Belle in the Well

Investigators hope to identify Belle in the Well

October 8, 2018 (AP News)

Her large brown eyes stare out from a face that is supposed to be devoid of expression, but somehow it seems to reflect the terror she may have felt before she was killed and her body dumped in a well in rural Lawrence County.

Since 1981 she has been known as the Belle in the Well. Some girls playing near the well found her body. Authorities recovered it, but the woman was never identified.

For nearly four decades, the woman has remained an anonymous, faceless person to those who remember the story of how she was found. But now officials of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation hope a new facial reconstruction will provide leads to the woman’s identity.

Investigators hope to identify Belle in the Well
In 1981, the decomposed body of a woman was found in a cistern in rural Lawrence County, Ohio. This summer, Samantha Molnar, a criminal intelligence analyst at the BCI, did the most recent facial reconstruction to give the best approximation yet of Jane Doe’s appearance.