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Episcopal Church Records, Ironton, Ohio
Burials 1902 -  1911

about these records

Full Name Sex Age B.C.C. Last Residence Date of Death Cause of Death Place of Interment Date of Burial Minister
1 Clinton Ellsberry Gray M 5 B

7th St. & Park Ave. Ironton, Ohio

May 15, 1902 Fall, causing concussion bruises Woodland May 17, 1902 W.H. Hampton
2 Charles Ulrich M 38 S. 3rd St. near Edna Lane, Ironton, Ohio May 26,1902 Consumption Woodland May 28,1902 W.H. Hampton
3 Benjamin Garvey M 82 B Cambridge, Mass. June 15, 1902 Infirmities of age Woodland June 19, 1902 W.H. Hampton
4 Harry Slater M 1 y. 1 m Ironton, Ohio July 7, 1902 Cholera Infantum Woodland July 8,1902 W.H. Hampton
5 Stephen Galer M 70 Ironton, Ohio July 13, 1902 Infirmities of age Woodland July 15, 1902 W.H. Hampton
6 Mary Catherine Abram F 49 B Ironton, Ohio July 18,1902 Heart Failure Hecla July 20, 1902 W.H. Hampton
7 William James Mulvey M 56 Ironton, Ohio July  21,1902 Bowel Trouble Woodland July 23, 1902 W.H. Hampton
8 Unnamed Foundling F 3 days Ironton, Ohio July 24, 1902 Exposure supposed Woodland July 25,1902 W.H. Hampton
9 Josephine Riton F 48 B.C.C. Portsmouth, Ohio July 27,1902 Heart Disease New York State W.H. Hampton
10 William H. Horton M 32 Ironton, Ohio Aug. 14,1902 Gas Explosion (lived 13 hrs.) Woodland Aug.17,1902 W.H. Hampton
11 Charles Buford Kirkes M 45 Ironton, Ohio Sept.6,1902 Tuberculosis of Bowels Woodland Sept.7,1902 W.H. Hampton
12 George L. Davies M 25 B. Ironton, Ohio Sept.17,1902 Woodland Sept.19,1902 W.H. Hampton
13 Homer McCaffrey M 1 Wk. Ironton, Ohio Nov.10,1902 Henry's Cemetery Nov.11,1902 W.H. Hampton
14 Orvil Conaway M 13 mos. Ironton, Ohio Nov.24,1902 Kelly's Cemetery Nov.25,1902 W.H. Hampton
15 Viola Deller F 3 mos. Ironton, Ohio Jan.17,1903 Croup Woodland Jan.18,1903 W.H. Hampton
16 Joseph A. Tunley M 61 B. Ironton, Ohio Jan.4,1903 Apoplexy Woodland Jan.6 1903 W.H. Hampton
17 Austin Sherwood Layne M 3 m.1 d Ironton, Ohio Feb.9,1903 Bowel Trouble Woodland Feb.11,1903 W.H. Hampton
18 Talison G. Williams M 61 Washington, D.C. Feb.19,1903 ?????? Debility Woodland Feb.21,1903 W.H. Hampton
19 David W. Hopkins M 62 Ironton, Ohio Mar.6,1903 Woodland Mar.7,1903 W.H. Hampton
20 Sarah E. Meek F 66 B Ironton, Ohio Mar.6,1903 Bowel Trouble Woodland Mar.8,1903 W.H. Hampton
21 Otto Arnold M 49 B Columbus, Ohio Apr.2,1903 Lung Trouble Woodland Apr.4,1903 W.H. Hampton
22 Alfred Spears M 10 mos. Ironton, Ohio Apr.17,1903 Stomach Trouble Woodland Apr.18,1903 W.H. Hampton
23 Merrill Irwin Slusher M 18m.18 d B Ironton, Ohio Apr.25,1903 Dropsy of Kidneys Woodland Apr.25,1903 W.H. Hampton
24 Charle Kade M 3 Ironton, Ohio May 6, 1903 Woodland May 7,1903 W.H. Hampton
25 Maggie Martin F 42 B Ironton, Ohio May 7,1903 Heart Disease Woodland May 10,1903 W.H. Hampton
26 ?????? Francisco M Ironton, Ohio Woodland May 23,1903 W.H. Hampton
27 William Rogers M 82 y. 8 m. Ironton, Ohio May 21, 1903 Thrown from buggy Woodland May 23, 1903 W.H. Hampton
28 Andy Ebel M 34 y. 27 d Ironton, Ohio July 2, 1903 Paresis Woodland July 4, 1903 W.H. Hampton
29 Christian Ketterer M 67 Ironton, Ohio Aug.2,1903 Bowel Trouble Woodland Aug.4,1903 W.H. Hampton
30 Daisy Clarke Diddle F 21 Ironton, Ohio Aug.31,1903 Child Birth Woodland Sept.2,1903 W.H. Hampton
31 David Earl Ketter M 10 mos. B Ironton, Ohio Sept.15,1903 Cold Woodland Sept.17,1903 W.H. Hampton
32 Ann J. Gibson Coates F Ironton, Ohio Nov.5,1903 Kidney & Heart Trouble Woodland Nov.8,1903 W.H. Hampton
33 Viola Wolf F 53 B Ironton, Ohio Nov.12,1903 Nervous Prostration Woodland Nov.14,1903 W.H. Hampton
34 Chas McKnight M 50 Ironton, Ohio Nov.11,1903 Woodland Nov.14,1903 W.H. Hampton
35 Ellen Myers F 58 B.C.C. Ironton, Ohio Nov. 1903 Woodland Nov.19,1903 W.H. Hampton
36 Howard E. Norton M 43 Ironton, Ohio Dec.30,1903 Woodland Jan.1,1904 W.H. Hampton
37 Ephriam Massie M 57 B Ironton, Ohio Jan.21,1904 Woodland Jan.23,1904 W.H. Hampton
38 Calfax Castuer M B Ironton, Ohio Jan. 30,1904 Ashland, Ky. Feb.7,1904 W.H. Hampton
39 Clark Dillon M 49 Ironton, Ohio (children's home) Feb.8,1904 Burned to Death Woodland Feb.9,1904 W.H. Hampton
40 John McMahon M 81 Ironton, Ohio Feb.11,1904 Paralysis Woodland Feb.13,1911 W.H. Hampton
42 Burten Hazelett M 18 mos. Ironton, Ohio (children's home) Mar.5,1904 Typhoid Pneumonia Woodland Mar.6,1904 W.H. Hampton
43 Hiram Bruce M 54y.4 m B Ironton, Ohio Mar.7,1904 Tuberculosis   Woodland Mar.9,1904 W.H. Hampton
44 Isaac Clay Hawthorne M 10 days B Ironton, Ohio Mar.16,1904 Woodland Mar.18,1904 W.H. Hampton
45 Newton Westfall Frazer M 86y6m17d Hanging Rock, Ohio Mar.20,1904 Hanging Rock, Ohio Mar.22,1904 W.H. Hampton
46 B.F. Oviatt M Cincinnati, Ohio Apr.19,1904 Woodland Apr.21,1904 W.H. Hampton
47 Arilelle Baldridge F Ironton, Ohio Apr.22,1904 Thrush Flat wood's, Ky.  Apr.23,1904 W.H. Hampton
48 Lezzie Williams F Ironton, Ohio Apr.27,1904 Suicide (carbolic acid) Woodland Apr.29,1904 W.H. Hampton
49 J.R. Harmon M 44 B W.Va. Apr.28,1904 Complications of Disease Woodland May 1, 1904 W.H. Hampton
50 Frank Haley M 22 B Ironton, Ohio May 6, 1904 Consumption Woodland May 8,1904 W.H. Hampton
51 Elizabeth Towns F 8 mos. Ironton, Ohio May8,1904 Woodland May 9,1904 W.H. Hampton
52 Henry Gearhardt M Columbus, Ohio May 25,1904 Shot by convict (Ohio State Prison) Woodland May 29,1904 W.H. Hampton
53 David Autnine M Ironton, Ohio June 6,1904 Paralysis Anderson, Ind. June W.H. Hampton
54 Ruth J. Lewis F 15 mos Ironton, Ohio June 6, 1904 Woodland June 8,1904 W.H. Hampton
55 Elizabeth Edwards F Ironton, Ohio June 8,1904 Suicide (carbolic acid) Woodland June 9,1904 W.H. Hampton
56 Etta Davidson F 34 Ironton, Ohio June 14,1904 From confinement Woodland June 16,1904 W.H. Hampton
57 Elizabeth Cole F 56 Ironton, Ohio July 26,1904 Bright's Disease Woodland July, 30,1904 W.H. Hampton
58 Shadrack Ward M 89 B Ironton, Ohio Sept.12,1904 Heart Failure Woodland Sept.15,1904 W.H. Hampton
59 Mary Cameron F 39 Hanging Rock, Ohio Sept.19,1904 Injured from fall from wagon Hanging Rock, Ohio Sept.21,1904 W.H. Hampton
60 James C. Russell M 48 Ironton, Ohio Sept.24,1904 Liver Trouble Woodland Sept.27,1904 W.H. Hampton
61 Ada Dinketaker F 31 B. Cincinnati, Ohio Oct.4,1904 Tuberculosis of Bowels Woodland Oct.6,1904 W.H. Hampton
62 Eliza Roach F 4 Ironton, Ohio (children's home) Oct.9,1904 Typhoid  Fever Woodland Oct.10,1904 W.H. Hampton
63 Jessie Leslie Able F 3 1/2 mos B Ironton, Ohio Oct.31,1904 Diphtheria Woodland Nov.1,1904 W.H. Hampton
64 Emma Pruitt F 47 Ironton, Ohio Nov.11,1904 Burns Henry's Cemetery Nov.12,1904 W.H. Hampton
65 L.C. Naill M 59 B Ironton, Ohio Nov.16,1904 Kidney trouble Woodland Nov.18,1904 W.H. Hampton
66 Joel Talbott M Ironton, Ohio Nov. 21,1904 Woodland Nov.23,1904 W.H. Hampton
67 E.J.Bird SR. M 76 B. Ironton, Ohio Dec.11,1904 Woodland Dec.12,1904 W.H. Hampton
68 Pinkney Lake Vance F Ironton, Ohio Dec.15,1904 Hemorrhage of lungs Jackson, Ohio Dec.18,1904 W.H. Hampton
69 H.G.Hopkins M 61 B. Ironton, Ohio Jan.21,1905 Paralysis Woodland Jan.23,1905 W.H. Hampton
70 Emory Bushware M 17 B. Ironton, Ohio Feb.3,1905 Scalded to death at Kelly's Mill Woodland Feb.5,1905 W.H. Hampton
71 Anna Eads F 32 B. Ashland, Ky. Feb.25,1905 Hemorrhage of the heart Paser, ILL. Feb.28,1905 W.H. Hampton
72 Sarah J.Talbott F 64 B. Ironton, Ohio Mar.2,1905 Woodland Mar.4,1905 W.H. Hampton
73 Silas Lewis M 49 Ironton, Ohio Mar.8, 1905 Tuberculosis Woodland Mar.9,1905 W.H. Hampton
74 Mary Jane Stroble F 38 Ironton, Ohio Apr.2,1905 Pneumonia Woodland Apr.4,1905 W.H. Hampton
75 Henry Jordan M 60 Ironton, Ohio May 3,1905 Woodland May 6,1905 W.H. Hampton
76 Samuel J. Roberts M 2 mos Ironton, Ohio May 14, 1905 Woodland May 15,1905 W.H. Hampton
77 Theodore Mays M 3 Ironton, Ohio May 20, 1905

Heart Failure

Woodland May 21, 1905 W.H. Hampton
78 George Delles M 43 B. Ironton, Ohio June 2,1905


Woodland June 5, 1905 W.H. Hampton
79 William A. Roberts M 3 mos Ironton, Ohio June 21, 1905 Woodland June 23, 1905 W.H. Hampton
80 William Edward Dalton M 11 mos Ironton, Ohio July 11, 1905 Whooping Cough Woodland July 0,1905 W.H. Hampton
81 Nateleela Blower M 18m.18 d Ironton, Ohio (children's home) July 13,1905

Stomach Trouble

Woodland July 14,1905 W.H. Hampton
82 Ralph Leete M 83 1/2 yrs Ironton, Ohio July 15, 1905

Infirmities of age

Woodland July 16,1905 W.H. Hampton
83 Yancey infant M 4 days Ironton, Ohio Aug.6,1905 Woodland Aug.7,1905 W.H. Hampton
84 Mary Huffman Bull F 62y,1m,23d B.C.C. Ironton, Ohio Sept.2,1905

Liver Trouble

Woodland Sept.3,1905 W.H. Hampton
85 Juliet Maccoun F B.C.C. Coal Grove, Ohio Sept.7,1905

Dilation of the heart

Woodland Sept.9,1905 W.H. Hampton
86 Chester Harrison Allen Miller M 15 mos Ironton, Ohio


Woodland Sept 9,1905 W.H. Hampton
87 Anna Wyures F 43 B. Ironton, Ohio Sept.11,1905

Stomach Trouble

Woodland Sept.13,1905 W.H. Hampton
88 Amanda Rust F 72y,2m,28 d B. Ironton,Ohio Sept.21,1905


Woodland Sept.24.1905 W.H. Hampton
89 Elsie May Miller F 3 Ironton, Ohio Sept.24,1905


Woodland Sept.25,1905 W.H. Hampton
90 Jane Mary Frazier F 90y 3m 8d B.C.C. Ironton, Ohio Sept.30,1905

Infirmities of age

Hanging Rock, Ohio Oct.2,1905 W.H. Hampton
91 Ulysess G. Hawkins M 48y8m10d Ironton, Ohio Oct.3,1905


Newton Cemetery Oct.5,1905 W.H. Hampton
92 Myrtle Smith F 28 B. Ironton, Ohio Oct.17,1905


Woodland Oct.19,1905 W.H. Hampton
93 Minnie Elizabeth Jacobs F 2y2m B. Ironton, Ohio Nov.9,1905


Woodland Nov.12,1905 W.H. Hampton
94 Solomon Stratton M 69 Ironton, Ohio Jan.18,1906

Stomach Trouble

Woodland Jan.20,1906 W.H. Hampton
95 Hattie Burr Neal F B.C.C. Mangum, Okla. Jan.18,1906

Stomach Trouble

Woodland Jan.24,1906 W.H. Hampton
96 Albert C. Blackwell M Cincinnati, Ohio Mar.4,1906

Pistol shot

Etna Furnace Mar.7,1906 W.H. Hampton
97 George Unrue M 52y7m2d Ironton, Ohio Mar.16,1906


Woodland Mar.18,1906 W.H. Hampton
98 R.D. Ribinson M 70y5m Bellow, Pa. Mar.16,1906

Hailess consumption

Woodland Mar.20,1906 W.H. Hampton
99 Earl Wood M 21y1m Ironton, Ohio Mar.23,1906


Woodland Mar.25,1906 W.H. Hampton
100 Oslena Morcey F 2mos Ironton, Ohio Apr.1,1906 Pauper grave yard, Ky. Apr.2,1906 W.H. Hampton
101 Unnamed Foundling M 8days Ironton, Ohio Apr.6,1906 Woodland Apr.7,1906 W.H. Hampton
102 Thomas Wickler M 35 Ironton, Ohio Apr.16,1906

Crushed to death by Iron

Hanging Rock, Ohio Apr.18,1906 W.H. Hampton
103 Elizabeth Edwends F 60 Ironton, Ohio Apr.27,1906 Woodland Apr.29,1906 W.H. Hampton
104 H.J. Millies M 57 Ironton, Ohio May9,1906 Cancer of stomach Woodland May 11,1906 W.H. Hampton
105 William Payne M 4 mos Ironton, Ohio May 21, 1906 Woodland May 22,1906 W.H. Hampton
106 Charles Heck M 10 Ironton, Ohio May 22,1906


Woodland May 23, 1906 W.H. Hampton
107 Gladys Louise Stanley F 24 mos Ironton, Ohio May 29,1906


Ashland, Ky. May 31,1906 W.H. Hampton
108 Madiline Nockinquist F 8y 11 m Ironton, Ohio June 3, 1906 Complications of Disease Woodland July 2,1906 W.H. Hampton
109 Unnamed babe of D.H. & Minnie Clark F 12 hours Ironton, Ohio July 14,1906 Woodland July 16,1906 W.H. Hampton
110 Mary L. Gray F 35 B.C.C. Ironton, Ohio July 16,1906


Woodland July 18,1906 W.H. Hampton
111 Margaret M. Roetting F 36 B. Ironton, Ohio Aug.8,1906

Typhoid Fever

Woodland Aug.10,1906 W.H. Hampton
112 Alma Clare Dean F 2 1/2 y Ironton, Ohio Aug.26,2906

Heart Failure

Woodland Aug.28,1906 W.H. Hampton
113 Amelia Webb F 61y 11 m Ironton, Ohio Sept.1,1906

Stomach Trouble

Woodland Sept.3,1906 W.H. Hampton
114 Clarence Roetting M 83 y 5 d Ironton, Ohio Sept.1,1906

Infirmities of age

Woodland Sept.3,1906 W.H. Hampton
115 David Hicks M 68 Ironton, Ohio Sept.28,1906

Infirmities of age

Woodland Sept.30,1906 W.H. Hampton
116 John Gohlson M 62 B. Ironton, Ohio Oct.6,1906

Heart Dropsy

Woodland Oct.9,1906 W.H. Hampton
117 Hattie Marcum F Atlanta, Ga. Oct.30,1906

Brights Disease

Woodland Oct. 1906 W.H. Hampton
118 Edward Broome M 70 B. Ironton, Ohio Nov.1,1906

Tuberculosis of Kidneys

Woodland Nov.4,1906 W.H. Hampton
119 Sarah Rogers Brush F 70 B.C.C. Ironton, Ohio Dec.18,1906

Hemorrhage of heart

Woodland Dec.20,1906 W.H. Hampton
120 Herman Stroble M 58y 5d Ironton, Ohio Feb.3,1907 Woodland Feb.5,1907 W.H. Hampton
121 G.W. Bryant M 67 Ironton, Ohio Feb.7,1907


Ashland, Ky. Feb.10,1907 W.H. Hampton
122 Charles Elson M 14y2m26d Ironton, Ohio (children's home) Feb.16,1907


Woodland Feb.18,1907 W.H. Hampton
123 Mary E. Keye F 88 B. Ironton, Ohio Feb.20,1907

Infirmities of age

Woodland Feb.22,1907 W.H. Hampton
124 Mary Peterson Wicke F 64 B. Ironton, Ohio Feb.21,1907 Pneumonia Woodland Feb.23,1907 W.H. Hampton
125 Mrs. John Paul Jones F 67y4m3d B.C.C. Ashland, Ky. Feb.24,1907 Heart Trouble Ashland, Ky. Feb.26,1907 W.H. Hampton
126 Marie Nannetta Ralph F 7m12d Ironton, Ohio Apr.6,1907 Spinal Meningitis Woodland Apr.8,1907 W.H. Hampton
127 Annie Baldridge F 42 B. Ironton, Ohio Apr.25,1907 Tuberculosis of Bowels Henry's Cemetery Apr.27,1907 W.H. Hampton
128 James Christian Fuecher M Ironton, Ohio May 19,1907 Carbolic Acid Poison Woodland May 21,1907 W.H. Hampton
129 Elizabeth Royer F 84d 21 d Pittsburg, Ps. May 19,1907 Infirmities of age Woodland May 22,1907 W.H. Hampton
130  F.M. French M 65 Ironton, Ohio June 10, 1907 Tuberculosis Woodland June 12, 1907 W.H. Hampton
131 Helen St. John Garvey F 72 1/2 Hinedale, ILL. June 15,1907 Pneumonia Woodland June 17,1907 W.H. Hampton
132 O.M.Meek M 73 Ironton, Ohio June 17,1907 Infirmities of age Woodland June 19, 1907 W.H. Hampton
133 Caroline Sandford F 43 B. Ironton, Ohio July 26,1907 Typhoid Fever Woodland July 30,1907 W.H. Hampton
134 Derby Crawford M 22 Wheeling W.Va. July 29,1907 Peritonitis from operation Portsmouth County Aug.1,1907 W.H. Hampton
145 Edward Mitchell M 55 B. Marion, Ohio Aug.5,1907 Blood Poisoning Woodland Aug. 7,1907 W.H. Hampton
146 Dudley B. Hutcins M 47 Pittsburg, Pa. Aug. 6, 1907 Apoplexy Portsmouth, Ohio Aug.8,1907 W.H. Hampton
147 Christopher A. Ensniger M 77y7m B. Ironton, Ohio Aug.9,1907 Typhoid Fever Woodland Aug.12,1907 W.H. Hampton
148 Mike McDonald M 40 Ironton, Ohio Aug.20,1907 Heart Failure Newton Cemetery Aug.21,1907 W.H. Hampton
149 James Rogers M 18 Stubenville, Ohio Aug.24,1907 Killed by uncle Woodland Aug.26,1907 W.H. Hampton
150 Albert James M 38 Cincinnati, Ohio Aug.21,1907 Cerebral Meningitis Woodland Aug.25,1907 W.H. Hampton
151 Charles Bradshaw M Columbus, Ohio Aug.26,1907 Woodland Aug.27,1907 W.H. Hampton
152 William Butler M 59 Ironton, Ohio Aug.6,1907 Paralysis Woodland Aug.28,1907 W.H. Hampton
153 James Alfred Broom M 6m3d Ironton, Ohio Aug.27,1907

Cholera Infantum

Woodland Aug.29,1907 W.H. Hampton
154 Mary Chambers F 87 Ironton, Ohio Aug.30,1907

Infirmities of age

Woodland Sept.1,1907 W.H. Hampton
155 Mary J. Sanders F 66y9m18d Ironton, Ohio Sept.5,1907


Woodland Sept.7,1907 W.H. Hampton
156 Unnamed babe of D.H. & Minnie Clark F 23 1/2 hours Ironton, Ohio Nov.15,1907 Woodland Nov.15,1907 W.H. Hampton
157 Hugh Doty M Ironton, Ohio Dec.7,1907


Woodland Dec.9,1907 W.H. Hampton
158 F.M. Scarler M Ironton, Ohio Dec.11,1907 Woodland Dec.18,1907 W.H. Hampton
159 Lizzie Vance F 66 B.C.C. Ironton, Ohio Dec.19,1907


Jackson, Ohio Dec.21,1907 W.H. Hampton
160 Mitchel J. Clure M 69 B. Ironton, Ohio Jan1,1908 Woodland Jan.3,1908 W.H. Hampton
161 Georgie Mansfield F 15 B. Ironton, Ohio Jan.14,1908

Typhoid Fever

Ashland, Ky. Jan. 17,1908 W.H. Hampton
162 Ford Becker M 78 1/2 Ironton, Ohio Jan.18,1908 Peritonitis                      Woodland Jan.21, 1908 W.H. Hampton
163 Stanley Lee M 21 Ironton, Ohio Jan.25,1908 Peritonitis                      Woodland Jan.28,1908 W.H. Hampton
164 Jason Foster M 42 Cincinnati, Ohio Jan.30,1908 Lockjaw from F.R. Meek Newton Cemetery Feb.1,1908 W.H. Hampton
165 Edward Brooks Norton M 71 y8 m Ironton, Ohio Feb.1,1908 Heart Disease Woodland Feb. 3,1908 W.H. Hampton
166 Margaret Ruth Clark F 69y 8m Pittsburg, Pa. Feb.6,1908 Typhoid Fever Woodland Feb.9,1908 W.H. Hampton
167 Martin Shannon M 66 Ironton, Ohio Feb.11,1908 Woodland Feb.13,1908 W.H. Hampton
168 Clarinda F. Stewart F 57y 11 m Lawrence County Feb.14,1908 Overdose of poison Hecla Feb.16,1908 W.H. Hampton
169 Julius Gilchrist M 42 Ironton, Ohio Feb.15,1908 Heart Trouble Woodland Feb. 17,1908 W.H. Hampton
170 William Dustin Cone M 43 y3 m Cincinnati, Ohio Feb.16,1908 Typhoid Fever Woodland Feb.19,1908 W.H. Hampton
171 James Haynes M 66 B. Soldier's Home, Dayton Ohio Feb.17,1908 Woodland Feb.,19,1908 W.H. Hampton
172 Emily Johnson F 54 B. Ironton, Ohio Feb.23,1908 Kidney trouble Woodland Feb.25,1908 W.H. Hampton
173 Leo Ebert M 71 B. Ironton, Ohio Feb.22,1908 Diabetes Woodland Feb.25,1908 W.H. Hampton
174 Abraham Lincoln Arnold M 48 Ironton, Ohio Mar.2,1908 Sepsis of the heart Woodland Mar.4,1908 W.H. Hampton
175 Lindsay P. Austin M 31 y 5m B. Ironton, Ohio Mar.14,1908 Tuberculosis Woodland Mar.20,1908 W.H. Hampton
176 William M. Touby M 72 B. Ironton, Ohio Mar. 23,1908 Liver Trouble Woodland Mar.26,1908 W.H. Hampton
177 William E. Basham M 55 B. Ironton, Ohio Mar.27,1908 Wheelersburg, W.Va. Mar. 29,1908 W.H. Hampton
178 Mary L. Clarke F 82 B.C.C. Ironton, Ohio Apr.1,1908 Woodland Apr.3,1908 W.H. Hampton
179 John Lindsey Layne M 14 mos. Covington Apr. 2, 1908 Spinal Meningitis Woodland Apr.4, 1908 W.H. Hampton
180 James Waters M 33 Burnwell, W.Va. Apr.21,1908 Killed by fall off coal Woodland Apr.23,1908 W.H. Hampton
181 Samuel Layne M 60 B. Ironton, Ohio Apr.27,1908 Paralysis Woodland Apr.30,1908 W.H. Hampton
182 Frank Cole M Ironton, Ohio May 8,1908 Heart trouble Woodland May 10,1908 W.H. Hampton
183 Andrew Rauck M 49 Ironton, Ohio

June 21, 1908

Paralysis Woodland June 23, 1908 W.H. Hampton
184 Mary B. Flowers F 54 Ironton, Ohio June 25,1908 Paralysis Woodland June 26,1908 W.H. Hampton
185 George Kenneth Staff M 5 d Ironton, Ohio June 26,1908 Convulsions Woodland July 3, 1908 W.H. Hampton
186 James Tinsbrooks M 69 Portsmouth, Ohio Aug.11,1908 Pernicium anemia Portsmouth Cemetery Aug.12,1908 W.H. Hampton
187 George B. Howell M 18 mos. Lawrence County Aug.12,1908 Meningitis Sugar Creek Grave Yard Aug. 14, 1908 W.H. Hampton
188 Henry A. Frecka M 40 Ironton, Ohio Aug.24,1908 Shot to death by Robt. Frowill Woodland Aug.26,1908 W.H. Hampton
189 George Peters M 72 B. Ironton, Ohio Aug.29,1908 Kidney trouble Woodland Aug.31,1908 W.H. Hampton
190 George Clayton Moran M 26 B. Superior, Lawrence County, Ohio Sept.24,1908 Typhoid Fever Woodland Sept.27, 1908 W.H. Hampton
191 James Hutesman M 56 Ironton, Ohio Sept.26,1908 Heart Trouble Woodland Sept.28,1908 W.H. Hampton
192 Mary Agnes McFawre F 49 Ironton, Ohio Sept.27,1908 Operation Woodland Sept.29,1908 W.H. Hampton
193 Will Davis M 33 Ironton, Ohio Oct.24,1908 Tuberculosis Woodland Oct.27,1908 W.H. Hampton
194 Henry Heuthron M 34 Ironton, Ohio Oct.27,1908 Tuberculosis Woodland Oct.29,1908 W.H. Hampton
195 Mary Ann Morrison F 22 Ironton, Ohio Nov.16,1908 Woodland Nov.19, 1908 W.H. Hampton
196 Lucius Jordan  M 62 Ironton, Ohio Nov.20,1908 Woodland Nov. 24,1908 W.H. Hampton
197 T.C. Edwards M Ironton, Ohio Nov.26,1908 Brights Disease Woodland Nov.29,1908 W.H. Hampton
198 Leonard neff M Coal Grove, Ohio Dec.15,1908 Woodland Dec.17,1908 W.H. Hampton
199 Lucinda Norris F 72 B. Chillicothe, Ohio Dec.27,1908 Paralysis Woodland Dec.28,1908 W.H. Hampton
200 Son of John & Mayme Lowe M 3d Ironton, Ohio Jan.11,1909 Woodland Jan.12, 1909 W.H. Hampton
201 Charles Ketterer M 77 B. Ironton, Ohio Jan.17,1909 Heart Trouble Woodland Jan.19,1909 W.H. Hampton
202 William Heleoig M 42 B. Ironton, Ohio Jan.28,1909 Asthma Woodland Jan.30,1909 W.H. Hampton
203 Edward Slusher M 19 mos B. Ironton, Ohio Mar.12,1909 Dropsy Woodland Mar.14,1909 W.H. Hampton
204 H.C. Williamson M 68 Huntington, W.Va. Mar.16,1909 Wounded by board thrown from saw Woodland Mar.18,1909 W.H. Hampton
205 Anna Hayes F 35 Leona, Tx. Mar.20,1909 Consumption Woodland Mar.25,1909 W.H. Hampton
206 Capt. W.E. Thompson M 35 y 10 m Ironton, Ohio (died at Florence Ala.) Mar.25,1909 Brights Disease Woodland Mar.28,1909 W.H. Hampton
207 Maggie Chiner F 50 Columbus, Ohio Apr.7,1909 Woodland Apr.9,1909 W.H. Hampton
208 John Hamilton M 66 Ironton, Ohio Apr.8,1909 Heart Disease Woodland Apr.12,1909 W.H. Hampton
209 Rachel Davies F 54 B. Ironton, Ohio Apr.15,1909 Pneumonia Woodland Apr.18,1909 W.H. Hampton
210 Harriette Matters F 72y 11m 15d Ironton, Ohio Apr.15,1909 Orablin Woodland Apr.19,1909 W.H. Hampton
211 Rachel M. Clark F 79 Ironton, Ohio May 3, 1909 Pneumonia Woodland May 5, 1909 W.H. Hampton
212 L.A. Monroe F 58 y 2 m May 7, 1909 Pneumonia Woodland May 10, 1909 W.H. Hampton
213 Thos Hughes M 52y 4 m Huntington, W.Va. May 15,1909 Pneumonia Woodland May 17,1909 W.H. Hampton
214 David Suger M 25y 2m 4d Ironton, Ohio  May 23, 1909 Bowel Trouble Woodland May 25, 1909 W.H. Hampton
215 Aaron G. Martin M 35y 4m New York June 22, 1909 Brights Disease Woodland June 24, 1909 W.H. Hampton
216 Mary Jane Davis F 79 y 6 m Ironton, Ohio July 21, 1909 Woodland July 23, 1909 W.H. Hampton
217 Arthur James Hawthorne M 23y 5 m Ironton, Ohio Aug.27,1909 Woodland Aug.29,1909 W.H. Hampton
218 Dr. E.P.Gould M Sheridan, Ohio Sept.4,1909 Ripley, Ohio Sept.9,1909 W.H. Hampton
219 Martha J. Fraley F 45 Ironton, Ohio  Sept. 17,1909 Woodland Sept.19,1909 W.H. Hampton
220 John Ferguson M 38 Ironton, Ohio Oct.1,1909 Woodland Oct.3,1909 W.H. Hampton
221 Clarence Dodd M 16 Ironton, Ohio Oct.5,1909 Woodland Oct.6,1909 W.H. Hampton
222 Merlin Buckle M 27 Cincinnati, Ohio Oct.5,1909 Woodland Oct.6, 1909 W.H. Hampton
223 Fred Johnson M 59 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Nov.3,1909 Woodland Nov.6,1909 W.H. Hampton
224 Mattie Primm F 68 Ironton, Ohio Nov.14,1909 Woodland Nov.16,1909 W.H. Hampton
225 Valentine Newman M 76 Ironton, Ohio Nov. 15,1909 Woodland Nov.18,1909 W.H. Hampton
226 Lillian May Massie F 2m 7d Ironton, Ohio Nov.29,1909 Woodland Nov.30,1909 W.H. Hampton
227 William Richards M 60 Ironton, Ohio Dec.8,1909 Woodland Dec.11,1909 W.H. Hampton
228 Hughe Norton M 25 Ironton, Ohio Dec.19,1909 Woodland Dec.22,1909 W.H. Hampton
229 Isaac Williams M 65 McMinnville, W.Va. Dec.22,1909 Woodland Dec.26,1909 W.H. Hampton
230 Sarah Elizabeth Harmon F 2 1/2 y Portsmouth, Ohio Dec.27,1909 Woodland Dec.28,1909 W.H. Hampton
231 Frank Castuer Honett M 3 mos Marcelene, Mo. Jan.4,1910 Woodland Jan.8,1910 W.H. Hampton
232 R.N. Haron M 70 Ironton, Ohio Jan.19,1910 Woodland Jan.21,1910 W.H. Hampton
233 Louise Selilosser F 60 Cincinnati, Ohio Feb.1,1910 Woodland Feb.3,1910 W.H. Hampton
234 John O. Skelton M 74 Jessup, Ky. Feb.15,1910 Woodland Feb.18,1910 W.H. Hampton
235 Fannie Knapp F 30 Portsmouth, Ohio Feb.19,1910 Wheelersburg, W.Va. Feb.23,1910 W.H. Hampton
236 Josh Meyers M 34 Huntington, W.Va. Feb.26,1910 Woodland Mar.1,1910 W.H. Hampton
237 Alfred Spears M 23 1/2 Ironton, Ohio Mar.1,1910 Woodland Mar.4,1910 W.H. Hampton
238 Royal H. Wood M 59 Ironton, Ohio Mar.8,1910 Woodland Mar.11,1910 W.H. Hampton
239 Alex Johnes M 74 Portsmouth, Ohio Mar.13,1910 Green Lawn Mar.15,1910 W.H. Hampton
240 Jessie Jones F 72 Portsmouth, Ohio Mar.16,1910 Green Lawn Mar.18,1910 W.H. Hampton
241 Addie Scott F Columbus, Ohio Mar.16,1910 Woodland Mar.18,1910 W.H. Hampton
242 Gordon Reese M 61 Ironton, Ohio Mar.22,1910 Woodland Mar.24, 1910 W.H. Hampton
242 George Beem M 66 Coal Grove, Ohio Mar.26,1910 Woodland Mar.28,1910 W.H. Hampton
242 Grace Conrad F 8 Ironton, Ohio Apr.3,1910 Typhoid Fever Woodland Apr.6,1910 W.H. Hampton
243 Clara Roberts F 40 Ironton, Ohio Apr.13,1910 Dropsy Woodland Apr.15,1910 W.H. Hampton
244 Alfred Lambert M 9 Ironton, Ohio Apr.19,1910 Pneumonia Woodland Apr.20,1910 W.H. Hampton
245 John Bazell M 39 Ironton, Ohio May 21, 1910 Tuberculosis Woodland May 23, 1910 W.H. Hampton
246 Francis Phillipps F 32 Columbus, Ohio June 6,1910 Peritonitis from operation Woodland June 8,1910 W.H. Hampton
247 Bertha Sanders F 32 Ironton, Ohio June 19,1910 Tuberculosis Woodland June 22, 1910 W.H. Hampton
248 William P. Gilchrist M 47 Athens, Ohio June 19, 1910 Insanity Woodland June 24, 1910 W.H. Hampton
249 R.S. Duprey M 85 Ironton, Ohio June 28,1910 Fall  Woodland June 30,1910 W.H. Hampton
250 Clara Mills F 30 Clarksdale, Minn. June 30 1910 Blood Poisoning Woodland July 2,1910 Rev.Postle
251 Edward R. Wilson M 33 mos Ironton, Ohio July 4, 1910 Jaundice Woodland July 6, 1910 W.H. Hampton
252 Capt. John Phillipps M 67 Ironton, Ohio July 17, 1910 Gangrene Poison Woodland July 18, 1910 W.H. Hampton
253 Ellen Shingler F 84 Pedro, Ohio July 19,1910 Woodland July 21, 1910 W.H. Hampton
254 William Bridger M 81 Ironton, Ohio Aug.22,1910 Aug.24,1910 W.H. Hampton
255 Lillian Henry F 21 mos Ironton, Ohio Aug.26,1910 Pneumonia Aug.28,1910 W.H. Hampton
256 John Ronck M 32 Ironton, Ohio Aug.27,1910 Brain trouble Aug.29,1910 W.H. Hampton
257 Edward Pancake M 37 Ironton, Ohio Sept.9,1910 Killed by fall   Sept.11,1910 W.H. Hampton
258 Elsie Spence F 6m 28 d Ironton, Ohio Sept.13,1910 Sept.14, 1910 W.H. Hampton
259 William Hartings M 62 y 23 d South Point, Ohio Sept.13,1910 Brain Disease Sept.14,1910 W.H. Hampton
260 Retta B. Bowers F 25y 7m 23 d Cincinnati, Ohio Sept.23,1910 Sept.24,1910 W.H. Hampton
261 Mary Witten Sample F 57y 2m 10 d Steubenville, Ohio Oct.24,1910 Cancer Oct.26,1910 W.H. Hampton
262 John Hiess M 36 y 10 m 3 d Ironton, Ohio Oct.27,1910 Dropsy Oct.30,1910 W.H. Hampton
263 Mary J. Silbaugh F 71 Ironton, Ohio Oct.30,1910 Apoplexy Nov.1,1910 W.H. Hampton
264 Fanny Matter Tyler F 55 Ironton, Ohio Nov.10,1910 Tuberculosis Nov.13,1910 W.H. Hampton
265 Charles Kenneth Meyon M 2y 11m Ironton, Ohio Nov.16,1910 Nov.19,1910 W.H. Hampton
266 William Haskin M 85 Cincinnati, Ohio Nov.17,1910 Killed on railroad Nov.20,1910 W.H. Hampton
267 Willard Victor Shepherd M 7 m14 d Ironton, Ohio Dec.8,1910 Pneumonia Dec.10.1910 W.H. Hampton
268 May Agatha Broom F 23 y 3 m 8 d Denver, Colo. Dec.7,1910 Dec.11,1910 W.H. Hampton
269 John E. Grimshaw M 63 Ironton, Ohio Dec.11,1910 Heart Trouble Dec.13,1910 W.H. Hampton
270 Harry G. Cox M 32 Ironton, Ohio Dec.15,1910 Tuberculosis Dec.17,1910 W.H. Hampton
271 Emmanuel Lipker M 60 Ironton, Ohio Dec.16,1910 Killed on railroad Dec.19,1910 W.H. Hampton
272 Clarinda Neff F 82 Coal Grove, Ohio Jan.6,1911 Jan.8,1911 W.H. Hampton
273 Florence Lillian Terry F 63 Lexington, Ky. Jan. 8,1911 Jan.10,1911 W.H. Hampton
274 Charles W. Blower M 15 mos Ironton, Ohio Jan.16,1911 Jan.18,1911 W.H. Hampton
275 William Albert Howard M 10 days Ironton, Ohio Jan.23,1911 Jan.24,1911 W.H. Hampton
276 Luanna Long F 21 Visiting in Ironton, Ohio Jan.23,1911 Buried in Canada W.H. Hampton
277 W.F. Grimshaw M 69 Ironton, Ohio Jan.26,1911 Jan.28,1911 W.H. Hampton
278 Pamielia Salisbury F 70 Ironton, Ohio Jan. 31, 1911 Feb.2,1911 W.H. Hampton
279 Virginia McCrady Poage F 24 y 6m Ashland, Ky. Feb.4,1911 Feb.6,1911 W.H. Hampton
280 Rossie Sanders F 48 Ironton, Ohio Mar.13,1911 Mar.15,1911 W.H. Hampton
281 Jennie Foster F 42 Ironton, Ohio Mar.15,1911 Cancer Mar. 17,1911 W.H. Hampton
282 Richard Patterson M 4 days Coal Grove, Ohio Apr. 4,1911 Apr.5,1911 W.H. Hampton
283 Louis Herciter M 4 1/2 y Ironton, Ohio Apr.17,1911 Apr.19,1911 W.H. Hampton
284 Ensina Wicke F 32 Ironton, Ohio Apr.24,191 Apr.27,1911 W.H. Hampton
285 Charles Austin Gpeen M 34 y 2m 26 d Ironton, Ohio Apr.26,1911 Killed on railroad Apr.28,1911 W.H. Hampton





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