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1930 Lawrence County, Ohio Census Index

Submitted by Ellen Gammon

This index lists "Head of Household" only.  It does not list every person listed in the 1930 census.
The columns are sorted in alphabetic order by: Head of Household, Township and Page Number.   Please check the original microfilmed copy for additional names.

McAfee, Clarence P. Upper 147A
McBride, Charles E. Upper 190A
McBride, Elizabeth Upper 134A
McBride, Philip Upper 134A
McBride, Russell S. Upper 125B
McCabe, Rufus Upper 123A
McCafferty, Cornelious P. Upper 174B
McCaffney, Smith Windsor 290B
McCain, Earl Upper 144A
McCain, James J. Upper 112B
McCain, John Union 8A
McCain, Lewis Union 8A
McCain, Merril M. Upper 234B
McCall, Adela Union 16B
McCall, William Hamilton 176A
McCall, William Upper 142B
McCallister, William Elizabeth 139B
McCalls, Adrien Union 1B
McCalls, Maxwell Union 2B
McCann, George W. Upper 173B
McCann, Simon Upper 108A
McCarcle, George Washington 265A
McCarley, Arthur Upper 62B
McCarthy, Cecilia Upper 105B
McCarthy, Charles J. Upper 93A
McCarthy, Daniel Upper 93A
McCarthy, Francis Upper 197A
McCarthy, Harold J. Upper 114A
McCartney, Edgar Windsor 283B
McCartney, Mabel Upper 128A
McCarty, Agnes E. Upper 76A
McCarty, Alice B. Upper 137B
McCarty, Carl E. Upper 177B
McCarty, Milton L. Upper 165A
McCarty, Virgil Elizabeth 129A
McCarty, William Upper 185A
McCauley, Frank L. Upper 113A
McCauley, Mauris J. Upper 153B
McCauley, Millard Symmes 259A
McClain, Thomas J. Upper 242A
McClannahan, George Upper 125B
McClary, William R. Upper 192A
McClaskey, Ben Perry 213B
McClaskey, Charles Perry 213B
McClaskey, Charles Upper 250B
McClaskey, Charles A. Upper 242B
McClaskey, Clifford Perry 213B
McClaskey, James Perry 213B
McClaskey, Thomas Upper 255A
McClaskey, Thomas J. Upper 178B
McClaskey, Will Upper 244B
McClease, Charles L. Upper 211B
McCleese, William J. Upper 125A
McClellan, Alfred L. Upper 70A
McClellan, Charles Elizabeth 118A
McClellan, Charles E. Upper 123A
McClellan, Ebel E. Upper 168B
McClellan, Harold H. Upper 83B
McClellan, Haynes Upper 251B
McClellan, Isaic Elizabeth 134A
McClellan, John E. Upper 191B
McClellan, Lawrence Elizabeth 132B
McClellan, Mott M. Upper 227A
McClellan, Otto Elizabeth 131A
McClellan, Roscoe Upper 125A
McClellan, Thomas Elizabeth 121B
McClellan, Walter Elizabeth 141A
McClelland, Wilma Upper 144B
McClug, Obsolom Washington 263C
McClung, Marquis L. Upper 103B
McClure, Edward Upper 108A
McClure, Everett M. Windsor 286B
McClure, James Fayette 144A
McClure, James Upper 129B
McCollister, Harley E. Upper 216A
McComas, Arnold Fayette 166B
McComas, Edward Rome 242B
McComas, Granvil C. Windsor 272A
McComas, John A. Upper 217A
McComas, Lou C. Upper 218B
McComas, Otie E. Mason 207A
McComas, Rachel Upper 243A
McComas, Sartain Rome 245B
McComas, William Rome 254B
McComis, Arabelle Windsor 272B
McComis, John Windsor 276B
McCommas, Denver Windsor 289B
McCommas, Minnie Upper 99B
McConnel, Alonza Upper 202B
McConnell, Ada Hamilton 171A
McConnell, Chauncey C. Upper 227A
McConnell, Clarence Hamilton 170B
McConnell, James F. Upper 110A
McConnell, Martha Upper 217B
McConnell, Oscar Windsor 285B
McCorkle, Carl E. Elizabeth 124A
McCorkle, George Elizabeth 124B
McCorkle, Jefferson Union 33B
McCorkle, John Elizabeth 125A
McCorkle, Willis G. Union 2B
McCormick, Carl W. Union 13B
McCormick, George Rome 256B
McCormick, Howard P. Upper 198B
McCormick, Mayme Upper 193A
McCormick, Prosser Elizabeth 129B
McCormick, Virginia Elizabeth 130A
McCormick, Walter Upper 196A
McCowan, Vint Upper 164A
McCown, Benjamin F. Rome 253A
McCown, Cecil Rome 253A
McCown, Emmitt Upper 134A
McCown, Mary E. Rome 233A
McCown, May Windsor 279B
McCoy, Albert Union 15A
McCoy, Albert P. Upper 85B
McCoy, Asa E. Lawrence 186A
McCoy, Ben Union 44A
McCoy, Charles C. Lawrence 198B
McCoy, Clair Washington 262A
McCoy, Dewy Washington 260C
McCoy, Elizabeth Upper 93B
McCoy, Jarva J. Upper 228B
McCoy, Marthy Union 45B
McCoy, Tilden Elizabeth 137B
McCoy, Walter Hamilton 177B
McCoy, Walter Upper 102B
McCracken, James A. Upper 89A
McCracken, Joseph H. Upper 234A
McCracken, Leroy B. Upper 183B
McCready, Emily Upper 61A
McCready, Lidney Upper 244A
McCready, Virginia Upper 202B
McCreary, Gordon Upper 154A
McCrimmon, Ada Upper 94A
McCue, Edward W. Upper 80A
McCue, Patrick Upper 80A
McCulloch, John Upper 191A
McCyntire, John Washington 264B
McDaniel, Alta Rome 237A
McDaniel, Arch Union 5B
McDaniel, Beulah Union 4B
McDaniel, Charles Upper 230B
McDaniel, Clifford E. Upper 224B
McDaniel, Frank Upper 199A
McDaniel, Jesse J. Upper 120B
McDaniel, John W. Lawrence 189B
McDaniel, John W. Upper 221B
McDaniel, Lafayette Rome 237B
McDaniel, Lillie L. Upper 228B
McDaniel, Samuel Washington 266A
McDaniel, Sarah E. Upper 217B
McDaniels, Carlos Upper 121A
McDaniels, Cecil R. Upper 194A
McDaniels, Goldie Upper 95A
McDaniels, Ira Fayette 156B
McDaniels, Monroe Upper 200A
McDaniels, William E. Upper 76A
McDanniel, Lonzo Washington 264A
McDannold, Roy J. Upper 113A
McDevitt, Allice Upper 208B
McDevitt, James Upper 92A
McDonald, Charles Upper 120A
McDonald, Len Symmes 264B
McDonald, W. L. Upper 132B
McDonell, Henry Washington 260C
McDonie, Charles B. Upper 111B
McDonie, Lee Upper 111B
McDonie, Wallace D. Upper 189B
McDonough, John P. Upper 100B
McDowel, Andy Upper 200A
McDowell, Luther Upper 123B
McEachlin, Duncan Upper 205A
McElrath, John S. Upper 224B
McElrath, William W. Upper 74B
McElwain, Catherine A. Upper 182B
McElwain, Edward Upper 173A
McElwain, Ella Upper 98B
McFadden, Harry S. Upper 164A
McFann, Blanche Decatur 109A
McFann, Clarence Decatur 112B
McFann, Dora Upper 195B
McFann, Earl Elizabeth 139A
McFann, Harley Washington 260A
McFann, James A. Decatur 110A
McFann, John Washington 265B
McFann, Mary M. Upper 154A
McFann, Orville Decatur 112A
McFann, Stella Elizabeth 139B
McFann, Teasi M. Upper 177B
McFann, Theodore Washington 259A
McFann, William E. Decatur 112B
McFann, Zie  Decatur 109B
McFarland, Henry W. Lawrence 187B
McGerty, John Upper 215A
McGinnis, Lillian B. Upper 170B
McGinnis, Marion Union 17A
McGinnis, Martin Decatur 114A
McGinnis, Mary J. Upper 219A
McGinnis, William Upper 48A
McGirr, Charles J. Upper 224B
McGlone, Crawford A. Upper 90B
McGlone, Dewey Upper 185A
McGlone, Harry Upper 123B
McGlone, Jerry Decatur 109B
McGlone, Joseph Decatur 109B
McGlone, Vernis Fayette 163B
McGlone, Wrett Washington 270B
McGlothin, Edward Union 15A
McGlothin, Harry Fayette 162B
McGoron, Francis Upper 165B
McGoron, John C. Upper 191B
McGoron, Martia Upper 192A
McGowan, Barney Elizabeth 133A
McGowan, Mary Hamilton 180A
McGowen, James Upper 254B
McGown, Bridget Upper 198B
McGown, John Upper 119A
McGraw, Henry Lawrence 189A
McGue, Paul Union 9A
McGugin, Robert H. Upper 122B
McGugin, Rollin K. Upper 110B
McGuiley, James P. Upper 158B
McGuire, Everette Windsor 277B
McGuire, Frankie Decatur 108B
McGuire, Henry C. Upper 153A
McGuire, John Lawrence 189B
McGuire, John G. Lawrence 189B
McGirr, John E. Upper 74B
McGunes, William Washington 259B
McHahon, Kate Upper 132B
McHaon, J. F. Upper 145B
McIntire, Gaylord Upper 126B
McIntyre, Everett C. Mason 209B
McIntyre, James J. Upper 105B
McIntyre, John C. Windsor 286A
McIntyre, Milton Union 36A
McKean, Glady V. Upper 240A
McKee, Addie Upper 118B
McKee, Addie Upper 191B
McKee, Albert Perry 146A
McKee, Alonzo W. Fayette 150A
McKee, Arnold C. Upper 82B
McKee, Birdie  Fayette 152B
McKee, Bryan Fayette 162B
McKee, Carl Perry 147A
McKee, Carrie Fayette 148B
McKee, Curtis Perry 223B
McKee, Edgar Fayette 145A
McKee, Ernest R. Upper 202A
McKee, Estle Perry 146A
McKee, Frank Upper 54A
McKee, Garnett Rome 254A
McKee, George W. Upper 217B
McKee, Hattie M. Upper 151A
McKee, Herbert Fayette 148A
McKee, Howard Upper 94B
McKee, John B. Fayette 155B
McKee, Joseph Fayette 152A
McKee, Joseph Hamilton 177B
McKee, Lawrence D. Fayette 150A
McKee, Loren Fayette 150A
McKee, Lute A. Fayette 148B
McKee, Merrell Fayette 148B
McKee, Minnie Perry 147A
McKee, Parthana Perry 231B
McKee, Patsy Upper 192B
McKee, Pearl Fayette 148A
McKee, Raymond L. Fayette 142A
McKee, Russell D. Upper 201A
McKee, Tracey Fayette 164A
McKee, Vance Upper 188B
McKee, Virgie Fayette 151A
McKee, William A. Fayette 156B
McKee, William A. Upper 191A
McKee, William C. Hamilton 171A
McKenna, Charles P. Upper 79B
McKenna, Teresa A. Upper 79B
McKenzie, Daniel Elizabeth 132A
McKenzie, Hansford Elizabeth 134B
McKenzie, John Upper 90A
McKenzie, Joseph Elizabeth 132A
McKinley, Delcie Rome 251A
McKinley, Walter Windsor 282A
McKinney, Amy Upper 112B
McKinney, Benjamin Upper 144A
McKinney, Carba R. Upper 58B
McKinney, Thresa Upper 187B
McKinney, Valentine M. Upper 58B
McKnight, Arthur Perry 213B
McKnight, Charles Upper 68A
McKnight, Howard Upper 58B
McKnight, Jack Upper 206B
McKnight, Oscar Upper 230A
McKnight, Rufus D. Upper 122B
McKnight, Theodore Upper 56B
McKnight, Walter Upper 59A
McKnight, William Hamilton 176A
McKnight, William Upper 59A
McKnight, William Upper 210B
McKnight, William R. Upper 195A
McKnight, Wrate Upper 65A
Mclure, Carl Fayette 154A
Mclure, Dustin D. Fayette 155B
McLusain, Thomas T. Upper 166B
McMacin, Arthur J. Upper 109B
McMackin, Charles Upper 115B
McMackin, Daniel Elizabeth 133B
McMackin, John Upper 176A
McMackin, John B. Upper 246A
McMahan, Cager Mason 202A
McMahan, E. H. Upper 190B
McMahan, George I. Mason 202A
McMahan, John Windsor 273B
McMahan, Otis P. Mason 208A
McMahon, George Upper 107A
McMahon, John Upper 93A
McMahon, Mahala Upper 110A
McMahon, Nicholas W. Upper 110A
McMahon, Thomas Upper 94A
McMasters, Fred Jr. Union 40A
McMillan, Henry Upper 158A
McMullen, Edward Union 25A
McMullen, Edward P. Upper 172B
McNary, George T. Upper 84A
McNary, Minnie Upper 93A
McNeal, Theodore Perry 222B
McNeely, John Hamilton 181B
McNeely, Monte Hamilton 182A
McNeely, Steward Elizabeth 136A
McNeely, William F. Upper 157A
McNel, Hester Hamilton 174A
McQuaid, Joseph Perry 223B
McQuaid, Leo Union 41B
McQuaide, Harry Union 36A
McQuigg, Bertha H. Upper 113A
McRoberts, Jesse Decatur 109B
McThany, William Upper 185A
McWilliams, Louise Upper 236A
McWilliams, Ray Washington 263A
McWilliams, Thomas Union 7A



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