Local Historic Places

National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks  in Lawrence County, Ohio

AddressNR Reference NumberCityCounty
Burlington 37 CemeteryCenter St01001064BurlingtonLawrence
Johnston, William C., House And General StoreWashington & Davidson Sts76001463BurlingtonLawrence
Macedonia ChurchN of Burlington78002096BurlingtonLawrence
Old Lawrence County Jail (DELISTED)Court St78002097BurlingtonLawrence
Chesapeake High School3748 SR 7SG100002122ChesapeakeLawrence
MaplewoodW of Chesapeake on Maplewood Lane77001070ChesapeakeLawrence
Brumberg Building222 S 3rd St08000148IrontonLawrence
Downtown Ironton Historic DistrictPortions of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Center, Park, Vernon & Bobby Bare Blvd08001296IrontonLawrence
Erlich, F. W., House1908 S 6th St80003134IrontonLawrence
Fifth and Lawrence Streets Residential District5th & Lawrence Sts78002098IrontonLawrence
Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall401 Railaroad St12000801IrontonLawrence
Marlow TheatreS 3rd & Park Sts08000149IrontonLawrence
Marting Hotel202 Park Ave99000331IrontonLawrence
Norfolk And Western Railroad Depot1st St & Park Ave78002099IrontonLawrence
Rankin Historic DistrictRoughly bounded by Vernon, 7th, Monroe & 4th Sts79001876IrontonLawrence
Selby Shoe Company Building1603 S 3rd St09000444IrontonLawrence
Vesuvius Furnace (+ Boundary Decrease)Co Hwy 29 at Storms Creek in Vesuvius Recreation Area of Wayne National Forest11000671IrontonLawrence
Miller–Knight House2 TR 104603000720MillerLawrence
Olive FurnaceSR 93 at TR 239 (Olive Branch Rd)07000299PedroLawrence
Scottown Covered BridgeE of Scottown on SR 6775001456ScottownLawrence