Hanging Rock Foundry

  • Hardesty Atlas, Lawrence Co. OH, 1882 – SAMUEL B. HEMPSTEAD – was born in Scioto county, Ohio, June 18, 1823, and came to this county in 1845. His father Dr. G. S. B. Hempstead, was born in New London, Connecticut, and is now eight-eight years of age. His mother, E. Denny (Peebles) Hempstead, died April 9, 1875. They settled in this county in 1857. Mr. Hempstead was married at Pine Grove furnace, Lawrence county, March 12, 1846, to Mary A. Hamilton, who was born in Adams county, Ohio, September 6, 1826. Robert Hamilton, her father, was one of the early pioneers of this county. He and Mr. Andrew Ellison were the founders and proprietors of the Pine Grove furnace, which they built in 1828. Mr. Hamilton was a great believer in reverencing the Sabbath, and instituted laws to that end at his furnace. He built the first railroad in the county, from Hanging Rock to Newcastle, a distance of three miles. He introduced the first locomotive in the county, in 1847, opened the first coal mine, laid out the town of Hanging Rock, in 1848, and helped to organize the first Presbyterian church in this locality. With others he built Crane’s Nest furnace, which is now called Lawrence furnace; he also, with others, built Mount Vernon furnace. Mr. Hamilton died September 12, 1856. His wife Anna (Ellison) Hamilton, died in June, 1834. The father of Mr. Hempstead was the first graduate of the University of Athens, Ohio. He lived in this county fifteen years and is now a resident of Scioto county. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Hempstead are: Anna M., born February 6, 1847; resides at Hanging Rock; Margaret J., October 9, 1851, resides at Cincinnati; Elizabeth W., October 3, 1853, died in January 1854; Mary A. March 16, 1855, resides at Hanging Rock; G. S. B., June 18, 1856, died September 10, 1856; Rosalie H., August 3, 1859, resides at Hanging Rock; Harriet H., October 13, 1861, resides at Hanging Rock.
    Samuel B. Hempstead died December 12, 1873. He was engaged in the iron and coal business. The postoffice address of his widow is Hanging Rock, Lawrence County, Ohio.
  • Thursday, Dec. 18, 1873, I.R. – Capt. S. B. Hempstead, a well known citizen of this county, and for many years a resident of Hanging Rock, died at his home, last Friday, after a long sickness. The deceased was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, 1823, graduated at Jefferson College, Pa., married in 1846, and went into the iron business, with which he was more or less connected the balance of his life. Capt. Hempstead was a man of genial disposition, well read and cultivated in his tastes. The funeral services took place at his residence last Monday, Rev. J. H. Young preaching the sermon. The remains were sent to Portsmouth for interment.
  • I.R. Jan. 1, 1874 – Captain S. B. HEMPSTEAD died, on Friday last, at his residence in Hanging Rock, Lawrence County, Ohio. Capt. H. was loved and esteemed by all who knew him and was noted for his acts of kindness and charity. He was the originator, and aided in building several churches in Lawrence county, and paid the salaries of three different denominations, that the operatives of the furnaces in which he was largely interested, might enjoy the benefits derived from the religious teachings. The loss of such a man is deeply felt in any community, and especially the poor and needy of Lawrence county have lost a friend in the death of Capt. Samuel B. Hempstead.
    Middleport News.
  • I.R. March 2, 1871 – Business Project – Capt. Sam. Hempstead, of the Hanging Rock Foundry, has purchased a site for the erection of a business house, on Second-st., in Portsmouth, and will soon commence building. The active business and the sale of the productions of the Hanging Rock Foundry will be carried on there.