Superior, Ohio

Welcome to the Village of Superior, Ohio

Most furnace communities faded away once the furnaces went out of blast. Thanks to a successful and long running cement factory constructed a short distance from Center Furnace, the community carried on and prospered under the name of Superior (named after the cement company). Founded on April 17, 1950 with great celebration, there is now nothing left of the village of Superior. Parts of the rebuilt cement factory are still standing.

Many people in our community grew up in Superior and have amazing stories to tell about their upbringing.  more to add….send me an email! 

The people are gathered around The Triangle (intersection of St Rt 522 and Co. Rd. 41 south)
There's an unobstructed view of The Triangle
Eventually in The Triangle was a stone from Center Furnace with this plaque attached to it
View of what is present day St Rt 522 - The Triangle would be in the center of the photo where the person is walking
View of the brick boardinghouse on left, company store on the right. Store building burned down November 1927.
View from behind the company store (visible at the bottom right) - Center Furnace stack

The buildings of the furnace were dismantled circa 1919 to make room for additional railroad tracks. Stack was demolished in the early 1960s. 

View from the opposite perspective/front of the furnace looking at the store and boardinghouse
Beyond the furnace are the company barns and schoolhouse (on the left)

Here are better photos of the school.

Across the road from the school is the Cemetery

The Center Furnace-Superior Cemetery is listed on Find a Grave. Click Here to see the listing.

Among the graves is John Haning. The Ironton Register reported his death: Sept. 02, 1880 — Accidental Shot – Last Sunday, two boys, John Haning and John Rolph who live at Center Furnace went out hunting. They sighted a squirrel up a tree and Rolph, who held a rifle, dodged about to get a shot at the squirrel.. . he raised his firearm suddenly to take aim, and struck another boy in front of him. The boy threw out his arm and struck the trigger of the rifle, whereby the gun went off, the bullet striking John Haning in the head, making a horrid hole through which the brain protruded. Haning died in about an hour afterward. He was about 18 years old.

This is a view from behind the company store and boardinghouse again, showing the rest of the village. The large building to the far right is the Honeymoon Hotel. 

Another view of the Honeymoon Hotel
The company store is somewhat visible on the left...hotel would be on the right out of view
Here's a closer look at the Center Mining and Manufacturing Company later burned down
These folks are standing in front of the rebuilt Marquette Cement Co. Store. The brick vault is still standing today.
Here is a view of Hanning Hollow (yes, like John Haning). It was located roughly where the ATV trail is today.

Want to see what came next? Superior thrived due to a massive Cement Factory. CLICK HERE to see it!