Lawrence County, Ohio
Census Index

Hint: If using a computer, hit Ctrl+F to search for a name. On a tablet, right-click and choose ‘Find on Page.’ Also, try the keyword search box on the main page. I know some Townships are missing during some years…I simply don’t have them. Just send me an email and I’ll do the searches on Ancestry for you =) 

African American Census

1818 Tax List

1820 Census

1821 Tax List

1830 Census

1840 Census

1850 Census

1860 Census

1870 Census

1880 Census

1890 Census for Veteran’s and Widows for Lawrence County, Ohio

1895 Quadrennial Enumeration Returns

1900 Census

1910 Census 

1920 Census

1930 Census

1940 Census – Completely searchable database courtesy of the Law. Co. Genealogical Society.

1950 Census – will not be released to the public until 2022.