Alexander Platt


Submitted by Michael L. BrownBorn:  15 January 1789, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.
Married:  Jane Callahan
Died:  15 September 1861, Lawrence Co., Ohio.
Children:  John Wesley, Alfred, Nancy, Harriett, William, Isaac, Albert, Jane, Harvey, Susanna Matilda.
Biography:  Alexander was  the son of James and Elizabeth Platt.  He was born in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania and then lived in Venango Co., Pennsylvania when his parents moved there.  In 1830, he may have been living there with his brother George.  He soon married, however, in about 1831, to Jane Callahan, who was born 28 April 1808 in Pennsylvania.  She was illiterate.   His mother Elizabeth apparently lived with them (Alexander and Jane) for a time in and about the year of 1840.  He then moved, in 1846-8, from Pennsylvania to Meigs Co., Ohio where he lived in Salisbury Twp.  In 1856/7, Alexander went on to Lawrence Co., Ohio to take possession of a new tract of ground there.  They made the trip in covered wagons, leading their stock as they went.  They had to clear the land there to establish their home, but through a lot of hard work, they were successful in doing so.  They lived in Lawrence Twp., Lawrence County.  Alexander was a farmer, his real estate valued at $540 and his personal estate at $1000 in 1860.  Alexander died 15 September 1861 and Jane survived him until 15 April 1869.  She died in Lawrence Twp., cause of death given as “numb. Palsy”.

1)  John Wesley, born 25 March 1832, died 5 August 1868.

2)  Alfred,  born  27 May 1833  and  died  14 August 1868,  nine days after his brother John died!

3)  Nancy, born 7 November 1834 and died 7 May 1852.

4)  Harriett, born 28 June 1836 and died 9 August 1845.

5)  William, born on 15 September 1839.

6)  Isaac,  born  28 December 1840.  He  married  to Ellen Martin on 3 November 1861.  She lived from 1841-1906.  Isaac died in Cabell Co., West Virginia on 14 September 1918.
        a. Josephine, born 30 August 1859, and married to Rev. J. I. Tyler  on  4 July 1880  and  they had seven children.  She died on 11 December 1943, Grove City, Ohio.
        b. twin of Josephine, evidently born dead 30 August 1859.
        c. Lafe, born 16 September 1862.
        d. Lem, born 20 June 1864.
        e. Alice, born 16 April 1866.
        f. Ada, born 16 March 1868.
        g. James, born 18 April 1870, twin of Ella.
        h. Ella, born 18 April 1870, twin of James.
        i. Lorenzo Dow, born 22 March 1872 and lived around East Bank and Marmet (?) West Virginia.
        j. Mary, born 5 April 1874.
        k. Emma, born 26 September 1876.
        l. Susie, born 18 May 1878 and married to a Hill.
        m. Minnie, born 19 January 1881 at Coal Grove, Lawrence Co., Ohio and married Dow Splarling, 27 March 1967.

7)  Albert, born 22 November 1843.  Albert married to Nancy Ellen Nance in Lawrence Co., Ohio on 24 February 1864.  He was a farmer.  They lived in Lawrence Twp. of Lawrence Co.
        a. Charles H., born 1868/9.  He grew up farming.
        b. Samantha J., born 1870/1.
        c. Sarah A., born 1872/3.
        d. Nessy E., spelling uncertain, a girl born 1875/6.
        e. Minerva, born 1 February 1876.
        f. Hannah F., born 1877/8.
        g. Lemuel,  aged “7 months” on  23 June 1880,  so he was probably born in November 1879.

8)  Jane, born 20 April 1846  in Pennsylvania  and died on 4 April 1920. 

9)  Harvey, born 16 June 1848 in Meigs Co., Ohio.

10)  Susanna Matilda, our ancestor.  See entry on William Henry H. Nance.