Amos & Davis Iron Co

Amos & Davis Iron Company

Amos & Davis Iron Co. was an iron producing company
operating in Ironton (Lawrence county) at the end of 1890s. The
company was managed by William C. Amos – one of Ironton’s leading
citizens and one of the pioneer iron men of the region. The last
furnace work in which he was engaged for the Amos and Davis Iron
Company was the management of Center Furnace.

Ironton Register, August 17, 1899 – CENTER FURNACE:
“ After a long period of silence this furnace is to resume
blast, and preparations have been already begun. Mrs. Lindsey
Kelly has leased the property to the Amos & Davis Iron Co
composed of W. C. Amos, H. L. Amos, L. D. Davis, Dr. O. Ellison,
Dr. H. B. Justice and Wm. Laird, which is incorporated with a
capital stock of $25,000. Of this concern H. L. Amos will be
President and Superintendent and L. D. Davis, Secretary and
Treasurer. The lease is for one year with the privilege of five,
and the rental is one ton of pig iron for every 15 tons