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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Bias Fred
Bias W. W.
Bibb William T.
Bibbee Ella, Mrs.
Bibbee Phoebe Ann, Mrs.
Bibbey Elsie B., Mrs.
Bibbs Mrs.
Bibby Emma R., Mrs.
Bibby Robert L.
Bick Alfred
Bick Alfred
Bick Charles
Bick Sarah, Mrs.
Bick Thomas
Bickel Charles
Bickel Sarah E., Mrs.
Bickle Christine, Mrs.
Bickley Charles
Bickley Henry, Mrs.
Bickley Infant
Bickley Nelson
Bickmore W. L.
Bickmore W. L., Mrs.
Biebinger Caroline
Bierley Jacob
Bierley Olan V.
Bierly John C.
Bigelow Allen
Biggs Ellen H.
Biggs George N.
Biggs H. L., Dr.
Biggs J. W.
Biggs James E.
Biggs John Henry
Biggs Mary, Mrs.
Biggs R. C., Mrs.
Biggs Rebecca, Mrs.
Biggs Sadie
Biggs Thomas M.
Biggs William
Bigley Mary A.
Bill Pauline A.
Biller Vina S., Mrs.
Billings Major
Billingsby Mary, Mrs.
Bimpson Harry
Bimpson Joseph M.
Bimpson Julia H., Mrs.
Bing Mary E., Mrs.
Bingaman Elizabeth, Mrs.
Bingaman George C.
Bingaman John
Bingaman John E.
Bingaman Thomas
Bingham family
Bingham Harvey H.
Bingham Rachel, Mrs.
Bingham Robert, Mrs.
Bingham Royal N.
Binion Stella
Binion William
Birch Charles
Birch Charles E.
Birch Emma, Mrs.
Birch Emma, Mrs.
Birch Homer
Birch Malinda, Mrs.
Birch Riley, Mrs.
Birch W. J.
Birch W. L.
Birch Wayne W.
Birch William R.
Bird Mary Skelding
Bird Susan, Mrs.
Birille Joseph
Bishop Charles H.
Bishop Henry
Bishop Ida
Bishop John R.
Bishop Mabel
Bishop Margaret, Mrs.
Bishop Martha
Bishop Nannie R., Mrs.
Bishop Stephen, Jr.
Bishop Theodore
Bishop Theodore
Bitzer Charles
Bivans Wanda R.
Bivens Annie
Bivens Bernard
Bivens Bernard
Bixby Clara
Bixby Clara
Bixby Edwin
Bixby Edwin
Bixby Howard
Bixby Walter A.
Black Belle P., Mrs.
Black Catherine, Mrs.
Black Charles
Black Charles M.
Black Edward
Black Edward
Black Ernest
Black Ernest
Black Harlan F.
Black Harrison, Mrs.
Black Infant
Black J. A., Mrs.
Black James E.
Black James F., Dr.
Black John
Black John W.
Black Jordan P.
Black Louisa Gates, Mrs.
Black Myrtle Evans, Mrs.
Black Robert, Mrs.
Black Stephen
Black Thomas
Black Victoria, Mrs.
Black Victoria, Mrs.
Black William E.
Black William S.
Black William, Mrs.
Black Roy
Blackburn Abraham M., Dr.
Blackburn Geoge H.
Blackburn Levi
Blackburn Levi, Mrs.
Blackburn Martha
Blackburn Nora E., Mrs.
Blackburn Norma
Blackburn Otto
Blackburn Willie
Blackman Samuel
Blackwell Albert
Blackwell Albert C.
Blackwell Charles
Blackwell Charles
Blackwell Charles, Mrs.
Blackwell Elmer, Mrs.
Blackwell Infant
Blackwell Jack
Blackwell John Alexander
Blackwell Lindsay, Mrs.
Blackwell Lyndsey H.
Blackwell Mary M., Mrs.
Blackwell Reed
Blackwell S. C.
Blagg F. M.
Blagg John
Blagg John V.
Blagg Sadie, Mrs.
Blagg Thomas
Blagg Waldo
Blaider Infant
Blaine Bertha, Mrs.
Blair Agnes, Mrs.
Blair child
Blair child
Blair Clifford
Blair Clyde
Blair Clyde
Blair Effie W., Mrs.
Blair Harriet, Mrs.
Blair J. W.
Blair Mr.
Blair Paul C.
Blair Richard
Blair Sarah, Mrs.
Blair Virgie
Blair W. A.
Blair William P.
Blair William, Mrs.
Blake Abraham
Blake Blanche E.
Blake C. B., Sr.
Blake Don
Blake F. A.
Blake Gard A.
Blake George, Mrs.
Blake Harry
Blake J. H.
Blake J. W.
Blake John
Blake John
Blake Lewis E.
Blake M. R.
Blake Mattie
Blake Thurman
Blake William
Blake Willie
Blake Zachariah
Blake Zachariah S.
Blakeman Winifred
Blank Curdell
Blankenship Alfred, Mrs.
Blankenship Andrew
Blankenship child
Blankenship child
Blankenship Daniel
Blankenship Elmer
Blankenship Frank
Blankenship Henrietta, Mrs.
Blankenship Henry
Blankenship J. M., Dr.
Blankenship Jason
Blankenship John
Blankenship John F.
Blankenship John F.
Blankenship Mary F., Mrs.
Blankenship Mary M.
Blankenship Mr.
Blankenship Nellie M., Mrs.
Blankenship Paul
Blankenship Paul E.
Blankenship Paul F.
Blankenship Presley
Blankenship Quincy
Blankenship Rebecca J., Mrs.
Blankenship Robert
Blankenship Robie Alen
Blankenship Sidney, Mrs.
Blankenship William Henry
Blankmire John
Blanton B. W. L., Col,
Blanton Edna M.
Blanton Emma P., Mrs.
Blanton George
Blanton Harrison
Blanton Hartwell B.
Blanton Hazel
Blaze Charles
Blaze George
Blazer Fannie
Blazer John W., Mrs.
Blazer Marion C.
Blazer Simeon A.
Blenden Rolland E.
Blenkemeyer Margaret
Blevins Carl
Blevins child
Blevins Earl
Blevins Eli
Blevins Geanette
Blevins Goldie, Mrs.
Blevins Herbert F.
Blevins Infant
Blevins Infant twins
Blevins Jeff
Blevins Jefferson
Blevins John
Blevins Joseph
Blevins Lola
Blevins Nelson
Blevins Pear
Blevins R. C.
Blevins Rachel
Blevins Robert
Blevins Wilson
Blevins Infant
Blind Tom
Bliss Harry
Bliss John A.
Blodgett William
Bloir George
Bloodgood Clara, Mrs.
Bloomfield Thelma
Bloomhuff Dudley
Bloomhuff Lula, Mrs.
Bloomhuff Lula, Mrs.
Bloomhuff Mary E. R., Mrs.
Bloos Harvey
Blough N. W.
Blount William A.
Blower Anna, Mrs.
Blower Anna, Mrs.
Blowers Charles R.
Blowers Charles, Mrs.
Blowers Ella E., Mrs.
Blowers Ella E., Mrs.
Blowers Ida, Mrs.
Blowers Infant
Blowers Infant
Blowers Thomas
Blume Fred
Bobb Viola, Mrs.
Bobbett Martha A., Mrs.
Bobbett Mrs.
Bobbitt Martha A., Mrs.
Bobock John
Boda William
Boda William
Bodamour George, Mrs.
Bode A., Mrs.
Boden William F., Rev.
Bodine Walter
Bodman Godfrey
Bodmer Rose
Boggess C. D., Dr.
Boggess Chester A.
Boggess Infant
Boggess Maryanna, Mrs.
Boggess S. A.
Boggess Thomas
Boggess Vertrici P., Mrs.
Boggess Warren, Mrs.
Boggs Alonzo
Boggs Alonzo, Mrs.
Boggs child
Boggs Didema
Boggs Doris
Boggs Eliza, Mrs.
Boggs Elizabeth
Boggs Elizabeth, Mrs.
Boggs Esco, Mrs.
Boggs Helen
Boggs Henderson H.
Boggs Imogene
Boggs Infant
Boggs Infant
Boggs Jackson
Boggs Kara
Boggs Lizzie
Boggs Lonnie
Boggs Louis F.
Boggs Mary J., Mrs.
Boggs Mason
Boggs Nancy V. C., Mrs.
Boggs Nancy, Mrs.
Boggs Pearl V.
Boggs Sarah
Boggs Sarah, Mrs.
Boggs Sarah, Mrs.
Boggs Wilson, Mrs.
Boggs Wilson, Rev.
Boher Patricia A.
Boice Frank
Boice Frank, Mrs.
Boiser Howard
Bolden Alice
Boldman Floyd E.
Boldman Floyd E.
Boldman Floyd E.
Boldman Floyd E.
Boldman T. J.
Bolds James
Bole twins
Boles Infant
Boles Timothy
Boling Harriet, Mrs.
Boll John B.
Boll Joseph
Boll Josephine
Boll Mary, Mrs.
Bolles H. H.
Bolles Mr.
Bolles W. M., Mrs.
Bolles William
Bolt Agnes
Bolton Carl
Boltz John
Bolyko Julia, Mrs.
Bomer Eliza, Mrs.
Bonaparte Josephine
Bond Audrey M.
Bond L. H.
Bond Nancy, Mrs.
Bone Edward
Bone Leonard, Mrs.
Bone Mary, Mrs.
Bonecutter Nelson
Bonham Samuel
Bonifant Wesley
Bonnerman Rudolph
Bonsall William H., Maj.
Bonski Stella
Bonzo George L.
Boomer H. A.
Boone D., Mrs.
Booth Andrew
Booth Carl R.
Booth Elizabeth J. H.
Booth George W.
Booth Henry
Booth Henry
Booth James M.
Booth Ola, Mrs.
Booth Oliver
Booth P. C.
Booth Rebecca, Mrs.
Booth Rose E., Mrs.
Booth Sanders
Booth T. J., Mrs.
Booth W. F.
Booth W. F.
Boothby Theodore, Mrs.
Boothe Alice L., Mrs.
Boothe Carl
Boothe Isaac
Boothe Isaac H., Prof.
Borders Louise
Bore Henderson
Boren Ann C., Mrs.
Boren John S.
Boren Robert
Boren Robert
Boren William
Borich Matthew
Boring A. T.
Boring Mrs.
Boring T. A.
Boring T. A.
Borouscaowski Lottie
Bosco John
Boss Fred M.
Boss Margaret, Mrs.
Boss Samuel
Boss William L.
Boster Charlotte
Boster W. S.
Bostick Anda
Bostick Audrey
Bostick Infant
Bostick J. D., Mrs.
Bostick J. D., Mrs.
Bostick J. D., Mrs.
Bostick Julia, Mrs.
Bostin Michael
Bostwick Lawrence C.
Boswell Vina
Bosworth Fannie S., Mrs.
Botts George
Botts Matilda, Mrs.
Boude Mona
Boude Mona
Boude Sarah K., Mrs.
Boudle William T.
Boughton H. C., Capt.
Bouleware Edward
Boulton Ruth
Boundy John, Mrs.
Bourne Caroline
Boush John
Boustler Margaret, Mrs.
Bouts Wilhelmina Hagemeyer, Mrs.
Bowden Christopher, Mrs.
Bowdle John, Mrs.
Bowdle Leonard
Bowdle Richard L.
Bowe Martin
Bowen Albert
Bowen Elijah
Bowen Isabelle P., Mrs.
Bowen John
Bowen John W.
Bowen Nancy, Mrs.
Bowen Robert C.
Bowen Tennessee, Mrs.
Bowens William
Bowers "Chick"
Bowers J. C., Mrs.
Bowers Ruth, Mrs.
Bowers Samuel William
Bowker Edward
Bowland John
Bowles C. C.
Bowles E. W., Mrs.
Bowles Herber E.
Bowles Infant
Bowles John
Bowles John
Bowles John C.
Bowles Sadie
Bowling Amanda
Bowling Daniel
Bowling Eugene
Bowling Gladys
Bowling Harvey
Bowmam Edward
Bowman Anna, Mrs.
Bowman Avris, Mrs.
Bowman Ben, Mrs.
Bowman Carrie
Bowman Cecil
Bowman Cecil M.
Bowman Charles
Bowman Charles
Bowman Dollie, Mrs.
Bowman Donald E.
Bowman Dorothy M.
Bowman Elmer
Bowman Emma
Bowman Ethel L.
Bowman Fred
Bowman Frederick P.
Bowman Genevieve
Bowman George W.
Bowman Herman C.
Bowman J. R., Mrs.
Bowman Jacob
Bowman James R.
Bowman James R.
Bowman James, Mrs.
Bowman Jessie L.
Bowman Joseph B.
Bowman Laura, Mrs.
Bowman Lucy
Bowman Lydia, Mrs.
Bowman Mary E., Mrs.
Bowman Merrill
Bowman Nelson, Mrs.
Bowman Paul
Bowman Susan
Bowman T. M.
Bowman Walter, Jr.
Bowman William
Boyce Anna, Mrs.
Boyce Daniel
Boyce Daniel
Boyce James
Boyce Jane L.
Boyd Alex R.
Boyd Andrew
Boyd Annie, Mrs.
Boyd Dana W.
Boyd Earl
Boyd F. L.
Boyd Frank
Boyd George B.
Boyd Harrison R.
Boyd Harry
Boyd James
Boyd Mary, Mrs.
Boyd Mary, Mrs.
Boyd Mary, Mrs.
Boyd Rosa
Boyd Sarah
Boyd Sherman, Mrs.
Boyd Wash
Boyer Clarence
Boyer Eldon
Boyer Elizabeth
Boyer Fannie, Mrs.
Boyer Florence M.
Boyer Gail
Boyer Henry
Boyer Mrs.
Boyer Robert
Boyer Samuel
Boyer Thomas, Mrs.
Boylan Elizabeth, Mrs.
Boyle Helen
Boyle Helen
Boyle John, Capt.
Boyle Sam, Mrs.
Boyle Sam, Mrs.
Boyle Samuel
Boyle Samuel, Mrs.
Boyles Amanda, Mrs.
Boyles Andrew Jackson
Boyles Elizabeth, Mrs.
Boyles Infant
Boyles Nannie L.
Boyles Sam
Boynton Asa C.
Boynton Asa J.
Boynton Eliza Jane C., Mrs.
Boynton John
Boynton Joseph
Boynton Joseph, Mrs.
Boynton Joseph, Mrs.
Boynton Laura
Boynton Lucy
Boynton Margaret, Mrs.
Boynton Peter
Brace C. G.
Brace John E.
Brace Mary, Mrs.
Brackett William B.
Brackett William B.
Brackford Jim
Brackford Jim
Bradford Calvin
Bradford G. W., Capt.
Bradford George W., Mrs.
Bradford George W., Mrs.
Bradford George W., Mrs.
Bradford Jamie M.
Bradford Ralph
Bradford Samuel
Bradford W. G.
Bradford William
Bradley Bobbie J.
Bradley Dorothy
Bradley George
Bradley George F.
Bradley Herbert E.
Bradley Infant
Bradley Lillian
Bradley Mary J.
Bradley Nelson
Bradley Perry
Bradley Robert
Bradley W. A.
Bradley William
Bradshaw Addie, Mrs.
Bradshaw Amos
Bradshaw Charles
Bradshaw David
Bradshaw Earl, Mrs.
Bradshaw Flossie
Bradshaw G. W.
Bradshaw George W.
Bradshaw Infant
Bradshaw James, Mrs.
Bradshaw John
Bradshaw John
Bradshaw John
Bradshaw Leonard H.
Bradshaw Malinda
Bradshaw Malinda, Mrs.
Bradshaw Matt
Bradshaw Matt
Bradshaw Olive, Mrs.
Bradshaw Raymond Burton
Bradshaw Thelma
Bradshaw Thelma
Brady Albert S., Dr.
Brady Clyde, Dr.
Brady Henry
Brady Henry
Brady J. F.
Brady Thomas J.
Brady William
Bragg Bruce
Bragg George E.
Bragg George, Mrs.
Bragg Infant
Bragg Infant
Bragg Infant
Bragg Infant
Bragg Tacia
Bragg Tacia
Bragg William, Mrs.
Bragg William, Mrs.
Braham James
Brammer Albert
Brammer Amos
Brammer Anna
Brammer Anna E., Mrs.
Brammer Arthur
Brammer Beckley
Brammer Bee
Brammer Bessie
Brammer Blanche, Mrs.
Brammer Carl
Brammer Caroline
Brammer Catherine, Mrs.
Brammer Charles
Brammer Charles R.
Brammer Clifford
Brammer Curtis
Brammer Custer
Brammer Daisy M.
Brammer Daisy, Mrs.
Brammer Don
Brammer E. C., Mrs.
Brammer Ed
Brammer Edward
Brammer Edward, Mrs.
Brammer Edward, Mrs.
Brammer Elizabeth, Mrs.
Brammer Ellen, Mrs.
Brammer Ellen, Mrs.
Brammer Emma J., Mrs.
Brammer Faye N.
Brammer Felix E.
Brammer Felix, Mrs.
Brammer Frank
Brammer H. S.
Brammer H. S.
Brammer Harold
Brammer Harrison, Mrs.
Brammer Harrison, Mrs.
Brammer Hattie B.
Brammer Hattie B.
Brammer Infant
Brammer J. Kelly
Brammer James E.
Brammer James Oliver
Brammer James, Mrs.
Brammer Jesse
Brammer Jesse
Brammer Jessie R., Mrs.
Brammer John
Brammer John
Brammer John B.
Brammer Laura
Brammer Lucinda, Mrs.
Brammer M. H.
Brammer Margaret E., Mrs.
Brammer Marion
Brammer Mary E., Mrs.
Brammer Mary J., Mrs.
Brammer Mrs.
Brammer Oakie, Mrs.
Brammer Oliver, Mrs.
Brammer Oliver, Mrs.
Brammer Oliver, Mrs.
Brammer P. C.
Brammer P. C.
Brammer Rachel
Brammer Rolla
Brammer Ruth E.
Brammer S. E., Mrs.
Brammer Sarah S., Mrs.
Brammer Sarah, Mrs.
Brammer Wallace D.
Brammer William
Brammer William E.
Brammer William V.
Branam Isaac, Jr.
Branam Virginia
Branam W. M.
Brand Thomas, Mrs.
Brander C. W.
Brandon William, Mrs.
Brands Thomas
Branham Emaline, Mrs.
Branham James
Branham Joseph
Branham Susan, Mrs.
Branham W. H.
Brannigan James
Brannigan John
Brannigan Thomas
Brannon Emma L.
Branstool Lewis, Mr. and Mrs.
Brant Earl
Brant Henry
Brasci Nick
Brassfield Christina, Mrs.
Brassfield Clara, Mrs.
Brassfield Minnie, Mrs.
Bratt Joseph W.
Bratten John C.
Brattin Margaret, Mrs.
Braughton Henry
Braughton Tom
Braun August
Braun Peter Theodore
Braun Valentine J.
Brawley Adah, Mrs.
Brawley Annette
Brawley George W.
Brawley George W., Mrs.
Brawley Sam
Brawley Samuel S.
Brayton James H.
Braze Charles Jiles
Brazelton Mr.
Breece Jennie, Mrs.
Breece Jennie, Mrs.
Breece John
Breece Winifred L.
Breeden Blick
Breeding Amy, Mrs.
Breeding Henry
Breeding James E.
Breeding Jennie, Mrs.
Breeding Julia A., Mrs.
Breeding Theodore
Breeding William H.
Breeding William H.
Breeler Louis
Brennan James
Brennan Joe N.
Brennemen Sarah, Mrs.
Brett Infant
Brewer Calvin
Brewer David Josiah
Brewer Isaac
Brewer Isaac
Brewer Isaiah
Brewer Janie, Mrs.
Brewer Levi, Mrs.
Brewer Robert
Brewer W. A.
Brewer W. E.
Brewer William
Brewster Emma L.
Brewster Gifford
Brewster James J.
Brewster Mary B., Mrs.
Brewster Rebecca, Mrs.
Brewster Samuel
Bricker H. S., Mrs.
Bricker Ruhama, Mrs.
Brickey Willis
Brickey Willis
Bridant Agnes, Mrs.
Bridges Bertha C., Mrs.
Bridges Bertha C., Mrs.
Bridges Bertha C., Mrs.
Bridges Earl
Bridges Earl
Bridges Family
Bridges Infant
Bridges Infant
Bridges J. M., Mrs.
Bridges Jacob, Mrs.
Bridges Martha A., Mrs.
Bridges Missouri, Mrs.
Bridget Infant
Bridgett William
Bridwell John, Mrs.
Bridwell John, Mrs.
Bridwell Nadine
Brien H. H., Mrs.
Brien H. H., Mrs.
Briggs Gertrude
Briggs James D., Dr.
Briggs Lawrence
Briggs Richard D.
Briggs Walter H.
Bright Malissa, Mrs.
Bright S. H., Judge
Brink Blanche B.
Brislane Katherine, Mrs.
Brislenn Thomas, Mrs.
Britt Mary, Mrs.
Britt Una, Mrs.
Britton Stanley
Broadwell G. W.
Broadwell George W.
Broady Madge, Mrs.
Broady Madge, Mrs.
Broce Infant
Broce James P.
Broce Robert
Brockman Christian F.
Broden Julia, Mrs.
Brody Anna
Brody James, Rev.
Broerman Infant
Broerman Theresa, Mrs.
Brohard Alford E.
Brohard Lola, Mrs.
Brohard Mary, Mrs.
Brohard Ross
Bromley Anthony
Bromley Charles
Brook Lydia, Mrs.
Brooker Carrie, Mrs.
Brookover Archie
Brooks Allen
Brooks Burton
Brooks Damaris
Brooks Edward
Brooks Edward C.
Brooks Edward C.
Brooks Elizabeth
Brooks Elizabeth
Brooks George
Brooks J. K.
Brooks Jake
Brooks John
Brooks Josie, Mrs.
Brooks Lee
Brooks Malinda, Mrs.
Brooks Malinda, Mrs.
Brooks Nancy, Mrs.
Brooks Sophia H., Mrs.
Brooks Thomas
Brooks William, Mrs.
Broom Charles E.
Broom Edward
Broom James
Broom O. B.
Broome Edward
Broome Edward
Broome Edward
Broome Guley, Mrs.
Broscoe child
Broska Katherine
Brother Belle, Mrs.
Brotheridge Ann
Brothers Finley
Brough Bessie, Mrs.
Broughter Adam, Mrs.
Broughton J. C.
Broughton Thomas, Mrs.
Broughton Verna, Mrs.
Broune I. N., Mrs.
Brown A.
Brown A. D., Dr.
Brown A. J.
Brown Alfred
Brown Ambrose
Brown Amos, Mrs.
Brown Anna
Brown Anna M.
Brown Anna M.
Brown Anna, Mrs.
Brown Brady
Brown Brody
Brown C. I., Dr.
Brown C. N., Prof.
Brown Catharine
Brown Charles
Brown Charles
Brown Charles
Brown Charles C.
Brown Charles O.
Brown Charles, Mrs.
Brown Clara, Mrs.
Brown Clarence
Brown Clint
Brown Cynthia, Mrs.
Brown Cynthia, Mrs.
Brown David
Brown Derinda B., Mrs.
Brown Dora A., Mrs.
Brown Doretha
Brown Edward
Brown Edward
Brown Effie
Brown Effie E.
Brown Effie E.
Brown Elizabeth A., Mrs.
Brown Elizabeth, Mrs.
Brown Elizabeth, Mrs.
Brown Ella, Mrs.
Brown Ellen, Mrs.
Brown Emma
Brown Ethel
Brown Evan L., Mrs.
Brown Ferdinand
Brown Flora, Mrs.
Brown Freddie
Brown George
Brown George, Jr.
Brown George, Mrs.
Brown Gertrude
Brown Gideon
Brown Grover, Mrs.
Brown Hattie
Brown Herman
Brown Herschel
Brown I. N., Dr.
Brown Infant
Brown Infant
Brown Infant
Brown Iona, Mrs.
Brown Irvin F.
Brown Isaac Newton, Dr.
Brown J. C.
Brown J. H.
Brown James
Brown James
Brown James
Brown James
Brown James F.
Brown James, Mrs.
Brown Jennie
Brown Jennie, Mrs.
Brown Joe
Brown John
Brown John
Brown John
Brown John H.
Brown John H.
Brown John H., Mrs.
Brown John M.
Brown John R. C.
Brown Joseph
Brown Kate, Mrs.
Brown Katerine, Mrs.
Brown Katharine E.
Brown Katharyne E.
Brown Laura Y., Mrs.
Brown Lavina
Brown Maggie, Mrs.
Brown Mart
Brown Martha, Mrs.
Brown Martha, Mrs.
Brown Martha, Mrs.
Brown Mary
Brown Mary E.
Brown Mary, Mrs.
Brown Mary, Mrs.
Brown Maude, Mrs.
Brown Melvin F., Rev.
Brown Melvin F., Rev.
Brown Mrs.
Brown Nancy J., Mrs.
Brown Nancy J., Mrs.
Brown Nathaniel
Brown Newton, Mrs.
Brown Paris C.
Brown Peter
Brown Phil H.
Brown Phillip
Brown Q. A., Dr.
Brown Reason, Mrs.
Brown Robert
Brown Robert C.
Brown Robert F.
Brown Robert M.
Brown Rose J., Mrs.
Brown Ruth L., Mrs.
Brown Sam
Brown Seth
Brown Sheldon
Brown Sherman
Brown Stella, Mrs.
Brown Susan, Mrs.
Brown Thomas
Brown Thomas R., Judge
Brown Velma L.
Brown W. A., Capt.
Brown Walter
Brown William
Brown William
Brown William
Brown William
Brown William
Brown William
Brown William
Brown William G., Jr.
Brown William J.
Brown Belle, Mrs.
Browne C. M., Mrs.
Browne H. R.
Browne John D.
Browne Wilahmina, Mrs.
Browning Alice, Mrs.
Browning Helen
Browning John
Browning Margaret W.
Browning Ralph
Browning Ray
Browning Stanley
Browning Thomas, Mrs.
Brownstead Alice
Brownstead Helen A.
Brownstead Louise
Brownstead William
Brubaker Charles W.
Brubaker Daniel
Brubaker Daniel, Mrs.
Brubaker David T.
Brubaker Edward
Brubaker Elmer E.
Brubaker Elmer E.
Brubaker Infant
Brubaker Infant
Brubaker Malinda, Mrs.
Brubaker Purla
Brubaker Salome, Mrs.
Bruce Alex, Mrs.
Bruce Carl E.
Bruce Caroline, Mrs.
Bruce Caroline, Mrs.
Bruce child
Bruce Clinton
Bruce Edward
Bruce Edward, Mrs.
Bruce Edward, Mrs.
Bruce Elizabeth, Mrs.
Bruce George D.
Bruce Glen
Bruce Hazel
Bruce Herald K.
Bruce Infant
Bruce Infant
Bruce Infant
Bruce James
Bruce James
Bruce James
Bruce Joshua
Bruce Joshua, Mrs.
Bruce Kendal
Bruce R. W., Mrs.
Bruce Robert A.
Bruce Roberta
Bruce Ruth
Bruce V. V., Mrs.
Bruist Lewis
Bruist Lewis
Brumbaugh Arthur, Mr. and Mrs.
Brumberg A. J.
Brumberg A. J.
Brumfield children
Brumfield Clara, Mrs.
Brumfield Clifford
Brumfield Dorothy
Brumfield Emmett E.
Brumfield Herschel
Brumfield John
Brumfield Lawrence
Brumfield McClelland
Brumfield McClelland
Brumfield Nellie
Brumfield Nellie
Brumfield O. C., Mrs.
Brumfield Ollie C.
Brumfield Perry, Mrs.
Brumfield Rufus B.
Brumfield Sarah E., Mrs.
Brunn Dick
Bruno Albert
Bruno Charles
Bruns Augusta, Mrs.
Brunson Lloyd
Brunson Lois
Brush Ben
Brush Ida, Mrs.
Brush Mary, Mrs.
Brush Sarah J., Mrs.
Bryan E. H., Dr.
Bryan Ethel, Mrs.
Bryan G. W., Capt.
Bryan Henry, Dr.
Bryan John W.
Bryan Mary B., Mrs.
Bryan William H.
Bryan William J.
Bryan William J.
Bryan William J., Jr.
Bryant Albert
Bryant Annie, Mrs.
Bryant Annie, Mrs.
Bryant B. J., Mrs.
Bryant Benjamin K.
Bryant Betty J.
Bryant Charles W.
Bryant Curtis
Bryant Curtis
Bryant Daniel
Bryant Daniel, Mrs.
Bryant Dora, Mrs.
Bryant Edward, Mrs.
Bryant Ella, Mrs.
Bryant Elmer W.
Bryant Ernest
Bryant Evelyn H.
Bryant Francis A.
Bryant Frank
Bryant George
Bryant George W.
Bryant George W.
Bryant Gertrude
Bryant Grace
Bryant Infant
Bryant Infant
Bryant John
Bryant John W.
Bryant Lester
Bryant Lottie, Mrs.
Bryant Margaret, Mrs.
Bryant Mary, Mrs.
Bryant Myrtle
Bryant Ora
Bryant Pearl M.
Bryant Sam, Mrs.
Bryant Vernon
Bryant Virgie
Bryant W. M.
Bryant Warren, Mrs.
Bryant William
Bryant William J.
Bryany Orville F.
Bryce T. J.
Bryson Blanche
Bryson Blanche
Bryson Charles A.
Bryson Emanuel
Bryson John
Bryson Julia D., Mrs.
Buch J. W., Mrs.
Buchanan Emma C., Mrs.
Buchanan G. F., Mrs.
Buchele Alice M., Mrs.
Buchele Anton W.
Buchemeyer Henry
Bucher E. E.
Buchler Mildred
Buck Alice K., Mrs.
Buck Charles A.
Buck Clarence, Jr.
Buck Florence, Mrs.
Buck Infant
Buck James B.
Buck Katherine V.
Buck Lon
Bucket Adam
Buckholzer Andrew
Buckholzer Katherine, Mrs.
Buckle Alfred
Buckle Alfred
Buckle Harry
Buckle Lawrence
Buckler James H.
Buckley Eli, Mrs.
Bucy Edward
Budwell John H.
Buel Edward
Buener John T.
Buffington Edward S., Dr.
Buffington Joseph
Bugg William
Bugg William
Buhr E. H., Mrs.
Buhr Frank
Buhr Frank, Mrs.
Buhr Frank, Mrs.
Buhr Sadie
Buhr Sadie
Buhr Sadie
Buick David D.
Buisch H. G., Rev.
Bulkeley Margan G.
Bull Helen B.
Bull James
Bull James
Bull Mary Huffman, Mrs.
Bull Warren
Bullington Harrison
Bullock Ollie
Bumgardner Sarah L., Mrs.
Bumgarner Clyde
Bumgarner Clyde
Bumgarner Clyde
Bumgarner Infant
Bumgarner James
Bumgarner James
Bumgarner Liddie, Mrs.
Bundschu Phil C.
Bundy Carl
Bundy Eva P.
Bundy George W.
Bundy Goldie
Bundy H. S., Mrs.
Bundy Samuel
Bundy Thomas, Mrs.
Bundy W. E.
Bungshaw Mary, Mrs.
Bungshaw Mary, Mrs.
Bunker Susan
Bunn Carrie
Bunn Ion M.
Bunton George, Jr.
Burbaker Paul
Burbank Luther
Burbender J. H.
Burch Charles S., Rev.
Burch Chester
Burch J. D., Capt.
Burch Mary E., Mrs.
Burch Mrs.
Burch William J.
Burch William J.
Burcham Flora
Burcham Hannah E., Mrs.
Burcham Helen M., Mrs.
Burcham Henry
Burcham Irvin
Burcham John
Burcham Leslie O.
Burcham Margaret, Mrs.
Burcham Marie, Mrs.
Burcham Matilda, Mrs.
Burcham Robert
Burcham Stanley J.
Burcham Stanley J., Jr.
Burchan Calvin
Burchett Eliza
Burchett Eliza
Burchett James
Burchett Millard
Burchette Theodore
Burd Clara, Mrs.
Burd William
Burdelle Esther Jane, Mrs.
Burdette A. C.
Burdette Edith A.
Burdette F. M.
Burdette Millard, Capt.
Burdette S. C., Judge
Burdette Sarah H., Mrs.
Burdette Sarah Ratcliff, Mrs.
Burge Eliza, Mrs.
Burgess Cecil
Burgess Charles
Burgess Charles
Burgess Claud
Burgess Clyde E.
Burgess Earl
Burgess Ellis
Burgess Emma
Burgess Esther
Burgess John
Burgess Ralph
Burgess Ruth
Burgess Vernie
Burggraf Mathias
Burgraf James R.
Burgraf Sarah, Mrs.
Burgraff Mathias
Burgraff Mathias
Burk Mrs.
Burk Thomas
Burk William
Burka George F.
Burke Agnes
Burke Albert
Burke Belle, Mrs.
Burke Edward
Burke Ella E.
Burke Ellen
Burke Emily, Mrs.
Burke Harry M.
Burke Infant
Burke Infant
Burke James
Burke James
Burke John J.
Burke John M., Major
Burke Katherine
Burke Lizzie B., Mrs.
Burke Mabel H.
Burke Mary, Mrs.
Burke Mary, Mrs.
Burke Michael
Burke Mildred
Burke Mrs.
Burke Mrs.
Burke Olive
Burke Otis F.
Burke Peter
Burke Richard
Burke Seymour
Burke Vernadell, Mrs.
Burke William J.
Burke William S.
Burkett C. K.
Burkett D. R., Mrs.
Burkhardt Leopold
Burkhart Ruth, Mrs.
Burks Arculla, Mrs.
Burks John, Prof.
Burling William, Sr.
Burman J. H.
Burnett Dennis
Burnett Dennis
Burnett Homer
Burnett LaFayette
Burnett Robert
Burnette Homer
Burnette J. C.
Burns A. C., Dr.
Burns A. C., Dr.
Burns Alvin
Burns Charles
Burns Charles
Burns Charles
Burns David
Burns Harold
Burns Henry J., Mrs.
Burns J. A.
Burns J. Milton
Burns James
Burns John A.
Burns John H.
Burns John P.
Burns Lawrence
Burns M. J.
Burns Mrs.
Burns Nellie
Burns Patrick
Burns Patrick, Mrs.
Burns Robert
Burns Willa
Burns William
Burns William
Burnside E. A., Capt.
Burr Charles E.
Burr Halsey C.
Burr Halsey C.
Burr Harriet K., Mrs.
Burrell Guthrie O.
Burris Preston, Mrs.
Burroughs John
Burst Ama, Mrs.
Burt Infant
Burtch Arthur, Mrs.
Burton Amanda H.
Burton Bimmie, Mrs.
Burton Carroll
Burton Claude
Burton Emily
Burton George A.
Burton Guy, Mrs.
Burton Guy, Mrs.
Burton Hannah, Mrs.
Burton Hannah, Mrs.
Burton Helen R., Mrs.
Burton John
Burton Lawrence
Burton Margaret, Mrs.
Burton Marion L., Dr.
Burton Martha, Mrs.
Burton Thomas
Burwell Genevieve
Burwell Martha, Mrs.
Bush Amy
Bush Corydon I.
Bush Flora S., Mrs.
Bush George D.
Bush Gilbert D.
Bush Isaac, Mrs.
Bush James
Bush James
Bush John
Bush Mahallia, Mrs.
Bush Mary Catherine Wait, Mrs.
Bush Melissa, Mrs.
Bush Sarah, Mrs.
Bushbaum Elmer
Bushbaum Frank
Bushbaum Frank
Bushbaum Frank
Bushbaum Mary, Mrs.
Bushman Christina, Mrs.
Buskirk R. W.
Bussey Grace N., Mrs.
Bussey Russell H.
Bussey Thomas H.
Bustette Charles
Butcher C. W.
Butcher M. L., Mrs.
Butcher Martin L.
Butcher Matthew H.
Butler Alex
Butler Bertha, Mrs.
Butler child
Butler Delbert
Butler Ed
Butler Ed E.
Butler Ella, Mrs.
Butler Frederick
Butler George
Butler George
Butler George
Butler George M.
Butler Hilda M.
Butler James E.
Butler Joseph C.
Butler Joseph G., Jr.
Butler Katherine M.
Butler L.
Butler Lambert
Butler Leroy
Butler Mary, Mrs.
Butler Nathan
Butler Ollie, Mrs.
Butler R. L.
Butler R. L.
Butler Rita A.
Butler Sarah, Mrs.
Butler Thomas
Butler Thomas, Mrs.
Butler William
Butler William Lawrence
Butler William, Mrs.
Butler William, Mrs.
Butterfield Benjamin
Butterfield Margaret H., Mrs.
Butterfield William
Buttner Alfreda, Mrs.
Byard Infant
Bybee Mont
Byers Billie Joe
Byers Grace Evalyn
Byers Rebecca, Mrs.
Byers Richard
Byner Samuel, Mrs. and child
Byrne Albert J.
Byrne J. B.
Byrne James
Byrne James
Byrne James Ervin
Byrne Patrick H.
Byrne Patrick J., Mrs.
Byrne Thomas
Byrne Thomas, Mrs.
Byrne Thomas, Mrs.
Byrnes Forge
Byrnes Nora
Byrnes P. J., Mrs.

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