Maggie Furnace

Maggie Furnace (Iron and Steel Furnace)

One of the most confusing and little known furnaces is the Iron & Steel Furnace. It began as the Maggie Furnace – an addition to the Ironton Rolling Mill – one of the first businesses to be built in town. It was bought, sold and sent into receivership numerous times giving it such names as Maggie, the Eagle Mill, Ironton Furnace (often confused with the Ironton Iron Co.’s ‘Ironton Furnace‘, Union Furnace (frequently confused with the original Union Furnace which was many miles away), New York & Ohio Iron and Steel Furnace and Republic Iron and Steel. Below are some of the maps showing the same furnace under different owners — and names.

Taken from a sketch at the Lawrence County Museum

What's There Now?

There IS something kind of neat still there....

This bridge used to cross over Storms Creek very near the furnace and Ironton Rolling Mill site (before the creek was re-routed for the flood wall construction).

The stone bridge abutments are still there, hidden below the 2nd Street overpass.