Service and Death of Joseph Hankins

Civil War – Service and Death
Joseph Hankins

Complied by the late Kenneth Paul Clark, San Antonio, Texas; 5/18/97

1850 Lawrence County Federal Census, page 376; Perry Township:

(All living in same household)

Hankins, Joseph, age 26, Farmer, born in Virginia
Hankins, Lucinda, Age 28, born in Virginia
Hankins, Mary A, age 7, born in Ohio
Hankins, William, age 5, born in Ohio
Hankins, Daniel, age 1, born in Ohio
Gillen, Benjamin, age 18, born in Ohio

Joseph Hankins was in the Civil War in 1861 and died while serving. Died in Oct 1862. Was sick in a field Hospital in Nashville, TN. Joseph’s cause of death was the Typhoid Fever. Also that son William was serving in the Civil War at the same time and managed to live through it and after returning home…lived to be 83 years old and died in 1928. Joseph was in the 69th Co.
Infantry, of Ohio. Son William was in the Infantry from West Virginia. Death of Joseph Hankins was found in the roster of Ohio Soldiers, Company I, 31st Regiment of Ohio Volunteers. Also verified by Lucinda’s pension certificate.
* * * Thomas’s name was in an Old Bible record owned by Honor Hankins of Ironton, Ohio. It shows that George Washington and Thomas were born on the same date in 1857..Lucindas pension file mentions baby being born in 1862.
Additional research on June 30, 1998: Joseph “Hawkins”, 31st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company I; Joseph died Oct 2, 1862 in Nashville, Tennessee and is buried at Nashville National Cemetery, Section A, Grave 236.
Source: Roll of Honor, In defense of the American Union, Vol l. 22, page 197.

Joseph Hankins
31st Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Private, Company I
Died in the service of the United States in the Civil War
October 1, 1862

Joseph Hankins was born in 1824 in the state of West Virginia. He married Lucinda Campbell on July 20, 1842. Joseph and Lucinda had 4 sons and 2 daughters:

  • William K. Hankins
  • Daniel James Hankins
  • George Washington Hankins
  • Thomas Hankins
  • Mary A.
  • Laura
  1. Joseph’s Profession listed as a farmer.

A Summary of the 31st Regiment, Ohio Infantry’s participation during the American Civil War

Highlighting Joseph Hankins Known Activities
Compiled by Kenneth Paul and Carmen Clark with facts and most personal information on Joseph Hankins provided by Mr. Paul Hankins.

Relationship: 3rd Great Grandfather to Kenneth Paul Clark
Conventions used in notation: Personal information about Joseph Hankins, information about the 31st Regiment, Ohio Infantry, and general information about the Civil War is shown in regular lettering.

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From the company Muster rolls indicated that Joseph Hankins enlisted on September 3, 1861 at Reesville, Lawrence County, Ohio in Company I, 31st Regiment Ohio Infantry to serve 3 years or during the War. Mustered into service as a private on September 18, 1861 at Camp Chase, Ohio; for a period of 3 years. On muster out roll of Company I, of that regiment, dated July 11, 1965 he is reported to have died October 1, 1862 in Nashville, Tennessee. Recorded in Remarks that no records of final statements.
Signed J.A. Weal.

Widows Pension approval sent to Joseph’s wife Lucinda, validating said Pension (original with increase) October 4, 1871; approved by Adjutant General’s office, Pension section. Joseph died at Nashville, Tennessee.

History of the 31st Regiment, Ohio Infantry

Organized in the summer of 1861, under Colonel Moses B. Walker, it served that fall and part of the winter in Kentucky. It was afterwards moved to the Army about Pittsburgh Landing, and took part in the siege of Cornith.
The regiment continued in Tennessee until Buell’s campaign in Kentucky, and was a Perryville. It later did good service at Stone River, Chickamauga and Mission Ridge. The Regiment went north on veteran furlough and returned to take part in Sherman’s march to Atlanta, to the sea, and up through the Carolinas. It was mustered out at Louisville, Kentucky in July 1865.

Service: March to Somerset, Ky., December 12, 1861. Relief of Gen Thomas at Mill Springs, Ky., January 19-21, 1862
Moved to Louisville, Ky., February 10-16, 1862
Moved to Nashville, Tennessee, February 18-March, 1862
March to Savannah, Tenn., March 20-April 8, 1862
Advance on and siege of Cornith, Miss., April 29-30, 1862
Pursuit to Booneville May 31-June 6, 1862
March to Iuka, Miss., with skirmishing June 22, 1862
On to Tuscumbia, Ala., June 26-28, 1862
Moved on to Huntsville, Ala., July 18-22, 1862
Action at Trinity, Ala., July 24, 1862
Action at Courtland Bridge July 25, 1862
Moved to Dechard, Tenn., July 27, 1862
March to Louisville, Ky., in pursuit of Bragg August 21-September 26, 1862
Pursuit of Bragg into Kentucky October 1-15, 1862 [Death of Joseph Hankins]

September 18, 1861

Company Descriptive Book: Joseph Hankins is described as having a dark complexion, gray eyes and black hair. His was listed a born in Lawrence, Ohio and occupation is listed as farmer. He is shown at 5’9 ˝ ” tall. Shown in muster rolls at Camp Chase, Ohio. Assigned to Company I, 31st Regiment, Ohio Infantry. Age at enlistment is shown at 45, rank of Private. No down payment of bounty (enlistment bonus) listed. Company muster roll signed by …Calloway.

Not Dated

 No information other than statement accompanying voucher shows payment to Oct.31.1861.Copy of voucher not attached; and in present or absent block:
“not stated”; Company Muster Roll.

December 31, 1861

Present of absent block: “not stated”; Company Muster Roll

January-February 1862

Noted as “present”. Remarks: Absent sick in hospital at Lebanon, Kentucky.
Returned March 16, 1862; Company Muster Roll

March-April 1862

Noted as “present”; Company Muster Roll

August 18, 1862

List of Absentees at Special Muster: Joseph Hankins sick at Tuscumbia,
Ala., July 20, 1862.

May 1 – September 1, 1862
Noted as “absent” in Company Muster Roll. Remarks section indicated that Joseph was sick in Nashville, Tenn.

January-February 1863
Not noted if present of absent. Remarks Section on Company Muster Roll;
Died Oct 1, 1862.

June 4, 1866
Correspondence from the Surgeon General’s Office, Record and Pension Bureau, Washington DC, indicated that Joseph Hankins died on Oct 1, 1862, General Hospital #14, Nashville, Tennessee. Joseph died of chronic diarrhea Surgeon in attendance listed as R.H. Werill. Document signed by J.J. Woodward, Brevet Major and Assistant Surgeon, U.S. Army. Document was in support of Lucinda’s claim for widow’s pension and was dated June 4, 1866.

Supporting Documents: Supporting documents on most information contained herein are on loan from the late Mr. Paul Hankins. Documents will not be available for review, as I will not longer have possession of them. Therefore, the more important documents will be transcribed, and contained herein, as best as possible. I am transcribing those documents that I consider most important in support of the military service and pension information. Due to the volume of documents that were made available, only those that are transcribed will be copied and retained on file.

[Transcribed from original documents, exactly as written.]

Document #1: Statement-Lucinda Hankins
Made in support of Widows Pension Claim, October 26, 1866: State of Ohio, County of Lawrence. Personally appeared before me Wm A Campbell, Clerk of the court of Common Pleas within and for said county and state aforesaid.
Mrs Lucinda Hankins being first duly sworn by me. Deposition and Oath; that she is the widow of Joseph Hankins who was late a private in Company “I” 31st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. That said Joseph Hankins died while serving the United States as a soldier, at Nashville, Tennessee, December 1st(?) AD1862.

That upon the 30th day of July AD1841 she was married to Joseph Hankins at Helca Furnace in the County and state of aforesaid (proof of which may be found on file in the office of probate of said County and state aforesaid) by the Rev. Jesse Corns, that she was the first and only wife of said Joseph Hankins and that he was never married except to this affidavit and that to this affidavit excepting those herein after mentioned in this affidavit.
That she sustained the relationship of wife to the said Joseph Hankins until the time of his demise.

The affidavit further states that she has not remarried nor has she abandoned the support of any of her children under 16 years of age nor has she permitted adoption of any child. The names and ages of the children of said Lucinda & Joseph Hankins are,

1st Mary Ann Born May 29, 1842
2nd William Born Jan 4, 1845
3rd Daniel, J Born June 14, 1848
4th Laura Jane Born May 6, 1851
5th George Washington Born November 17, 1854
[Thomas Hankins born 1857, unknown why he was not listed-personal note.
Documents provided by Paul Hankins support the existence of Thomas]
As appears by these above, leaves cut from the family bible for this especial purpose. The leaves being torn and mutilated as at____before being removed from said Bible.

This affidavit further states that there were present at the birth of Mary Ann, the widow Panchke [Pancake?] since deceased, Betty Jenkins, since deceased, Margaret (cobnik) also since deceased. So that no one is able to prove the birth save this affidavit. At the birth of William there were present Annie Ward, residing still within Ohio County and State aforesaid and Betsy Gillin [Gilliand] since deceased. At the birth of Daniel, J. Elizabeth Miles residence unknown, Mrs Howell, Residence unknown and Ellen Bostwick, who now resides in Portsmouth, Ohio. At the birth of Laura Jane, Mrs Hannah Prim, residing now in Vesuvius Furnace in this County. Jane Lunsford, now residing in the state of ____Post office unknown to this affidavit & Perry Gates since deceased, Emily Christian, at Vesuvius Furnace said County and State aforesaid. At the birth of George Washington, Clariss Danders,[Sanders] now residing at Vesuvius Furnace, Lawrence Co, Ohio.
Elizabth Stevens, residence unknown, Perry Gates, since deceased, Nancy Bust, [Burt] residence unknown to this affidavit. This affidavit further states that these were the only persons by whom the possible truth of the above mentioned children could be established and she says that she has endeavored to obtain the testimony of those still living in said county and state but being in almost desperate circumstances has failed on acct of not being able to fee justices and pay the necessary ______notes. She further states that this affidavit is made in support of Pension claim No. 10153 for increase pension, under act June 26, 1866. Signed Lucinda Hankins (X)..her mark. [two witnesses provided] Wm Lecte? and WA Campbell.

Sworn to and acknowledged in my presence this day of October AD 1866, and I hereby certify that the interlimitations[?] in the forgoing affidavit were made prior to the execution of this Jarat and that I have no interest in the furtherance of this claim.
Signed WA Campbell, Clerk, Court Common Pleas, Lawrence County, Ohio.

Document #2 – Statement of Friend of Joseph Hankins-Supporting Widows Pension Claim
State of Ohio, Lawrence County. Joseph Gilland being first duly sworn says that his age is 46 years that he has been for many years engaged in the furnace business, manufacturing Pig-metals and that he has been for 20 years acquainted with Joseph Hankins who as a private in Co I, 31, Ohio Regt Vol inft.

That previous to the enlistment of said Joseph Hankins, he was accustomed to do the severe manual labor incident to a labores life. About an Inn[?] Furnace, that said Joseph was a mule hearty and robust man and, that he further believes that said Hankins must have contacted the disease of which he died in the service of the United States, and further that he has no interest in the prosecution of this claim.
Signed Joseph Gilland.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 7th of May 1870; Peris R Polley, Judge of Probate.

Document #3-Statement of Friend of Joseph Hankins; supporting Widows Pension Claim
State of Ohio, County of Lawrence. Before me Wm Campbell clerk of the court of Common Pleas within and for said county and state.

Personally Name. Andrew J. Dalton of Upper township in the county and state aforesaid. Who being fist duly sworn states that he is 37 yrs of age and by occupation miner that he was acquainted with Joseph Hankins, who was late a private in Co I, 31 Ohio Regiment. Knew that Hankins was ferrous to his enlistment in said company and regiment. A whole-hearty, robust man. Have know said Hankin’s all my life. he was accustomed to perform the manual labor about our ordinary Blast furnaces. Knew that whenever his family were sick, he always employed Dr. Pringle or Dr. Gates, know that both are dead. Knew that for quite a time after said Hankins enlisted service he was a well man. Knew that he was hearty while at home on furlough in 1862. Further says that he does not know any person that was in the same regiment. And further that he has no interest in this claim.
Signed Andrew J. Dalton.
Witnessed by: E.L. Wilson and Wm C. Donohue. Signed and sworn before me this the 10th day of May AD 1870. I certify that I have no interest in this claim. Signed WA Campbell, Clerk, Court Common Pleas. Pension Claim No. 10.153

Document #4-Certificate of Widow’s Pension Approval

Pension No. 153862
West Virginia…note Ohio Crossed out
Lucinda Hankins, widow of Joseph Hankins
Rank; Private, Co “I”
Regt: 31″ Ohio Vols

Wheeling Agency..Note Cincinnati crossed out
Rate per Month $8 commencing 2 Oct 1862
Additional Sum of $2 per month for each of the following children, until arriving at the age of 16 years, commencing 25 July 1866
Laura J 5 May 1867
George W. 16 Aug 1870
the Word “DEAD” stamped on Certificate
Certificate dated 7 Oct 1871
Sent: 17th Oct 1871
Ralph Leete, Ironton, Ohio
Act of 14 July 1862, Book C, Vol 12, Page 14
CW (gullary), clerk