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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Baber Albert J.
Baccus George E.
Bachelor Harry
Bachtel E. H.
Back Infant
Backley Richard
Backman Harry, Mrs.
Backus Marion, Mrs.
Baere James
Baesman Margaret, Mrs.
Bagby William
Bagwell James
Bagwell Sam
Bahlman Herman
Bahm Paul
Bailey Anna B., Mrs.
Bailey Arthur
Bailey Arthur
Bailey C. D., Hon.
Bailey C. E.
Bailey Charles
Bailey Derinda, Mrs.
Bailey Derinda, Mrs.
Bailey Ella, Mrs.
Bailey Frank
Bailey George
Bailey George
Bailey Harry, Mrs.
Bailey Howard
Bailey Icy
Bailey Isaac
Bailey J. E.
Bailey J. E.
Bailey James
Bailey James O.
Bailey John
Bailey John
Bailey Louie R., Mrs.
Bailey Luella Marie
Bailey Martin J., Mrs.
Bailey Mary F.
Bailey Mary, Mrs.
Bailey Mary, Mrs.
Bailey Merrill
Bailey Merrill
Bailey Mrs.
Bailey Nancy
Bailey Olga, Mrs.
Bailey Orin
Bailey Phillip
Bailey Plattoff
Bailey Roy
Bailey Roy
Bailey Russell
Bailey S. T., Mrs.
Bailey Samuel
Bailey Sarre, Mrs.
Bailey Thomas
Bailey Willard
Bailey William
Bailey William
Bailey William, Mrs.
Baird Danny
Baird Sadie, Mrs.
Baird Samuel, Mrs.
Baise Ralph K.
Baise Roy H.
Baise William A.
Baker Anna
Baker C. L.
Baker Carol J.
Baker child
Baker Clyde S.
Baker Ethel
Baker Frank
Baker George E.
Baker Henry, Mrs.
Baker Infant
Baker Jacob
Baker Jake, Mrs.
Baker James
Baker John
Baker Josephine, Mrs.
Baker Laura F.
Baker Leona
Baker Lewis
Baker Lewis, Mrs.
Baker Lewis, Mrs.
Baker Lizzie, Mrs.
Baker Lizzie, Mrs.
Baker Louis
Baker Louis
Baker Maggie
Baker Margaret, Mrs.
Baker Mary E.
Baker Matthew, Mrs.
Baker Morton
Baker Morton
Baker Newton
Baker Phillip
Baker Roberta J.
Baker Ruth C.
Baker Samuel
Baker Sarah F., Mrs.
Baker Sarah, Mrs.
Baker Sherman
Baker Sherman
Baker Sherman, Mrs.
Baker William
Baldridge Annie, Mrs.
Baldridge Annie, Mrs.
Baldridge Cynthia, Mrs.
Baldridge Hugh A.
Baldridge Infant
Baldwin Amanda, Mrs.
Baldwin Andrew J.
Baldwin Anna, Mrs.
Baldwin Anna, Mrs.
Baldwin Anna, Mrs.
Baldwin Anna, Mrs.
Baldwin Charlie
Baldwin child
Baldwin Elizabeth, Mrs.
Baldwin Harry E.
Baldwin Herman F., Jr.
Baldwin Infant
Baldwin Infant
Baldwin J. S.
Baldwin Jarvey
Baldwin Jarvis, Rev.
Baldwin Jarvis, Rev.
Baldwin John
Baldwin John
Baldwin John B.
Baldwin Michael
Baldwin Paul F.
Baldwin Wes, Mrs.
Bales Tommy
Ball Alonzo L.
Ball Bernard, Mrs.
Ball Betty
Ball Burton J.
Ball Charles
Ball Charles
Ball Charles
Ball Eliza, Mrs.
Ball Elizabeth, Mrs.
Ball Emily
Ball Emily
Ball F. E.
Ball G. W., Capt.
Ball George
Ball Hanceford
Ball Harden
Ball Harden
Ball Infant
Ball J. C., Mrs.
Ball James
Ball Joseph
Ball Leo C.
Ball Lillie
Ball Marcus F.
Ball Martha
Ball Mary E., Mrs.
Ball Mary J., Mrs.
Ball Thomas, Mrs.
Ball Thomas, Mrs.
Ball Thomas, Mrs.
Ball William
Ballard Caroline, Mrs.
Ballard Caroline, Mrs.
Ballard Caroline, Mrs.
Ballard Ceton
Ballard Ceton
Ballard Dora, Mrs.
Ballard Infant
Ballard J. H., Mrs.
Ballard John B.
Ballard John R.
Ballard John R.
Ballard Mary, Mrs.
Ballard Mr.
Ballard Myrtle
Ballard Nancy, Mrs.
Ballard Oscar C.
Ballard Samuel
Ballard Sarah E., Mrs.
Ballard Stephen
Ballard Stephen, Mrs.
Ballard William
Ballard William
Ballard Winifred
Ballengee Alice, Mrs.
Balmert Simon
Balrey J. E., Mrs.
Bamberg Matthew
Bame Charles
Bame John
Bame Mary, Mrs.
Bamer Charles
Bamer Infant
Bamer Sarah A. W., Mrs.
Bandy John
Banfield A. J.
Banfield A. J.
Banker Edith
Banks Annie
Banks Douglas
Banks Elijah
Banks Eva A.
Banks Grandma
Banks Infant
Banks James
Banks John, Capt.
Banks Joseph
Banks Raymond
Banks Samuel, Mrs.
Bannister F. J., Mrs.
Bannon James W., Judge
Barbatano Joseph
Barber Amy, Carnela and Lindsey
Barber Andrew, Mrs.
Barber Betty J.
Barber Dominick
Barber George
Barber George
Barber John
Barber Louis
Barbour G. H.
Barclay Louise R., Mrs.
Barclay William, Mrs.
Bardford Sherman
Bardwell A. B., Mrs.
Bare Edward
Bare Edward
Bare Henry
Bare Jennie H., Mrs.
Bare Lemuel
Barett Elizabeth
Bargar Gilbert H., Capt.
Barger Nelson J.
Barhhart Charles
Barifield Agnes
Barker Charles
Barker Emlie
Barker Infant
Barker Norma G., Mrs.
Barker Opal
Barker Soloman
Barleycorn John
Barlow Robert W.
Barnes Albert S., Dr.
Barnes Alex
Barnes Darnet, Mrs.
Barnes Ernest
Barnes George M.
Barnes Gertrude
Barnes Hamlin
Barnes Joseph B.
Barnes Kenneth, Mrs.
Barnes Nancy, Mrs.
Barnes Otto R.
Barnes Rebecca
Barnes Thomas
Barnett Agatha L.
Barnett Bernard L.
Barnett Charles W.
Barnett Curtis E.
Barnett Infant
Barnett Joe
Barnett Laurette
Barnett Robert O.
Barnett Robert O.
Barnett W. S.
Barnett W. S.
Barnett William
Barnett William
Barnett William E.
Barnett William Edward
Barney F. M.
Barney Henry
Barney James A.
Barney Walter M.
Barnhardt Agnes
Barnhardt Nancy A., Mrs.
Barnhardt W. T.
Barnhart Albert
Barnhart Charles
Barnhart George
Barnhart George
Barnhart H. W.
Barnhart Hannah, Mrs.
Barnhart J. M., Mrs.
Barnhart Jerry
Barnhart Joseph C.
Barnhart Margaret
Barnhart Martin, Mrs.
Barnhart Mrs.
Barnhill Anna N., Mrs.
Barnhill James, Dr.
Barnhill Mabel, Mrs.
Barnhouse James
Barnhouse Nancy, Mrs.
Barnhouse Scott
Barns Infant
Barr George
Barr Infant
Barr Isaac
Barr Jennie, Mrs.
Barr Lemuel
Barr Nancy, Mrs.
Barr Raymond
Barr Sarah, Mrs.
Barr Thomas R.
Barr William
Barr William, Mrs.
Barr William, Mrs.
Barre Horace
Barret child
Barret George, Mrs.
Barrett Carl
Barrett Elizabeth
Barrett Elizabeth H.
Barrett Lennie
Barrett Letetia
Barrett Lizzie
Barrett Mr.
Barringer Elijah, Capt.
Barron Catharine, Mrs.
Barron Charles
Barron Elizabeth, Mrs.
Barron Mark
Barron Raymond
Barron Raymond J.
Barron Richard E.
Barron Thomas
Barron Thomas
Barrows M. A.
Bart Adrian
Bartam George, Mrs.
Bartles Fred
Bartlett Charles V.
Bartlett Homer B.
Bartley Patton
Bartlow Granville W.
Bartlow Granville West
Barton Avenelle
Barton Oliver
Bartram Davis
Bartram Davis
Bartram Grace L., Mrs.
Bartram Infant
Bartram James
Bartram Jeff
Bartram John M.
Bartram Leonard
Bartram Louis
Bartram Marshall
Bartram Martha, Mrs.
Bartram Mary B., Mrs.
Bartram Pierce
Bartram Sarah, Mrs.
Bartram Stanley
Bartram Stanley
Bartram Suzanna, Mrs.
Bartram Tennesse, Mrs.
Bartram William
Basenback Edward, Mrs.
Basenback Evalyn F.
Basenback John, Mrs.
Basham Earl
Basham Elsie
Basham James P.
Basham John W.
Basham Thomas J.
Bass Janna
Bass Martha J., Mrs.
Bass W. P.
Bateman Jesse F.
Bates Armeda K., Mrs.
Bates Armenta K.
Bates Bob
Bates George C.
Bates H. W.
Bates J. G.
Bates J. G.
Bates Mildred
Bates Sam, Jr.
Bates Walter
Bates Warren A.
Bates Warren A.
Batham John, Mrs.
Batham Will, Mrs.
Baton Richard M.
Battell John G., Mrs.
Batty Eva
Bauer Charles, Sr.
Bauer Chester E.
Bauer Earl
Bauer Edward, Mrs.
Bauer Louis
Bauer Mary, Mrs.
Baugh Infant
Baugh Isom R.
Baugh Margaret M., Mrs.
Baumgardner Emma
Baumgardner William W.
Bauser Woodrow
Baxter Abbie, Mrs.
Baxter John
Baxter Malcom, Jr.
Baxter Virginia B., Mrs.
Baxter Zenas, Capt.
Bay George W., Mrs.
Bay George, Capt.
Bay William
Bay William, Capt.
Bayard Martin
Bayless James, Mrs.
Baymer Henry
Baynten Austin
Bays Adaline
Bays Charles
Bays Edward
Bays Estell G.
Bays Joe D.
Bays Mary L.
Bays Oscar
Bays William, Capt.
Bazell Florence, Mrs.
Bazell Florence, Mrs.
Bazell Ross G., Dr.
Bazell W. L., Mrs.
Bazell Wilbur
Bazil C. D., Mrs.
Bazrll Mary E., Mrs.
Bazzell Hamlein
Bazzell J. B., Capt
Bazzell James
Beach Allen E.
Beach Lillian L.
Beach Luther D.
Beach Sarah, Mrs.
Beall James P., Mrs.
Beals Amelia, Mrs.
Beals Arthur
Beals Gales
Beals Henry
Beals James
Beals James, Mrs.
Beals James, Mrs.
Beals Joseph
Beals Katherine, Mrs.
Beals Robert
Beals Robert
Beals Henry, Sr.
Beam Eveline, Mrs.
Beam George
Beam George W., Capt.
Beam George, Mrs.
Beam Samuel E., Rev.
Beam William, Mrs.
Beam William, Mrs.
Beamer Mary J., Mrs.
Beamish John
Bean Hallie
Bean Henry
Bear Henry Estill
Bear Infant
Bear J. M.
Bear William
Bear William
Beard Dessie M.
Beard Kate, Mrs.
Beard Pauline, Mrs.
Beard William M.
Beare J. C.
Beasley Mrs.
Beatty Amelia A., Mrs.
Beatty Charles
Beatty Emma, Mrs.
Beatty Emma, Mrs.
Beatty Infant
Beatty Infant
Beatty Jane E., Mrs.
Beaver Arthur
Beaver Bertha
Beaver Elizabeth F.
Bebb Richard E.
Bechtel John
Beck Ira, Mrs.
Beckelhamer Mary H., Mrs.
Beckenstaff Alex
Becker Fred
Becker Fred
Becker Fred, Mrs.
Becker Frederick
Becker Fredericker, Mrs.
Beckett Andrew
Beckett Eleanor D.
Beckett Elizabeth H., Mrs.
Beckett George
Beckett Ivan
Beckett John L.
Beckett John L.
Beckett Mary A., Mrs.
Beckette O. F. L.
Beckleheimer Mary Ann, Mrs.
Beckley Anna
Beckner E. D.
Beckner Frank
Beckwith Louise, Mrs.
Beckworth Blake
Beckworth Carrie B.
Bedell Chester
Bedwell Margaret, Mrs.
Beeber Dimner, Judge
Beech William
Beeman Edward E., Dr.
Beer Frederick T.
Beevan S. C., Rev.
Begley Myrtle A., Mrs.
Beh Albert
Beh Albert
Beh Albert
Beh Raymond
Behrend Infant
Belcher Ada, Mrs.
Belcher Ada, Mrs.
Belcher Ada, Mrs.
Belcher Ada, Mrs.
Belcher Alice Margaret
Belcher C. E.
Belcher Carl
Belcher Charles
Belcher Charles
Belcher Charles, Mrs.
Belcher child
Belcher Dorothy
Belcher Edgar T.
Belcher Emily, Mrs.
Belcher G. W.
Belcher George
Belcher George W.
Belcher George William
Belcher Harry Shelton
Belcher Hazel
Belcher Hazel
Belcher J. W., Dr.
Belcher John Dean
Belcher John Dean
Belcher Joseph
Belcher Laura, Mrs.
Belcher Mattie, Mrs.
Belcher Noble B.
Belcher William
Belew Curtis
Belford Edward
Belford Helen
Belford Thomas
Bell Adaline, Mrs.
Bell Alexander B., Mrs.
Bell Ansel
Bell Arthur
Bell Charles T.
Bell Delia, Mrs.
Bell E. M., Judge
Bell George A., Mrs.
Bell Homer
Bell Infant
Bell J. J.
Bell John
Bell John D.
Bell Joseph
Bell Laura, Mrs.
Bell Mary E., Mrs.
Bell Nannie, Mrs.
Bell Oren
Bell Robert
Bell Roy O.
Bell Thomas
Bell W. R.
Bell William J.
Bell Zaney
Bellamy Olive
Bellamy Ruth I.
Bellamy Sarah, Mrs.
Bellar Ben, Mrs.
Belle Alice M., Mrs.
Bellman Nellie Mae
Bellomy Litha
Bellomy Samuel
Bellow Edgel
Bellville Mabel, Mrs.
Belmont August
Beloat Andrew
Belt Kinza
Belville Clinton O.
Belville Nancy, Mrs.
Belville Rosa, Mrs.
Beman N. E.
Bender Martha
Bender William
Bendinell Infant
Benham Frank
Benjamin C. E., Jr., Mr. and Mrs.
Benline Mary
Benneman Charles
Benneman Charles
Bennen Maggie D., Mrs.
Benner Maggie D., Mrs.
Bennett Albert
Bennett Asa E.
Bennett Bessie
Bennett Bettie B.
Bennett Clay
Bennett Cynthia
Bennett Elmer
Bennett Florence
Bennett Frank
Bennett Harry
Bennett James N.
Bennett James W.
Bennett Joseph
Bennett Joseph B., Judge
Bennett Murray
Bennett Noble E.
Bennett Norman
Bennett Thomas
Bennett Thomas
Bennett Walter
Bennett Willard
Bennett William
Bennington Effie L. I., Mrs.
Bennington Infant
Bennington Jack
Bennington John S.
Benschotter Roy
Benson David
Benson Freddie
Benson John H.
Benson Laura, Mrs.
Bentime William
Bentley Bradley
Bentley child
Bentley Ivan
Bentley Ivan
Bentley John
Bentley Mary J., Mrs.
Bentley Moses
Bentley Mr.
Bentley Tobe
Bentz Helena
Bentz Helena
Berg Bruno, Mrs.
Berg M. E.
Berger Albert
Berger Anna
Berger Bessie
Berger Charles
Berger Edwin B.
Berger Edwin B.
Berger Elizabeth N., Mrs.
Berger Elizabeth, Mrs.
Berger Elizabeth, Mrs.
Berger Jacob
Berger Jacob
Berger John
Berger John
Berger John, Mrs.
Berger John, Mrs.
Berger Lena M., Mrs.
Berger Leon, Mrs.
Berger Lillian, Mrs.
Berger Lydia E., Mrs.
Berger Mary, Mrs.
Berger Nora
Berger Valentine, Mrs.
Berger William
Bergmeyer Ulrich H.
Berkley Charles C.
Berkley Charles C.
Berkley Eliza J., Mrs.
Berkley Eliza, Mrs.
Berkley Elizabeth, Mrs.
Berkley James M., Mrs.
Berkley John W.
Berkley Leonard
Berkstresser Emma R., Mrs.
Berkstresser Emma, Mrs.
Berlin J. J.
Bernard Anna Theresa
Bernard Barney
Bernard Helen
Berndt Adam
Berndt Peter
Berndt Peter
Bernhard C. H., Mrs.
Bernhard C. H., Mrs.
Bernhardt Sarah
Bernzott Frank
Berridge Alfonso C.
Berridge Christopher
Berridge Cornelius
Berridge Isaac Cecil
Berridge Margaret E.
Berridge Missouri L., Mrs.
Berry Allen, Mrs.
Berry Andrew
Berry Andrew
Berry Fay
Berry Harvey
Berry John
Berry Marie, Mrs.
Berry Neville
Berry Pansy A., Mrs.
Berry Reuben M.
Berry Robert F., Rev.
Berry Samuel H.
Berry William
Berry Wilma
Berthelot John, Rev.
Bery Mary, Mrs.
Besco Maranthy, Mrs.
Bescoe Edward
Bescoe Infant
Bessey Charles, Mrs.
Best Elias, Rev.
Best George C.
Bester Louis, Mrs.
Bester Otto
Betters Charles L.
Betts Charles
Betts John J.
Betts Joseph
Betts Mary
Betts Mattie, Mrs.
Betts Mrs.
Betts William
Betzing Joe, Mrs.
Betzing Joe, Mrs.
Bevan Vellie
Bevans Anna R., Mrs.
Bevans David
Beverly Dora, Mrs.
Beverly Eliza

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