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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Fahle Anna
Fahle Anna
Fain Norman
Fair Jackson Kibby Price
Fairchild Bertha
Fairchild Eloise
Fairchild Mildred M.
Fairchild Susan A., Mrs.
Fairchild Virgil
Fairchild William
Fairchilds Charles C.
Fairfield Claude
Fairfield Infant
Fairhead J. F.
Fairire Jules
Falls Elizabeth, Mrs.
Falls Elizabeth, Mrs.
Falls Leonard
Falter Margaret W.
Falter Rosa, Mrs.
Falter Rose, Mrs.
Falwell children
Falwell Ellis
Falwell William T.
Fancher Elmer, Capt.
Fancher Mollie
Fannin A. J.
Fannin Anderson E.
Fannin Bryant
Fannin Infant
Fannin Infant
Fannin Infant
Fannin Infant
Fannin Infant
Fannin Joseph
Fannin L. J.
Fannin Margaret E.
Fannin N. B.
Fannin Newton
Fannin Ora W.
Fannin Virgil
Fannin William E.
Fannin William S.
Fanning Joe
Fanning John
Faries R. R.
Farington Edward
Farley Daniel
Farley Elias
Farley Harry
Farley James
Farley Susan Frances, Mrs.
Farmer Andrew J., Rev.
Farmer Betty J.
Farmer C. C., Mrs.
Farmer Clare
Farmer Earl
Farmer Edward, Mrs.
Farmer Eliza, Mrs.
Farmer Harry
Farmer Henry
Farmer J. H.
Farmer J. W., Mrs.
Farmer John H.
Farmer John W.
Farmer Mary F.
Farmer Willard
Farmer William, Mrs.
Farnsworth Dorothy
Farnsworth Tecumesh
Farrell Mary
Farren Erast
Farris Bertha
Farris Ezra
Farris Hazel
Farris M. J.
Farris Thomas J.
Farris William
Farthing Coleman
Fast Charles
Fathbreckner Andrew
Fathbrucker Rosie, Mrs.
Faufman Infant
Faulkner Archie
Faulkner Eliza J., Mrs.
Faulkner Gertrude, Mrs.
Faulkner Hayes N.
Faulkner Hugh
Faulkner Hugh N.
Faulkner Infant
Faulkner Nicholas
Faulkner R. F.
Faulkner Sarah, Mrs.
Faunte Ed, Mrs.
Fausnet John
Fausnot Bert
Faverty J. S., Mrs.
Faverty M. D. L.
Faverty Mary
Favery Leo, Mrs.
Fawcett D. H.
Fay David, Mrs.
Fay Helen
Faye Thomas F., Mr. and Mrs.
Fayne Alden R.
Fazenbaker J. H., Mrs.
Feagan Charles
Fearing George
Fearing J. H.
Fearon H. N., Mrs.
Fearon R. N.
Fearson R. N.
Fearson R. N.
Feazel Amicelta V.
Fedor Annie, Mrs.
Fee William R.
Feeley Alice, Mrs.
Feeney Earl
Feeney Harry
Feeney Mary
Feges John
Feil Adam
Feil Anna
Feil Anna
Feil Margaret
Feil Wilbur, Jr.
Feilure Charles A.
Felice Paul
Felix William H.
Fell Adam
Fell Adam
Fell Adam
Fell Adam
Fell Clifford M., Jr.
Fell John
Fellows John C., Mrs.
Felty Belva M.
Felty Carrie, Mrs.
Felty Charlotte
Felty Infant
Felty James
Felty Jeff
Felty Myrtle, Mrs.
Felty Narcissa, Mrs.
Felty Peter
Felty Peter, Mrs.
Feltz Forest J., Mrs.
Felure Edward
Fenna Anna, Mrs.
Fenton D. H., Hon.
Fenton D. H., Hon.
Fenulmore J. C.
Ferchee Sarah A.
Ferguson Benjamin H.
Ferguson Blanche
Ferguson Cal
Ferguson Charles H.
Ferguson Chester E.
Ferguson Claude M.
Ferguson Della, Mrs.
Ferguson Dorothy G.
Ferguson Ed
Ferguson Edward
Ferguson Edward, Sr.
Ferguson Elizabeth, Mrs.
Ferguson Ethel
Ferguson Eugene
Ferguson Harvey, Jr.
Ferguson Infant
Ferguson Infant
Ferguson Infant
Ferguson Jamerson
Ferguson James
Ferguson James S., Rev.
Ferguson John
Ferguson John
Ferguson John H.
Ferguson John L.
Ferguson John, Mrs.
Ferguson Joseph, Mrs.
Ferguson Lwina H.
Ferguson Lydia, Mrs.
Ferguson Margaret, Mrs.
Ferguson Marion
Ferguson Mary L.
Ferguson Mayme
Ferguson Minerva, Mrs.
Ferguson N. B., Dr.
Ferguson Nora, Mrs.
Ferguson Owen
Ferguson Ruby C.
Ferguson Sam, Mrs.
Ferguson Sam, Mrs.
Ferguson Samuel
Ferguson Sim
Ferguson Thomas
Ferguson Thomas, Mrs.
Ferguson W.
Ferguson W.
Ferguson W. W., Mrs.
Ferguson W. W., Mrs.
Ferguson W. W., Mrs.
Ferguson W. W., Mrs.
Ferguson Wayne
Ferguson Willard
Ferguson Willard
Ferguson William
Ferguson William C.
Ferguson William H.
Ferrell Isabelle
Ferrell J. Brewster
Ferrell Judson
Ferrell Judson
Ferrell Minnie B., Mrs.
Ferrell Myrtle
Ferrell Riley, Mrs.
Ferrell Shahada, Mrs.
Ferrie Dewey
Ferrie Dewey
Ferrie George, Mrs.
Ferrie John J.
Ferris Bab
Ferris Infant
Ferris John
Ferris Lucy, Mrs.
Ferry James
Ferry Margaret, Mrs.
Ferry Mary, Mrs.
Fetcher John
Fetter E. N., Mrs.
Fetter Floyd
Fetter Samuel P., Dr.
Fetters Billy H.
Fetters George W.
Fetters Mary
Fetters Rebecca, Mrs.
Fetters Sarah
Feuchter Andrew C.
Feuchter Christian
Feuchter Heinericke, Mrs.
Feuchter Heinreicke, Mrs.
Feuchter Infant
Feuchter James
Feuchter Jimmy
Feurt Fred
Feurt Henry C.
Feurt Ida M., Mrs.
Feurt Sadie
Feurt Sadie
Feurte Caroline, Mrs.
Fharig Ruth
Fickinger J. A., Col.
Fiddler J. Willis
Field Al G.
Field Benjamin F.
Field David, Mrs.
Field Grover
Field Henry
Field Infant
Field Marshall
Field Marshall, Jr.
Fields C. W.
Fields Carrie
Fields Carrie
Fields Carrie M.
Fields Dorothy
Fields E. B.
Fields Edward
Fields Harold
Fields Infant
Fields Infant
Fields Infant
Fields Jane, Mrs.
Fields Mary
Fields Rosa R.
Fields Sarah, Mrs.
Fields Sherman
Fields W. P.
Fields W. P.
Fields Walter
Fields William C.
Fields William J.
Fields Willie
Fieume George
Fife Myra J.
Fifer Hazel
Fifer Jesse
Filkins Joseph, Mrs.
Filkins Mae, Mrs.
Filkins Shirley L.
Filkins Walter, Mrs.
Filler James
Filler W. F., Rev.
Fillgrove Charles
Fillgrove Charles
Fillgrove child
Fillgrove Elmer
Fillgrove Henrietta, Mrs.
Fillgrove Infant
Fillgrove Infant
Fillgrove Julia
Fillgrove Louis J.
Fillgrove Louis J.
Fillgrove Otto, Mrs.
Fillgrove Paul
Filligran William G.
Fillinger George, Mrs.
Fillinger Henry
Fillinger Henry
Fillinger Isaac
Fillinger Stephen
Fillmore Hattie B., Mrs.
Fillmore John M., Mrs.
Finch James
Finch John F.
Findlay W. P., Mrs.
Findley Myrtle, Mrs.
Fink Charles
Fink Jacob
Fink Jacob
Fink Jacob
Fink Savilla, Mrs.
Fink Will
Finley brothers
Finley Grant
Finley J. Earley, Dr.
Finley James
Finley William
Finley William L.
Finney Effie, Mrs.
Finney Hannah S., Mrs.
Finnott Jerre
Finns Carlton
Firestone Lincoln
First Paris
Fischer Elizabeth, Mrs.
Fischer F. C.
Fischer F. C.
Fischer Joseph
Fischer Joseph B., Mrs.
Fischer Joseph, Mrs.
Fischer Joseph, Mrs.
Fischer Joseph, Mrs.
Fischer March
Fischer Stanley
Fish Arch
Fish DeForrest R.
Fish Stuyvesant, Sr., Mrs.
Fisher Ada, Mrs.
Fisher Alex
Fisher Bernard, Mrs.
Fisher child
Fisher E. L., Mrs.
Fisher Edna
Fisher Flora, Mrs.
Fisher George
Fisher George E.
Fisher George H.
Fisher George H.
Fisher George, Mrs.
Fisher Georgia
Fisher Grace, Mrs.
Fisher H. H.
Fisher Hannah, Mrs.
Fisher Harry, Jr.
Fisher Howard, Mrs.
Fisher Infant
Fisher Jacob
Fisher Jacob
Fisher Jane, Mrs.
Fisher Jane, Mrs.
Fisher Jno H.
Fisher Joe
Fisher John
Fisher John
Fisher John
Fisher John
Fisher John L.
Fisher John L.
Fisher Joseph B.
Fisher Joseph, Mrs.
Fisher Lora Smith, Mrs.
Fisher Lora Smith, Mrs.
Fisher Mamie
Fisher Margaret, Mrs.
Fisher Mary, Mrs.
Fisher Mary, Mrs.
Fisher Mrs.
Fisher Pembroke S.
Fisher Samuel J.
Fisher Sarah, Mrs.
Fisher Stella, Mrs.
Fisher Susie, Mrs.
Fisher Thomas J.
Fisher Tillie M., Mrs.
Fisher William C.
Fisher William E.
Fite Thomas
Fitzer Charles
Fitzer Effie
Fitzer Infant
Fitzer James Harvey
Fitzer Joseph
Fitzer Joseph
Fitzgerald J. F.
Fitzgerald Joseph H.
Fitzgerald Joseph H.
Fitzgerald Oliver
Fitzpatrick James
Fitzpatrick Olive, Mrs.
Fitzpatrick Sam
Fitzsimmons Bob
Fitzsimmons Lee
Fitzwater Infant
Fitzwater Lemuel
Flaeg Benjamin
Flaherty Timothy, Mrs.
Flanagan Walter T., Dr.
Flanders Harry W.
Flannagan John W.
Flannagan Louis, Mrs.
Flannery Hiram
Flannery James
Flannery Johanna, Mrs.
Flannery Michael
Flannery Roscoe
Flannigan Susan, Mrs.
Flasher Charles T., Capt.
Flasher John H.
Flavelle Mary R., Mrs.
Flehr John
Flehr Peter
Flehr Sophia, Mrs.
Fleichman August
Fleichmann August
Fleighman Sophia, Mrs.
Fleischmann Julius
Flemens Samuel, Mrs.
Fleming A. B., Mrs.
Fleming child
Fleming Christina, Mrs.
Flemings Dent
Flemings G. W.
Flesher Benjamin T., Capt.
Flessner John, Mrs.
Fletcher Elizabeth, Mrs.
Fletcher Elizabeth, Mrs.
Fletcher Joseph, Mrs.
Fletcher Lillian
Fletcher Lillian K.
Fletcher Ottie, Mrs.
Flinchman Thelma J.
Flinders Theodore
Flint Marian A., Mrs.
Flood Isaac
Flora Ora
Flower Annabelle
Flower Annabelle
Flower Fannie, Mrs.
Flower T. B.
Flower W. B.
Flower Wilbert E.
Flowers Harry
Flowers W. B.
Flowers Wilbert E.
Floyd Alice M.
Floyd Anna, Mrs.
Floyd Charles
Floyd Editha, Mrs.
Floyd Elmo T.
Floyd Elmo T.
Floyd Elzada M., Mrs.
Floyd Elzada M., Mrs.
Floyd Norra E.
Floyd Norra E.
Floyd Wiliam
Flummer Rose, Mrs.
Flynn William
Fogelson Roy
Folden Mary M., Mrs.
Folden Mary M., Mrs.
Folger Lewis
Folks Salitha
Follette Marion D.
Folley John B.
Folsom Richard
Fonch Carrie
Fonch Carrie
Fonders Jennie, Mrs.
Foraker Joseph B.
Foraker Joseph B.
Foraker Joseph B., Jr.
Forbush Amanda, Mrs.
Forbush Audrey E.
Forbush Don E.
Forbush John
Forbush John H.
Forbush Katherine, Mrs.
Forbush Mabel
Force Mr.
Ford Charles
Ford Lizzie, Mrs.
Ford Sallie, Mrs.
Ford W. H.
Forgey Burrell
Forgey Clinton
Forgey Clinton, Mrs.
Forgey E. W.
Forgey Frank, Mrs.
Forgey Hugh H.
Forgey James
Forgey Jess L.
Forgey Kate, Mrs.
Forgey Locella, Mrs.
Forgey Mary Wakefield, Mrs.
Forgey William S.
Forlien Joseph C., Mrs.
Forrest Andrew
Forshee A. W., Mrs.
Forsythe H. S.
Fort Andrew A.
Fort John
Fort Lena, Mrs.
Forte Elizabeth, Mrs.
Forte Elizabeth, Mrs.
Fortinier Edward
Fortune Charles F.
Fortune Ida, Mrs.
Fortune Patricia
Fossett Lydia M., Mrs.
Fossett Mary, Mrs.
Fossom Betty
Foster Alice, Mrs.
Foster Annie
Foster Charles R.
Foster E. M., Dr.
Foster Edna, Mrs.
Foster George
Foster Harry D.
Foster Infant
Foster Infant
Foster Isaac
Foster John, Jr.
Foster Joseph D.
Foster Lee A.
Foster Lucy
Foster Mary J.
Foster Mary R., Mrs.
Foster Mary, Mrs.
Foster Mrs.
Foster Nettie F. T., Mrs.
Foster R. F.
Foster Russell
Foster S. Ernest
Foster Thomas, Mrs.
Foster Tom
Foster Vada C., Mrs.
Foster W. Stewart
Fotos Pete
Fouch Charles
Fouch Dennie, Mrs.
Fouch Ethel
Fouch Paul F.
Fournier Henry A.
Fout Ellsworth E.
Fout Infant
Fout Missouri J., Mrs.
Fouteen Eugene
Fouts Chester
Fouts Joseph
Fouts Melissa, Mrs.
Fouts Virgil
Fow Jessie T., Mrs.
Fow Jessie T., Mrs.
Fowler Ara
Fowler Arabelle, Mrs.
Fowler Arbella, Mrs.
Fowler child
Fowler child
Fowler J. W.
Fowler J. W.
Fowler Jessie
Fowler John
Fowler Joshua E.
Fox Albert
Fox Asa
Fox Asa
Fox Calvin
Fox Charles
Fox Charles, Jr.
Fox David, Mrs.
Fox E. P.
Fox Edward D.
Fox Eunice, Mrs.
Fox Florence
Fox Florence
Fox Frank
Fox Fred
Fox Fred, Mrs.
Fox Gardner
Fox George
Fox Harriet, Mrs.
Fox Infant
Fox Jacob
Fox Mary Ann, Mrs.
Fox Mary E., Mrs.
Fox Minnie, Mrs.
Fox Minnie, Mrs.
Fox Nancy
Fox Nancy J., Mrs.
Fox Nancy L.
Fox Ora D.
Fox Rausa
Fox Rhoda, Mrs.
Fox Richard
Fox Talmage
Fox W. A.
Fox Wilbur Whitman
Fox William
Fradd Charles
Fradd Charles
Fradd James
Fradd Rhoda
Fraile Alwina, Mrs.
Fraile Peter
Frailey Eva
Frailey Eva
Frailey Lafe
Frailey Martha, Mrs.
Frailey Nancy J., Mrs.
Frailey Preston
Frailey Thomas
Frailey Thomas
Frailey Vollie
Frakey James, Mrs.
Fraley Dove M.
Fraley Harvey
Fraley Infant
Fraley Mary E.
Fraley Wade D.
Fraley Willard
Fraley William
Fralinger Donald
Frampton Harry C.
Frampton J. R.
Frampton Mary R., Mrs.
Frampton Nancy L. R.
France Arthur, Mr. and Mrs.
France Harold and Helen
France Orville
Frances Anna, Mrs.
Frances Ed
Frances J. B.
Franchi Giance
Francis David B., Rev.
Francis David R., Mrs.
Francis Jacob B.
Francis Leroy, Mrs.
Francis Pearl, Mrs.
Francis Pearl, Mrs.
Francis Pearl, Mrs.
Francisco H. M.
Francisco Henry M., Mrs.
Francisco Henry M., Mrs.
Francols John
Frank Conrad
Frank Henry
Frank Henry
Frank William
Franke Pauline, Mrs.
Frankie Andrew
Franklin Marie
Franklin O. W.
Franklin Peter
Franks Erma
Franks Jacob
Franks John C.
Franks Robert
Franks William, Mr. and Mrs.
Franz G. W.
Franzworth Roy E.
Frats Charles
Frazee Louis
Frazer Jane Rosebury, Mrs.
Frazier David
Frazier Frank
Frazier Frank
Frazier Frank
Frazier James D.
Frazier Jeff
Frazier Jennie, Mrs.
Frazier Jo C., Mrs.
Frazier John
Frazier Kenneth
Frazier Margaret, Mrs.
Frazier N. W.
Frazier Robert I.
Frazier William
Frazier William T.
Frecka Albert, Mrs.
Frecka Carl
Frecka Fred
Frecka Fred, Mrs.
Frecka Henry
Frecka Henry
Frecka Henry
Frecka Henry
Frecka Henry A., Jr.
Frecka Henry A., Jr.
Frecka Lillian Marie
Frecka May S.
Frecka Robert
Frecka Robert
Frecka Rose M.
Frecka Sylvia Mae, Mrs.
Frecka Sylvia Mae, Mrs.
Frederick Paul
Fredericks Octavia
Free J. N.
Freed James A.
Freedman Isaac
Freeman A. J.
Freeman Anna M., Mrs.
Freeman Anna M., Mrs.
Freeman Bennie
Freeman C. Hall
Freeman Carlos W.
Freeman Charles
Freeman Crate
Freeman Crate
Freeman David
Freeman David Parker
Freeman David, Mrs.
Freeman Elizabeth, Mrs.
Freeman Ella, Mrs.
Freeman Ella, Mrs.
Freeman Flora, Mrs.
Freeman Geneva
Freeman George
Freeman George D.
Freeman Glennith F.
Freeman Gwendolyn
Freeman Infant
Freeman Isaac W.
Freeman James E.
Freeman James E.
Freeman Jesse
Freeman Jesse
Freeman Jesse, Mrs.
Freeman John
Freeman John David
Freeman Letihia, Mrs.
Freeman M. A.
Freeman Melissa B.
Freeman Nancy, Mrs.
Freeman Phoebe, Mrs.
Freeman S. A., Mrs.
Freeman Thomas
Freeman W. C., Mrs.
Freeman William J.
Freeman William, Mrs.
Freeze Ruhle
Freisner Henry, Mrs.
Fremont Infant
French Alex
French Alexander
French Arthur Wells
French Carrie H.
French child
French Daniel
French F. M.
French Infant
French Infant
French Joseph
French Joseph
French Josiah
French Rebecca
French Richard
French Stella, Mrs.
French William E.
Freund Abe G.
Freutel Alexander H.
Frey Thersa, Mrs.
Freyermuth Jane, Mrs.
Frick Henry C.
Fridley George
Fridman Grace
Friedman Marcus, Mrs.
Friedrich Prinz E.
Friel Bernard
Friel David
Friel G. F., Mrs.
Friel James, Mrs.
Friel James, Mrs.
Friend Abraham
Friend Harriet
Friend Harriet
Friend Harriet B.
Friend Harry
Friend John
Friend John
Friend Joseph
Friend Mary
Friend Mary
Friend Rachel, Mrs.
Friend Raymond
Friend Stella
Fries Howard A.
Friley Andrew
Friley Clifford
Frillman Henry W.
Frisby Percilla, Mrs.
Frische Elizabeth, Mrs.
Frische John
Frische John A.
Frisco Bathe
Fritz Henry
Fritz J. H., Mrs.
Fritz Jacob F.
Fritz John G.
Fritz John G.
Fritz Margaret C., Mrs.
Fritz Mr.
Fritz Onelda
Fritz Robert
Frost A., Prof.
Frost Mabel
Frost Martha
Frowine A. J.
Frowine John
Frowine John
Frowine John
Frowine John J.
Frowine Mary, Mrs.
Frowine Robert
Frowine Robert
Frowine Robert
Fruchy Nolan
Fruetel William A.
Fry Charles E.
Fry James B.
Frye Ida Mae, Mrs.
Frye Ida May, Mrs.
Frye Rev.
Frye Susanna, Mrs.
Frye Susanna, Mrs.
Fuch Charles
Fugett Jesse
Fugett Martin
Fugett Martin
Fugett Mary E., Mrs.
Fugett Mrs.
Fugett R. C., Mrs.
Fuggett Burdine
Fuggett F. G.
Fugitt Henry
Fugitt Henry
Fugitt Lillian, Mrs.
Fugitt Mr.
Fugitt Zach
Fulk John, Sr.
Fulks J. M.
Fulks James
Fulks James W.
Fulks Julius S.
Fulks Junius J.
Fulks Myrtle G.
Fulks Ray
Fullen James
Fullen James H.
Fuller Aaron, Mrs.
Fuller Amos
Fuller Bert
Fuller C. R.
Fuller Clarence Richard
Fuller Daisy
Fuller Dave
Fuller Francis
Fuller Francis
Fuller Harry
Fuller Homer
Fuller J. H.
Fuller J. R.
Fuller James L.
Fuller Jess
Fuller Lawrence G.
Fuller M. V.
Fuller M. V.
Fuller Mary E., Mrs.
Fuller Myrtle, Mrs.
Fuller Neona, Mrs.
Fuller Norman G.
Fuller O. O.
Fuller Paul
Fuller R. J.
Fuller Stella, Mrs.
Fuller Sterling
Fuller W. S., Rev.
Fuller Woodrow W.
Fullerton E. E.
Fullerton Elizabeth, Mrs.
Fullerton Hannah E.
Fullerton Jane, Mrs.
Fullerton Mary, Mrs.
Fullerton S. M.
Fullington H. B.
Fullton William
Fulmer Charles
Fulmer Jesse
Fulmer Jesse, Mrs.
Fulmer Jessie
Fulmer Katherine, Mrs.
Fulsom Henry
Fulton Robert, Mrs.
Fultz Arthur
Fultz James E. and Marie
Fultz James F.
Fultz Kimmell
Fultz Milton
Fultz Milton
Fultz Olivici
Fultz Sadie A.
Fulweiler George
Fulweiler John P.
Fulwider Omar
Fulwiler George W.
Fundersohl Infant
Fundersol Addie J.
Fundersol Edward, Mrs.
Fundersol Jacob
Fundersol Leslie G.
Fundersoll Mary, Mrs.
Funga E.
Funk Edward D.
Funk George R., Mr. and Mrs.
Funk L. B.
Funk Lewis F., Mrs.
Funston Fred, Sen.
Funston Frederick
Fuqua Elmer
Furlong Edward
Furlong Edward
Furlong James, Mrs.
Furlong Sarah E., Mrs.
Furnish J. A., Mrs.
Fury A. D.
Fuson John W.
Futrell H.
Fynie W. W.

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