188A
Clevinger, Samuel C. Perry 226A
Click, Bertram T. Upper 217A
Click, Charles Upper 54A
Click, Mabel Upper 217A
Click, Mildred Upper 123A
Clifton, Sarah Elizabeth 135A
Cline, Frank D. Union 17B
Cline, James S. Lawrence 198A
Cline, John Elizabeth 138A
Cline, John Upper 84B
Cline, Julius Lawrence 197B
Cline, Myrtle Lawrence 198B
Cline, Samuel B. Upper 84B
Cline, William Lawrence 198A
Cloiss, Myrtle Upper 120A
Clonch, Ira E. Lawrence 186B
Cloran, Catherine A. Upper 99B
Cloran, Catherine R. Upper 97B
Cloran, Luke W. Upper 100A
Cloran, Martin Upper 133B
Cloran, Martin F. Upper 98A
Cloran, Mathew A. Upper 100B
Cloran, William A. Upper 105B
Clouse, Coonrod Upper 76A
Clouse, John Upper 89B
Clutter, Myrtle L. Upper 219B
Clutters, Edward Fayette 157A
Clutters, George Fayette 157A
Clutters, Richard Upper 200A
Clutters, Vernon Upper 58A
Clutts, George W. Upper 201B
Clutts, Mary Upper 121B
Coaker, James Washington 266A
Coaker, Orlandre Washington 264A
Cochran, Clarence O. Lawrence 192A
Cochran, Elza Perry 216B
Cockrell, John Upper 141B
Coffey, Delbert Elizabeth 132B
Coffey, Margaret E. Upper 195A
Coffman, Clarice Symmes 265B
Coffman, Floyd Symmes 263B
Coffman, Levi E. Upper 208B
Coffman, Perry Symmes 265B
Cogan, Charles Hamilton 178B
Cogan, Edward Hamilton 178A
Cogan, Lewis Hamilton 178A
Cogan, William L. Upper 111B
Cohen, Ella V. Upper 129A
Coldiron, James Aid 102A
Cole, Charles Perry 231B
Cole, Frederick M. Upper 172A
Cole, Grant Decatur 108A
Cole, Jack Upper 108B
Cole, Jake Symmes 262B
Cole, James H. Perry 232A
Cole, John Symmes 262B
Cole, Josephine A. Upper 122A
Cole, Layfette Perry 232A
Cole, Louise Upper 202B
Cole, Martha L. Upper 125B
Cole, Robert Symmes 262B
Cole, Sam Symmes 262B
Cole, Sherman V. Upper 129A
Colegrove, Henry C. Upper 112B
Colegrove, Thomas J. Upper 192A
Coleman, Helen M. Upper 149A
Coleman, Henry Upper 51B
Coleman, John W. Upper 218A
Coleman, Woodrow W. Upper 220B
Colfer, James Upper 105A
Collett, Harry L. Upper 125B
Collett, Thomas L. Upper 120A
Collette, Charles L. Upper 77B
Colley, Ira Fayette 152B
Colley, Robert Fayette 152B
Collier, Charles O. Lawrence 193A
Collier, Isaac Lawrence 194A
Collier, James Upper 162A
Colliflower, Bert Union 42B
Collingsworth, John Elizabeth 129B
Collins, Adams Perry 218B
Collins, Albert Union 42B
Collins, Albert  Upper 175B
Collins, Alvie Perry 218B
Collins, Asa Perry 214B
Collins, Ballard Decatur 108B
Collins, Basil Decatur 109B
Collins, Bearnard Upper 69A
Collins, Calvin Upper 145A
Collins, Charles Perry 218B
Collins, Charles Upper 142B
Collins, Charles O. Perry 223A
Collins, Chester Union 30A
Collins, Clemmie Decatur 109A
Collins, Clyde Hamilton 170B
Collins, Della M. Decatur 108A
Collins, Edna Upper 253B
Collins, Elbert Upper 256A
Collins, Elmer Upper 240A
Collins, Emma Upper 145A
Collins, Eperson Decatur 107B
Collins, Frank D. Upper 178A
Collins, Freden  Upper 64A
Collins, Grover Fayette 159B
Collins, Harlow B. Union 19A
Collins, Herbert E. Perry 212B
Collins, Jessie Symmes 262A
Collins, John Upper 255B
Collins, Joseph Perry 218B
Collins, Lafe Union 34A
Collins, Levi Union 34A
Collins, Lewis Elizabeth 141A
Collins, Lewis Upper 253A
Collins, Lola Upper 240A
Collins, Millard F. Hamilton 179A
Collins, Morris Perry 224A
Collins, Paul Upper 240A
Collins, Ray L. Lawrence 194A
Collins, Thomas Decatur 108A
Collins, Trusta Upper 188B
Collins, Williard Upper 101B
Collins, Williard Upper 117B
Collinsworth, Homer Union 8A
Collinsworth, William Upper 62A
Collis, Harry Washington 263A
Colvin, Mary M. Upper 170B
Colvin, Walter H. Upper 96B
Colvin, William T. Upper 166B
Combs, Charles Fayette 149A
Combs, Oscar Fayette 162B
Combs, Walter Upper 87B
Combs,, Stella M. Fayette 149A
Comer, James Upper 124B
Comer, James M. Lawrence 185B
Comer, John T. Upper 68A
Comer, Lana Upper 124B
Comer, Ray Lawrence 185A
Comer, Theodore Upper 204A
Comer, Warren E. Upper 183B
Compliment, Charles Union 37B
Compliment, Ed Upper 142B
Compliment, Fred Upper 192B
Compliment, Lawrence Upper 61A
Compliment, William C. Upper 61B
Compston, Gaylord Upper 149B
Compston, John C. Upper 214A
Compton, Howard W. Upper 148A
Compton, James Upper 206B
Comstock, Pearle Union 44B
Conaghan, Alma Upper 191B
Conaway, Charles Upper 63B
Conaway, Harold Upper 249B
Conaway, Mary Upper 98B
Conaway, Range Perry 215A
Coney, George L. Upper 205B
Conkle, Walter Upper 196A
Conklin, Jack Upper 107A
Conley, John Upper 53A
Conley, Kendall Decatur 115B
Conley, Margaret Upper 150B
Conley, Paris W. Upper 159B
Conley, William Upper 53A
Connely, Charles Elizabeth 129B
Connely, George Elizabeth 127A
Connely, Mary Elizabeth 128A
Connely, Rose Elizabeth 127B
Conner, Bert Rome 236B
Conner, Charles Union 42A
Conner, Clarence Rome 245A
Conner, Cynthia Rome 243A
Conner, Harry Union 41A
Conner, Newton Rome 251A
Connery, Loyal Elizabeth 118B
Connery, Margaret Elizabeth 118B
Connery, Pearl Elizabeth 123B
Connery, Wanda Jean Elizabeth 118B
Connery, William Elizabeth 122A
Conoway, Oscar Lawrence 191B
Conway, Carl C. Hamilton 172A
Conway, Charles C. Upper 90B
Conway, Edward L. Upper 59B
Conway, Effie M. Upper 151B
Conway, Frank Upper 56A
Conway, Leona Upper 146A
Conway, Rose Upper 56A
Cook, Alva Elizabeth 137A
Cook, Alva Washington 259B
Cook, Anna B. Upper 145A
Cook, Charles P. Upper 122A
Cook, Clarence Rome 256B
Cook, Frederick W. Upper 106B
Cook, General G. Rome 249B
Cook, George Elizabeth 136B
Cook, George Washington 270A
Cook, J. B. Upper 144B
Cook, Jess Washington 261B
Cook, John Upper 247B
Cook, Kemper Upper 103B
Cook, Mary Upper 135A
Cook, Philora Upper 105A
Cook, William Washington 270A
Cook, William H. Upper 219A
Cooke, Dora A. Upper 116B
Cooke, Henry A. Upper 122A
Cooke, James Upper 118B
Cooke, Samuel B. Upper 123A
Cooksie, Lee Perry 228A
Cooley, Harvey Fayette 150A
Coon, Roy Washington 268A
Coon, Thelma E. Upper 211B
Coonrod, George F. Upper 70A
Coonrod, William S. Upper 72B
Cooper, Arville Union 19B
Cooper, Bert A. Union 16A
Cooper, Elisha Perry 214B
Cooper, Grant Upper 69B
Cooper, Joe Union 23B
Cooper, Judson Symmes 261B
Cooper, Leslie Union 19B
Cooper, Lindsay K. Upper 170A
Cooper, Minerva Symmes 261B
Cooper, Myrtle Upper 69B
Cooper, Nancy J. Upper 100A
Cooper, Paris Symmes 260A
Cooper, Pauline Upper 127A
Cooper, Simon Union 17A
Cooper, Stanley L. Upper 80A
Cooper, Tomas Perry 214B
Cooper, William Symmes 260A
Cooper, William B. Upper 100B
Copen, Anna Perry 226A
Copen, John Perry 226B
Copney, Flossie Upper 142A
Coppage, Ira Upper 102A
Corbett, Charles F. Rome 243A
Corbett, William H. Upper 129B
Corbin, E. David Lawrence 191A
Corbin, Elliot N. Lawrence 191A
Corbin, Mayme E. Upper 201A
Corbin, Peter L.  Lawrence 184B
Corbin, Sanders Windsor 290A
Corbin, William A. Lawrence 191B
Cordial, Ralph Upper 232B
Corn, Austin B. Upper 216A
Corn, Charles A. Upper 225A
Corn, Clarence E. Upper 149A
Corn, Clark E. Lawrence 186B
Corn, Clark K. Windsor 277B
Corn, Dustin E. Upper 228B
Corn, Edward Windsor 274C
Corn, Edward E. Upper 129A
Corn, Edward E. Upper 196B
Corn, Elmer Mason 201B
Corn, George Windsor 274C
Corn, George W. Mason 202B
Corn, Hayward Mason 200B
Corn, John Rome 236A
Corn, Melvin Fayette 155B
Corn, Nancy J. Upper 112B
Corn, Oren E. Lawrence 183B
Corn, Orlyn L. Upper 153A
Corn, William E. Upper 213A
Cornell, Evaline Upper 72A
Cornell, Helen Perry 214A
Cornell, Isabel Upper 226A
Cornell, John H. Perry 213B
Cornell, Tommy J. Rome 247B
Cornell, William H. Upper 212B
Corns, Alberta Elizabeth 133B
Corns, Carrie B. Upper 180B
Corns, Fred H. Upper 176B
Corns, George M. Perry 220A
Corns, John B. Perry 232A
Cornute, Otho Fayette 165A
Cornwell, Cora M. Union 2B
Cornwells, Fred Perry 218B
Cortes, Arthur S. Upper 131A
Cortright, Charles Upper 191B
Corum, Anna Upper 132A
Corvin, Jess Upper 86B
Corvin, John H. Upper 231A
Costello, Harry A. Upper 113B
Costello, Mary C. Upper 113B
Costello, William E. Upper 93A
Coster, Clarence Elizabeth 116A
Coster, Elza Elizabeth 117B
Coster, Frank Elizabeth 120A
Coster, Fred Elizabeth 116A
Coster, John Elizabeth 116B
Coster, Lily Elizabeth 120A
Coster, Pearley E. Upper 114A
Coster, Willard Elizabeth 120A
Costner, Jamima W. Upper 158B
Cotter, James H. Upper 113B
Cottle, Pearl Upper 129B
Cottrell, John Hamilton 174B
Couldwell, Guy Washington 269A
Counts, Henry L. Upper 106A
Cousins, George M. Upper 236A
Couston, Arkansas Union 44A
Covert, Dorthy Upper 69A
Cowee, Bloon Union 45B
Cowly, Claude Upper 132B
Cox, Della Windsor 285A
Cox, Earl P. Windsor 285B
Cox, Elizabeth B. Upper 101A
Cox, George A. Upper 199B
Cox, Hayes F. Upper 110B
Cox, Helen Upper 96A
Cox, John H. Upper 193A
Cox, Josephine Union 31A
Cox, Lucy Windsor 284B
Cox, Maxwell Union 1A
Cox, Minnie Upper 110B
Cox, Moses Perry 220B
Cox, Nancy M. Upper 179B
Cox, Nannie G. Upper 129B
Cox, Nolia Upper 133A
Cox, Octavus A. Upper 77A
Cox, Ray V. Windsor 289B
Cox, Samuel Elizabeth 130B
Cox, Shrilda Fayette 157A
Cox, Terry B. Windsor 285A
Cox, Uri T. Windsor 285B
Coyer, Anderson Elizabeth 120A
Coyer, Curtis Hamilton 174B
Coyer, Hattie Hamilton 175A
Coyer, John Elizabeth 120B
Coyle, Ben Windsor 274C
Coyle, James Upper 102B
Coyle, William Elizabeth 134B
Crabtree, Anna E. Perry 217B
Crabtree, Bert Upper 50B
Crabtree, Charles Mason 201A
Crabtree, Clarence Perry 228B
Crabtree, Dustin Perry 217B
Crabtree, Frank Perry 212A
Crabtree, George Perry 216B
Crabtree, Harvey Perry 220B
Crabtree, Ike Fayette 143B
Crabtree, John Symmes 264A
Crabtree, John Washington 269B
Crabtree, Joshua Perry 227A
Crabtree, Marion F. Upper 64A
Crabtree, Roy Washington 271A
Crabtree, Vinton Perry 212A
Crabtree, Walter Perry 228A
Crabtree, William Perry 216B
Cracraft, Charles Fayette 165A
Cracraft, Juanita Fayette 165A
Craddock, William  Union 42B
Craddolph, Alva Washington 265B
Craddolph, Lemuel Washington 266B
Craddolph, Walter Washington 266B
Cradolph, McKinley Washington 265A
Crafford, Oscar Perry 216A
Craft, Alex H. Upper 117B
Craft, Bobbie Symmes 259B
Craft, Carrie Elizabeth 123A
Craft, Simon Upper 57A
Craft, Simon P. Upper 60B
Craft, William Aid 101A
Crager, Albert Aid 99B
Craig, James Mason 204B
Craig, James M. Mason 206B
Crambell, Charles C. Upper 69A
Crance, Alphonso Upper 109A
Crance, Armielta Upper 243A
Crance, Bertha Upper 138A
Crance, C. E. Upper 138A
Crance, Charles C. Upper 112B
Crance, Frank Upper 137B
Crance, John  Upper 71B
Crance, Raymond Upper 146A
Crance, Reuben A. Upper 158B
Crawford, Cameron Upper 136A
Crawford, Cecilia  Union 44B
Crawford, Charles A. Upper 125A
Crawford, Earnest P. Upper 255B
Crawford, Edward Union 40B
Crawford, Frankie Fayette 159B
Crawford, Glen Union 43A
Crawford, Harry J. Upper 194A
Crawford, Herschell Union 21B
Crawford, James Upper 119A
Crawford, John Union 21B
Crawford, Otto Upper 119A
Crawford, Pearl Upper 124A
Crawford, Sarah Union 38B
Crawford, William H. Upper 84B
Craynon, Martha B. Upper 151B
Creamers, Lillie Perry 215B
Creger, Oscar E. Upper 224A
Creger, Robert Perry 216B
Cremans, Henry Fayette 165B
Cremeans, Addie Union 31B
Cremeans, Elmer Mason 211A
Cremeans, George Rome 237B
Cremeans, Roscoe J. Upper 119A
Cremens, Curtis M. Upper 48B
Cricher, Ida L. Upper 220A
Cricker, Joseph C. Upper 171A
Crider, Elick Fayette 143B
Crider, Loyd W. Fayette 164A
Crigger, Ethel Upper 234B
Crimm, John C. Upper 239B
Cripple, Charles Upper 67B
Cripple, Henry Perry 221A
Cripple, Mary Upper 69B
Cripps, Robert M. Upper 196B
Crish, Jessey Upper 50A
Crish, William C. Upper 50A
Crisp, Lewis W. Upper 124B
Crockett, Andrew Union 45B
Crockette, Grant Upper 176A
Cromley, Elnora M. Upper 86A
Cromley, Fitzer J. Upper 86A
Cron, Albert  Mason 200A
Cron, Alpha C. Lawrence 183A
Cron, John W. Upper 114A
Cron, Lenard F. Hamilton 178A
Cron, Marion Mason 200A
Cron, Mark E. Mason 200A
Cron, Oliver M. Mason 200A
Cron, Sherman B. Mason 199A
Cronacher, Carrie Upper 133B
Cronacher, Charles A. Upper 94A
Cronacher, Chester Elizabeth 135A
Cronacher, Fred C. Upper 94A
Cronacher, Ruth Upper 84A
Cronacher, Sophia C. Upper 112B
Cronin, Stephen A. Upper 157B
Crook, Gladis Perry 230A
Crookshank, Raymond Upper 126B
Crookshaw, Lorraine L. Upper 131A
Crosby, Marie Upper 144A
Crosby, William H. Upper 154A
Crow, Charles P. Lawrence 197A
Crow, Clarence E. Union 1B
Crow, Edith M. Upper 119B
Crow, Willis Lawrence 197A
Crowe, David E. Upper 191B
Crowe, Henry J. Upper 118B
Crowe, Louisa Upper 97A
Crowe, Nelson D. Fayette 153A
Crown, Carrolton Rome 236B
Crown, Eustil Rome 242B
Crown, Joseph H. Upper 146B
Crown, Leslie Aid 99B
Crown, Loumer (?) Upper 208A
Crown, Thomas Upper 207A
Crown, Thomas Jr. Upper 240B
Crum, Clara Upper 135B
Crum, Clarence Elizabeth 126A
Crum, Ella Fayette 163B
Crum, Grover Upper 92A
Crum, Henry C. Upper 224A
Crum, Isabel Upper 116B
Crum, John Elizabeth 119A
Crum, Lawrence Fayette 163B
Crum, Walter J. Upper 224A
Crumley, Anderson Upper 156B
Crump, James Union 31A
Crump, James R. Union 2B
Crump, Virginia V. Union 2B
Crutchfield, John Elizabeth 117B
Culbertson, Albert B. Upper 226A
Culbertson, Conduit Upper 88B
Culbertson, Earl Upper 92B
Culbertson, Edmund S. Upper 126A
Culbertson, Ella R. Upper 125B
Culbertson, Henry T. Upper 85B
Culhane, Sister Malary Upper 113B
Cullen, Mary M. Upper 222A
Culligan, Neddie Upper 127B
Culligan, Thomas C. Upper 153A
Cullum, George E. Upper 82A
Cummings, Harry Hamilton 182A
Cummons, Henry A. Mason 211A
Cunningham, Arnold Upper 95B
Cunningham, Garnet Upper 95B
Cunningham, Genevieve Upper 95B
Cunningham, James Perry 146B
Curnell, Charles Upper 186A
Curnell, William Upper 186B
Curran, John Upper 94A
Currington, Christopher Upper 102B
Currington, Frank Elizabeth 116B
Currington, Frank Upper 103A
Currington, George Lawrence 185B
Currington, James Perry 220A
Currington, William Elizabeth 139B
Curry, Allison H. Fayette 163A
Curry, Bert Union 23A
Curry, Louie Lawrence 197B
Curtis, Clarence Union 22B
Curtis, Dora Union 12B
Curtis, Edward L. Union 15A
Curtis, Homer Union 33A