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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

La Forge Frederick
Laack May M., Mrs.
Laber Charles M.
Labold Simon
Labor Cecilia, Mrs.
Labor Infant
Labor Joseph, Mrs.
Labor Joseph, Mrs.
Lackey Alexander
Lackey James L.
Lackey James L.
Lackey James L.
Lackey James, Mrs.
Lacroix Alexander
Lacy Missouri A.
Ladd Edwin F.
Laerge May
Lafferty Darvin
Lafferty S. S.
Laffey Ignatuis
LaFon Joe
Lair John A.
Laird Ervin
Laird James W.
Lajorie Antoinette
Lake Bernice, Mrs.
Lake C. S., Dr.
Lake Charles
Lake Joe S., Dr.
Lake Margaret, Mrs.
Lake Redman
Lake Redmond
Lake Ruth, Mrs.
Laker William
Lallance R. S., Judge
Lamar Joseph R.
LaMarr Barbara
LaMarr Barbara
Lamb James E.
Lamb T. P. Rev.
Lambert "Sonny"
Lambert Ada L.
Lambert B. H.
Lambert Belle, Mrs.
Lambert Belle, Mrs.
Lambert Betty L.
Lambert Billie M.
Lambert C. B.
Lambert Charles
Lambert Charles
Lambert Charles M., Mrs.
Lambert child
Lambert Clarence
Lambert Clarence E.
Lambert Cornelius
Lambert Edward E.
Lambert Elisha
Lambert Eliza J., Mrs.
Lambert Elizabeth G., Mrs.
Lambert Emma
Lambert Emma
Lambert Franklin
Lambert Freda
Lambert G. B., Mrs.
Lambert George
Lambert George
Lambert Georgiaette, Mrs.
Lambert Harry
Lambert Henry
Lambert Infant
Lambert Infant
Lambert J. W.
Lambert James S.
Lambert James W.
Lambert John
Lambert Jordan W.
Lambert Katherine A., Mrs.
Lambert Lucretia, Mrs.
Lambert Mahala V.
Lambert Margaret
Lambert Michael P.
Lambert Myrtle
Lambert Pthella
Lambert Ralph
Lambert Reuben
Lambert Richard S.
Lambert Robert T.
Lambert Robert T.
Lambert Sally, Mrs.
Lambert Samuel A.
Lambert Sarah, Mrs.
Lambert W. W.
Lambert Wayne
Lambert Whitefield
Lambert William
Lambert William H.
Lambert Zenobia
Lambert Zona, Mrs.
Lambert Zona, Mrs.
Lamblin Edward G.
Lamke Elizabeth, Mrs.
Lamond David
Lamond David
Lamond David
Lamond David
Lampe Gilbert, Mrs.
Lampke Anna
Lampkins Richard
Lampman George, Mrs.
Lampton William J.
Lampton William J.
Landa T.
Landcraft Sarah, Mrs.
Landenberg Loretta, Mrs.
Landes Anna, Mrs.
Landle Mr.
Landley George
Landon E. E.
Landrum William G.
Lane Arhtur H.
Lane Benjamin R.
Lane child
Lane Frank
Lane Franklin K.
Lane H. F.
Lane J. A.
Lane James
Lane Jesse
Lane John D.
Lane Logan
Lane Mary F., Mrs.
Lane Mary, Mrs.
Lane Merle
Lane Ollie
Lane Oscar W.
Lane Otto G.
Lane P. M.
Lane Pearl
Lane Will
Lane William E.
Lane William G.
Lane William, Col.
Lane Mamie L.
Lane Mrs.
Laney James
Lang Alfred F.
Lang Elizabeth
Lang Louis
Lang Mrs.
Lang Theresa, Mrs.
Lang Wayne
Langden Frank
Langdon Amos, Mrs.
Langdon Charles W.
Langdon Elisha
Langdon Elisha C.
Langdon Elisha, Mrs.
Langdon Enoch
Langdon George
Langdon Harry W.
Langdon J. P., Mrs.
Langdon James
Langdon James
Langdon James T.
Langdon James, Mrs.
Langdon Jasper
Langdon Joseph
Langdon Kelly
Langdon Lula, Mrs.
Langdon Martin
Langdon Martin, Jr.
Langdon Martin, Mrs.
Langdon Raymond
Langdon Sarah J.
Langdon Virgil
Langdon Wylie
Langdon Wylie
Langheim triplets
Langley Lud
Langlotz Karl A., Prof.
Langor Ernest
Langshore Homer, Mrs.
Langshore J. K., Mrs.
Langshore J. K., Mrs.
Langshore J. K., Mrs.
Langshore Keeley
Lanham Sally L., Mrs.
Lanham Sally L., Mrs.
Lansing Paul, Mrs.
Lanthorne Goldie
Laoso John
Lapinski John
Larcher John
Larew Guy
Large Calvin R.
Large Devey
Large Ellen
Large Ellen, Mrs.
Large Infant
Large J. P.
Large James
Large Jerry
Large John
Large John, Mrs.
Large John, Mrs.
Large Lucy, Mrs.
Large Martin Luther
Large Verna M.
Large William
Large Infant
Larimore James, Mr. and Mrs.
Lark Harry, Mrs.
Larkin Edward
Larkin John B.
Larrimer Mrs.
Larson Ethel
Lash W. D., Prof.
Laskaris Tom
Lasley Ollie
Latham Claude A., Dr.
Latham J. M.
Latham Rebecca, Mrs.
Latimore George
Latsha Maggie B., Mrs.
Laudaul Eva, Mrs.
Lauder Paul P.
Lauer Benjamin
Lauer Charles J.
Laugmann Henry
Lauter Jacob F.
Lauter Jacob F.
Lauterback E. J.
Lautzenheiser John, Mrs.
Lavender Anna, Mrs.
Lavender Charles
Lavender Clara E.
Lavender Edward
Lavender George W.
Lavender Henry
Lavender Infant
Lavender Infant
Lavender William
Lavenguth P. H.
Lavie William M.
Lavine Infant
Law Andrew B.
Law Andrew B.
Law Floyd
Law Mary
Law Tilman H.
Lawhorn Addison
Lawhorn Charles
Lawhorn Eliza, Mrs.
Lawless Austin L.
Lawless Benjamin
Lawless Doris V.
Lawless Dorothy J.
Lawless Dorothy J.
Lawless Edward
Lawless Edward
Lawless Edward A.
Lawless George W.
Lawless Infant
Lawless James
Lawless Joseph E.
Lawless Katherine, Mrs.
Lawless Margaret, Mrs.
Lawless Marion
Lawless Mary
Lawless Michael
Lawless Richard G.
Lawless Ruby
Lawless William
Lawless William
Lawman H. C.
Lawman Infant
Lawrence C. H.
Lawrence Emily L., Mrs.
Lawrence Ethelinda, Mrs.
Lawrence George, Mrs.
Lawrence George, Mrs.
Lawrence Glenna
Lawrence Howard
Lawrence Sam
Lawrence Wilbur C.
Lawson Albert
Lawson Cornelius
Lawson Edward H.
Lawson Elizabeth, Mrs.
Lawson Emily
Lawson Essie A., Mrs.
Lawson George W.
Lawson George W., Mrs.
Lawson Gussie, Mrs.
Lawson J. R.
Lawson J. T.
Lawson John
Lawson John
Lawson John
Lawson Marybelle, Mrs.
Lawson Roosevelt
Lawson Roosevelt
Lawson Rose, Mrs.
Lawson Sarah, Mrs.
Lawson Thomas
Lawson Thomas W., Mrs.
Lawton Daniel
Lawton David H.
Lawton Edward
Lawyer child
Lawyer W. S.
Layman David
Layman Effie, Mrs.
Layman Grant, Mrs.
Layman Infant
Layman J. A., Mrs.
Layman John A.
Layman Lucy
Layman Maggie
Layman Naomi, Mrs.
Layne Alzie
Layne Anna
Layne Bert
Layne Dora
Layne Earl H.
Layne Forest
Layne Frank C.
Layne Hattie, Mrs.
Layne Hila E. P., Mrs.
Layne Infant
Layne Infant
Layne John
Layne John G.
Layne John, Mrs.
Layne Lena L., Mrs.
Layne Louis, Mrs.
Layne Margeret, Mrs.
Layne Maria D.
Layne Martha, Mrs.
Layne Mattie
Layne Mayne and Marion
Layne Nancy L. O., Mrs.
Layne P. C., Dr.
Layne Pearl
Layne Sadie, Mrs.
Layne Samuel
Layne Samuel
Layne Samuel E.
Layne Samuel J.
Layne Shirley
Layne Simeon
Layne Van Boren
Layne Vivian
Layne W. O.
Layton Arthur
Laziman Minnie, Mrs.
Le Compte Harry
Le Page Mary E.
Leach Albert
Leach Albert
Leach Annette, Mrs.
Leach Cecelia
Leach Charlotte, Mrs.
Leach Infant
Leach J. W., Mrs.
Leach J. W., Mrs.
Leach John P., Mrs.
Leach Kirby
Leach Marshall E.
Leach Martha A.
Leach Walter
Leak Carlo W.
Leake Agnes, Mrs.
Leake Infant
Leake J. C.
Leake L. G.
Leasure John
Leathers Anna
Leathers Lee
Leatherwood Emma, Mrs.
Leckie A. F., Mrs.
Lee B. F., Rev.
Lee Claribel Kimble, Mrs.
Lee Frank W.
Lee Grace Irene
Lee Hannah, Mrs.
Lee James
Lee James C. (Doc.)
Lee John, Mrs.
Lee Joseph W.
Lee Laura B. K., Mrs.
Lee Laura B. K., Mrs.
Lee Millie
Lee Obediah
Lee Obediah
Lee Parker D.
Lee Richard
Lee Robert
Lee Rosa D., Mrs.
Lee Stanley
Lee Stanley
Lee Stanley Frazee
Lee Thomas S.
Lee Wamba E.
Leech Elmer
Leeder Joseph
Leeno Elsie R.
Leet Horace
Leet Phelps C.
Leete Ellen W., Mrs.
Leete L. W., Mrs.
Leete Ralph, Dr.
Leete Ralph, Hon.
Leete Timothy S.
Leete W. H.
Lefevre Benjamin
Leffingwell Hattie A. B.
Leffingwell Himmy L.
Leffingwell Infant
Leffingwell Mary Susan, Mrs.
Leffingwell Samuel D.
Leffingwell Samuel E.
Leffingwell William
Leffingwell William E.
Lefler Pock
Leftage Henry
Leftrage Wesley
Leftwich James P.
Leftwich Lydia W., Mrs.
Leftwich Willie
Legg Elmer
Legg Harvey J.
Legg Naomi, Mrs.
Legg William
Leggins Henrietta F.
LeHerrell Wino
Lehman Charles H.
Lehman Fred Mrs.
Lehne Victor
Leiberman M. J.
Leibler Mrs.
Leichner Anna, Mrs.
Leichner William
Leighow Charles E.
Leighty Anthus Leroy
Leighty Gabriel
Leighty Laura, Mrs.
Leighty Mary B., Mrs.
Leighty Morris E.
Leighty Olive, Mrs.
Leighty Violetta, Mrs.
Leighty Violetta, Mrs.
Leighty Virginia M., Mrs.
Leist Edward
Leith Annetha, Mrs.
LeMaster Clarence
LeMaster Clarissa, Mrs.
Lemaster Grace
LeMaster Thomas
LeMasters Amos
LeMasters Arch
LeMasters Benjamin
LeMasters Jesse
LeMasters Jesse
Lemberger Annie
Lemley Atlee J.
Lemley John D.
Lemley Myrtle, Mrs.
Lemley V. D.
Lemmon Infant
Lemmons Claudia
Lemon John R.
Lenelle Avia
Lennis James A.
Lentz Charles
Lentz William B.
Lenz Fred
Leoman Phyllis J.
Leonard Charles E.
Leonard Kenneth K.
Leonard Luther, Mrs.
Leonard M. L.
Leonardi Joseph
Leone Miss
Leontine M., Sister
Leopold Anna, Mrs.
LePage Frank, Mrs.
LeSage Catherine E., Mrs.
LeSage Catherine E., Mrs.
Leslie Barbara J.
Leslie Robert A.
Letchitewe August
Leveria Charles M.
Levering James
Levering Victoria
Levering Victoria, Mrs.
Levering William
Levering William, Mrs.
Levine David
Levine Mose
Levis Chris, Jr.
Levis Gladys, Mrs.
Levy Fernand
Levy Rose, Mrs.
Lewe Harry
Lewellyn Martha, Mrs.
Lewis A. G., Mrs.
Lewis Alfred H.
Lewis Alice M., Mrs.
Lewis Ann, Mrs.
Lewis Annette, Mrs.
Lewis Bernard
Lewis Bernard W.
Lewis Bertha
Lewis Catherine, Mrs.
Lewis Centuria
Lewis Charles, Mrs.
Lewis Chester
Lewis child
Lewis child
Lewis child
Lewis children
Lewis Clarence
Lewis Clarence
Lewis Colby
Lewis Colby
Lewis Curtis
Lewis D. W.
Lewis Donald
Lewis Dora, Mrs.
Lewis Edward
Lewis Elmer
Lewis Eunice
Lewis Eunice
Lewis Evaline, Mrs.
Lewis Frances, Mrs.
Lewis Francis, Mrs.
Lewis Frank
Lewis Garnet
Lewis Goldie, Mrs.
Lewis Harlow
Lewis Harlow
Lewis Harry
Lewis Hazel
Lewis Herschel F.
Lewis Infant
Lewis Infant
Lewis Infant
Lewis Infant
Lewis Infant
Lewis Infant
Lewis Infant
Lewis Infant
Lewis Ira Roscoe
Lewis J. A.
Lewis James B.
Lewis Jane, Mrs.
Lewis Jerry
Lewis John
Lewis John D., Rev.
Lewis John G.
Lewis John, Mrs.
Lewis Jonathan
Lewis Jonathan
Lewis Joshua, Mrs.
Lewis Julia A., Mrs.
Lewis Lenora, Mrs.
Lewis Louis, Mrs.
Lewis Mabel
Lewis Marcelle
Lewis Margaret, Mrs.
Lewis Margaret, Mrs.
Lewis Maria
Lewis Mary M., Mrs.
Lewis Mary W., Mrs.
Lewis Maude A.
Lewis Maude, Mrs.
Lewis Millard
Lewis Minerva Blankenship, Mrs.
Lewis Monley
Lewis Mr.
Lewis Nina E.
Lewis Nora M., Mrs.
Lewis Olive J., Mrs.
Lewis Rebecca
Lewis Rebecca, Mrs.
Lewis Retha J.
Lewis Robert
Lewis Robert J.
Lewis Sarah, Mrs.
Lewis Thelma E.
Lewis Thomas
Lewis Thomas
Lewis Thomas
Lewis Thomas L.
Lewis Thomas, Mrs.
Lewis Velma
Lewis W. P., Mrs.
Lewis Walter
Lewis William
Lewis William
Lewis William
Lewis William A., Dr.
Lewis William D.
Lewis Infant
Lewis Nora M., Mrs.
Lewis Rebecca, Mrs.
Lewis Sally, Mrs.
Libbee Ed
Libens Margaret
Lickliter Kate, Mrs.
Liebert Louis
Liermann Harry
Liggens Infant
Liggens Jennie
Liggett Sidney V.
Liggin Infant
Lightner Charles
Likens Daisy P.
Likens David J.
Likens Dorothy M.
Likens George
Likens Wayne
Lilley Belle, Mrs.
Lilly Belle McGugin, Mrs.
Lilly Catherine H., Mrs.
Lilly E. A., Rev.
Lilly Eugene, Mrs.
Lilly Evan F.
Lilly John
Lilly L. D.
Limerick William R., Mr. and Mrs.
Limoge Emil
Linck Randolph
Linderman Karl Joseph
Lindhart Anthony
Lindsay Hal
Lindsay Thomas
Linhart William
Linkous J. W.
Linn Catharine, Mrs.
Linn Edward
Linn Frederick
Linn James H.
Linn Lucy
Linnerbrink Elizabeth, Mrs.
Linnerbrink Louis
Lintner Charles L.
Lintner Frank
Lintner Frank
Lintner William
Linville Cora
Linville Infant
Lipker Anna Mary
Lipker Francis
Lipker Frank
Lipker Frank, Jr.
Lipker Herman
Lipker Herman
Lipker Herman, Mrs.
Lipker John
Lipker Josephine, Mrs.
Lipker Josephine, Mrs.
Lipkner John
Lippingcott Craige
Lipton C. C.
Litteral Albert
Litteral Benson
Litteral Billy J.
Litteral Cecil
Litteral Emma
Litteral Evelyn
Litteral Fleming
Litteral John
Litteral Jonathan
Litteral Katherine, Mrs.
Litteral Martin V.
Litteral Mary E., Mrs.
Litteral Mary W., Mrs.
Litteral Minnie, Mrs.
Litteral Richard
Litteral Wiley
Litteral William
Little Charles
Little Harriet N., Mrs.
Little Infant
Little Kate, Mrs.
Little Lee A.
Little Mary A.
Little Mary A.
Little Thelma
Little William
Little William
Littlejohn Amelia, Mrs.
Littlejohn Anna
Littlejohn Cintha, Mrs.
Littlejohn Cintha, Mrs.
Littlejohn George, Mrs.
Littlejohn Harold, Jr.
Littlejohn Mary
Littlejohn Robert
Littlejohn Robert, Mrs.
Littlejohn W. H.
Litzkus Isaac
Lively C. M.
Lively C. M.
Lively Dewey L.
Lively Mary E.
Lively Mary E.
Lively William A.
Livesay Mayme
Livesay Theodore
Livez Jonekim
Livingston Anna
Livingston Duncan
Livingston John
Livisay G. W., Dr.
Lloyd Ashley
Lloyd David C.
Lloyd George E.
Lloyd Jeanette
Lloyd Robert
Loar Infant
Loar James, Mrs.
Loar James, Mrs.
Loar Moses
Lober Theodore
Lobut Frank
Locey Gilley, Mrs.
Locey Henrietta, Mrs.
Locey Isaac N.
Locey John
Locey Mervin
Locey Mr.
Lochard James
Locie Francis, Mrs.
Lockbaum Effie M., Mrs.
Locke Elizabeth T., Mrs.
Locke Elizabeth, Mrs.
Locke Lucian G., Dr.
Locke Oliver
Lockhart Albert
Lockhart Charles
Lockhart Elizabeth, Mrs.
Lockrel Frank
Locock Sara J., Mrs.
Loder Anna, Mrs.
Loder Elizabeth Rose
Loder Elizabeth Rose
Loder John
Loder Margaret H., Mrs.
Loder Michael
Loder Michael
Loder Patrick
Loder Rose, Mrs.
Lodge Mary Jane
Loeb Albert
Loeb Leopold
Loehr John
Loftis Samuel A.
Logan David T., Mrs.
Logan John, Mrs.
Logan Jospeh
Logan Marshall
Logan W. L.
Loggins Perchie, Mrs.
Lohr James
Lohrman Anny, Mrs.
Lohrman Carlos Henry
Lohrman Fred
Lohrman Henry
Lohrman Joseph
Lohrman Matilda, Mrs.
Lohrman Norbert B.
Lohrmann Burnedetta
Lollis David
Lon Elijah
Lonas William H.
London Douglas
Long Adam
Long Andrew
Long Andrew J.
Long Andromeda, Mrs.
Long Bertha
Long Charles H.
Long Curtis
Long Edith
Long Eliza, Mrs.
Long Elwin
Long Fred
Long Fred
Long Fred A.
Long George
Long George R.
Long George Richard
Long Infant
Long Isabella, Mrs.
Long Isabelle, Mrs.
Long J. S.
Long James
Long James
Long James E.
Long James L.
Long James W.
Long James W.
Long Jane, Mrs.
Long June
Long Margaret, Mrs.
Long Ruby
Long Sarah E., Mrs.
Long V. M.
Long W. H.
Longfellow Alice M.
Longini Henry and Lena
Longshore Thomas, Mrs.
Longsley Guy
Loomis Charles Battell
Looney Hester, Mrs.
Looney Hester, Mrs.
Loper Asa
Loper Eugene
Loper Joseph
Loper Nicholas
Lopez George
Loran Infant
Lorbach David
Lorbach Gertrude, Mrs.
Lord N. W.
Loring Frank
Loscey Infant
Losely Eldridge
Losey W. E., Mrs.
Loth Martin
Lottis Clarence
Louden George
Louden John
Loukx George
Loukx Infant
Loutzenheiser Jay
Love Robert
Lovejoy Lafe
Lovejoy Marjorie W.
Lovejoy Marquis D.
Lovell Nailer
Lovely Ishmael
Loveman Bergie B., Corp.
Loving Albert
Loving Starling H., Dr.
Lowe Drucilla
Lowe Edna M.
Lowe Georgia A.
Lowe Harry, Mrs.
Lowe Herbert
Lowe Houston
Lowe John
Lowe John, Capt.
Lowe Juanita
Lowe Leslie, Mrs.
Lowe Margaret, Mrs.
Lowe Marion F.
Lowe Minnie, Mrs.
Lowe William
Lowe Willis
Loweir J. D.
Lowell Amy
Lowes Thomas C.
Lowrey John
Lowrey William, Mrs.
Lowry A. C., Dr.
Lowry Annie L., Mrs.
Lowry John
Lowry Judge
Lowry Lee
Lowry M. W. T.
Lowry Pearl
Lowry Sarah, Dr.
Lowstetter Julia, Mrs.
Loyer Infant
Loyer Samuel
Lozier Amanda, Mrs.
Lozier Paul
Lson Infant
Lucas Helen E.
Lucas James W.
Lucas Lena L.
Lucas Loe
Lucas Lola
Lucas Margaret R., Mrs.
Lucas Minnie J.
Lucas William
Luce Emily
Lucy Dan
Lughlin Henry A.
Lulu Miller
Luman Eugene
Luman William
Lumbar Dorothy
Lumber William
Lundgron Fred
Lunsford Alice
Lunsford Alice R.
Lunsford Alma S.
Lunsford Basil
Lunsford Elizabeth A., Mrs.
Lunsford Elmer, Mrs.
Lunsford Gertrude
Lunsford Gertrude
Lunsford Gerturde
Lunsford Gordon, Mrs.
Lunsford Gordon, Mrs.
Lunsford J., Mrs.
Lunsford J., Mrs.
Lunsford Lawrence
Lunsford Levi
Lunsford Margaret, Mrs.
Lunsford Martha, Mrs.
Lunsford Mary E.
Lunsford Matilda, Mrs.
Lunsford Okey, Mrs.
Lunsford Okey, Mrs.
Lunsford Reuben
Lunsford Tandy
Lunsford William
Lunson J. P., Mrs.
Lupica Rosie, Mrs.
Lupton S. N.
Lurton Horace
Luse Arabella J., Mrs.
Lust Edith L., Mrs.
Luther Nancy, Mrs.
Lutz Anna C., Mrs.
Lutz Anna, Mrs.
Lutz Katherine, Mrs.
Lutz Katherine, Mrs.
Lutz Killian
Lutz Killian
Lutz Killian
Lutz Lawrence E.
Lutz Mary H., Mrs.
Lutz Rose, Mrs.
Lycan Mary Ann, Mrs.
Lycan Saint M.
Lycan Saint M.
Lycans Goodwin P.
Lykins Infant
Lykins Margaret, Mrs.
Lyman Charles H.
Lyman Frederick
Lynch Edward
Lynch Margaret
Lynd Abraham
Lynd Anna, Mrs.
Lynd Ardath
Lynd Aubrey M.
Lynd Cecil
Lynd Elizabeth, Mrs.
Lynd Elizabeth, Mrs.
Lynd Fred
Lynd Garnet G., Mrs.
Lynd Garnet G., Mrs.
Lynd Harlan
Lynd Howard C.
Lynd Ida, Mrs.
Lynd Infant
Lynd Jacob L.
Lynd James
Lynd John
Lynd John H.
Lynd John S., Mrs.
Lynd John S., Mrs.
Lynd John S., Mrs.
Lynd Orville G.
Lynd Parepa, Miss
Lynd Polly
Lynd Polly, Mrs.
Lynd Polly, Mrs.
Lynd Polly, Mrs.
Lynd Rebecca, Mrs.
Lynd Rebecca, Mrs.
Lynd W. L., Mrs.
Lynd William P.
Lynn Leo E., Mrs.
Lynn Lester
Lynn Maud
Lynn Susan, Mrs.
Lynn T. M.
Lynn T. N.
Lyon Alfred F.
Lyon Daisy G.
Lyon L. J.
Lyon Nancy J., Mrs.
Lyons Carl
Lyons Carl
Lyons Carl
Lyons Carl
Lyons Elizabeth
Lyons Frank H.
Lyons Fred, Mrs.
Lyons Henry M.
Lyons Infant
Lyons Isaac
Lyons Isaiah, Mrs.
Lyons J. E., Mrs.
Lyons John
Lyons Junior
Lyons Lula B., Mrs.
Lyons Mary E.
Lyons Mary Ellen, Mrs.
Lyons Minerva, Mrs.
Lyons Pearl, Mrs.
Lyons Phoebe E., Mrs.
Lyons Willis
Lytie David
Lytle Charles
Lytle Lafayette
Lytle Lydia

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