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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Hibbs Ruth
Hibler Alvin A.
Hibler Thomas, Mrs.
Hibler Thomas, Mrs.
Hick John
Hickerson Hugh
Hickey Charles
Hickle Blanch
Hickman Fayola
Hickman Lillie
Hickman Minnie
Hickman Pauline
Hicks Cecil
Hicks Cecil
Hicks Charles
Hicks Chauncey, Mrs.
Hicks Daisy
Hicks David B.
Hicks David B.
Hicks Dorothy
Hicks George
Hicks Grover
Hicks Hannah
Hicks Infant
Hicks Infant
Hicks Jefferson, Mrs.
Hicks John
Hicks Lulu, Mrs.
Hicks Nancy, Mrs.
Hicks O. J.
Hicks Opal
Hicks Ray
Hicks Samuel
Hicks Sarah A., Mrs.
Hicks Sidney, Mrs.
Hicks Sue
Hicks Thomas D.
Hicks Will Mrs.
Hicks William H.
Hicks William T.
Hieneman Carrie E.
Hieronimus Harry H.
Hiett W. C.
Higbie John R.
Higby Charles D.
Higdon C. K.
Higgins Alice Bonsell, Mrs.
Higgins Alice, Mrs.
Higgins Amos L.
Higgins Basbaley, Mrs.
Higgins Blutcher
Higgins Charles
Higgins Clark
Higgins Crayton P.
Higgins Curziah, Mrs.
Higgins D. W., Rev.
Higgins Edward
Higgins Infant
Higgins J. Phillip
Higgins John
Higgins John M., Col.
Higgins John W.
Higgins John W.
Higgins John W.
Higgins Kelly
Higgins Mary E., Mrs.
Higgins Mary J., Mrs.
Higgins Myrtle
Higgins Sallie, Mrs.
Higgins Sarah F., Mrs.
Higgins Susan, Mrs.
Higgins T. J.
Higgins W. J.
Higgins William H.
Highland William R.
Hightchew Noble
Hilgenberg Anna L.
Hilgenberg Carl J.
Hilgenberg Catherine, Mrs.
Hilgenberg Doris F.
Hilgenberg Fred
Hilgenberg George O.
Hilgenberg Samuel L.
Hilgenberg Samuel L.
Hilgsberger Charles
Hill Alpha J.
Hill Ardine
Hill C. A.
Hill C. E., Mrs.
Hill Carlos
Hill Charles
Hill Clara E.
Hill Cordia, Mrs.
Hill Cornelius
Hill Eliza, Mrs.
Hill Elizabeth
Hill Elizabeth, Mrs.
Hill Fannie B., Mrs.
Hill Fred
Hill Gus
Hill Herrickson R., Col.
Hill Hiram
Hill Horace N.
Hill Hustis
Hill Infant
Hill J. T.
Hill James
Hill James, Mrs.
Hill Jane, Mrs.
Hill John
Hill John O.
Hill John W., Mrs.
Hill John, Mrs.
Hill Julia W., Mrs.
Hill Lawrence, Mrs.
Hill Levi J.
Hill Marie A.
Hill Mary V.
Hill Russell
Hill Russell J.
Hill Tennyson
Hill Vernon
Hill W. H., Mrs.
Hill William
Hill William, Mrs.
Hill Willie
Hille Albert
Hille William H.
Hille William H.
Hiller Mary, Mrs.
Hilliman W. S.
Hilton Joseph
Hinchcliffe William
Hines James A.
Hines Raymond
Hinkle Elmer R.
Hinkley Alonzo
Hinman Alice, Mrs.
Hinton Thomas J.
Hippey Christine, Mrs.
Hipple Frank K.
Hirsh Leo
Hirsh Leo
Hiser Howard
Hissong James
Hitchcock Elizabeth
Hite Eliza J., Mrs.
Hite George E., Rev.
Hite Infant
Hite James
Hitt Orville C.
Hitt R. A., Rev.
Hitt Robert
Hively Andrew
Hively Dempsey
Hixon Delbert
Hixon Emerson
Hixon Frank, Mrs.
Hixon George F.
Hixson Ethel, Mrs.
Hoard Samuel F.
Hobbs Albert
Hobbs Mary E., Mrs.
Hobbs McKinley
Hobbs Ora
Hobbs Reuben
Hobbs Reuben
Hobensack John
Hoblitzel W. L., Sr.
Hobson Hilda, Mrs.
Hobstetter Charles C.
Hobstetter Jacob T.
Hobstetter Phillip
Hobstetter Phillip, Mrs.
Hochesang Joseph
Hock Joseph
Hock Joseph
Hock Katherine
Hock Mary
Hock Theresa, Mrs.
Hock Theresa, Mrs.
Hock W. J., Mrs.
Hock William
Hock William
Hockenberry Mrs.
Hockersmith L. D., Capt.
Hockgesang Joseph, Mrs.
Hodge Maybel
Hodges Mary
Hodges Mattie, Mrs.
Hoeman E. H.
Hoerner August
Hoerner Theresa, Mrs.
Hoff Francis
Hoffman C. L.
Hoffman Charles
Hoffman Charles A.
Hoffman David C.
Hoffman E. E.
Hoffman Edna
Hoffman Emma A.
Hoffman George
Hoffman Hazel E.
Hoffman Infant
Hoffman Jacob
Hoffman Jacob, Mrs.
Hoffman Jason
Hoffman Kathryn, Mrs.
Hoffman Lucy
Hoffman Meta
Hoffman Mrs.
Hoffman Pauline
Hoffman Robert N.
Hoffman Sadie E. M., Mrs.
Hoffman Sadie E. M., Mrs.
Hoffman William, Maj.
Hoffton Sereptia, Mrs.
Hoflich Julia, Mrs.
Hofner Leona
Hogan Mary, Mrs.
Hogan Mary, Mrs.
Hogan T. J.
Hogan William
Hoge John
Hogskin Ruth V.
Hogsten Cynthia, Mrs.
Hogsten Cynthia, Mrs.
Hogsten David
Hogsten David
Hogsten Forest
Hogsten Fred
Hogsten Infant
Hogsten Infant
Hogsten Lydia, Mrs.
Hogsten Teddy R.
Hogten Frank
Hohnhorst Edward
Holbrook Alfred, Prof.
Holbrook Edward
Holbrook J. F., Mrs.
Holbrook James
Holbrook James A.
Holbrook Nancy
Holbrook Oscar M.
Holbrook R. Heber, Dr.
Holbrook Reginald H., Dr.
Holbrook William
Holcomb Grace E., Mrs.
Holdebrand William
Holden Charles E.
Holden James
Holderby Anna, Mrs.
Holderby Dore
Holderby Eva
Holderby F. A., Rev.
Holderby Inga L.
Holderby Jane, Mrs.
Holderby Oliver
Holderby Oliver P.
Holderby Susie, Mrs.
Holiday H. B.
Holiday Joel
Hollan Mary A. C., Mrs.
Holland Charles
Holland Frank
Holland Jim
Holland John E.
Holland John P.
Holland Len
Hollembeck Henry
Hollenbeck Adam
Hollenbeck Adam, Mrs.
Holler Christian
Holler Harry H.
Holler John
Hollerback August, Capt.
Holleron John
Holley James C.
Holley Joseph
Holley Joseph
Holley Joseph, Mrs.
Holley Matt
Holliday Clara
Holliday Clara
Holliday George H.
Holliday Joy
Holliday Mary, Mrs.
Holliday Maude, Mrs.
Holliday Patton
Holliday Reaber
Holliday Reaber
Holliday Robert
Holliday Samuel
Holliday Shedrick
Holliger Alice
Hollingshead Hezekiah
Hollingsworth Charles A.
Hollingsworth Charles E.
Hollingsworth Ella Mrs.
Hollister Howard C., Judge
Hollman H., Mrs.
Holloway Henry, Capt.
Holloway Mariah
Holloway Peter
Holmes Charles
Holmes Christian, Dr.
Holmes David A., Dr.
Holmes Edward, Mrs.
Holmes Eliza, Mrs.
Holmes Frank
Holmes Julia, Mrs.
Holmes Malissa, Mrs.
Holmes Sidney, Mrs.
Holsapple Henry
Holschuh Betty L.
Holschuh Charles, Mrs.
Holschuh Charles, Mrs.
Holschuh Charles, Mrs.
Holschuh Emory
Holschuh Infant
Holschuh Infant
Holschuh Jacob
Holschuh John
Holschuh John
Holschuh John, Mrs.
Holschuh Katherine, Mrs.
Holschuh William
Holstein William M.
Holster Mrs.
Holston Donell G.
Holt Abner
Holt Amanda, Mrs.
Holt C. E., Mrs.
Holt C. E., Mrs.
Holt Conrad
Holt Conrad, Mrs.
Holt Earl
Holt Emory
Holt Frank
Holt George
Holt Infant
Holt John
Holt Mary, Mrs.
Holt Mattie, Mrs.
Holt Mrs.
Holt Ruth
Holt T. M., Mrs.
Holten Charles
Holton Dorothy
Holton John
Holton Lila, Mrs.
Holtz Elizabeth
Holtzapfel Alice, Mrs.
Holtzapfel Cornelius B.
Holtzapfel Frank C.
Holtzapfel Frank C.
Holtzapfel Gertrude A.
Holtzapfel Infant
Holtzapfel Joseph, Mrs.
Holtzapfel Paul
Holtzapple Andrew, Mrs.
Holtzapple Infant
Holtzapple Mary, Mrs.
Holtzapple Matthew
Holtzer Charles
Holyrold Mattie
Holzapfel child
Holzapple Infant
Homer Stephen
Honacker Lewis W.
Honaker Ethel
Honaker Isaac
Honaker Lillian R.
Honley Harry
Honshell Gus, Capt.
Honshell Mrs.
Hood Lon
Hood William
Hood William
Hoop Charles, Mrs.
Hoop Lyde
Hooper Gladys G., Mrs.
Hoover Albert
Hoover Edward
Hoover Lewis
Hoover Lucrita, Mrs.
Hoover Myrtle
Hoover Rebecca, Mrs.
Hoover W. A., Mrs.
Hope Helen
Hopewell Elmer C.
Hopkins Archibald, Mrs.
Hopkins Arthur
Hopkins Charles
Hopkins D. R.
Hopkins Dan, Mrs.
Hopkins Dan, Mrs.
Hopkins David W.
Hopkins Delia, Mrs.
Hopkins Elmer
Hopkins Ethelwine, Mrs.
Hopkins H. H., Mrs.
Hopkins Harriet, Mrs.
Hopkins Homer W., Capt.
Hopkins Homer W., Capt.
Hopkins Homer, Capt.
Hopkins Howell G., Judge
Hopkins Infant
Hopkins Jacob
Hopkins Jennie, Mrs.
Hopkins Martha L., Mrs.
Hopkins Mary
Hopkins Orville
Hopkins Robert, Mrs.
Hopkins Ruth J.
Hopkins Ruth J.
Hopkins Sarah M., Mrs.
Hopkins T. J., Mrs.
Hopkins Thomas J., Capt.
Hopper Mildred
Hoptry Frederick
Hoptry Martha, Mrs.
Hoptry Martha, Mrs.
Hopwood Erie C.
Horam Mary, Mrs.
Horan Katie
Horbart John
Horchow Samuel
Hord William T. T.
Hordier Louis
Horn Ella Thompson, Mrs.
Horn Frances, Mrs.
Horn Hego
Horn Henry F.
Horn Mary L.
Hornberger Alexander Morrison
Hornberger Mr.
Hornbuckle Charles
Hornbuckle Grant
Hornbuckle M. C.
Hornbuckle Margaret
Hornbuckle Samuel
Hornbuckle Susan, Mrs.
Horne Benjamin
Horne Infant
Horner Harry
Horner Isaac
Horner Isaac, Mrs.
Horner William
Hornung J. Wesley
Horrock S. S., Mrs.
Horrocks Ed S., Mrs.
Horschel Dorothy, Mrs.
Horschel Ernest
Horschel Fred P., Mrs.
Horschel Infant
Horschell Edward
Horschell Elizabeth D., Mrs.
Horsey W. H.
Horsley Carl
Horsley Clara, Mrs.
Horsley Ernest
Horsley Joe
Horsley Warren H.
Horstman Fred
Horstmann Ignatuis F., Rev.
Hortel Infant
Hortel Infant
Horton Harold
Horton Robert C.
Horton Travis
Horton W. H., Jr.
Horton William H.
Horwith Frank
Hosey Estella
Hosey Estella
Hosey Winfred
Hoskin Harrison
Hoskins Henry
Hoskins Hicks
Hoskins James
Hoskins W. R.
Hostler Edward, Mrs.
Houdeshell Kenneth
Hough W. S.
Hounstein Mrs.
House George, Gen.
House Lucina, Mrs.
Householder Harry
Householder Harry O.
Housen Arthur
Housen Sylvinua
Houser J. T.
Houston Carl
Houston Foster D.
Houston James R.
Houston Ola G., Mrs.
Houston Sam
Houston W. H., Judge
Howard Abel
Howard Alexander
Howard Allen
Howard Anna, Mrs.
Howard Brown
Howard Catherine
Howard Charles G.
Howard child
Howard Christine M.
Howard Clifford
Howard D. W.
Howard Dayton
Howard Edward
Howard Emma, Mrs.
Howard Frank
Howard Fred
Howard George
Howard George
Howard George
Howard Harry J.
Howard Helen
Howard Infant
Howard Infant
Howard James
Howard James
Howard James
Howard Jesse
Howard Jesse M.
Howard John
Howard John M.
Howard Jordan
Howard Joseph
Howard Louis, Mrs.
Howard Mack
Howard Mary, Mrs.
Howard Michael
Howard Morgan
Howard Nancy E., Mrs.
Howard Paul
Howard Ray
Howard Robert
Howard Russell O.
Howard Sarah, Mrs.
Howard Thomas
Howard Tony
Howard William
Howard William
Howard William, Mrs.
Howard Willie
Howe Annie, Mrs.
Howe Charles
Howe Charles W.
Howe James E.
Howell Alice
Howell Alice E.
Howell Alice R.
Howell Alice, Mrs.
Howell Anna
Howell Annalee, Mrs.
Howell Benjamin
Howell Benjamin
Howell C. W.
Howell Chester
Howell child
Howell Dane
Howell Edith
Howell Effie J.
Howell Elmer
Howell Eva, Mrs.
Howell Frank, Jr.
Howell George
Howell George
Howell Glen L.
Howell Glen L.
Howell Infant
Howell Infant
Howell Infant
Howell J. C., Mr. and Mrs.
Howell J. C., Mrs.
Howell J. L.
Howell James
Howell James
Howell James
Howell John F., Mrs.
Howell John R.
Howell John R.
Howell John S.
Howell Joseph C.
Howell Kenneth
Howell Laura, Mrs.
Howell Linton
Howell Martha A.
Howell Mary
Howell Mary A.
Howell Mary A., Mrs.
Howell Mary V.
Howell Mary, Mrs.
Howell Norvetta
Howell Olive E.
Howell Olive E.
Howell Raymond
Howell Vada
Howell Vernon
Howell W. B., Mrs.
Howell William
Howell William
Howell William
Howell William M.
Howells Anna
Howells Sophia
Hower Clara A., Mrs.
Howerton Lucy
Howes Henry S.
Howes Myrtle
Howland Edward M.
Howland Harry
Howland Stephen C.
Howley L. Archie
Hoy William
Hubbard Herman
Hubbard Herman
Hubbard Herman F.
Hubbard Lillian
Hubbard Lillian
Hubbard Mrs.
Hubbard Otto
Hubbard Sarah, Mrs.
Huber Frederick
Huber Henry T.
Hubert Roy M.
Hubert Ruth C.
Hubman A.
Huddle Charles
Huddle Clara C.
Huddle Fred
Huddle Infant
Huddle Infant
Huddle John
Huddle Lenia
Huddle Mahala
Huddle Nellie
Huddle Thomas, Mrs.
Huddleson Russell
Huddleson Russell
Huddleson Russell
Huddleston C. C.
Huddleston C. C.
Huddleston Howard E.
Huddleston Virginia, Mrs.
Hudepohl Rose, Mrs.
Hudley Mollie
Hudson Beatrice
Hudson Harry
Hudson James
Hudson L. L., Mrs.
Hudson L. L., Prof.
Hudson Mary, Mrs.
Hudson Mary, Mrs.
Hudson Mildred
Hudson Thomas
Huels Herman
Huerta Victoriane
Huff Adam
Huff Anna, Mrs.
Huff Betty J.
Huff Betty J.
Huff Helen S.
Huff Infant
Huff Infant
Huff Infant
Huff James M.
Huff Lona, Mrs.
Huff Mr.
Huff Sam
Huff Wanda J.
Huffine Clarence, Mrs.
Huffman Albert
Huffman Anna E., Mrs.
Huffman Anna Mary, Mrs.
Huffman Charles
Huffman child
Huffman Elis
Huffman Frank
Huffman George
Huffman H. G., Dr.
Huffman Holdon
Huffman Jane, Mrs.
Huffman John
Huffman John K.
Huffman L. D.
Huffman Luther
Huffman Luther
Huffman Malissa
Huffman Matilda, Mrs.
Huffman Ophelia, Mrs.
Huffman Ophelia, Mrs.
Huffman W. L.
Huffman Walter
Huffman Wayne
Hugger Sophia, Mrs.
Hugger William
Huggins J. A.
Huggins Miller
Huggman J. F.
Hughe Mr.
Hughes Anna, Mrs.
Hughes Anna, Mrs.
Hughes Charity, Mrs.
Hughes Charles
Hughes Charles
Hughes Charles, Mrs.
Hughes Chartty, Mrs.
Hughes Clifford
Hughes D. E.
Hughes David
Hughes David
Hughes Dennis
Hughes Ed S.
Hughes Ed S.
Hughes Eleanor
Hughes Eliabeth
Hughes Emma
Hughes Emma
Hughes Flora Adams, Mrs.
Hughes Fred
Hughes Geneviene
Hughes Hannah, Mrs.
Hughes Harriet, Mrs.
Hughes Hazel
Hughes Jane, Mrs.
Hughes Jerry
Hughes John
Hughes John
Hughes John
Hughes John H.
Hughes John R.
Hughes John, Mrs.
Hughes Leland
Hughes Lizzie, Mrs.
Hughes Mary E.
Hughes Minnie, Mrs.
Hughes O. H., Judge
Hughes Orvetta L.
Hughes Peter, Mrs.
Hughes Robert
Hughes Robert
Hughes Theodore
Hughes Thomas
Hughes Thomas, Mrs.
Hughes twins
Hughes William
Hughes William
Hughes William, Col.
Hughes Zacheus B.
Huich Infant
Hulbert Alonzo
Hulbert E. T.
Hull Allen
Hull Catherine and Emerson
Hull Edmund
Hull H. B.
Hull H. B.
Hull Sarah H., Mrs.
Hullinger Edward H.
Hullwig Albert
Hulton Lovina, Mrs.
Humes Samuel R.
Humes William
Hummel August
Hummel Infant
Hummel John, Mrs.
Hummel Jonas
Hummelhauser C. M.
Hummell Adam
Hummell Caroline
Humphrey child
Humphrey George W.
Humphrey George W.
Humphrey Hattie G., Mrs.
Humphrey Isabelle, Mrs.
Humphrey J. A.
Humphrey Lillian
Humphrey S. P., Mrs.
Humphrey Tabitha E., Mrs.
Humphrey Vala B.
Humphrey Vala Bell
Humphrey William G.
Humphreys Amanda Doak
Humphreys Howard
Humphreys John, Mrs.
Humphreys May
Hundley Mollie
Hunley Carl
Hunley E. L.
Hunley Emma, Mrs.
Hunley Fanny
Hunley George
Hunley George, Mrs.
Hunley Goldie
Hunley Henry
Hunley Infant
Hunley Laura, Mrs.
Hunley Mary, Mrs.
Hunley Walter R.
Hunnecke Bradford
Hunnel Claribel
Hunnell John A.
Hunsaker James
Hunsey Isaac
Hunt Alfred
Hunt Alonzo
Hunt Charles H.
Hunt Charles, Mrs.
Hunt Edna
Hunt Emmett
Hunt Foreker
Hunt Fred
Hunt George
Hunt George
Hunt George
Hunt George W.
Hunt George, Mrs.
Hunt Henrietta
Hunt Infant
Hunt Isabel
Hunt J. N., Mrs.
Hunt James C.
Hunt Johnson
Hunt Leonard
Hunt Leonard
Hunt Lewis
Hunt Lewis
Hunt Lola H.
Hunt Louise, Mrs.
Hunt Louise, Mrs.
Hunt Marion
Hunt Marvin L.
Hunt Minerva, Mrs.
Hunt Minnie, Mrs.
Hunt N. J., Mrs.
Hunt Samuel
Hunt Sarah Allen
Hunt William Mrs.
Hunt William W.
Hunter Amelia, Mrs.
Hunter Charles, Mrs.
Hunter Charles, Mrs.
Hunter Charles, Mrs.
Hunter Cora
Hunter Delbert
Hunter Delinda, Mrs.
Hunter Ella W., Mrs.
Hunter Fred
Hunter H. S.
Hunter Infant
Hunter J. M., Mrs.
Hunter James, Mrs.
Hunter Jennie
Hunter Jesse
Hunter John A.
Hunter John
Hunter John A.
Hunter John A., Sr., Mrs.
Hunter Judge
Hunter Louis
Hunter Louis
Hunter Mattie, Mrs.
Hunter Melissa A., Mrs.
Hunter Mrs.
Hunter Sam
Hunter Samuel E., Judge
Hunter Stella Brownstead, Mrs.
Hunter Virginia K.
Huntington Collis P.
Hupp Anna
Hurd Albert A., Dr.
Hurd John R.
Hurd John R.
Hurn Emma, Mrs.
Hurn George
Hurn Harvey
Hurn Harvey
Hurn Infant
Huron Emma, Mrs.
Huron Emma, Mrs.
Huron James
Huron Rachel
Hurphy Henry
Hurrens Cicely, Mrs.
Hurst Alma L.
Hurst Carl E.
Hurst Cecil
Hurst Elizabeth M., Mrs.
Hurst Elizabeth, Mrs.
Hurst Helen M.
Hurst John Evan
Hurst Letta, Mrs.
Hurst Mrs.
Hurst Robert H.
Hurst S. H. Gen.
Hurst Tina
Hurst Ty
Hurst William
Hurt A. W.
Hurt E. W., Mrs.
Hurt Mattie K.
Hurt Victoria
Hurt W. J.
Hush America F., Mrs.
Hush Elizabeth, Mrs.
Hush George
Hush Peter
Hush William
Husk Harry
Hussey Christopher C.
Hussey Christopher C.
Hussey Frank
Hussey Hannah A., Mrs.
Hussey Mary, Mrs.
Huston Alexander B., Judge
Huston child
Huston Robert, Dr.
Huston Sam
Huston Sarah, Mrs.
Hutchins Bettie
Hutchins Dudley
Hutchinson Al
Hutchinson Charles H.
Hutchinson Henry, Mrs.
Hutchinson Henry, Mrs.
Hutchinson I. R., Rev.
Hutchinson J. A.
Hutchinson J. C., Mrs.
Hutchinson James
Hutchinson L. H.
Hutchinson L. H.
Hutchinson Minnie
Hutchinson Mollie, Mrs.
Hutchinson Oliver P.
Hutchinson Oscar
Hutchinson William
Hutchison Charles
Hutinspillar Elizabeth, Mrs.
Hutsinpillar John C., Capt.
Hutt Andrew
Hutton B. B.
Hyatt Brook
Hyatt John R.
Hybecker Jess
Hyde Christine R.
Hyde Humphrey Joseph
Hyden Carl
Hyden Frank
Hyden Louise
Hyden Walter
Hyland A. J.
Hyland Andrew
Hyland Andrew
Hyland Infant
Hyland Susan
Hylton Lottie
Hysle Mary, Mrs.
Hysle Squire

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