of Lawrence County, Ohio early pioneers

A.D. Bruce

A.R. Johnson

Adna R. Johnson, Jr.

Alexander Platt

Amos Jenkins

Antoinette Sherpetoska and James Peters

Archibald Jenkins

Arthur Downing

Bazil D. Talbott

Benjamin F. Boggs

Bobby Bare

Bondinot Seeley

Blackwell, Mary

C. A. Alderman

C.A. Thompson

Caleb Briggs

Calvin W. Reynolds

Capt. Thomas T. Johnson

Carmi Thompson

Caty (Catherine) Miller

Charles Burgess

Charles Kingery

Charles McCoy

Christian Yingling

Coleman Waller

Colonel Henry and Margaret Marting

Colonel John H. and Elizabeth Moulton

Colonel William C. and Chloe Lambert

Columbus Gillett

Daniel Nance #1 (see also Welcome Nance bio)

Daniel Nance #2

David C. Beaman

David Cooper

David D. Davis

David Nixon

Dr. Alfred Robinson

Dr. Andrew Lowry

Dr. Anne Alstott

Dr. Charles S. Gray

Dr. Clinton G. Gray

Dr. Dan Fuert and Florence Gray

Dr. George N. Gray

Dr. H. R. Justice

Dr. J. H. Copenhaver

Dr. Joseph Lowry

Dr. Lester and Mary Allen Keller

Dr. Lester Keller

Dr. Nathaniel and Sophia Moxley

Dr. Sarah Lowry

Dr. W. S. Eakman

Dr. William F. and Erma Marting

Dustin “Ducky” Corn

E. E. Corn

E. S. Culbertson

E. T. Egerton

E.T. Belcher

Everett Riley

F. E. Crosby

Felonise B. Moore

Frederick and Nancy Norton

Gabe Johnson

General William Powell

George Corn

George W. Keys

Grandma Fillgrove celebrates 80th birthday

Greenlee Family

H. R. Brown

H. S. Neal

Harlow B. Mauck

Henry and Mary Neal

Henry Frederick and Minnie Horn

Henry Miller

Henry Rumble

Hiram and Sarah Campbell

Hiram Campbell

Ichabod Payne

Ironton and Mary Kelley

Isaac Booth

Isaac Crook, Dr.

Isaac Cumpston

Israel Trowbridge and Sarah Wheeler

J. A. Rogers

J. D. Jervis

J. D. McCartney

J. T. Davis

J. T. McKnight

Jacob Proctor, Jr

James Ditcher

James Doutt

James Duncan

James H. Cotter

James Hendryx

James Hood

James Lambert

James Patterson

James Porter

Jane Nance

Jennie Scott

Jeremiah Smith

Joel Gillett

John and Rosa Patrick Blevins

John Bimpson

John Campbell

John Campbell founder of Ironton

John Connelly

John H. Bothwell

John Henry

John Kingsbury and Thankful White

John Lambert

John Larkin

John Ricketts

John T. Richards

John W. Earles

Jonas Jenkins

Jonathan Lambert

Jonathan Morris, Doctor

Joseph Denk Willis

Joseph Filkins

Josiah Lambert

Judge J.C. Russell

Judge William Baldwin

Lafayette Nance

Leo Ebert

Leroy Silbaugh

Lindsey Kelley

Lindsey Kelly, Jr.


Lucian Claybaugh

Luke and Mary Kelley

M. C. Smith

M. J. Cline

Mabel Willis

Major Jeremiah Davidson

Mark S. Bartram

Michael LeSage

Mr. Kellogg

Mr. Trussell

Mrs. Eliza Boynton

Nannie Kelly Wright

Nannie Scott

Nellie Marting Lowry

Oliver S. Collier

Osa Wilson

Peter Marshall Hitchcock

Robert and Catherine Scott

Rt. Rev. Monsignor

Samuel and Eliza Dempsey

Samuel Kouns

Scott W. Wilson

Simeon Shattuck

T. C. Bridwell

The Bay Family

The Ellison Family

Thomas Allison

Thomas and Sarah Means

Thomas G. Brown

W. A. Murdock

W. D. Henry

W. G. McKnight

W. G. Ward

Washington Kilmer, MD

Welcome Nance

W.E.R. Kemp

Wilbur Gordon

William & Joseph McKee

William and Gertrude Julian

William and Martha Means

William Clark Barger

William Dollarhide and Sarah Kelley

William Freeman

William Henry Nance

William Lyons

William Moore

William Ranger Davidson

Wilson Dunn