Lawrence Co., Ohio Engraved Rifle

Lawrence Co., Ohio Commemorative Engraved Rifle

In honor of your county’s rich historical legacy, Historical Armory is proud to present the Lawrence County Ohio Limited Historical Edition Rifle! Produced on the affordable, American-made Henry .22 LR rifle (Model H001 & H004) and .30/30 (Model H009B, not pictured), the Lawrence County Ohio Limited Historical Edition rifle combines meticulous research, original artwork, and finely detailed engraving to celebrate the history of Lawrence County. ACT NOW, because there will be only 25 Lawrence County Ohio rifles ever produced by Historical Armory! Purchase each model separately or all available rifle models together for a complete limited edition set.

Click Here to go to the manufacturer’s web site. The Lawrence Register is NOT affiliated with the sale or manufacture of this gun, nor do we get anything for posting this. I just thought it was neat!