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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Coalgrove Infant
Coates Richard, Mrs.
Coates Richard, Mrs.
Coates Thomas
Coats Curtis
Coats Curtis
Coats Sophia, Mrs.
Cobb James M.
Cobb John B.
Cobb S. C.
Cobb Sidney
Cobbs C. C.
Coborn William
Coburn Georgia, Mrs.
Coburn Jackson
Coburn Jane, Mrs.
Coburn W. H., Mrs.
Coburn W. H., Mrs.
Cochel George C., Rev.
Cochran Charles W.
Cochran David
Cochran Frank
Cochran George
Cochran Helen, Mrs.
Cochran Jennie, Mrs.
Cochran John
Cochran Louis
Cochran Mamie, Mrs.
Cochran Mary, Mrs.
Cochran Sarah, Mrs.
Cochran Sarah, Mrs.
Cochran Sarah, Mrs.
Cochran William
Cochran William
Cochran William E.
Cochrane Danny
Cochrane Elizabeth, Mrs.
Cochrane Emma
Cochrane Jacob
Cochrane Jacob
Cochrane Mary, Mrs.
Cochrane Robert M.
Cochrane Robert M.
Cockerell Harvey
Cockran Carl
Cody Edmund
Cody James
Cody Lulu C., Mrs.
Cody W. F., Col.
Cody William F.
Coe George, Mrs.
Coe T. J., Jr.
Coe William, Mrs.
Coffee Fronie, Mrs.
Coffee John
Coffee Phillis C.
Coffee William
Coffey Edward
Coffey Edward Everett
Coffey Lora, Mrs.
Coffey Timothy J.
Coffman Infant
Coffman John W.
Coffman Ralph
Cogan Elizabeth, Mrs.
Cogan Julia M.
Cogan Paul F.
Cohan Abraham
Cohen Moses
Cohen R., Mrs.
Cohen Sarah, Mrs.
Colbeck James W.
Colby John
Colby Mary, Mrs.
Cold Rena, Mrs.
Coldiron child
Coldiron Peter
Coldiron Ralph
Cole A. B., Judge
Cole A. B., Judge
Cole A. E., Judge
Cole Allen D.
Cole Charles
Cole child
Cole E. V.
Cole Elizabeth
Cole Frank
Cole Frank
Cole George
Cole Harrison
Cole Henrietta, Mrs.
Cole Horace E.
Cole Jennie B.
Cole John
Cole Judge
Cole Lorana, Mrs.
Cole Lorena, Mrs.
Cole Thomas
Cole William T., Judge
Colegrove Anna E., Mrs.
Colegrove J. Wesley
Colegrove Phoebe, Mrs.
Colegrove Waneta
Coleman Anna, Mrs.
Coleman Charles
Coleman Dicey, Mrs.
Coleman Elizabeth, Mrs.
Coleman Elizabeth, Mrs.
Coleman Ernest
Coleman Ethel
Coleman Henderson
Coleman I. R.
Coleman Josephine
Coleman Josephine
Coleman Josephine
Coleman Matilda J., Mrs.
Coleman Matthew
Coleman Mildred E.
Coleman Robert
Coleman Tillie, Mrs.
Coleman William H.
Coles Anna
Coles Eliza
Coles Ella
Coles Frank
Coles Lyda
Coles Robert, Sr.
Coles William
Coles Robert, Jr.
Colfer child
Colfer John
Colfer Mary, Mrs.
Colfer Thomas
Coll Anna, Mrs.
Colleen Ellen, Mrs.
Collett Albert M.
Collett John C.
Collett Virginia B.
Colley Mrs.
Collier Allen
Collier Alvin
Collier Betty
Collier C. C.
Collier Claud
Collier Erastus L.
Collier Isaac
Collier Martha, Mrs.
Collier Mrs.
Collier Taylor
Collier Thomas
Colligan John
Collings Henry D.
Collings Henry, Judge
Collingsworth Harrison
Collins A. B., Mrs.
Collins Abe
Collins Allen
Collins Andrew
Collins Anna, Mrs.
Collins Bernice
Collins Beulah
Collins child
Collins child
Collins Clarence
Collins Darlene, Mrs.
Collins David
Collins Elizabeth, Mrs.
Collins Ellen, Mrs.
Collins Emily, Mrs.
Collins Eva
Collins Fletcher
Collins Floyd
Collins Frederick
Collins George, Mrs.
Collins Hart
Collins Harvey
Collins Homer
Collins Ida
Collins Infant
Collins Infant
Collins Infant
Collins Infant
Collins Infant
Collins Infant
Collins Ira
Collins Ira, Mrs.
Collins Irvin
Collins Jerry
Collins Jessie
Collins John H.
Collins John, Capt.
Collins John, Mrs.
Collins Josephine
Collins Josie, Mrs.
Collins Lawrence O.
Collins Leonard
Collins Lewis
Collins Lucinda, Mrs.
Collins Lydia, Mrs.
Collins Mabel, Mrs.
Collins Margaret, Mrs.
Collins Marvin
Collins Nancy, Mrs.
Collins Nathaniel
Collins Pauline
Collins Rody, Mrs.
Collins Rose, Mrs.
Collins Sarah A., Mrs.
Collins Val P.
Collins William
Collins William
Collins Willie
Collins Willie
Collinsworth John F.
Collinsworth Shelia
Collinsworth Walter
Colter Horace
Colvin Ambrose
Colvin Eugene R.
Colvin George
Colvin Hubert
Colvin James
Colvin Louisa, Mrs.
Colvin Louisa, Mrs.
Colvin Margaret D., Mrs.
Colvin Oscar, Mrs.
Colvin Oscar, Mrs.
Colvin Sarah
Comberts Sigmund
Combs Cleveland
Combs Lencil
Combs Logan
Combs R. C.
Comer Nancy, Mrs.
Commer Lula
Compelton Brice Henry
Complement William, Mrs.
Compliment Alice, Mrs.
Compliment Benjamin
Compliment Effercene, Mrs.
Compliment Frederick
Compliment Homer
Compliment Infant
Compliment Joseph H.
Compliment Joseph H.
Compliment Leonard
Compliment Margaret
Compliment William
Compston "Grandma"
Compston Brice
Compston Margaret, Mrs.
Compston Mrs.
Compton Caroline, Mrs.
Compton Cecil
Compton children
Compton Infant
Compton Lottie May
Compton Rufus
Compton Sarah E., Mrs.
Compton William
Comsia Anna, Mrs.
Conant George W., Capt.
Conaway George
Conaway Infant
Conaway Mr.
Conaway Walter
Condit W. C., Dr.
Cone Delia A.
Coneff Thomas P.
Cones Nelson
Conger Delmar S., Rev.
Conghlin John
Conkright John
Conley Bartholemew
Conley Charles
Conley Edward
Conley Ellis
Conley Julia, Mrs.
Conley June, Mrs.
Conley Mary, Mrs.
Conley Mrs.
Conley Muriel
Conley Peter
Conley Polly A., Mrs.
Conley Ray
Conley Thomas, Mrs.
Conley William
Conley Add
Conlin Charles
Conlin Jeremiah
Conlin John
Conlin Tom
Conlin Tom
Conlon George
Conlon Hugh G., Dr.
Conlon Jerry
Conn Fred
Conn Hiram
Connell Catherine W., Mrs.
Connell Louise, Mrs.
Connelly J., Mrs.
Connelly Mary, Mrs.
Connelly T. W.
Connelly William E.
Conner Charles
Conner Fritz, Mrs.
Conner J. W.
Conner P. C., Mrs.
Conner Simpson B.
Connerton Thomas, Mrs.
Connery Edward J.
Connery Eugene
Connery Garnet
Connley Mary, Mrs.
Connolly Thomas
Connoly John
Connoly John
Connor Amanda, Mrs.
Connor Donald
Connor Fritz
Connor Patrick, Mrs.
Connor Patrick, Mrs.
Connors Mr.
Connors T. J.
Connors William
Conolly Thomas
Conos Infant
Conrad child
Conrad David
Conrad David
Conrad Gerald
Conrad Henry L., Judge
Conrad W. S.
Conrad William
Conrath Fannie, Mrs.
Consciena Charles, Mrs.
Conway Arch
Conway Edith
Conway George
Conway H. D.
Conway Infant
Conway Jennie, Mrs.
Conway John
Conway Lawrence F.
Conway Quincy
Conway Raymond
Conway Raymond
Conway Theodore
Conway William C., Rev.
Cook Amanda, Mrs.
Cook Bern, Mrs.
Cook child
Cook child
Cook Christopher
Cook Earl
Cook Edward O.
Cook Edward O.
Cook Ernest
Cook Frank
Cook George, Mr. and Mrs.
Cook Herman
Cook Isaac, Sr., Mrs.
Cook James
Cook John, Mrs.
Cook Joseph
Cook Kate S., Mrs.
Cook Lee
Cook Marie
Cook Marie
Cook Mary M.
Cook Mildred, Mrs.
Cook Mildred, Mrs.
Cook Mrs.
Cook Rosanna, Mrs.
Cook Rosanna, Mrs.
Cook William E., Mrs.
Cook William E., Mrs.
Cooke Hattie, Mrs.
Cooke Henry A.
Cooke Minnie C.
Cooke Samuel
Cooke W. J.
Cooley Ethel
Cooley Frank
Cooley Louella, Mrs.
Coolidge Helen
Coon Doris E.
Coon Earl
Coon Roy
Cooney J. P.
Coonrod Emuel E.
Coonrod Samuel
Coons Robert M.
Cooper A. S., Mrs.
Cooper Ada
Cooper Alfred H.
Cooper Amy, Mrs.
Cooper Arno
Cooper Bert, Mrs.
Cooper Bonnie Belle
Cooper Comfort, Mrs.
Cooper Daniel, Mr. and Mrs.
Cooper David
Cooper Eli
Cooper Elizabeth
Cooper Emerson
Cooper Forest, Mrs.
Cooper Gerard
Cooper Grant
Cooper Howard, Rev.
Cooper Infant
Cooper Isabell
Cooper Isabelle Boggess
Cooper Jeremiah C.
Cooper Jerry, Mrs.
Cooper John T.
Cooper John W.
Cooper Jonas
Cooper Joseph R.
Cooper Joseph R.
Cooper Lindsay
Cooper Louise
Cooper Madison
Cooper Madison, Mrs.
Cooper Martha, Mrs.
Cooper Mary Ellen, Mrs.
Cooper Mary M.
Cooper Minnie, Mrs.
Cooper Sherman
Copas Clark
Copeland Albert L.
Copen Albert
Copen Albert
Copen Anna, Mrs.
Copen Sallie, Mrs.
Copney Henry
Coppage Otto, Mrs.
Copus Dot
Corben Joseph
Corben Joseph
Corbin Charles B., Mrs.
Corbin Chester
Corbin Ella
Corbin Fred
Corbin Infant
Corbin M. S.
Corbin Mrs.
Corbin Paul
Corbin Thomas
Corda Michael
Cordall Ralph W.
Corder Frank
Cordle Goldie
Cordle Hannah, Mrs.
Coriell Curtiss
Corn Birdie A., Mrs.
Corn Carol J.
Corn Charles
Corn child
Corn Clark
Corn Clark
Corn Clark
Corn Doris A.
Corn Eliza
Corn Elmer
Corn George
Corn Harrison
Corn Harrison, Mrs.
Corn Harry
Corn Harvey, Mrs.
Corn Infant
Corn Jesse
Corn Jesse L.
Corn Lewis E., Mrs.
Corn Lillian, Mrs.
Corn Melinda, Mrs.
Corn Otho L.
Corn Raymond
Corn Samantha, Mrs.
Corn Sarah, Mrs.
Corn W. D.
Corn W. D.
Corn W. H., Mrs.
Corn William H.
Corn Katie
Cornell David
Cornell Elizabeth, Mrs.
Cornell Helen L.
Cornell John
Cornell John C.
Cornell Mrs.
Cornell Sarah
Cornell Thomas Frances
Corner Charles
Corns John M.
Corns John M.
Corns Lytta E., Mrs.
Cornute Clark
Cornute Leona, Mrs.
Cornute Mary, Mrs.
Cornute Tate
Corrigan E.
Corson Ann L.
Corson Louis D.
Corum George
Corum George, Capt.
Corum George, Capt.
Corum George, Capt.
Corum Jennie, Mrs.
Corum Raymond
Corwin Douglas, Mrs.
Cory B. F., Dr.
Cosby Cornelius, Jr.
Cosgrove Michael J.
Costello Catherine, Mrs.
Costello Edward
Costello Martin
Costello Martin
Costello William
Costello William
Costello William
Coster Infant
Coster Infant
Coster J. A.
Coster Mary, Mrs.
Coster William
Cotrel Harold
Cotter Louise, Mrs.
Cotter W. W.
Couch James, Mrs.
Coucher Evelyn
Coughlin Mary Ann, Mrs.
Coughlin Mary, Mrs.
Counts W. H., Hon.
Courtney B. G., Dr.
Courtney Bertha
Courtright Ada C.
Courtright Andrew J.
Courtright Captain
Covert Larkin E.
Covertson Willis C.
Cowdin Althea, Mrs.
Cowen Benjamin R., Gen.
Cowen James
Cowgill Evelyn G.
Cowgill Grace
Cowley Leslie
Cowling Engineer
Cowper Eleanor H., Mrs.
Cox Addie, Mrs.
Cox Alice, Mrs.
Cox Charles
Cox Daniel
Cox E. B., Prof.
Cox E. G.
Cox Estel
Cox Frank B.
Cox George W., Capt.
Cox Helen
Cox Infant
Cox James O.
Cox Jesse, Dr.
Cox Kate, Mrs.
Cox Mabel
Cox Nannie J., Mrs.
Cox Nelson
Cox Sadie
Cox Sallie, Mrs.
Cox Sally, Mrs.
Cox Viola, Mrs.
Cox William
Coyan Alice M.
Coyar George
Coyar George, Mrs.
Coyar John
Coyer Clyde, Mrs.
Coyer Clyde, Mrs.
Coyer Delphia, Mrs.
Coyer George
Coyer John
Coyer Leon
Coyle Barney
Coyle Clarence
Coyle Cornelius
Coyle Hugh
Coyle Hugh, Jr.
Coyle William
Coyne Patrick, Mrs.
Crabbe Jesse H.
Crabtree Alva, Rev.
Crabtree Arminta
Crabtree Ed
Crabtree Edward
Crabtree Ellen, Mrs.
Crabtree Ezra
Crabtree Frank
Crabtree George W.
Crabtree George W.
Crabtree George W.
Crabtree Henry
Crabtree Infant
Crabtree Infant
Crabtree Otto
Crabtree Pauline
Crabtree Raymond
Crabtree Sarah, Mrs.
Crabtree Virginia M.
Crafin Estella, Mrs.
Craft Addie
Craft August
Craft Benjamin F.
Craft Clifton
Craft Clyde Willard
Craft Deltha I.
Craft Dorothy E.
Craft E. B.
Craft Georgia
Craft Infant
Craft Infant
Craft Infant
Craft Infant
Craft Infants
Craft J. C.
Craft Nora, Mrs.
Craft Samuel T.
Crager George
Craig Eva, Mrs.
Craig H. D.
Craig Infant
Craig James
Craig James, Mrs.
Craig Orville
Craig W. L.
Craigmile Rebecca, Mrs.
Craigmiles Charles, Sr.
Crain Harvey
Cramer Charles F.
Cramer Isaac
Cramer Lula
Cramer Mabel, Mrs.
Crance Charles
Crance child
Crance Harold Ray
Crance Harrison
Crance Infant
Crance Infant
Crance Infant
Crance John
Crance John
Crance John R.
Crance Virginia, Mrs.
Crane Clinton, Capt.
Crane Winthrop M.
Cranston Alma, Mrs.
Cranston Benjamin
Cranston J. E., Mrs.
Crary Archibald, Dr.
Crary Mary S., Mrs.
Cratty John
Crawford Abel B.
Crawford Adeline
Crawford Alma
Crawford Anthony
Crawford Ardith
Crawford Carl A.
Crawford Clarence
Crawford Clayton L.
Crawford Clayton, Capt.
Crawford Engineer
Crawford Etta, Mrs.
Crawford George
Crawford George
Crawford George
Crawford George W.
Crawford Infant
Crawford Infant
Crawford J. C.
Crawford James
Crawford James
Crawford James
Crawford James
Crawford James J.
Crawford Jennie A., Mrs.
Crawford John, Dr.
Crawford Kate, Mrs.
Crawford Margaret Jane
Crawford Mary
Crawford Mary, Mrs.
Crawford Mary, Mrs.
Crawford Mr.
Crawford Mrs.
Crawford Nancy J., Mrs.
Crawford Robert
Crawford Ruby R.
Crawford Susan, Mrs.
Crawford Van Buren
Crawford W. J.
Crawford Wallace
Crawford Walter
Crawford Wilbur
Crawford Will
Crawford William
Crawford William L.
Crawford William T.
Crawshaw C. R.
Crawshaw Charles R.
Craycraft Frances, Mrs.
Craycraft Mary V.
Craycraft Reuben
Craynon Katherine, Mrs.
Creasy Edmonia, Mrs.
Creasy Jack
Creech Charles C.
Creech Hugh
Creek William, Jr.
Creesy L. T., Mr. and Mrs.
Creger William
Creighton George W.
Creighton T. W., Rev.
Creith Anna B.
Creith Hamlin
Creith Infant
Cremeans Ellen, Mrs.
Cress Charles
Creston Elmer
Crever F. Edwin
Crew William Binford
Crichenberger S. E., Mrs.
Crichton Ernest W.
Crickenberger Samuel
Cricker Elizabeth, Mrs.
Crider Charles E.
Crider Infant
Crider Sam
Cripple Adra
Cripple James
Cripple John
Cripple John
Cripple Virginia
Cripps Angeline, Mrs.
Cripps Thomas
Crist Elwood, Rev.
Crites child
Crockett James, Mrs.
Crockett Jane, Mrs.
Croker Richard
Croley Jane, Mrs.
Cromer Albert, Mr. and Mrs.
Cromley James, Mrs.
Cron Adam K.
Cron Davis
Cron Davis
Cron Jesse G.
Cron Robert
Cron Stephen
Cronacher Frederick
Cronacher G. Frederick
Cronin Dennis J.
Cronin Ida
Cronin Joseph H.
Cronin Julia
Cronin Stephen J.
Croninger Forest & Viola
Crook E. W., Mrs.
Crook Isaac, Dr.
Crook Rev.
Crosby William
Crosby William
Crosby William
Crosby William
Cross Elizabeth, Mrs.
Cross Israel
Cross O. G.
Cross Thomas, Mrs.
Cross Thomas, Mrs.
Crossin Hugh
Crossin Walter H.
Crossin Will
Crossin Will
Crosslin Jennie, Mrs.
Crotty John J.
Crouse George W.
Crouse Virginia, Mrs.
Crouse Walter
Crouse Walter
Crowe James & Matt
Crowe Joseph C.
Crowe Mattie, Mrs.
Crowe Susan, Mrs.
Crowl Lloyd
Crown Kisiah, Mrs.
Crown L., Mrs.
Crown Thomas
Crown Thomas, Mrs.
Crowther Harriet E., Mrs.
Crowthers E. C., Mrs.
Crum A. B.
Crum A. B.
Crum Augusta, Mrs.
Crum child
Crum Eva, Mrs.
Crum Joan
Crum John
Crum Joseph
Crum Paul
Crum W. C.
Crum W. C.
Crumley Edward
Crumm Fiesta
Crump Carl
Crump Carl
Crump Carl
Crump Elizabeth
Crump James
Crump John
Crump Martha A.
Crump Martha N., Mrs.
Crump Mary, Mrs.
Crump Maud
Crump Sannie
Crump Thomas J.
Crump Wilbur
Crutcher Miss
Crutchfield Eldon
Culbertson Charles
Culbertson Charles, Mrs.
Culbertson Emily, Mrs.
Culbertson Emily, Mrs.
Culbertson Frank
Culbertson Harry
Culbertson Mary D., Mrs.
Culbertson Thomas M.
Culkins W. C.
Cullen George
Cullen Infant
Cullen M. J., Mrs.
Cullen M. J., Mrs.
Culley Mary, Mrs.
Culligan Infant
Culligan Infant
Culligan Simon
Culligan Thomas, Mrs.
Cullins Infant
Cullins Mary
Culp Avanelle
Culver John W.
Cummings Dora, Mrs.
Cummings Florence, Mrs.
Cummings Homer
Cummings Infant
Cummings James F.
Cummings James W.
Cummins Albert B.
Cummins Infant
Cummins Robert
Cumpston Andrew J.
Cumpston Taylor
Cumpton Martha, Mrs.
Cundiff John T.
Cunningham Alton, Mrs.
Cunningham Bruce
Cunningham Bruce, Mrs.
Cunningham Bruce, Mrs.
Cunningham Earl
Cunningham Effie, Mrs.
Cunningham George
Cunningham George
Cunningham Izetta C.
Cunningham James C.
Cunningham John
Cunningham Mary J., Mrs.
Cunningham Mrs.
Cunningham Paul R.
Cunningham Paul R.
Cunningham R. O., Mrs.
Cunningham Susan, Mrs.
Cunningham William W.
Curby Louise, Mrs.
Curmer Emma, Mrs.
Curran Frank
Curran Rose C.
Currans John
Currie Edward
Currington "Boot"
Currington Infant
Currington Malissa, Mrs.
Currington Mary J., Mrs.
Currington William
Curry E. W. B., Rev.
Curry Frank
Curry Infant
Curry Taylor L.
Curry W. E.
Curry Infant
Cursey Mrs.
Curtis Allen H.
Curtis Amos
Curtis E. L., Mrs.
Curtis Ella, Mrs.
Curtis Frank B.
Curtis Roy B., Jr.
Curtiss E. L., Mrs.
Curtiss E. L., Mrs.
Curtiss Harry and John A.
Cushing Emma, Mrs.
Cyrus Edmund
Cyrus Frank
Czakson Joseph
Czik Stephen

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