Center Furnace

“Reminiscences of the Hanging Rock Iron District “

Center Furnace, three miles east of Clinton, was built in 1836 by William Carpenter. It was also located on Pine creek in Elizabeth township, Lawrence county. When I became familiar with Center it was owned and managed by RB Hamilton an excellent gentleman a native of Pennsylvania who later built a fine home in Ironton to which he removed his family and where he died. The furnace property was leased for a term of years to a prominent business man of Ironton WD Kelley who at the expiration of his lease purchased the entire property and I think it still belongs to his estate. He passed away some years ago. Center was a well located and consequently a successful furnace. I understand that Center furnace is at present controlled and managed by a lady, daughter of Captain Wash Honsell and widow of the late Lindsey Kelly of Ironton.
“Iron Trade Review” Volume 39, Issue 2, Page 20. July 19, 1906

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