Will Indexes 1847-1941

Complete Will Indexes 1847-1941.pdf format

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Book 1 1847 - 1863 Book 2 1863 - 1883
Book 3 1883 - 1891 Book 4 1891 - 1898
Book 5 1898 - 1904 Book 6 1904 - 1908
Book 7 1908 - 1911 Book 8 1911 - 1914
Book 9 1914 - 1918 Book 10 June 1918-Feb 1924
Book 11 Mar 1924-Jul 1929 Books 12-14 1929 - 1941

Some Transcribed Wills

Ballard, Micajah
Booth, Robert
Brammer, Charles
Brubaker, Joseph
Cochran, Will
Corbin, Elliott
Corbin, Elliott #2
Dalton, Thomas
Delong, Isaac
Earles, Joel
Earles, Wm.
Eaton, John
Freeman, Thomas
Freeman, William
Freemam, William #2
Fuller, A.T.T.F.
Gardner, Thomas
Gilelan, William
Hamilton, Robert
Handley, Samuel
Hatfield, William
Kaneff, George W.
Kaneff, Mary C.
Langdon, James
Lee, John
McMakin, John
Pancake, Andrew
Pancake, John
Partlow, Henry
Steed, George
Twyman, James
Waller, Coleman
Williams, William
Wolfe, Celia
Yates, Benjamin



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