Ironton Register March 2, 1876

  1. Goodall has again sold the mill at Arabia, this time to McAllister and Winters, of South Point. He will move back to Ironton.

Ironton Register JULY 15, 1858

A new Post Office has been established at Vermillion’s store, in Mason township, this county, styled Arabia. It has long been needed.

Ironton Register December 26, 1867

Post Office Abolished. – Arabia, one of the most prominent post offices in this county, has been discontinued by the authorities at Washington. This was done because the former postmaster, W. F. Thomas, Esq., failed to name his successor. – We ought by all means to have an office at Arabia. A large number of our most influential and enterprising citizens reside there. It is also quite a business point. Will not our Representative look into the matter and have the order revoked? We will find a number of good men to take the position.

Ironton Register Sept. 30, 1869

  • The Railroad meeting at Arabia, came off on the 21st., as announced, and proved a decided success. Long before the hour for speaking, large crowds gathered in our village to hear what was to be said on the subject of Railroads. At the hour appointed the meeting was called to order by N. Vernillion taking the Chair.
  • B. D. Mitchell was then chosen Secretary. Hon. J. T. Wilson was introduced by the Chairman, and led off in a very appropriate Railroad speech – showing the advantages arising from such an enterprise, and the great and growing interest already manifested in it; he also gave in some very practical ideas – in regard to organzing and, completing further arrangements in connection with the road. Gen. Enochs also spoke to the point, and manifested to the citizens that he is wide awake to the interests of the people in Railroad, as well as other things – and we talk very strongly of sending him to the Legislature this Fall, for the very lively interest he takes in the different enterprises of the county. After the speaking, on recommendation of Mr. Wilson, a Committee of three, consisting of N. Vermillion, Thos. Cooper, and Capt. T. W. Rose, was chosen to wait on the Commissioners of the Ohio and Chesapeake Railroad and other Roads, to ascertain on what terms they will undertake to build the Symmes Valley Road. To defray these expenses quite a liberal contribution was taken up; after which, J. T. Irwin was chosen President, Z. Wilson, Vice President, B. F. Thomas, Secretary, and Samuel Burke, Treasurer – as temporary officers to transact what other business may hereafter be necessary in completing a more permanent organization.

Ironton Register Sept. 24, 1869

Thus you see we move along, and if the citizens all along the route respond as well as they have through our section, we will surely have the Road.

Ironton Register THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1883

Hot and dry, consequently items are very scarce.

  • T. C. Ball arrived home, Sunday, from the Ironton fair, with “White Oak” and “Bay Revenue.” He doesn’t bring a favorable report.
  • L. G. Parker has also rounded in with a smile on his face, saying his horse, Billy Messenger, was under the wire first.
  • Wm. Robinson has returned from Cincinnati, where he has been laying in a large stock of Fall goods.
  • Everybody from this place contemplates taking in the Reunion.
  • There is not much excitement about the coming election, except over the Second Amendment, and nearly all seem to be in favor of it. We cry aloud with the announcement sheet: “Voters, look to your interest.”
  • The mill at this place is doing an extra amount of business since the Waterloo mill burned. One of the firm, Thos. Slone, has been very sick the past week, but is convalescing.
  • J. C. Thomas (known as Ellis), is working in the Arabia mill. Ellis says he can make 42 lbs. to the bushel, clear of the shorts.

Ironton Register JAN. 13, 1887

  • Your “Narrow Escapes” are delightful reading. We learned the other day that the man who fired the last cannon, the shell of which took off the legs of J. H. McGee and Squire Jones, lives in the vicinity of Waterloo. His name is Joseph Roberts, and he wore the gray at that time. He was at Portsmouth the time Jones and McGee attracted so much attention in the procession, and would have added interest to the event had he been with them at that time. I don’t know whether the three have ever met or not. I asked John Vermillion if he had not a narrow escape to relate. He answered, “No, only starvation on the Lynchburg raid.” He spoke of Capt. Tom Rose’s avoirdupois shrinking on that raid to a degree that would have permitted his pantaloons to have enclosed another besides himself.
  • The Arabia bridge needs a little attention from the Commissioners. Two or three horses have been crippled lately by getting caught in the floor.
  • The Register looked like a stranger in its new dress. We wish you had kept the old heading. Success to the Register.

Ironton Register Feb. 16, 1893 – Thos. J. Slone will return to his home in Arabia next week. He has been attending medical school at Nashville, Tenn. He sends us the handsome programme of their commencement.

  • Click here for Arabia Missionary Baptist Church

    • Established in 1951 in the small southern Ohio village of Arabia, Arabia Missionary Baptist Church was formed by the authority of the Coal Grove Missionary Baptist Church of Coal Grove, Ohio. The member constructed building in Arabia, Ohio served the membership in praise of our sovereign Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for 31 years.

      1982 was the year the church built a new building located at 6165 State Route 243, South Point, Ohio, where we now have our worship services today. The church maintained the founding name of Arabia Missionary Baptist Church after the move to Deering.

      Elder Austin Fields was the first pastor of the church and served until his death in 1982. Elder Don Willis pastored the church in the new Deering building until his passing in 1992. Ron Henderson has served as pastor since that time.

      Our desire is to give all the honor, praise, and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe in the Sovereign God and through him is our life and very being.