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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Cable Ann
Cable Elizabeth, Mrs.
Cable Ella, Mrs.
Cable Irene
Cable Rebecca
Cable Rebecca, Mrs.
Cade Al
Cade Cecil
Cade Walter
Cade William
Cadot Claire
Cadot Cora V.
Cadot J. C.
Cadot John Claudius
Cadot Mary, Mrs.
Cadot W. H. H., Mrs.
Cady Clarence
Cage Albert
Cahoon William J.
Cain E. R.
Cain Mary E., Mrs.
Cain W. J., Rev.
Caincrow Mattie, Mrs.
Cairns Leona
Caison Clint
Calahan Daniel
Calder Philip C.
Caldwell Albert
Caldwell Andrew
Caldwell Benson
Caldwell Catherine, Mrs.
Caldwell Catherine, Mrs.
Caldwell Charles E.
Caldwell Eugene
Caldwell Fred C.
Caldwell George W., Prof.
Caldwell George W., Prof.
Caldwell George, Mrs.
Caldwell Harry E.
Caldwell James
Caldwell James L.
Caldwell James, Rev.
Caldwell John F.
Cales Floyd L.
Cales Infant
Cales Jimmy
Cales Wilma J.
Calhoun Dode
Calhoun Dode
Calhoun Guy
Calhoun Infant
Calhoun Jane M., Mrs.
Calhoun Rowland T.
Calicoat Avanelle
Calicoat George, Mrs.
Calihan Cambridge C.
Call Edward
Call Emmett, Mrs.
Call Rose, Mrs.
Call William
Callahan Daniel
Callahan Hugh
Callahan Hugh, Mrs.
Callahan Julia
Callahan Lola O.
Callahan Lovina
Callahan Margaret A.
Callahan Mildred I.
Callahan Milton
Callahan Nina M., Mrs.
Callahan Nina Mae, Mrs.
Callahan Opal M.
Callahan Oscar P.
Callahan Roscoe
Callanges S. H.
Callaway James
Callicoat Giles
Callicoat John
Callicoat Lillie
Callicoat Mary E., Mrs.
Callicoat Pluma, Mrs.
Callicut Dan
Callihan Clem
Callihan Dollie
Callihan Duward W.
Callihan Hamilton M.
Callihan Infant
Callihan Jeff
Callihan John G.
Callihan John J.
Callihan John J.
Callihan Lester E.
Callihan Mack
Callihan Margaret, Mrs.
Callihan Nola, Mrs.
Callihan Otha, Mrs.
Callihan Pauline
Callihan Roscoe
Callihan Shirley
Callihan Stella, Mrs.
Callihan Wesley
Callison William
Calloway Paul
Calloway Robert
Calvert Earle
Calvin Charles
Calvin Charles D.
Calvin Mrs.
Camden J. M., Sen.
Cameron Allen Parkway
Cameron Clara
Cameron Clara
Cameron Frank
Cameron Frank
Cameron Frank, Mrs.
Cameron Franklin
Cameron Isabelle, Mrs.
Cameron Laminda W. P., Mrs.
Cameron Mary
Cameron Mary, Mrs.
Cameron Nellie
Cameron Nellie
Cammel Nick
Camp G. R., Mrs.
Campbell A. C.
Campbell A. C.
Campbell Albert
Campbell Albert
Campbell Alexander, Col.
Campbell Alma A.
Campbell Angeline, Mrs.
Campbell Anna
Campbell Anna, Mrs.
Campbell Annie E.
Campbell Arch
Campbell C. W., Mrs.
Campbell Charles
Campbell Charles
Campbell Charles
Campbell Cora
Campbell Dorothy V.
Campbell Dorothy Wilson
Campbell Earl
Campbell Edgar S.
Campbell Elizabeth
Campbell Elizabeth, Mrs.
Campbell Emma, Mrs.
Campbell George E.
Campbell Guy
Campbell H. H.
Campbell H. J., Dr.
Campbell H. J., Dr.
Campbell Hazel
Campbell Homer W.
Campbell Infant
Campbell Infant
Campbell Infant
Campbell Infant
Campbell Infant
Campbell Isaac
Campbell Ive
Campbell J. M.
Campbell J. W., Mrs.
Campbell James
Campbell James
Campbell James C.
Campbell James C., Rev.
Campbell James F.
Campbell James, Mrs.
Campbell John S.
Campbell John S.
Campbell John W.
Campbell Joseph M.
Campbell L. N., Mrs.
Campbell M. F.
Campbell Mary, Mrs.
Campbell Milton
Campbell Miss
Campbell Mrs.
Campbell Okey K., Mrs.
Campbell Regina D.
Campbell Richard
Campbell Richard
Campbell Rosa, Mrs.
Campbell Roy
Campbell Ruth
Campbell S. Reed
Campbell Thomas
Campbell Thomas
Campbell Thomas
Campbell Thomas
Campbell W. E.
Campbell Zenia, Mrs.
Canaan John
Canaday Alvira, Mrs.
Canderberry John
Candler Arlie and Lundy
Canfield Katherine, Mrs.
Cannan Charles
Cannon Cathatine, Mrs.
Cannon Elizabeth, Mrs.
Cannon James
Cannon Kathleen R.
Cannon Lawrence, Mrs.
Cannon Mary L.
Cannon Patrick
Cannon Peter
Cannoy Harry
Canter Anna, Mrs.
Canter Jerry
Canter John
Canterberry Clifford
Canterberry Clifford
Canterberry Frank
Canterbury Abram
Canterbury Abram
Canterbury Abram
Canterbury Andrew
Canterbury Donald
Canterbury John
Canterbury John
Canterbury John E.
Canterbury John E.
Canterbury Lawrence
Caperton Annibel
Caperton Rena B.
Caperton Victor
Caple Sarah, Mrs.
Cappel Frank, Mrs.
Capper Brook
Capper Infant
Capper Infant
Capper Sarah L., Mrs.
Capper Thoeba, Mrs.
Capper William, Mrs.
Carbaugh John E.
Carbin William H.
Carder Joe, Mrs.
Cardigan Samuel
Cardin Thomas
Cardwell Faith A.
Cardwell Henry H.
Careen Blanch, Mrs.
Carey A. C., Mrs.
Carey A. C., Mrs.
Carey Alma
Carey Andrew
Carey Andrew
Carey Anna, Mrs.
Carey Bessie, Mrs.
Carey Catherine W.
Carey Henry
Carey Infant
Carey Infant
Carey J. B.
Carey John L., Mrs.
Carey Mary J., Mrs.
Carey Pearl
Carey Phillip
Carey Robert, Mrs.
Carey Virgil
Carey Washington
Carey Wilbur
Carey William L.
Carey William, Mrs.
Carey Meral
Carico Anthony
Carico Infant
Carlan James, Mrs.
Carlen James
Carley Francis D.
Carlson Morris
Carmack Clarence
Carman Barbara E.
Carman child
Carman child
Carman Frank
Carman Leonard
Carman Leonard F.
Carman Leonard, Mrs.
Carman Pernelia, Mrs.
Carman Pernelia, Mrs.
Carman William
Carmen Andrew
Carmen Infant
Carmen Jacob, Mrs.
Carmen Leonard
Carmen Leonard, Mrs.
Carmen Leonard, Mrs.
Carmichael Glenn
Carnahan Mary, Mrs.
Carnahan Ruth, Mrs.
Carnce Caroline, Mrs.
Carnegie Andrew
Carnegie Andrew
Carnell Thomas
Carner Vernon
Carnes Boardman
Carnett Amelia, Mrs.
Carolin John
Carothers Samuel
Carp Elizabeth Jones, Mrs.
Carp Will, Mrs.
Carpenter Catherine, Mrs.
Carpenter Jerry
Carpenter John
Carpenter Perry
Carpenter Rowena, Mrs.
Carr Alfred
Carr Dyke
Carr Ellis
Carr Fannie
Carr Henry
Carr James
Carr John
Carr Mary, Mrs.
Carr Oliver H.
Carr Sadie, Mrs.
Carrico Arnold, Jr.
Carrico child
Carrico Frances L.
Carrico Ida, Mrs.
Carrico J. H.
Carrico Ray
Carrigan W. M.
Carrington James
Carrington James, Mrs.
Carrington Lester
Carrington Richard, Jr.
Carroll Doris
Carroll Douglas
Carroll Edna, Mrs.
Carroll Edna, Mrs.
Carroll Fletcher
Carroll Frank
Carroll James W.
Carroll Louise
Carroll Maxie
Carroll Ollie, Mrs.
Carroll Virginia L.
Carroll Vivian L.
Carroll Vivian L.
Carskaden J. J.
Carson Patterson D.
Cart A. M.
Cart Alice E.
Cart Charles W.
Cart Isaac W.
Carter Cecelia S., Mrs.
Carter Charles W.
Carter David, Mrs.
Carter E. E.
Carter E. L.
Carter Edna
Carter George
Carter Harry
Carter I. W., Rev.
Carter Infant
Carter Infant
Carter Infant
Carter J. M.
Carter Jack, Jr.
Carter Jacob
Carter James
Carter James
Carter James
Carter James
Carter Jay W., Dr.
Carter Jessie I.
Carter Leroy
Carter Lucretia
Carter Morgan, Mrs.
Carter Nina
Carter Smith, Rev.
Carter T., Mrs.
Carter Thomas
Carter Thomas C.
Carter Vernon
Carter Viola
Carter William S.
Carter Zona, Mrs.
Cartmell Billy
Cartwright Charles
Cartwright Charles
Cartwright Joseph
Caruso Enrico
Carver Noah
Carver Pauline
Cary Amanda, Mrs.
Case Clarence
Case Clarence
Case Henry
Case John
Case Kathryn G.
Casebolt Ella
Casebolt Ella
Casebolt Frederick
Casebolt Infant
Casebolt James
Casebolt Lewis
Casebolt Lon
Casebolt Sadie D.
Casey child
Casey Howard
Casey James
Casey John
Casey Martin, Mrs.
Casey Martin, Mrs.
Casey Mary
Casey Minerva M., Mrs.
Casey Onida
Casey Randolph
Casey Susan E., Mrs.
Casey Thomas
Casey Thomas
Cash Mary, Mrs.
Caskey William
Casper Frances, Mrs.
Casper James
Cassett Edward
Cassett Edward
Cassiday Maud
Cassidy Elizabeth, Mrs.
Cassidy Freddie
Cassidy Mary, Mrs.
Cassidy Raymond
Cassidy William
Casteel Pearl
Caster Clement
Castle Gertrude S., Mrs.
Castle Infant
Castle Lillie, Mrs.
Castle Mary, Mrs.
Castner Catherine
Castner Catherine
Castner Colfax
Castner Grant
Castner Grant
Castner Jeanne
Castner Will A.
Castrop William
Catlyn Infant
Catty John
Caudill A. P., Rev.
Caudill Albert
Caudill B. D., Mrs.
Caudill Cordie M., Mrs.
Caudill Elizabeth, Mrs.
Caudill Florence
Caudill Gladys
Caudill Ida
Caudill Infant
Caudill Infant
Caudill Infant
Caudill James E.
Caudill James W.
Caudill Jane, Mrs.
Caudill Jess
Caudill John
Caudill John N.
Caudill Kenis
Caudill Lena M.
Caudill Martha
Caudill Martha, Mrs.
Caudill Mary J.
Caudill Mary, Mrs.
Caudill Matthew
Caudill Matthew, Mrs.
Caudill Miss
Caudill Nellie Mae
Caudill Ray
Caudill Samuel
Caudill Sona, Mrs.
Cauley Andrew, Mrs.
Cauley Frank
Cauling Harold
Cavanaugh Thomas
Cavendish Peddy
Cay Edward
Cayner Charles
Cayton Florence
Cayton John, Mrs.
Cayton Roxie A. C., Mrs.
Caywood William Hildreth
Cecil John, Mrs.
Cecil Martha, Mrs.
Cecil Nancy, Mrs.
Cellar J. K.
Cellar W. J.
Cellars J. A., Mrs.
Center Pauline
Chabot James A.
Chadwick Cassie
Chadwick John
Chadwick Oliver
Chaffin David
Chaffin Earl
Chaffin Earl F.
Chaffin James M.
Chaffin Marie H., Mrs.
Chaffin Orin Alfred
Chaffin Pula
Chaffins Elsira
Chaffins James M.
Chaffins Nanme
Chafin Hiram H.
Chalmers George B.
Chamberlin Mary G.
Chambers Arthur, Mrs.
Chambers James
Chambers James
Chambers Jane
Chambers Mary, Mrs.
Chambers Mary, Mrs.
Chambers William
Chambers William, Mrs.
Champer Dave
Champer Stella M.
Champion Jefferson
Chance Frank
Chancellor Fred
Chandler Francis, Mrs.
Channell Wayne
Channon Eleanor M.
Chapin J. B.
Chapman A. A.
Chapman A. A., Mrs.
Chapman Alfred G.
Chapman Augustus A., Rev.
Chapman Bertie L.
Chapman Chester
Chapman Edward, Mrs.
Chapman Edward, Mrs.
Chapman Ellis
Chapman Horace L.
Chapman I. F., Hon.
Chapman Infant
Chapman J. Wilbur, Dr.
Chapman James H.
Chapman John
Chapman John
Chapman John, Mrs.
Chapman Lew, Col.
Chapman Louise, Mrs.
Chapman Mrs.
Chapman Ray
Chapman Rebecca, Mrs.
Chapman Sarah, Mrs.
Chapman Virginia
Chappell C. W.
Charlton Elizabeth, Mrs.
Charter George
Chase Linda, Mrs.
Chase Mark
Chase Mercy J., Mrs.
Chase Mercy J., Mrs.
Chase Parker
Chase S. P.
Chase W. E.
Chatfield Alice
Chatfield Alice, Mrs.
Chatfield Alice, Mrs.
Chatfield Anna L.
Chatfield C. W., Mrs.
Chatfield C. W., Mrs.
Chatfield Carrie F. S., Mrs.
Chatfield Cecil Homer
Chatfield Earl
Chatfield Edward
Chatfield Edward
Chatfield Frank
Chatfield Frederick
Chatfield General L.
Chatfield General L.
Chatfield Grace
Chatfield Infant
Chatfield Infant
Chatfield Joe
Chatfield Joseph
Legrand, Mrs.
Chatfield Legrand, Mrs.
Chatfield Lelia, Mrs.
Chatfield Lizzie
Chatfield Margaret, Mrs.
Chatfield Martha F.
Chatfield Mary, Mrs.
Chatfield Mrs.
Chatfield Robert
Chatfield Robert
Chatfield Robert, Mrs.
Chatfield Sarah, Mrs.
Chatman B. V.
Chatman B. V.
Chatterton Lucretia, Mrs.
Chattin C. E.
Chattin Charles E.
Chattin Charles E.
Cheats L. H.
Cheatwood James
Check Daniel
Cheek Emma, Mrs.
Cheek Matthew
Cheek Watt
Cheeks Richard
Cheeks Robert
Cheeser Charles
Cheetham James K.
Cheney J. H.
Cherrington Elizabeth, Mrs.
Cherrington Thomas, Judge
Cherrington Virgil L.
Cherrington W. D., Rev.
Cherry Maggie, Mrs.
Chester Frank
Chestnut Austin, Dr.
Chevalier John
Chew James P.
Chick Luther
Chick S. P.
Chick Sylvester, Mrs.
Childers Annie Wild, Mrs.
Childers Charles
Childers Ed
Childers Elmer
Childers Lucille
Childers Roma, Mrs.
Childers Virgie P., Mrs.
Childers William
Childs Sarah Heflin, Mrs.
Chillison Charles M.
Chillison Elinore, Mrs
Chin Alma Louise
Chinn Albert
Chinn Albert
Chinn Albert
Chinn Alfred, Mrs.
Chinn Benjamin F.
Chinn Cecil
Chinn Earl, Jr.
Chinn Esther
Chinn Ewing, Mrs.
Chinn Harry
Chinn Harry Lee
Chinn Infant
Chinn John, Jr.
Chinn L. H.
Chinn Luecretia, Mrs.
Chinn Mollie
Chinn Myrtle
Chinn Richard
Chinn Sophia B., Mrs.
Chinn Sophia Brown, Mrs.
Chinn Sudia, Mrs.
Chinn Thomas W.
Chinn Thomas, Mrs.
Chinn Thomas, Mrs.
Chittum John
Christen Vern D.
Christian Ada
Christian Adam, Mrs.
Christian Amos
Christian Anna, Mrs.
Christian Bertha P.
Christian Charles E.
Christian Christina, Mr. and Mrs.
Christian Clarence
Christian Dave
Christian David H.
Christian Edward
Christian Elizabeth, Mrs.
Christian Elizabeth, Mrs.
Christian Emma
Christian Emma, Mrs.
Christian George
Christian Harrison
Christian Harry
Christian James
Christian James B.
Christian Jane, Mrs.
Christian Jessie
Christian Joan M.
Christian Juanita F.
Christian Julia
Christian Julia, Mrs.
Christian Lindsay
Christian Olive
Christian Olive
Christian Pick
Christian Sadie, Mrs.
Christian Sarah A., Mrs.
Christian Sarah A., Mrs.
Christian Sarah M.
Christian Sarah, Mrs.
Christian Sarah, Mrs.
Christman Katherine, Mrs.
Christopher Helen R.
Christy J. C.
Christy Nelson
Christy William, Rev.
Church C. W.
Church George
Church George L.
Church Infant
Churchill Randolph S.
Chute Elizabeth, Mrs.
Chynd Isaac
Cimas John
Cipris Frank
Circle William
Cissna Asenath, Mrs.
Cissna William M., Gen.
Cistner Jacob
Clagg William
Claggett Bert
Claggett Dorothy
Clagran A. J.
Claire Edna
Clancey Emma, Mrs.
Clancy Family
Clancy Harold
Clare Charles
Clark A. G.
Clark Aaron
Clark Alfred
Clark Alice
Clark Amanda
Clark Amelia, Mrs.
Clark Anthony
Clark Champ
Clark Christina, Mrs.
Clark Christine
Clark Cornelius
Clark Cornelius
Clark Dilley C., Mrs.
Clark E. Hampton
Clark Earl, Mrs.
Clark Earl, Mrs.
Clark Edward
Clark Edward, Mrs.
Clark Ella, Mrs.
Clark Ella, Mrs.
Clark Eva, Mrs.
Clark Frank
Clark Frank
Clark Freda M.
Clark George
Clark George M.
Clark H. P.
Clark Harry
Clark Harry
Clark Helen
Clark Henry J., Mrs.
Clark Henry L.
Clark Infant
Clark J., Mrs.
Clark Jack
Clark James
Clark Jane, Mrs.
Clark Joe
Clark John B.
Clark John Culbertson
Clark John D.
Clark Joseph R.
Clark L. A.
Clark Laura H., Mrs.
Clark Levi
Clark Lincoln
Clark Lloyd
Clark M. A., Mrs.
Clark Maggie B., Mrs.
Clark Malinda, Mrs.
Clark Manley
Clark Manley
Clark Margaret, Mrs.
Clark Mary
Clark Mary
Clark Mary B., Mrs.
Clark Mary F., Mrs.
Clark Mary, Mrs.
Clark Millard
Clark Mrs.
Clark Myrtle
Clark Neal, Mrs.
Clark Oscar E.
Clark Otto
Clark Pauline V.
Clark Philo
Clark Rachel V.
Clark Rachel, Mrs.
Clark Rhoda A., Mrs.
Clark Rhoda, Mrs.
Clark Riley
Clark Robert Fullton
Clark Rolston
Clark Ross H.
Clark Ruth
Clark Ruth
Clark Sarah J., Mrs.
Clark Thomas
Clark Thomas
Clark Thomas
Clark Thomas M.
Clark Tommy
Clark W. C.
Clark Walter
Clark Walter
Clark William E.
Clark William H.
Clark William H.
Clark William, Capt.
Clark Aaron
Clark Adam
Clark Ruby
Clarke A. R.
Clarke Alma R., Mrs.
Clarke Alma R., Mrs.
Clarke Amos
Clarke Anna M., Mrs.
Clarke Claude
Clarke Ella, Mrs.
Clarke Ellen, Mrs.
Clarke H. P.
Clarke James, Mrs.
Clarke Jennie
Clarke John
Clarke Louise
Clarke Louise
Clarke Rosa E., Mrs.
Clarke Silas
Clarke Thomas
Clarke Thomas
Clarke Viola Louise
Clarke William
Clarke William
Clarke William J.
Clarkson child
Clarkson Jacob, Mrs.
Clary George M.
Clary Horace C.
Clary James W.
Clary Michael, Mrs.
Classing Infant
Classing Joseph
Clawges Ella, Mrs.
Clawgess William
Clay Andrew
Clay Andrew, Mrs.
Clay Clara
Clay Elizabeth A.
Clay Evelyn E.
Clay Fred
Clay Fred, Mrs.
Clay Green, Col.
Clay Harley, Mrs.
Clay Henry
Clay Henry, Mrs.
Clay Henry, Mrs.
Clay Horace
Clay Infant
Clay J. M., Mrs.
Clay Jean
Clay John M.
Clay Malcolm, Mrs.
Clay Nannie B., Mrs.
Clay Oakley
Clay Perry L.
Clay W. H.
Claypool Ada, Mrs.
Claypool Mr.
Clayton Carl
Clayton Harry A.
Clayton Stanton
Clayton Stanton
Cleary Bertha, Mrs.
Cleary George L.
Cleary Margaret A.
Cleary Ralph
Cleary Rhoda, Mrs.
Clegorn Anderson
Clement George, Jr.
Clement Judson, Judge
Clements Elizabeth, Mrs.
Clements Julius
Clements William David
Clemons E. C.
Clemons Ella, Mrs.
Clemons Ella, Mrs.
Clemons Seldon P.
Clendennin Gertrude, Mrs.
Clendennin Howard
Clere child
Clere child
Clere Mary
Clere Raymond
Cleveland Belle, Mrs.
Cleveland Grover
Cleveland Mary Elizabeth
Clevenger Charles
Clewers John
Clews Henry
Click Avery
Click Fred R.
Clifford Joseph
Clifford Mary
Clifford Othanile
Clifton Albert
Clifton William H.
Clikem Mike
Clikem Mike
Cline Alfred
Cline Arnold
Cline C. C., Col.
Cline Flint, Dr.
Cline Henry L.
Cline Inez, Mrs.
Cline Isiah, Rev.
Cline John M.
Cline John P.
Cline Lena, Mrs.
Cline Lydia J., Mrs.
Cline M. J.
Cline Mary, Mrs.
Cline Samuel
Clinefelter Mary, Mrs.
Clinefelter Mary, Mrs.
Clinton Hugh, Mrs.
Cloran Carl M.
Cloran Carl M.
Cloran John
Cloran Joseph J.
Cloran Kate, Mrs.
Cloran Luke, Sr.
Cloran Luke, Sr.
Cloran Mabel G.
Cloran Matthew A.
Cloran Nellie M.
Cloran Owen, Sr.
Cloran Ralph
Cloran Ralph A.
Closterny Isabelle, Mrs.
Clouse Conrad, Mrs.
Clouse Emma
Clouse Fred
Clouse Fred
Clouse G. M., Mrs.
Clutter child
Clutter Jerome
Clutter L. T.
Clutter Rebecca, Mrs.
Clutters Infant
Clutters Lawrence
Clutters Vina, Mrs.
Clutters William
Clutts Charles J.
Clutts Charles, Sr.
Clutts Etta, Mrs.
Clutts Johanna, Mrs.
Clutts John, Mrs.
Clutts Joseph C.
Clutts Joseph C.
Clutts William
Cluxton James Russell
Clyde Florence, Mrs.
Clyne Joseph

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