Bridge Over Storms Creek

Bridge Over Storms Creek


This map from the 1892 Industrial Ironton edition of the Ironton Register shows the bridge between numbers 5 and 6.

Storms Creek was re-routed when the flood wall was built. It used to run below the 2nd Street overpass.  Vesuvius Street (amid the ball field property) extended to present day 2nd street. The creek bed is still visible near the train tracks.


Pictured above are the stone abutments from the old 1854-built bridge; photographs taken 3/17/18.

Ironton Register, February 16, 1854, Number 30, Page 2

The contracts for building a first class bridge over Storms Creek at the foot of Second Street in Ironton, were led by the County Commissioners one day last week. Messrs. T and J Allison, of this place, do the stone work, and Mr. Uriah Evans of Gallia Co., the wood and iron work. The bridge is to be built after Long’s plan, to be covered, double track, and 180 foot span – warranted by Mr. Evans, to stand 20 years.

It will be a source of gratulation to the people of this vicinity that we are to have at last a good bridge over Storm’s Creek at this point. Life and limb have long been endangered at the old bridge.


This bridge was replaced with the railroad bridge that crosses over North 5th and Elm Street.