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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Eaches Alice, Mrs.
Eaches Charles
Eaches child
Eaches Infant
Eaches Infant
Eaches Martha, Mrs.
Eaches Nellie
Eachus Infant
Eachus Martha B., Mrs.
Eachus Syres
Eads Carl J.
Eads Infant
Eads Oscar B.
Eads Thomas J.
Eagen James
Eagle George
Eagle George
Eagleson David
Eagleson David
Eaholtz Louis E.
Eakins Aley Jane, Mrs.
Eakins Bobbie L.
Eakins Charles M.
Eakins Charles M.
Eakins Ella, Mrs.
Eakins Ellen, Mrs.
Eakins Hazel, Mrs.
Eakins Hiram W.
Eakins James E.
Eakins James E.
Eakins Jehu, Dr.
Eakins Katherine, Mrs.
Eakins Morris F.
Eakins Paul D.
Eakins Robert C.
Eakins Sarah Jane, Mrs.
Eakins William G., Mrs.
Eakman Cyrus
Eakman Florence E.
Eakman Nannie S., Mrs.
Eakman W. S., Dr.
Ealey Enoch
Ealey Wanda
Ealy Grace
Ealy Infant
Earl Amanda, Mrs.
Earl Fred
Earl George
Earles Annie R., Mrs.
Earles child
Earles child
Earles Edgar, Mrs.
Earles Elisha, Rev.
Earles Elizabeth D.
Earles H. T.
Earles Henry
Earles J. S.
Earles Mrs.
Earles Mrs.
Earles Sarah J., Mrs.
Earles W. E.
Earles William
Earles William Berkley
Earley Lewis M., Dr.
Earley William, Jr.
Earls Edna P., Mrs.
Earls Elizabeth
Earls Infant
Earls Peter, Mrs.
Earls Stephen
Earls William R.
Early Catherine, Mrs.
Early Matthew
Earwood Sallie
East Sarah, Mrs.
East William
Easterling Edward
Easterling Infant
Easterling Robert L.
Eastham Arthur
Eastham C. D.
Eastham D. D.
Eastham J. C.
Eastham J. C.
Eastham J. C., Mrs.
Eastham J. F., Mrs.
Eastham Mary E., Mrs.
Eastham Mr.
Easthon Burns
Easton Mary B., Mrs.
Easton Olive Louise
Eaton Clifford, Mrs.
Eaton Emma, Mrs.
Eaton J. G.
Eaton James P.
Eaton Julia B., Mrs.
Eaton Richard
Eaton Robert
Eaton Robert
Eaton Robert T.
Eaton W. O.
Eba John H.
Eba W. H. H.
Ebel Andrew
Ebel George
Ebel George, Jr.
Eber Joseph, Sr.
Ebert Conrad
Ebert Leo
Ebert Leo
Ebert Leo
Ebert Leo, Mrs.
Eblin Elizabeth, Mrs.
Eblin William J.
Eckfield Harry
Eckhardt William
Eddington George, Capt.
Eddy James
Ede Caroline Anwy, Mrs.
Edelson Isadore
Edelson Rhabine
Edelson Rosemary
Ederowski J. J.
Edey Henry C., Mr. and Mrs.
Edgington Evelyn F., Mrs.
Edison Willis B.
Edison Willis B.
Edmond Infant
Edwards Carl E.
Edwards Charles
Edwards Charles
Edwards Charles
Edwards Charles
Edwards child
Edwards David R.
Edwards David W.
Edwards Effie M., Mrs.
Edwards Elizabeth, Mrs.
Edwards Ella, Mrs.
Edwards Evan, Mrs.
Edwards F. C.
Edwards F. M., Mrs.
Edwards Frank
Edwards Frank
Edwards Frank M.
Edwards Helen
Edwards Infant
Edwards James P.
Edwards John P.
Edwards Laura, Mrs.
Edwards Lowell
Edwards Margaret, Mrs.
Edwards Oscar
Edwards Roscoe
Edwards Sallie, Mrs.
Edwards Sarah E., Mrs.
Edwards T. D., Mrs.
Edwards Thomas C.
Edwards Thomas C.
Edwards W. J.
Edwards Willie V.
Egan Marie R.
Egbert Fred, Mrs.
Egerton Charles B., Dr.
Egerton James T.
Eggers Lewis B.
Eggers Mary J.
Ehlen W. E., Mrs.
Ehler George, Mr. and Mrs.
Ehrhart Elmer
Ehrlich C. W.
Ehrlich Charles, Mrs.
Ehrlich Jennie E., Mrs.
Ehrlich William, Mrs.
Ehrman Emma
Ehrman Infants
Eichberg Joseph, Dr.
Eicher Daniel
Eicher Eugene, Mrs.
Eicher Eugene, Mrs.
Eicher Henry
Eicher Infant
Eichler John, Mrs.
Eihler Florence
Eihler Florence
Eilert August
Eilert August
Eilert Elizabeth, Mrs.
Einfeldt Diedrich, Mrs.
Eingle J. B.
Eisele Frank
Eisele Frank
Eisele Frank
Eisele Matilda
Eisert Anna
Eizzo Gernardo
Elam Joseph
Elam Rebecca, Mrs.
Elam Sam
Elberfeld Leona C.
Elberfield Elizabeth, Mrs.
Elcessor M. M., Mrs.
Elder Meredith
Elderage Oscar
Elderman John M
Eldridge Betty, Mrs.
Eleger Jacob M.
Elhoff Louis
Elias Bernice and Clara
Elias Emmett
Elias Irving H.
Eliza Eliza M.
Elkins Arthur F., Capt.
Elkins Caroline, Mrs.
Elkins Clara, Mrs.
Elkins David
Elkins Edgar
Elkins Edward
Elkins Ervin
Elkins Frank, Mrs.
Elkins Leona, Icie and Thelma
Elkins Leona, Icie and Thelma
Elkins Mrs.
Elkins Oscar M.
Elkins Richard
Elkins Samuel B.
Ellars M.
Ellcessor Wanda L.
Elliot R. L., Mrs.
Elliot Richard W.
Elliott Anna, Mrs.
Elliott Ellsworth
Elliott Hariett
Elliott Hester, Mrs.
Elliott James E.
Elliott Julia
Elliott Mary, Mrs.
Elliott Mrs.
Elliott Pearl
Elliott Pearl
Elliott R. L.
Elliott Sarah
Elliott Warren, Mrs.
Elliott William, Mrs.
Ellis Alston, Dr.
Ellis C. H.
Ellis Carl E.
Ellis Charles
Ellis Charles F.
Ellis Conley
Ellis Dora, Mrs.
Ellis Earl, Jr.
Ellis Edna
Ellis Edna, Mrs.
Ellis Esther, Mrs.
Ellis Girard
Ellis Helen M.
Ellis Helen M.
Ellis Henry, Mrs.
Ellis Homer
Ellis Infant
Ellis Israel
Ellis James
Ellis James K.
Ellis Jasper
Ellis Kenneth
Ellis Lizzie S., Mrs.
Ellis Lucinda
Ellis Marin
Ellis Mary J.
Ellis Minnie, Mrs.
Ellis Norman L.
Ellis Perry
Ellis Raymond
Ellis Robert
Ellis Robert
Ellis William P.
Ellis William, Mrs.
Ellis John
Ellison James F.
Ellison Josephine H., Mrs.
Ellison Josephine, Mrs.
Ellison Mary A., Mrs.
Ellison Owen, Dr.
Ellsberry B. F., Mrs.
Ellstom Belinda, Mrs.
Ellswic Joe
Ellswick Amanda, Mrs.
Ellswick Beulah
Ellswick Edward
Ellswick Infant
Ellswick Meribah, Mrs.
Ellswick Meribah, Mrs.
Ellswick Thomas W.
Ellsworth Agnes Lucille
Ellsworth L. W., Dr.
Ellsworth Rose E.
Ellsworth Sarah T., Mrs.
Ellsworth Vernice
Elmer Oscar T.
Elmer Teddy
Elmore Ethel
Elson Isarael
Elson William
Elsrick Hazel
Elswick Charles H.
Elswick Creed
Elswick Freddie
Elswick John, Mrs.
Elswick Jonah, Mrs.
Elswick Jonah, Mrs.
Elswick Lee W.
Elswick Margaret
Elsworth C. W., Mrs.
Emanuel Lloyd
Emerson Charles
Emerson H. M.
Emmett George, Mrs.
Emmett Mary, Mrs.
Emmons C. B.
Emmons Lizzie, Mrs.
Emmons William H.
Emmons William H.
Endicott Elizabeth, Mrs.
Endicott Infant
Endicott Joshua
Endicott Roxie, Mrs.
Endler Edgar
Engels Hugo F.
Enger Frank J.
England David
England David, Mrs.
England Elizabeth, Mrs.
England Jesse
England Nancy, Mrs.
Engle Andrew J.
Engle James A.
Engle Lucy A. H., Mrs.
Engleheardt Edward, Mrs.
Engleheart Edward
English Henry A.
Ennis J. C., Mrs.
Ennis J. C., Mrs.
Enochs H. A.
Enochs Leonard O.
Enochs Winfield
Ensign J. W., Mrs.
Ensinger Christopher
Ensinger Christopher August
Ensley A. C.
Enslow Alice B.
Enslow Alice B.
Enslow Frank B.
Enslow Frank B.
Entrekin Asa
Enyart Sarah M.
Enyart William
Epperson Blanche, Mrs.
Epps Garfield
Erdman Ralph R.
Erlenwain Mary Francis
Erlenwein Frank
Ernest Rodney
Ernest Stephen
Erskine Monroe
Erskins Monroe, Mrs.
Erum Dr.
Erven George
Ervin J. M.
Ervin Virdie
Erwin Infant
Erwin Jacob, Mrs.
Erwin James
Erwin James R.
Erwood John, Mrs.
Esmann Mary T., Mrs.
Esmann Mary T., Mrs.
Espey Richard J.
Essington V. K., Dr.
Essman Frank
Estep Albert
Estep Clyde
Estep Dorothy and Daisy
Estep Everette
Estep Infant
Estep Joseph F.
Estep Laura, Mrs.
Estep Lydia Ward, Mrs.
Estep Mary, Mrs.
Estep Mary, Mrs.
Estep Rebecca, Mrs.
Estes Clyde
Estes Harry E.
Estes Infant
Estes Infant
Estes Maggie, Mrs.
Estes Shirley
Estis Infant
Esty Marie, Mrs.
Etherington Hathill
Etterling Mary C., Mrs.
Eubanks Infant
Eubel Katherine, Mrs.
Evan Charles
Evanowich Dorothy
Evans Annie, Mrs.
Evans Belle, Mrs.
Evans Cecil
Evans David L.
Evans David P.
Evans David, Mrs.
Evans Edward
Evans Edward J.
Evans Edward M.
Evans Emerson
Evans Ernest
Evans Eugene
Evans Evan
Evans Floyd
Evans Frank
Evans George W.
Evans Gladys
Evans Glen
Evans Goldie
Evans Goldie
Evans Goldie
Evans I. N., Mrs.
Evans Infant
Evans Infant
Evans Jennie R. B., Mrs.
Evans Jennie R., Mrs.
Evans John
Evans John J.
Evans John Morgan
Evans Junior
Evans Kate, Mrs.
Evans Lottie, Mrs.
Evans Lucy A., Mrs.
Evans Margaret, Mrs.
Evans Mrs.
Evans Price, Mrs.
Evans Rachel, Mrs.
Evans Robby
Evans Robert
Evans Robert
Evans Roxie F.
Evans Ruth
Evans Susan, Mrs.
Evans Susan, Mrs.
Evans T. D., Mrs.
Evans T. J., Mrs.
Evans Thomas
Evans Thomas
Evans Thomas D.
Evans Thomas D.
Evans Thomas D.
Evans Thomas, Mrs.
Evans Wheeler
Evans William, Mrs.
Evans child
Everett Beulah, Mrs.
Everett Laban T.
Everett S. Homer
Everly child
Everly Clifford F.
Everly Elizabeth B., Mrs.
Everly George
Everly George
Everly George
Everly James
Everly John
Evers William
Evick Henny, Mrs.
Evick Henry A.
Evick Marion S., Mrs.
Evicks Mildred
Ewing Curtis
Ewing Dr.
Ewing E. E., Capt.
Ewing E. E., Capt.
Ewing Helen G., Mrs.
Ewing J. W., Mrs.


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