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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Kaber Daniel
Kabisch Thomas, Mrs.
Kade John
Kady Michael
Kady Michael
Kaeefer Homer
Kagley Infant
Kaiser Eliza, Mrs.
Kaiser Frank
Kaiser Lavina, Mrs.
Kalas Fred
Kalb Elizabeth, Mrs.
Kalb Roy
Kale Florence B.
Kalert Carl
Kammer Dorothy
Kane Steve
Kaneff George W.
Kaneff H.
Kaneff Irene
Kanuth Carolina, Mrs.
Kapp Louis
Kapp Louis
Kaps Harry
Karevich Mary, Mrs. and children
Karger Gustav J.
Karlet Effie, Mrs.
Kaschuck Samuel
Kates Carl
Kates Charles D.
Kates Elijah H.
Kates Everett
Kates Wiley A.
Kaufman Evelyn
Kaufman Margaret
Kavanaugh John, Mrs.
Kay David
Kay David
Kay Jerry
Kazee Benjamin
Kazee David
Kazee Harry
Kazee Joe
Kazee John
Kearney James
Kearney John J.
Kearney L. F., Rev.
Kearny Horace
Keathley Simpkins
Keating Arthur
Keating Arthur
Keating Helen
Keating Henry
Keating Infant
Keating John
Keating John
Keating John
Keating Joseph
Keating Katherine, Mrs.
Keating Leo
Keating Patrick, Mrs.
Keating Taylor
Keating twins
Keatint Albert
Keaton Elizabeth
Keaton Ida May
Keaton Isaac
Keaton Isaac
Keaton James, Mrs.
Keaton James, Mrs.
Keaton John
Keaton John, Mrs.
Keaton Karren
Keaton Lottie
Keaton Roy A.
Keaton Ruby, Mrs.
Keaton Sarah
Keaton Thomas
Kech Charles, Mrs.
Keebler Carrie
Keefe E. J.
Keefe Thomas
Keefer Hiram
Keefer Infant
Keehan Fred
Keehn Fred
Keehne Fred
Keels Denver
Keenan Dan
Keenan Dorothy
Keene August
Keene Charles
Keene Charles
Keene George
Keene James
Keene James R.
Keene Lunda
Keener Alexander C.
Keener Lavina, Mrs.
Keeney Adeline, Mrs.
Keeney Albert
Keeney Amos
Keeney Annie
Keeney Benjamin
Keeney Frank
Keeney Henry
Keeney Infant
Keeney John E.
Keeney Lindsey L.
Keeney Loretta
Keeney Martin, Mrs.
Keeney Morris
Keeney Olive
Keeney Samantha, Mrs.
Keeney W. B.
Keeney William
Keenon Martha
Keepers William L.
Keershaw Joseph S.
Keet Lloyd
Keet Lloyd
Keeton Alma G.
Keeton Columbia, Mrs.
Keeton Ernest, Mrs.
Keeton Henry, Mrs.
Keeton Louisa J.
Keever James
Keffer Anna, Mrs.
Keffer Ezekiel
Keffort Ella
Kegley Jessie
Keifer Hiram, Mrs.
Keiser Abram
Keiser Charles
Keiser Elizabeth M.
Keiser Ella, Mrs.
Keiser Ethel
Keiser Herchell
Keiser Infant
Keiser James
Keiser John
Keiser John
Keiser John
Keiser John
Keiser John, Mrs.
Keiser Margaret
Keiser Margaret, Mrs.
Keiser Phillip
Keiser Rosemary
Keiser Sarah D., Mrs.
Keister Samuel H.
Keith J. Bryan, Mrs.
Keith Jerry
Keith N. C., Dr.
Keizer Infant
Keles Ida M., Mrs.
Keles Ida May, Mrs.
Kellam F. F.
Kellar Edward
Keller Bess M.
Keller Fred, Mrs.
Keller Guy
Keller Ida, Mrs.
Keller Joseph J.
Keller Laura, Mrs.
Keller Leona L.
Keller Marion
Keller Mary
Keller Mary, Mrs.
Keller Mary, Mrs.
Keller Oscar
Keller Robert, Mrs.
Kellerb Edward
Kellerman William A.
Kelley Albert
Kelley Albert, Mrs.
Kelley Anderson
Kelley Bridget, Mrs.
Kelley C. H. Mrs.
Kelley Charles
Kelley Coletta
Kelley Daniel
Kelley Edith W., Mrs.
Kelley Edward
Kelley Elizabeth, Mrs.
Kelley Isaac
Kelley Ivan
Kelley J. M.
Kelley J. M., Mrs.
Kelley J. M., Rev
Kelley James M., Rev.
Kelley James M., Rev.
Kelley John D.
Kelley John P.
Kelley John, Rev.
Kelley Joseph
Kelley Joshua
Kelley Julia A., Mrs.
Kelley Kenneth
Kelley Leroy
Kelley Lindsey
Kelley Luke
Kelley Mary A.
Kelley Mat
Kelley Nora S., Mrs.
Kelley Patrick
Kelley Raymond C.
Kelley Rose M.
Kelley Sarah A.
Kelley Sarah, Mrs.
Kelley Thomas
Kelley W. H. and family
Kellis Infant
Kellog Iva D., Mrs.
Kellog William, Mrs.
Kellogg Andes
Kellogg George W.
Kellogg Hiram W., Dr.
Kellogg Infant
Kellogg Lawrence W.
Kellogg Leonard
Kellum Henry C.
Kelly A. D., Mrs.
Kelly Albert, Mrs.
Kelly Albert, Mrs.
Kelly Aloysius
Kelly Anna, Mrs.
Kelly Anne, Mrs.
Kelly Arthur
Kelly Charles E.
Kelly Cynthia, Mrs.
Kelly Dan
Kelly Daniel
Kelly Darby
Kelly E. D.
Kelly Edith
Kelly Eugene
Kelly Frank
Kelly Frank
Kelly George F.
Kelly Gertrude
Kelly Glen L.
Kelly Henry
Kelly Ida, Mrs.
Kelly Infant
Kelly Ironton A.
Kelly Ironton A., Mrs.
Kelly Ironton A., Mrs.
Kelly J. H.
Kelly J. H., Mrs.
Kelly Jame
Kelly James B.
Kelly James, Mrs.
Kelly Jesse
Kelly John
Kelly John
Kelly John
Kelly John P.
Kelly John, Mrs.
Kelly John, Sr.
Kelly Joshua
Kelly Josuah
Kelly Laura B.
Kelly Lindsey
Kelly Martha J., Mrs.
Kelly Mary
Kelly Mary E., Mrs.
Kelly Mary F., Mrs.
Kelly Melvin
Kelly Michael
Kelly Minerva, Mrs.
Kelly Nancy, Mrs.
Kelly Nancy, Mrs.
Kelly Opal M.
Kelly Orville
Kelly Ralph R.
Kelly Samuel L.
Kelly Sarah
Kelly Sarah A., Mrs.
Kelly Sarah, Mrs.
Kelly Susan, Mrs.
Kelly William D.
Kelly William H.
Kelly William M.
Kelmier Edna M.
Kelty Edith
Kemp Addie
Kemp Infant
Kemp James
Kemp Jane M., Mrs.
Kemp Joseph R.
Kemp Julius
Kemp Karl
Kemp Rachel, Mrs.
Kemp Rachel, Mrs.
Kemp Thomas W.
Kemp William E. R.
Kemper Sarah S., Mrs.
Kempke Henry, Sr.
Kendall Daisy W., Mrs.
Kendall Dave, Mrs.
Kendall Frank
Kendall Infant
Kendall L. P.
Kendall Travis T., Sr.
Kenna Thomas F.
Kennard J. F.
Kennedy Catherine, Mrs.
Kennedy Charles
Kennedy Ella
Kennedy Emma, Mrs.
Kennedy Francis P., Mrs.
Kennedy James
Kennedy John
Kennedy John
Kennedy John E.
Kennedy L. C.
Kennedy Lida, Mrs.
Kennedy Lida, Mrs.
Kennedy Lowell
Kennedy M. C., Mrs.
Kennedy Margaret, Mrs.
Kennedy Marie A., Mrs.
Kennedy Mary J., Mrs.
Kennedy Mary, Mrs.
Kennedy Thomas
Kennedy W. A., Mrs.
Kennedy Will, Mrs.
Kennedy William P.
Kenner Ralph
Kenney Amos H.
Kennison Earl S.
Kenny Ruby
Kent Harry A.
Kent Mr.
Keohn Abbott
Kepp Carey
Kerchival Edith, Mrs.
Kern Charles J.
Kernohan Benjamin
Kerns Ansel
Kerns Brady
Kerns Eugene and Frank
Kerns Hyman
Kerns Infant
Kerns John A.
Kerns John W.
Kerns Oscar
Kerns Rodney
Kerns Theodore
Kerns William
Kerns Infant
Kerr Addie
Kerr Anna G., Mrs.
Kerr Anna G., Mrs.
Kerr C. W., Jr.
Kerr C. W., Jr.
Kerr Caroline, Mrs.
Kerr Curtis
Kerr Curtis H.
Kerr Emma, Mrs.
Kerr Glenna
Kerr J. M.
Kerr Jacob
Kerr Mabel
Kerr Mary
Kerr Mr.
Kerr R. H.
Kerr W. H., Mrs.
Kerr Will
Kerr William A.
Kerwick Alma
Kesler Joseph
Kessinger Charles W.
Kessinger Charles W.
Kester J. A., Mrs.
Kester Mr.
Kestlik Esther H., Mrs.
Kettel Amelia, Mrs.
Kettel Amelia, Mrs.
Kettel Amelia, Mrs.
Kettel C. K.
Kettel Charles
Ketter Adam
Ketter Charles, Jr.
Ketter Charles, Jr.
Ketter Edna, Mrs.
Ketter Frederick
Ketter Henry E.
Ketter John F., Mrs.
Ketter Serena M. S., Mrs.
Ketter Serena M. S., Mrs.
Ketter William
Ketterer Christian
Ketterer Frank J.
Ketterer Hattie
Ketterer Joseph
Ketterer Joseph
Ketterer Joseph
Ketterer Joseph
Ketterer Joseph
Ketterer Mary, Mrs.
Ketterer Mrs.
Keuhne child
Keuhne Henry
Keuhne John
Keuhne Lydia
Key Joseph R.
Keye Elizabeth, Mrs.
Keye George W., Capt.
Keye George W., Capt.
Keye George W., Capt.
Keye Isabella
Keye James
Keye Mary, Mrs.
Keye Mary, Mrs.
Keye Sarah A., Mrs.
Keyes C. G., Mrs.
Keyes C. G., Mrs.
Keyes Carrie, Mrs.
Keyes Charles
Keyes Charles
Keyes Coleman, Mrs.
Keyes Dewey Bernard
Keyes Sarah, Mrs.
Keys Bonnie L.
Keys C. G., Mrs.
Keys Coleman B.
Keys Elizabeth W., Mrs.
Keys Elizabeth, Mrs.
Keys George A.
Keys Infant
Keys Jack
Keys John, Mrs.
Keys Robert Callahan
Keys Robert Callahan
Keys Roscoe, Mrs.
Keys W. H., Mrs.
Keyser Wendell
Keyster Stephen
Khune Sarah A.
Kibbey James
Kibbey Minnie, Mrs.
Kibbey William
Kibbey Willie, Mrs.
Kibby George Washington
Kibler Pauline C.
Kidd Arthur and Hobart
Kidd George
Kidd Lee
Kidd Lee
Kidd S. P.
Kidder Helen L.
Kidmore Robert L.
Kidwell E. K., Rev.
Kidwell Vivian
Kier E. P., Rev.
Kier E. P., Rev.
Kiester Lamar
Kiger Abie M., Mrs.
Kiggens Bridget, Mrs.
Kiggens Michael
Kiggens Michael
Kiggins James
Kilbourne Anna, Mrs.
Kile Henry
Kile Robert
Kilgore Alta
Kilgore C. C.
Kilgore George W.
Kilgore Linda
Kilgore Mrs.
Kilgore Wilford C.
Killen James
Killen Ralph
Killen Rose M.
Killene John
Killene John
Killene Peter
Killene Rose, Mrs.
Killene Rose, Mrs.
Killgore Ben, Mrs.
Killim William, Mrs.
Killin Charlie
Killin Infant
Killin James
Killoran M. P.
Killoran Owen
Killoran P. J.
Kilma Washington, Dr.
Kilmer Florence, Mrs.
Kilmer Washington, Dr.
Kimball A. H.
Kimball Ada, Mrs.
Kimball Charles, Mrs.
Kimball Grace, Mrs.
Kimball Gus
Kimball Marie
Kimball Mary, Mrs.
Kimball Sarah, Mrs.
Kimball William
Kimberly Grover
Kimble Arch
Kimble Billy
Kimble Elizabeth, Mrs.
Kimble Elizabeth, Mrs.
Kimble Erma
Kimble John William Sheridan
Kimble Joseph
Kimble Mary, Mrs.
Kimble Saill
Kimble Sarah, Mrs.
Kimble Saul
Kimble William H.
Kimbler Green
Kimbler Infant
Kimbler Marie
Kimbler Odra
Kimbler Stella
Kimbleton William A.
Kimes Joseph
Kimmel Mary E., Mrs.
Kimmel William J.
Kimmil Earnest W.
Kincaid J. W., Mrs.
King Al
King Bruce, Mrs.
King Charles
King Charles
King Daniel J.
King Ella
King George
King Henry
King Henry
King Infant
King Infant
King J. H.
King James
King John
King John
King John
King Josias R., Col.
King Junis, Mrs.
King Katherine, Mrs.
King Lester M., Mrs.
King Louis E.
King Mark
King Mary A.
King Mary E.
King Mary, Mrs.
King Maud
King Mildred
King Nicholas
King O. F., Mrs.
King Octavia, Mrs.
King Orland
King Parker
King Ralph E.
King Richard
King Robert
King Ruth
King Samuel
King Samuel H.
King Sarah Cotter, Mrs.
King Simeon, Mrs.
King Stanley
King W. A.
King W. Harry
King Walter
King Walter H.
King Wilbur
King William A.
Kingery Aaron
Kingery Barbara, Mrs.
Kingery Barbara, Mrs.
Kingery Ben
Kingery Edward
Kingery Elizabeth
Kingery George H.
Kingery John
Kingery John P.
Kingery John P.
Kingery Mary Francis, Mrs.
Kingery Oscar
Kingery Peter
Kingery Ralph W.
Kingery Will H.
Kingery William H.
Kingery Mr.
Kingins M. J., Dr.
Kingrey Mr.
Kingsbury Homer
Kinkead L. J., Mrs.
Kinkead O. E.
Kinkead O. E., Mrs.
Kinkead O. E., Mrs.
Kinneman Sarah
Kinneman Sarah, Mrs.
Kinner Alexander
Kinner Elwood
Kinner Eugene
Kinner Robert T.
Kinnerman Charles
Kinnerman Charles
Kinney James L.
Kinney James L.
Kinney James L.
Kinney John
Kinney John
Kinney John
Kinney John
Kinney Mary, Mrs.
Kinney Michael
Kinney Michael
Kinney Michael
Kinney Michael E.
Kinney Stella
Kinney John
Kinnilie Jennie
Kinnison George
Kinsey Isaac
Kinsey Marietta E., Mrs.
Kinsley Lide, Mrs.
Kinsop William
Kinster Charles
Kinstler Charles
Kinzey Helen
Kipp Fred
Kipp Sadie, Mrs.
Kirby Harry, Mrs.
Kirch Ed
Kirchlow Emma
Kirk Adrian
Kirk Buck
Kirk Charles, Mrs.
Kirk Clay, Mrs.
Kirk Millard
Kirkendall Jefferson, Mrs.
Kirker Abbie Willard, Mrs.
Kirker Ben
Kirker Catherine P., Mrs.
Kirker James, Capt.
Kirker Katherine, Mrs.
Kirker Mary A., Mrs.
Kirker Thomas A., Mrs.
Kirker Thomas S., Mrs.
Kirker W. B., Mrs.
Kirkman William
Kirkpatrick Harry, Mrs.
Kirkwood Charles
Kirsch Daniel
Kirschner William
Kirsh Adam
Kirten Harriet, Mrs.
Kirtner Harry Franklin
Kirtner Henry
Kirtner Paul P.
Kirtner Sarah F., Mrs.
Kiser Andrew
Kiser Benjamin
Kiser C. F.
Kiser Grace, Mrs.
Kiser J. D., Mrs.
Kiser Jacob
Kiser Jeff
Kiser John
Kiser John
Kiser John
Kiser John
Kiser John L.
Kiser John Mrs.
Kiser Margaret, Mrs.
Kiser Mettie
Kiskadden Charles
Kiskadden George
Kisor Charles, Mrs.
Kissner Ethel, Mrs.
Kissner Winnifred M.
Kitchen Alice, Mrs.
Kitchen Andrew
Kitchen Claude
Kitchen Claude
Kitchen Claude
Kitchen Fleming
Kitchen Fleming
Kitchen Fleming P.
Kitchen George
Kitchen Infant
Kitchen Mary Jane, Mrs.
Kitchen Maud, Mrs.
Kitchen Nehemiah, Rev.
Kitchin Lafayette
Kite Cecil
Kite Cecil, Mrs.
Kite Henry
Kite Henry
Kite Henry, Mrs.
Kite Henry, Mrs.
Kite Mary E., Mrs.
Kite Milton
Kite Newton
Kittle George
Kittrell J. C.
Kitts Bessie
Kitts C. W., Mrs.
Kitts Charles, Mrs.
Kitts David
Kitts Edward F.
Kitts Emma, Mrs.
Kitts Frank, Mrs.
Kitts Freda Fay
Kitts Henry
Kitts Infant
Kitts James W.
Kitts Jerry
Kitts Joseph, Mrs.
Kitts Mack
Kitts Margaret M., Mrs.
Kitts Mary A.
Kitts Phillip
Kitts Rose
Kizee Alma
Kizee Carter
Kizer Carter
Kizzee Edward
Kizzee Ellen, Mrs.
Kizzee Leona
Klass Conrad
Klass Conrad
Klass Marry
Klass Mayme
Klass Nicholas
Klass Nicholas, Mrs.
Klaus Edna
Klee Laura, Mrs.
Kleiman Emerson
Klein Anna
Klein Conrad
Klein Ernest
Klein Frank, Mrs.
Klein Henry
Klein Henry S.
Klein Infant
Klein James
Klein Leo L.
Kleindinst Henry
Kleinhaus Mary, Mrs.
Kleinjogel Gussie
Kleinman Arthur
Kleinman child
Kleinman Ford
Kleinman Ford
Kleinman Frank
Kleinman Mary, Mrs.
Kleinman Mary, Mrs.
Kleinman Mr.
Kleinz Infant
Klever Carl
Kleycamp William, Mrs.
Klinasara Frank
Kline Billy
Kline Chester
Kline Eliza, Mrs.
Kline Eliza, Mrs.
Kline Flints
Kline Francis
Kline James
Kline Nicholas
Kline Nicholas
Kline P. J., Dr.
Kline William
Klineman August
Klymer Dora, Mrs.
Knabe Ernest J.
Knapp August
Knapp Gertrude
Knapp James
Knapp John
Knapp Joseph G.
Knauss Frank V.
Kniffe W. H.
Knight Alma
Knight Elizabeth M., Mrs.
Knight Fred A.
Knight Henry
Knight J. B.
Knight Mary, Mrs.
Knight Mary, Mrs.
Knoff Amber, Mrs.
Knowles Fred
Knowles Lyman
Knox Carrie M., Mrs.
Knox Edward
Knox Edward
Knox Edward
Knox George H., Capt.
Knox Harold
Knox Romaine
Knuth Frederick
Knuth Frederick
Kobs Raymond
Koch Christopher C.
Koegel Herman
Koegel Herman
Koehler Ellsworth
Kohler Frank
Kohler Katheryn
Kohler Ward and William
Koonce David, Mrs.
Koontz C. E., Mrs.
Koretz Leo
Korth Louis F.
Kortkamp Elmer
Kostock John
Kotcamp Nellie, Mrs.
Koune Thomas, Mrs.
Kouns Alex
Kouns Benjamin E.
Kouns child
Kouns George
Kouns George W.
Kouns George W., Mrs.
Kouns John
Kouns John A.
Kouns John J.
Kouns L. E., Capt.
Kouns Mary, Mrs.
Kouns Richard
Kouns Salome, Mrs.
Kouns Samuel
Kounts Curtis, Capt.
Kountz B. F., Mrs.
Kountz child
Kountz Grace, Mrs.
Kountz Harry
Kountz Harvey
Kountz Infant
Kovacs Samuel
Kovasky John
Kracker John
Krager Fred
Krapp Henry
Kratz Joahanna, Mrs.
Kratzenberg Elizabeth, Mrs.
Kratzenberg Elizabeth, Mrs.
Kratzenberg Emma, Mrs.
Kratzenburg James
Krause Phillip, Mrs.
Krauz Fred E.
Kreger Margaret, Mrs.
Kreicar Charles
Kreis Billy
Kreith Marshall W.
Kreso Anna
Krick Andrew
Krick Henry
Kricker Eva Mrs.
Kricker Joseph
Kricker Mathias
Krieble Samuel, Mrs.
Kroeger Henry
Kroger Kate, Mrs.
Kroupcheck Frank
Krouse Jennie, Mrs.
Krumm John R.
Krumm Joseph R.
Krumm Martha, Mrs.
Kruse Marie, Mrs.
Kuchereski Teresa
Kuehne Earl C.
Kuehne Gertrude H.
Kuehne Henrietta, Mrs.
Kuehne Henry
Kuehne Lula, Mrs.
Kuehne Walter
Kuhlman Fred, Mrs.
Kuhn Clarence W.
Kuhn George
Kuhn James I., Mrs.
Kuhn James I., Mrs.
Kuhn Joseph E., Mrs.
Kuhne John, Mrs.
Kuhner Edward C.
Kuhns H. L.
Kuhns Margaret
Kuhns Mary
Kuhns Sarah, Mrs.
Kuk John
Kukic Stojie
Kulberg Harold A.
Kulcher Jacob, Mrs.
Kuoeper Henry
Kurtz George E.
Kurtz Lena, Mrs.
Kuzman Harry B.
Kyle "Bud"
Kyle child
Kyle E.
Kyle Emily E., Mrs.
Kyle Hud

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