Lawrence County Ohio Deed Indexes 1818-1876

Submitted by Martha Hennagin for The Lawrence Register

Last update was 23 December 2012!

Lawrence County, Ohio has been blessed to have our original Deed Books from the Recorders Office digitized and placed online. This site is provided by your tax dollars with the help of the Lawrence County Recorder Sharon Gossett Hager, who we appreciate very much and wish to say Thank You!!!

The down side is the deeds are not indexed online, BUT our great volunteer, friend, and researcher, Martha Hennagin from upstate Washington has taken it upon herself to index them and to give us access to that index! Isn't the world full of wonderful people???

Please read this introduction from Martha Hennagin!

  • Once you have the book and page numbers you want to look at (from the index in the box below), go to the Lawrence County Ohio Recorders Office website
  • Once at this site, select Click Here for Record Search
  • On the next page, on the left side, under NON INDEXED, select the book page function.
  • On the third page you will enter the book and page number. (sometimes you will have to do this twice). Do not enter anything in the Sequence Page box.
  • We are so lucky to have these deeds available on line! Many are a treasure trove of information!

If you would like to tell Sharon Gossett Hager, our Recorder, how much you appreciate what she has done, please do so here!!

If you would like to tell Martha Hennagin how much you appreciate what she has done, please do so here!!

Here is Martha Hennagin's index of deeds: (this is a work in progess, Martha does update this index often, if the link doesn't work, please drop her an email!)