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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Haas Chester and Grace
Haas Elizabeth
Haas Elizabeth
Haas Ernest W.
Haas Ernie Woodrow
Haas John
Haas Mary M.
Haas Maurice
Haas Phillip
Haas William J.
Habig Charles
Hacker Emma E.
Hacker Frank
Hacker Frank A.
Hacker Infant
Hacker Infant
Hacker John
Hacker Josephine Catherine
Hacker Jospeh
Hacker Millard
Hacker Pauline, Mrs.
Hacker Sarah A., Mrs.
Hackett Julia, Mrs.
Hackward Hazel
Hackworth Alma
Hackworth Anna, Mrs.
Hackworth Anna, Mrs.
Hackworth Bertie M., Mrs.
Hackworth Caleb
Hackworth Caleb
Hackworth Calvin
Hackworth Charles F.
Hackworth child
Hackworth Clara
Hackworth Dessie
Hackworth Edith L.
Hackworth Elzie
Hackworth George
Hackworth George
Hackworth Herschel L.
Hackworth Infant
Hackworth J. C., Rev.
Hackworth Jacob
Hackworth Jacob, Mrs.
Hackworth James
Hackworth John
Hackworth John
Hackworth Juanita
Hackworth Louis
Hackworth Luther
Hackworth Margaret, Mrs.
Hackworth Mary F., Mrs.
Hackworth Nancy J., Mrs.
Hackworth Pleasant G.
Hackworth Shirley
Hackworth Susan, Mrs.
Hackworth Thomas
Hackworth Thomas
Hackworth Vina, Mrs.
Hackworth W. W., Mrs.
Hackworth William
Hackworth Willie
Hacquard Frank
Hadden Fannie, Mrs.
Haddox L. C., Rev.
Hader Harry
Haeberle Jacob, Mrs.
Haffner Fred, Mrs.
Haffner Helen
Haffner Ida L., Mrs.
Hafle Frederick L.
Hafle Margaret, Mrs.
Hafley Frank
Hafley Frank
Hafley Frank, Mrs.
Hafley William
Hafley William
Hagaman Hiram
Hagaman Jacob A.
Hagan Ernest
Hage George S.
Hager Alman F.
Hager Almon F.
Hager Betty B.
Hager Edward
Hager Gail, Mrs.
Hager Genevieve B., Mrs.
Hager George
Hager Gerald F.
Hager John A. Thompson
Hager Mary I.
Hager Mary I.
Hager Ray
Hager W. B., Mrs.
Hagerman Abe C.
Hagerman Abe C.
Hagerman Alice, Mrs.
Hagerman Elijah
Hagerman Elizabeth B., Mrs.
Hagerman Grace
Hagerman Isaac, Mrs.
Hagerman John C.
Hagerman Thomas
Haggerty J. L., Mrs.
Haggery child
Hagley John
Hague John
Hague Ollie, Mrs.
Hahn Godfrey
Hailey Ethel C., Mrs.
Hailey Ethel, Mrs.
Hailey James T.
Hailey John
Hailey Mary, Mrs.
Haines James
Hairstein William, Jr.
Halderman Albert O.
Halderman C. C.
Halderman Murray
Halderman Murray
Halderman Stephen S., Dr.
Halderman Stephen S., Dr.
Hale Albert
Hale Ben, Jr.
Hale child
Hale Francis Virginia
Hale George
Hale Gladys
Hale Gladys
Hale Hannah, Mrs.
Hale Henry
Hale J. R., Col.
Hale John R.
Hale L. S.
Hale Mr.
Hale Wilmeta
Hale Zachery
Hale Wilmeta
Haley Addison, Rev.
Haley Charles
Haley Charles, Sr., Mrs.
Haley Charles, Sr., Mrs.
Haley Clarence
Haley Clarence
Haley Franklin
Haley Harry
Haley Harry
Haley Katherine, Mrs.
Haley Martha Ann, Mrs.
Haley Mary, Mrs.
Haley Retta
Haley Russell
Haliey Mary, Mrs.
Hall A. A.
Hall Allen
Hall America, Mrs.
Hall Arthur
Hall Audrey
Hall Charles
Hall Charles
Hall Charles
Hall Charles
Hall Charles
Hall Chester
Hall Clay F.
Hall Clyde
Hall David
Hall David
Hall Dewey, Jr.
Hall Edward
Hall Edward
Hall Eleanor
Hall Elizabeth
Hall Elizabeth
Hall Elizabeth, Mrs.
Hall Fenton, Mrs.
Hall George
Hall Gertrude, Mrs.
Hall Hazel
Hall Helen R.
Hall Henry
Hall Hiram
Hall Hiram
Hall Infant
Hall Infant
Hall Infant
Hall Infant
Hall Infant
Hall Infant
Hall Irvin E.
Hall J. B.
Hall J. Marshall
Hall J. Marshall
Hall J. W.
Hall Jackie
Hall Jacob
Hall Joe, Mrs.
Hall John
Hall John
Hall John H.
Hall John H., Rev.
Hall John M.
Hall John M., Mrs.
Hall John S., Mrs.
Hall John T.
Hall John, Mrs.
Hall John, Mrs.
Hall Joseph, Dr.
Hall Joseph, Mrs.
Hall Josephine
Hall Joshua, Mrs.
Hall Joshua, Mrs.
Hall Josuah
Hall L. T.
Hall Lee, Mrs.
Hall Leslie ,Rev. and Mrs.
Hall Lot
Hall Lyman
Hall Lyman
Hall Marcelias E.
Hall Margaret H., Mrs.
Hall Margaret W., Mrs.
Hall Margaret, Mrs.
Hall Marshall
Hall Martha B.
Hall Mary E., Mrs.
Hall Mary E., Mrs.
Hall Matthew
Hall Matthew
Hall Millie B., Mrs.
Hall Minnie
Hall Myrtle A., Mrs.
Hall Nancy, Mrs.
Hall Nettie
Hall Nora
Hall O. J.
Hall Opal
Hall Orlando
Hall Paul
Hall Philander
Hall Phillip
Hall R. E.
Hall Robert
Hall Roberta, Mrs.
Hall Ruby
Hall Sarah A., Mrs.
Hall Sarah Ann
Hall Sarah R., Mrs.
Hall T. R., Mrs.
Hall Thomas B.
Hall Thomas R.
Hall Tom
Hall Victoria
Hall Virgil
Hall W. G.
Hall W. L.
Hall W. W.
Hall Warren
Hall Wilbur, Mrs.
Hall Wilbur, Mrs.
Hall Wilburn
Hall William
Hall William
Hall William
Hall William
Hall William
Hall William
Hall William H.
Hall William, Mrs.
Hall Zachery
Haller family
Haller Henry, Mrs.
Haller Logan
Haller William J.
Halley Beatrice
Halley David
Halley Edith M.
Halley Elizabeth, Mrs.
Halley Elizabeth, Mrs.
Halley Ethel, Mrs.
Halley James
Halley Jane L.
Halley John
Halley Katherine, Mrs.
Halley Laura C.
Hallick Kenton E.
Halliday Infant
Halloran Michael, Mrs.
Halloran Michael, Mrs.
Halloway Martha, Mrs.
Halloway Mary R.
Hallprector Francis M., Rev.
Halpin Carl, Mrs.
Halstead Albert
Halstead George
Halstead Murat
Halterman Elizabeth, Mrs.
Halterman James
Halterman James
Halterman Murray
Halterman Murray
Halterman Tabitha, Mrs.
Ham child
Ham child
Ham Lillie
Ham Lillie
Hambleton Charles H.
Hambleton Laura G., Mrs.
Hambleton Richard, Mrs.
Hambleton Richard, Mrs.
Hamblin Mooth, Mrs.
Hamburg child
Hamburg Hilda
Hamburg Mary
Hamburg Mary E., Mrs.
Hamburg Mary E., Mrs.
Hamburg Paul
Hamburt Anna R.
Hamer Julia A.
Hamgurn Paul E.
Hamilk Louie
Hamilton Adelaide C., Mrs.
Hamilton Cecil
Hamilton Celia, Mrs.
Hamilton Charles
Hamilton Charles R.
Hamilton David
Hamilton Edith I., Mrs.
Hamilton Frank
Hamilton Frank
Hamilton Goldie
Hamilton H. L., Mrs.
Hamilton Harold
Hamilton Henry
Hamilton Infant
Hamilton Irving
Hamilton John
Hamilton Jonathan, Capt.
Hamilton Lewis
Hamilton Maggie, Mrs.
Hamilton Nancy, Mrs.
Hamilton Robert
Hamilton Thomas
Hamilton Vina
Hamilton William
Hamilton William
Hamley Tom
Hamlin Benjamin F.
Hamlin Ephraim M.
Hamlin Eugene, Jr.
Hamlin Henry C.
Hamlin Roxana
Hamlin Ulysses G.
Hamlin Ulysses G.
Hamlin Ulysses G.
Hamlin Ulysses G.
Hamlin Ulysses G.
Hamm Infant
Hamm Infant
Hammar Carl
Hammar Frank
Hammel Alfred
Hammer John M.
Hammer Rebecca, Mrs.
Hammerstein Charles, Mrs.
Hammerstein Jacob
Hammerstein Oscar
Hammerstein William
Hammler Lillian, Mrs.
Hammond Amanda, Mrs.
Hammond Art
Hammond Charles
Hammond Charles
Hammond Charles
Hammond Charles G., Mrs.
Hammond Charles G., Mrs.
Hammond child
Hammond Elijah
Hammond Harriet, Mrs.
Hammond Harry
Hammond Infant
Hammond John
Hammond John
Hammond John
Hammond Lillian
Hammond Rosa
Hammond Rosie
Hammond Solomon
Hammond Thomas
Hammond Thomas
Hammond W. H.
Hammonds Elmer
Hammons Charles
Hammons Charles
Hammons Charles
Hammons Hiram
Hamon Jacob L.
Hamper Anna, Mrs.
Hamper Anna, Mrs.
Hamper Conrad
Hamper Conrad
Hamper Dorothy, Mrs.
Hampson Robert N.
Hampton G. H.
Hampton Harry
Hampton John
Hampton Joseph
Hampton Katherine H., Mrs.
Hampton Maria J., Mrs.
Hampton Virginia F., Mrs.
Hampton Virginia Frances, Mrs.
Hampton Virginia Frances, Mrs.
Hanan Mildred
Hancock George
Hancock Joseph
Handley C. A., Mrs.
Handley Catherine, Mrs.
Handley Cecil
Handley Christopher
Handley Elizabeth B., Mrs.
Handley Ewell, Jr.
Handley H. L.
Handley James W., Capt.
Handley John
Handley John
Handley John E.
Handley John F.
Handley John W.
Handley John W.
Handley Margaret Olive
Handley Mary E., Mrs.
Handley Mary L.
Handley Mary W.
Handley Mary, Mrs.
Handley Newton K.
Handley Sadie, Mrs.
Haner Florence, Mrs.
Haney "Sonny"
Haney Arthur
Haney Caroline, Mrs.
Haney Ephraim D.
Haney Ephraim D.
Haney Howard L.
Haney Howard, Mrs.
Haney Jeff
Haney John F.
Haney Joseph
Haney Judson A., Mrs.
Haney Louise
Haney Luella G.
Haney Martha H., Mrs.
Haney Martha Henry, Mrs.
Haney Oscar
Haney Pauline M.
Haney Quincy
Haney Rose
Haney Violo
Hanger W. A., Mrs.
Hanichen Grace, Mrs.
Hanichen Grace, Mrs.
Hanichen Grace, Mrs.
Hanick Dolly, Mrs.
Hankes Cecil, Mrs.
Hankin Forest
Hankins Daniel J.
Hankins Infant
Hankins William
Hanks George
Hanley Booker
Hanley David
Hanley Edward W.
Hanley J. Frank
Hanley Lee M., Mrs.
Hanley Tom
Hann Jacob
Hann Oscar, Mrs.
Hanna Gertrude
Hanna Mr.
Hannah Carl
Hannah Carrie, Mrs.
Hannah Charles
Hannah Elwood
Hannah Evelyn M.
Hannah Gladys
Hannah James
Hannah John
Hannah John
Hannah Levi
Hannah Maggie B.
Hannah Nola, Mrs.
Hannah Wallace
Hannah Willie
Hannah John, Mrs.
Hannahs Ellis
Hannahs James
Hannahs William B.
Hannan Elizabeth G.
Hannan John H.
Hannan Rose
Hannan William M.
Hanner John
Hanners Eddie, Mrs.
Hanners Malissa Jane, Mrs.
Hanninger Mary A., Mrs.
Hannon Anna G., Mrs.
Hannon Bridget, Mrs.
Hannon Frank
Hannon Infant
Hannon Infant
Hannon James
Hannon John M.
Hannon Joseph R.
Hannon Lottie, Mrs.
Hannon Minerva
Hannon Nellie T., Mrs.
Hannon Nettie
Hannon Richard
Hannon Richard, Mrs.
Hannon Thomas J.
Hannon W. F., Mrs.
Hannon Willard
Hanns Freeman
Hans George
Hanser Hans
Hansgen Mary P., Mrs.
Hanshaw David H.
Hanshaw Elias
Hanshaw Garnet L.
Hanshaw George
Hanshaw Herbert, Jr.
Hanshaw Infant
Hanshaw Jesse
Hanshaw Mary L.
Hanshaw P. Marvin
Hanshaw Paul M.
Hanshaw Pearl, Mrs.
Hanton Frank
Harahan James T.
Harbarger Omar
Harbaugh David
Harberger Henry
Harberger Henry
Harbold Walter, Mrs.
Harbolt Cynthia E.
Harbolt George
Harbolt Henry
Harbolt Henry
Harbolt Henry, Mrs.
Harbolt John
Harbolt John, Sr., Mrs.
Harbolt Lydia
Harbolt Nancy, Mrs.
Harbolt Roda, Mrs.
Harbolt Walter, Mrs.
Harbolt Wilhelmina, Mrs.
Harbolt William, Mrs.
Harbour Davis C.
Harbour M. F.
Harbreger Henry, Mrs.
Hard H. J.
Harder Joseph
Hardesty Alena M.
Hardesty Infant
Hardesty Joseph
Hardin Betty I.
Hardin Ella, Mrs.
Harding B. F., Dr.
Harding Jessie J.
Harding Lindo
Harding Warren G., Mrs.
Hardwick Frank
Hardy Arch, Mrs.
Hardy Bertha
Hardy Charles F.
Hardy child
Hardy child
Hardy Clifford E.
Hardy Earl
Hardy Edward
Hardy F. E.
Hardy George
Hardy George
Hardy Infant
Hardy James
Hardy James, Mrs.
Hardy Jessie, Mrs.
Hardy Marcella, Mrs.
Hardy Marion
Hardy Martha J., Mrs.
Hardy Matilda, Mrs.
Hardy Moses A.
Hardy Rose
Hardy Ross
Hardy Samuel
Hardy William
Hardy William
Hardy William
Hardy Winchester
Hargis James, Judge
Hargis Jim, Judge
Hargreaves Thomas S.
Harig Edgar
Harkins Walter S.
Harlan James, Mrs.
Harlan Sarah, Mrs.
Harlen John M.
Harless Margaret, Mrs.
Harley John D.
Harman Chauncy F.
Harmon Alva
Harmon Andrew, Mrs.
Harmon Barbara, Mrs.
Harmon Bertha
Harmon Ed
Harmon Elizabeth
Harmon Geneva
Harmon Hazel
Harmon Infant
Harmon Infant
Harmon James
Harmon John
Harmon John
Harmon Katie H., Mrs.
Harmon Olive
Harmon Olivia, Mrs.
Harmon Rebecca, Mrs.
Harmon Rebecca, Mrs.
Harmon Richard
Harmon Robert M.
Harmon Samuel
Harmon Samuel H.
Harmon Wesley
Harms Clara, Mrs.
Harnes Ephraim H., Capt.
Harold George
Harold Vallee
Harparce Orin
Harparce Willard
Harparee Malcolm
Harparee Margaret, Mrs.
Harparee W. S.
Harparee Willard
Harper Alvin, Mrs.
Harper Belle, Mrs.
Harper child
Harper Elizabeth
Harper Elizabeth
Harper Hannah
Harper Infant
Harper Infant
Harper Infant
Harper J. J., Judge
Harper Julia
Harper Lorietta, Mrs.
Harper Marion
Harper Mary
Harper Mary
Harper Nattie J., Mrs.
Harper Olive, Mrs.
Harper T. B.
Harperce Aaron
Harpold William W.
Harr John
Harr John
Harries David Charles
Harrington Bridget, Mrs.
Harrington H. L., Mrs.
Harrington John
Harrington Mabel
Harris Albert H.
Harris Archie
Harris Burton
Harris Charles
Harris Chattie E., Mrs.
Harris Clarence
Harris Clarence S.
Harris D. H.
Harris D. H., Dr.
Harris David
Harris David C.
Harris David, Mrs.
Harris David, Mrs.
Harris E.
Harris E. L.
Harris F. E.
Harris F. R.
Harris Frank
Harris George
Harris George
Harris George, Mrs.
Harris Grace
Harris H. H.
Harris H. H., Mrs.
Harris H. P.
Harris H., Dr.
Harris Hattie, Mrs.
Harris Honshell E.
Harris Infant
Harris Infant
Harris Infants
Harris James
Harris Jesse W.
Harris John, Mrs.
Harris John, Mrs.
Harris Juanita
Harris Lewis
Harris Lewis
Harris Louis E.
Harris Lucy A., Mrs.
Harris Lucy, Mrs.
Harris Mabel
Harris Maggie
Harris Margaret, Mrs.
Harris Margaret, Mrs.
Harris Nathaniel
Harris Pearl
Harris Richard R.
Harris Thomas C.
Harris Thomas C.
Harris Thomas C.
Harris Thomas H.
Harris Thomas M., Gen.
Harris William
Harris William
Harris William
Harris William S.
Harris Infant
Harris Will
Harris William H.
Harrison Ben
Harrison Charles
Harrison Clell
Harrison Fannie Goodman, Mrs.
Harrison Frank, Mrs.
Harrison Harold
Harrison Henry, Mr. and Mrs.
Harrison John
Harrison Joseph
Harrison Joseph
Harrison Joseph
Harrison Joseph
Harrison Luella McNaughton
Harrison Luella, Mrs.
Harrison Malinda, Mrs.
Harrison Margaret, Mrs.
Harrison Martha, Mrs.
Harrison Rebecca, Mrs.
Harrison Solomon
Harrison William, Mrs.
Harrison Woodrow
Harry Charles
Harsha P. H.
Hart Alice C., Mrs.
Hart Charles, Jr.
Hart Eliza, Mrs.
Hart Emanuel J.
Hart Georgiana, Mrs.
Hart Harrison H.
Hart Helen E.
Hart J. W.
Hart James R.
Hart Lydia N.
Hart Mary, Mrs.
Hart P. S., Capt.
Hart P. S., Capt.
Hart Samuel J.
Hart William, Mrs.
Harte May
Harth Caroline
Harth Caroline
Harth Charlotte
Harth Elizabeth
Hartley Edward
Hartley Elizabeth A., Mrs.
Hartley Goldie, Mrs.
Hartley Howard
Hartley Irene E.
Hartley Ruby E.
Hartley Sarah, Mrs.
Hartley Tom
Hartman Albert C.
Hartman Charles
Hartman Frank P.
Hartman Lola Belle
Hartman Mary H.
Hartman Mary H.
Hartson Julia, Mrs.
Hartsook Thomas, Mrs.
Hartsough Frank
Hartwell child
Hartwig Cora, Mrs.
Hartwig John
Hartwig John, Mrs.
Hartzell Ralph
Hartziger Jacob
Harvard David
Harvey Alfred
Harvey Alice Arlie
Harvey Anna McGowan, Mrs.
Harvey Dorothy
Harvey Floyd A.
Harvey George
Harvey George
Harvey Helen
Harvey Infant
Harvey J. W.
Harvey James
Harvey John
Harvey Lydia, Mrs.
Harvey Mary
Harvey Maud, Mrs.
Hasben Arthur
Haselip Alfred L.
Hasenauer Annie, Mrs.
Hasenauer Clara
Hasenauer Edgar
Hasenauer Edgar
Hasenauer Edgar
Hasenauer Edgar
Hasenauer Edward
Hasenauer Edward
Hasenauer Joseph J.
Hasenauer Mary ,Mrs.
Hasenauer William F.
Hasennauer Clara
Hasenour Christian
Hash Harry
Haskell Homer E.
Haskins Celia
Haskins Ceola
Haskins child
Haskins Clyde
Haskins E. B., Dr.
Haskins Fannie
Haskins George A.
Haskins Harry
Haskins James
Haskins Matilda, Mrs.
Haskins Nellie May
Haskins W. J., Mrs.
Haskins W. J., Mrs.
Haskins W. S.
Haskins William
Haskins William H.
Haskins William J.
Haskins William J.
Haskins William J.
Hasselbring Carl
Hassey Frank
Hassey John
Hassey John
Hassey Katherine
Hassey Mary Mrs.
Hassie Margaret
Hassley Dee
Hastings Arthur
Hastings Cassandra, Mrs.
Hastings Drusilla, Mrs.
Hastings Frank
Hastings Lawson D.
Hastings S. K.
Hastings W. B.
Hastings William E., Dr.
Hasty George
Hatch John W.
Hatcher Cassius M.
Hatcher Charles H.
Hatcher G. T., Mrs.
Hatcher John
Hatcher John D.
Hatcher Mame, Mrs.
Hatcher Mary C.
Hatcher Mary L., Mrs.
Hatcher Mary M., Mrs.
Hatcher Rachel
Hatcher Robert E.
Hatfield A. E.
Hatfield Elmer, Mrs.
Hatfield Foley, Mrs.
Hatfield Fred
Hatfield Harrison
Hatfield J. J.
Hatfield J. J.
Hatfield J. J.
Hatfield J. J.
Hatfield J. J.
Hatfield Nicholas
Hatfield Tommy
Hatfield William
Hatfield William A.
Hathaway Gilbert K.
Hathaway John
Hathway Frank M.
Hatten Ara
Hatton Harvey
Hatton Hattie, Mrs.
Hatton James D.
Hatton Mollie, Mrs.
Hatton Robert
Hauckey Teresa, Mrs.
Hauckey Teresa, Mrs.
Hauenstein John
Haughey Willard
Haughton Percy D.
Hauser Lewis
Hauserman Robert
Havath Mary
Haven William A., Jr.
Hawhurst Elizabeth
Hawkins Albert, Mrs.
Hawkins Alfred
Hawkins Forest
Hawkins James
Hawkins Kenton
Hawkins Mrs.
Hawkins Rollin
Haworth Clarence E., Prof.
Hawthorne Wesley
Hay Emory
Hayes Alden
Hayes Andrew C.
Hayes Bailey
Hayes Canza
Hayes Charles
Hayes Charlotte, Mrs.
Hayes Elizabeth
Hayes Elizabeth L.
Hayes Ernest, Mrs.
Hayes George
Hayes H. C.
Hayes Homer
Hayes Howard
Hayes Infant
Hayes James F.
Hayes James, Mrs.
Hayes Jennie, Mrs.
Hayes John
Hayes John F.
Hayes Katie
Hayes Laura, Mrs.
Hayes Leslie
hayes Lucy A., Mrs.
Hayes Pat, Mrs.
Hayes Roxie, Mrs.
Hayes Sarah, Mrs.
Hayes Sue
Hayes W. J.
Hayes Wilard, Mrs.
Hayes Will
Hayes Will
Hayes Will
Hayes William A.
Hayes William, Mrs.
Hayhurst Harvey
Hayhurst Harvey
Hayner I. M.
Hayner I. M.
Haynes Caroline, Mrs.
Haynes Caroline, Mrs.
Haynes Ruth
Haynes Walter
Hays Henry
Hays Infant
Hays Joseph M.
Hays Nathaniel
Hayward Frank
Hayward Julia W., Mrs.
Hayward Mary C., Mrs.
Hayward Mary Cadot, Mrs.
Haywood Irene, Mrs.
Haywood John, Mrs.
Hazelbaker Arnold
Hazen Dale
Hazleth Marjorie
Heaberlin Charles J.
Heaberlin Fred
Heaberlin Fred
Heaberlin Grace K., Mrs.
Heaberlin Paul
Heaberlin Sarah, Mrs.
Heaberlin Trudy
Heaberlin W. J.
Heacox Fannie S., Mrs.
Head Richard
Heading Thelma
Heald Cora E., Mrs.
Heald W. W.
Heald William W.
Hearberlin T. M.
Hearld Edna R.
Hearne William
Hearstine David
Heasley Samuel L.
Heaston Walter, Mrs.
Heath Infant
Heaton Frank
Heatrick Elizabeth, Mrs.
Heberling Charles J.
Heberling Infant
Heck Belmont
Heck Daniel, Mrs.
Heck David, Mrs.
Heck Dorothy
Heck Harry A.
Heck Homer
Heck Jeff
Heck Laura N., Mrs.
Heck Lew T.
Heck Otto E.
Heck Sarah, Mrs.
Heck Thomas J.
Heckman William
Hedding Infant
Hedding Sam
Hederick Irma
Hedges Ameziah
Hedrick Eliza, Mrs.
Hedrick J. W.
Hedrick J. W., Mrs.
Hedricks Walter
Heffe E. E., Mrs.
Heffelflinger Christine
Heffelflinger Christine
Heffelflinger Henry
Heffelinger William
Hefferman James
Heffner Jacob, Mrs.
Heffner Lillie A., Mrs.
Heffner M. W., Mrs.
Heffner Marshall W.
Heffner Marshall W.
Heffner Pearl, Mrs.
Heffner Robert
Heffner twins
Heffner twins
Heffner Wesley
Heffon William, Mrs.
Hefner Charles H., Mrs.
Hefner Charles W.
Hefner Harry
Hefner Infant
Heid Forest
Heid John
Heidorn Charles
Heidorn Herschel
Heidorn Julia, Mrs.
Heidorn Preston
Heidorn Preston
Heidorn Willard
Heifer George
Heighton Annie
Heighton Bertha, Mrs.
Heighton Matthew
Heighton Matthew
Heighton Nancy
Heighton Parker
Heiler Elizabeth
Heiler Elizabeth
Hein Alice
Heine Charles
Heine George, Mrs.
Heiner Caroline
Heiner E. C., Mrs.
Heiner Edward
Heiner Eliza E., Mrs.
Heiner Henry
Heiner Karl
Heiner Magdalene, Mrs.
Heinz Augustus
Heinz George
Heironimus Wevia L.
Heiser W. D.
Heitzman Catherine, Mrs.
Heitzman Catherine, Mrs.
Heitzman Cynthia, H. Mrs.
Heitzman Mary, Mrs.
Helbing Charles D.
Helbing Michael
Helbing William
Helbling Catherine, Mrs.
Helbling Charles D.
Helbling Charles D.
Helbling John D.
Helbling Katherine S., Mrs.
Held Bertie, Mrs.
Held John R.
Held Mr.
Heldman William
Heldorn William
Helm Hulda, Mrs.
Helm James L.
Helm Lucy
Helm Sam
Helmer Frances, Mrs.
Helmich Nellie
Helmick Lucy E., Mrs.
Helminteter Bertha, Mrs.
Helmuth child
Helton Harvey
Helton John E.
Helton O. B.
Helton Winifred E.
Helwig Anna, Mrs.
Helwig Margaret, Mrs.
Helwig Sophia, Mrs.
Helwig Sophia, Mrs.
Helwig William
Hemmings Fred
Hemmings Fred
Hemning Fannie, Mrs.
Hempstead F. H., Dr.
Hempstead I. Newton
Hempstead Mary, Mrs.
Hemsley Myrtle, Mrs.
Henager Cecil
Henager Cecil
Hencye Henry
Henderson Abbie, Mrs.
Henderson Alexander T., Dr.
Henderson Docator
Henderson Ed
Henderson Elizabeth
Henderson F. R., Mrs.
Henderson Geneva H., Mrs.
Henderson Henry B.
Henderson Irvine family
Henderson J. Clayton
Henderson James
Henderson John W.
Henderson John W.
Henderson Mort
Henderson Roe, Mrs.
Henderson Stacie, Mrs.
Henderson Thomas
Henderson William
Hendricks Harvey
Hendricks James D.
Henkel Myrtle
Henneman Dollie
Henney E. Jay
Henning Savannah, Mrs.
Henninger F. W.
Henninger Katherine
Henry Ada, Mrs.
Henry Ada, Mrs.
Henry Albert
Henry Albert, Mrs.
Henry C. W.
Henry C. W.
Henry Carl
Henry Carl T.
Henry Cassa D., Mrs.
Henry Catherine
Henry Clark
Henry Clark
Henry Clark, Mrs.
Henry Clay
Henry Dorothy M.
Henry E. Perry
Henry Earl
Henry Edward
Henry Edward B., Rev.
Henry Eliza Jane, Mrs.
Henry Ella L.
Henry Ellen
Henry Elmer
Henry Emmet
Henry Ernest
Henry Eugenie
Henry Freddie
Henry George A.
Henry George A.
Henry George F.
Henry Grover
Henry Helen M., Mrs.
Henry Howard W., Mrs.
Henry Infant
Henry Infant
Henry Infant
Henry J. Brice
Henry J. P.
Henry James J.
Henry James P.
Henry James W.
Henry John
Henry John
Henry John
Henry John M.
Henry Kate M., Mrs.
Henry Kate V., Mrs.
Henry Levi M.
Henry Levy M., Mrs.
Henry Lewis
Henry Maria B., Mrs.
Henry Marshall
Henry Mary A., Mrs.
Henry Mary, Mrs.
Henry Olivia
Henry Oscar
Henry P. L., Mrs.
Henry Patrick, Rev.
Henry Patrick, Rev.
Henry Pauline
Henry Peter L., Mrs.
Henry Ralph
Henry Ray
Henry Roena, Mrs.
Henry Squire John
Henry Thomas
Henry Thomas H.
Henry Thomas O.
Henry Tolvee J.
Henry Victoria, Mrs.
Henry W. A.
Henry W. B.
Henry William
Henry William D.
Henry William Davidson
Henry William Davidson
Henry Wilmot W., Capt.
Henry Infant
Henshaw Nannie
Hensley Charles
Hensley Gabigha, Mrs.
Hensley George
Hensley Grace E.
Hensley J. W.
Hensley Jackson
Hensley Joseph
Hensley Martha A., Mrs.
Hensley Martha C., Mrs.
Hensley Samuel
Henson Alice, Mrs.
Henson Beulah Mildred
Henson C. W., Mrs.
Henson Clara
Henson Fred
Henson Infant
Henson Infant
Henson James
Henson John
Henson John C.
Henson Margaret, Mrs.
Henson Mary, Mrs.
Henson Pokaten, Mrs.
Henson Sarah D., Mrs.
Henson Thelma
Henson W. M.
Henthorn Arthur
Henthorn Augustus
Henthorn Earl (Woods)
Henthorn Elsie
Henthorn Harry
Henthorn Henry
Henthorn Henry C.
Henthorn Henry, Mrs.
Henthorn Henry, Mrs.
Henthorn Infant
Henthorn Laura B.
Henthorn Laura B., Mrs.
Henthorn Lott H.
Henthorn Margaret, Mrs.
Henthorn William
Henthorn William B.
Henthorn William B.
Henthorne Clifford
Henthorne Emma, Mrs.
Henthorne H. Clay, Mrs.
Henthorne Laura B., Mrs.
Henthorne Laura B., Mrs.
Henthorne Viola, Mrs.
Hentig A., Mrs.
Hepburn Hal, Mrs.
Hepburn William P.
Hepp Howard
Her Thomas
Herald F. G.
Herald John
Herald Uriah
Herbert Anna M.
Herbert Francis, Mrs.
Herbert Marie
Herbert Victor
Herbolt Frederick
Herbst Richard, Rev.
Hercell William, Mrs.
Herdman Hattie
Herdman Robert
Herdman Robert
Herdman William
Herdon Frederick
Hered George W.
Hereford Addie
Hereford Elizabeth, Mrs.
Herity Albert M., Mr. and Mrs.
Herity Jane, Mrs.
Herity John
Herity John
Herman Elizabeth, Mrs.
Herman Frank
Herman Herald
Herman W. H.
Herms Ola Tomlinson, Mrs.
Hern Amanda E.
Hern Infant
Hern Roy B.
Hern Samuel
Hern Sherman T.
Hern William
Hern William T.
Herns Catherine, Mrs.
Herns Catherine, Mrs.
Herns Herman
Herr Mary, Mrs.
Herr Mrs.
Herrell Addie, Mrs.
Herrell Kelvey
Herrick John
Herrick Orin R.
Herring Fred Mrs.
Herrington Thomas
Herrmann Garry
Herron Charles L.
Herron child
Herron Curtis
Herron Curtis
Herron Eliza
Herron Henderson
Herron Mrs.
Herron Nettie
Herron William Christie
Hersh John C., Sr.
Hershey Edward A.
Heskett Carl F.
Heskett Frank
Heskett Robert
Hess E. J., Mrs.
Hess H. C.
Hess Hannah K., Mrs.
Hess Joseph
Hesson Dwight
Hetterbrand Raymond
Hetty Margaret, Mrs.
Heurman Geraldine
Hevelosky John
Hewett H. B., Mrs.
Hewitt D. E.
Hummel John G.




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