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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

McAbier Christine, Mrs.
McAbier Henny
McAbler Frederick
McAdams Samuel L.
McAfee Allen
McAlister J. R.
McAllister James
McAllister Lora D., Mrs.
McAllister Margaret V.
McAllister William C.
McAlvain children
McAueley Samuel
McAvery Edward P.
McAvoy James
McBrayer John G.
McBrayer Oren
McBride B. W.
McBride B. W.
McBride George
McBride George E.
McBride Martha, Mrs.
McBride N. L., Dr.
McCabe C. C., Bishop
McCabe C. C., Bishop
McCabe C. C., Bishop
McCabe Charles A.
McCabe Rebecca P., Mrs.
McCabe Rebecca P., Mrs.
McCafferty Mae
McCafferty Mary
McCafferty Peter
McCaffery Agnes
McCaffney Mary
McCaffney Tom
McCaffrey Infant
McCaffrey Jeanette, Mrs.
McCaffrey Mary, Mrs.
McCaffrey Ottle
McCaffrey W. G.
McCaffrey William F.
McCaleb James
McCaleb James
McCall A. M.
McCall Augusta M. Griffith
McCall Edgar O., Dr.
McCall Emma, Mrs.
McCall Fonnie, Mrs.
McCall James V., Mrs.
McCall John A.
McCall Mrs.
McCall Roby
McCall Roby
McCall Thomas
McCall William P.
McCallister Infant
McCallister Louise
McCallister Melcenia, Mrs.
McCallister W. H.
McCalmont James M.
McCammas Nancy, Mrs.
McCan Belle, Mrs.
McCandless Lulu
McCann John
McCann Nora F.
McCann Patrick
McCann Patrick, Mrs.
McCann Ross
McCann Sallie, Mrs.
McCany Josephine
McCardy Florence B., Mrs.
McCarey Edward
McCarley Elmer N., Rev.
McCarrick Betty, Mrs.
McCarthy Albert
McCarthy Bertha
McCarthy Billy
McCarthy Catherine, Mrs.
McCarthy Cecelia
McCarthy Daniel, Mrs.
McCarthy David
McCarthy Edwin
McCarthy Elizabeth, Mrs.
McCarthy Frank L.
McCarthy Frank L.
McCarthy James
McCarthy James
McCarthy James
McCarthy James
McCarthy John
McCarthy John Hamer
McCarthy John T.
McCarthy Katherine
McCarthy L. A.
McCarthy Lizzie, Mrs.
McCarthy Mary A.
McCarthy Mary E., Mrs.
McCarthy Mary Jane, Mrs.
McCarthy Mary L.
McCarthy Michael J.
McCarthy Nancy, Mrs.
McCarthy Paul E.
McCarthy Peter
McCarthy William
McCartney John F.
McCartney John F.
McCartney William, Mrs.
McCarty Caroline
McCarty Dennis
McCarty Infant
McCarty Infant
McCarty Lou, Mrs.
McCarty Mrs.
McCarty Mrs.
McCarty Phyllis
McCarty Sarah, Mrs.
McCarty Thomas
McCarty Walter
McCauley Lemuel, Mrs.
McCauley William F., Rev. Dr.
McCaulley Harry
McCaulley James E.
McCaulley James E.
McCaully William M.
McCay Wayne, Dr.
McClain Cynthia T., Mrs.
McClain James, Mrs.
McClain John
McClain Milton
McClanahan A. E.
McClanhan Infant
McClanhan Joseph R.
McClary Amanda J., Mrs.
McClary Jesse
McClaskey Charles, Mrs.
McClaskey Chester
McClaskey child
McClaskey Elizabeth
McClaskey Elizabeth, Mrs.
McClaskey Fred
McClaskey Fred
McClaskey James, Rev.
McClaskey Mary, Mrs.
McClaskey Roscoe, Mrs.
McClaskey Sarah, Mrs.
McClasky Evaline M.
McClasky Evaline M.
McClasky William
McClave James
McClease Martin, Mrs.
McClellan George
McClellan Ida
McClellan Infant
McClellan John E.
McClellan Ralph
McClellan Robert
McClellan Samuel
McClellan Samuel
McClelland Bert
McClelland Bert
McClelland Infant
McClelland Isaac
McClelland Jesse
McClelland Mollie, Mrs.
McClelland Nellie, Mrs.
McClelland William
McClelland Wilson, Mrs.
McClintock Charles A., Mrs.
McCloud Arthur
McClung child
McClung Roy
McClure A. C.
McClure Curtis
McClure Elizabeth
McClure Ethel, Mrs.
McClure Frank, Mrs.
McClure John H.
McClure Loren
McClure Merell
McClure Robert
McClure Thomas
McClure Thomas F.
McClure William
McCokle E. O.
McComas Alva
McComas Alva
McComas Charles E.
McComas Ethel
McComas Lawrence J.
McComas Nancy, Mrs.
McComber Lot
McCommus James
McConaughy Harry
McConaughy Harry
McConaughy R. H., Mrs.
McConehay R. H., Mrs.
McConley Margaret, Mrs.
McConn Ed B.
McConn Frances M., Mrs.
McConnell C. A.
McConnell C. T.
McConnell Carrie, Mrs.
McConnell Clarence
McConnell Elijah
McConnell Emma, Mrs.
McConnell Harvey
McConnell Infant
McConnell Infant
McConnell Infant
McConnell Infant
McConnell J. W.
McConnell Jackson
McConnell James
McConnell James H., Judge
McConnell Jeanette
McConnell John
McConnell Leslie
McConnell Norma E.
McConnell Orville
McConnell Oscar, Mrs.
McConnell Oscar, Mrs.
McConnell Sam, Mrs.
McConnell Sarah, Mrs.
McConnell Sophia, Mrs.
McConnell Waneda
McConnell William
McCook Lucy, Mrs.
McCorkle Manda J.
McCorkle Thomas J.
McCormic James
McCormick Charles F.
McCormick Ellis C.
McCormick Frank, Mrs.
McCormick Frank, Mrs.
McCormick Fred
McCormick Hannah, Mrs.
McCormick Hannah, Mrs.
McCormick Harriet B. H., Mrs.
McCormick Jane, Mrs.
McCormick John B.
McCormick Lucien
McCormick Mattie, Mrs.
McCormick P. E.
McCormick W. H.
McCowan Perey
McCown A. J.
McCown Bryan
McCown Henry
McCown Sylvester
McCown Sylvester
McCown Sylvester
McCoy Alfred R.
McCoy Bud
McCoy C. W., Mrs.
McCoy Carey, Jr.
McCoy Charles W., Hon.
McCoy Eddie
McCoy Eisel
McCoy Frank
McCoy George S.
McCoy Grover C.
McCoy Infant
McCoy J. B.
McCoy James
McCoy James
McCoy James
McCoy Jennie
McCoy John
McCoy John
McCoy John
McCoy Junior
McCoy Kate
McCoy Kate
McCoy Lydia H., Mrs.
McCoy Mary P., Mrs.
McCoy P. B.
McCoy Roland
McCoy Shan
McCoy Shan
McCoy Wayne, Dr.
McCoy William
McCoy Earl
McCoy Samuel L.
McCrady Charles J.
McCrady Charles J.
McCrady Infant
McCrasken Anna
McCray Jesse
McCreadie Pearl, Mrs.
McCready Hannah, Mrs.
McCready Henry
McCready Henry
McCready Infant
McCreary Lulu S., Mrs.
McCremmins Mae
McCrum Alice H.
McCue Dora, Mrs.
McCue John
McCue Patrick
McCulley George, Mrs.
McCullough Agnes, Mrs.
McCullough W. T.
McCumber James
McCumber John, Mrs.
McCutcheon H. L.
McCutcheon Mary, Mrs.
McDaid Robert
McDaniel Albert
McDaniel Annie Susan
McDaniel Charles
McDaniel Elva Mrs.
McDaniel Fletcher C.
McDaniel Frank, Mrs.
McDaniel Friend
McDaniel Friend, Mrs.
McDaniel George, Mrs.
McDaniel Harold A.
McDaniel Infant
McDaniel J. E.
McDaniel J. F.
McDaniel James E.
McDaniel Margaret
McDaniel Margaret, Mrs.
McDaniel Mary A., Mrs.
McDaniel Mary A., Mrs.
McDaniel Minnie, Mrs.
McDaniel Orville T.
McDaniel Sarah G., Mrs.
McDaniels Dice
McDaniels Ester, Mrs.
McDaniels Esther, Mrs.
McDaniels Rosetta, Mrs.
McDaniels Wesley
McDevitt William
McDonald "Mike"
McDonald Carl
McDonald child
McDonald Eldon
McDonald F. A.
McDonald Frank
McDonald Hal
McDonald Hal
McDonald Harry E.
McDonald Lillie, Mrs.
McDonald Margaret, Mrs.
McDonald Mrs.
McDonald Nancy, Mrs.
McDonald Peter
McDonald William
McDonell Allen D.
McDonie Charles B.
McDonie Mollie, Mrs.
McDonie Sidney
McDonough Anna
McDonough Anna
McDonough Bess
McDonough Cecilia
McDonough Frank
McDonough John
McDonough John P.
McDonough John P.
McDonough Mark
McDonough Mary, Mrs.
McDowell Andy
McDowell Bessie
McDowell Elmer
McDowell James R.
McDowell John
McDowell John
McDowell Millicent
McDowell Mr.
McDyer John
McDyer Lucy, Mrs.
McDyre Frank
McElhaney David
McElhaney Harry
McElrath Patsy R.
McElwain Anna L.
McElwain Frank
McElwaine John
McElwaine Mary C.
McEnerny Theodore
McFadden Bridget, Mrs.
McFadden Cora
McFadden Howard
McFadden Hugh
McFadden Margaret R., Mrs.
McFadden William
McFadyden P.
McFann Andrew
McFann Andrew J.
McFann David
McFann Donald R.
McFann Frank
McFann J.
McFann J.
McFann J.
McFann John W.
McFann John Wesley
McFann Lizzie
McFann Mary A.
McFann Mary A., Mrs.
McFann Thelma F.
McFann William
McFarland George
McFarland Susan, Mrs.
McFearson James
McFuly E. G.
McGarvey Dennis
McGarvey Dennis, Mrs.
McGarvey J. A., Mrs.
McGarvey John
McGarvey John
McGarvey Patrick Joseph
McGavran Samuel R., Dr.
McGee A. J.
McGee Eliza, Mrs.
McGee John H.
McGee John H.
McGee Mary, Mrs.
McGee Thomas C.
McGee Warren
McGerty Bernard
McGerty Katherine, Mrs.
McGhee Arthur G.
McGhee J. M., Mr. and Mrs.
McGhee John Lewis
McGhee Peter A.
McGhee Sadie
McGhee Sarah
McGhee Sarah
McGillivray James M., Judge
McGinley Bessie
McGinley Catherine
McGinley Hugh
McGinley Mary, Mrs.
McGinley Mary, Mrs.
McGinnis Alvin
McGinnis Edward
McGinnis Elmer
McGinnis Henderson
McGinnis Jasper N.
McGinnis Julia
McGinnis Mary J., Mrs.
McGinnis Robert, Rev.
McGinnis Sarah J., Mrs.
McGinnis Virgil
McGirr John
McGirr John, Mrs.
McGirr Josiah
McGirr Josiah "Forest"
McGirr Lorance, Mrs.
McGirr Lorance, Mrs.
McGlinchy Frank
McGlone Carl
McGlone Harry
McGlone Infant
McGlone James
McGlone Sarah E.
McGluen Sarah B.
McGonigle William
McGovern Daniel
McGovern Edward
McGowan Dena, Mrs.
McGowan Edward S.
McGowan Elizabeth, Mrs.
McGowan Grace E.
McGowan Infant
McGowan John
McGowan John
McGowan Joseph
McGowan Joseph, Mrs.
McGowan Sarah
McGown John
McGown Ora
McGraf M. M., Prof.
McGraslin F. Mrs.
McGrath James
McGraw Elwood
McGraw Ethel
McGraw Florence
McGraw Florence
McGraw Homer
McGraw John T.
McGraw Mary C., Mrs.
McGraw Sarah, Mrs.
McGregor Angus C.
McGregor Joseph
McGregor Mary, Mrs.
McGrew Ephraim
McGuffey T. C.
McGuffin J. A.
McGuffin J. A.
McGuffin James
McGuffin Kenton, Dr.
McGuffin Mrs.
McGugin Kate
McGugin Margaret, Mrs.
McGugin Margaret, Mrs.
McGugin William H.
McGugin William N.
McGugin Winifred
McGuire Amanda, Mrs.
McGuire Avery
McGuire Dee
McGuire Ella M., Mrs.
McGuire Ellis
McGuire Herbert B.
McGuire Joseph, Mrs.
McGuire Meyrie
McGuire Mirl, Mrs.
McGuire Nancy, Mrs.
McGuire Sue, Mrs.
McGuire T. T., Mrs.
McGuire William, Rev.
McGwire Charles H.
McHenry Anna C.
McHenry Rachel, Mrs.
McIlrath Hugh
McInerney Anna, Mrs.
McIntire James
McIntire Maggie B.
McIntosh Harry A.
McIntosh Nelston
McIntyre Alvin E.
McIntyre Anna, Mrs.
McIntyre Hugh
McIntyre Hugh
McIntyre James
McIntyre James J.
McIntyre Mrs.
McJoint Thomas
McKain Jesse M.
McKay May
McKean Ed
McKeand Eliza, Mrs.
McKeand Nancy
McKee A. D.
McKee A. L.
McKee Alice F., Mrs.
McKee Barton
McKee Blaine, Jr.
McKee Bonnie G.
McKee C. H., Rev.
McKee Carl, Mrs.
McKee Charles M. M.
McKee David F.
McKee Ed
McKee Effie, Mrs.
McKee Elizabeth, Mrs.
McKee Floyd
McKee Forrest, Mrs.
McKee Frank
McKee George Wilbur
McKee Harlan
McKee J. D., Rev.
McKee James, Mrs.
McKee Julia A., Mrs.
McKee Mabel B., Mrs.
McKee Mr.
McKee Rex
McKee Richard
McKee Richard D.
McKee Susie
McKee Thomas
McKee Thomas, Mrs.
McKee Thomas, Mrs.
McKee Vance
McKee W. Fuston
McKee (McGee) Nancy M., Mrs.
McKeel Hooper
McKeever Thomas
McKell John D.
McKenna Bridget, Mrs.
McKenna Charles B.
McKenna Mary, Mrs.
McKenna Michael
McKenna Michael P.
McKenney Albert
McKenzie Alonzo
McKenzie Anna
McKenzie Carl
McKenzie Carrie, Mrs.
McKenzie Charlotte, Mrs.
McKenzie Charlotte, Mrs.
McKenzie child
McKenzie child
McKenzie Delmar
McKenzie Earl
McKenzie Elizabeth, Mrs.
McKenzie Gladys
McKenzie Henry B.
McKenzie Infant
McKenzie Infant
McKenzie Infant
McKenzie James
McKenzie James H.
McKenzie John W.
McKenzie John W.
McKenzie Luther
McKenzie Mart, Mrs.
McKenzie Mary K.
McKenzie Miss
McKenzie Rebeccah
McKenzie William
McKeon James
McKeoun Nancy
McKeown Nancy
McKinister Mary I.
McKinley Arthur, Mrs.
McKinley Charles W., Jr.
McKinley J. B.
McKinley Reuben
McKinley Robert, Mrs.
McKinney Aaron
McKinney Albert
McKinney Albert
McKinney F. C., Mrs.
McKinney George A.
McKinney L. D.
McKinsey Clyde
McKitrick Raymond and Irene
McKittrick Mary, Mrs.
McKnight "Roxall"
McKnight C. B., Mrs.
McKnight Charles
McKnight Charles
McKnight Charles, Mrs.
McKnight Earl
McKnight Elsie M.
McKnight Elsie M.
McKnight Elsie May
McKnight Emmett
McKnight Erma L.
McKnight George
McKnight George E.
McKnight Halsey B.
McKnight Harold
McKnight Harry D., Capt.
McKnight Jack, Jr.
McKnight John
McKnight John
McKnight John
McKnight John F.
McKnight John F.
McKnight John T., Mrs.
McKnight John, Mrs.
McKnight Karie Falwell
McKnight Laura, Mrs.
McKnight Leon
McKnight Louise, Mrs.
McKnight Lydia, Mrs.
McKnight Margaret, Mrs.
McKnight Mary
McKnight Mary Ann, Mrs.
McKnight Mary Jane, Mrs.
McKnight Mary, Mrs.
McKnight Matilda, Mrs.
McKnight Nellie I., Mrs.
McKnight Ralph
McKnight Samuel
McKnight Susan, Mrs.
McKnight Susan, Mrs.
McKnight Vergil
McKnight W. H.
McKnight William
McKnight William
McKnight William F.
McKnight Wilma
McKnight Wilma
McLarty George A.
McLaughlin A. M.
McLaughlin Charles D.
McLaughlin Elisha M.
McLaughlin Eliza Mrs.
McLaughlin Eliza Mrs.
McLaughlin H. R.
McLaughlin J. A.
McLaughlin J. A.
McLaughlin Lucille, Mrs.
McLean James L.
McLean Vinton W.
McLeod Dr.
McLoney Kennard
McMacken John, Mrs.
McMackin John
McMackin John, Mrs.
McMackin John, Mrs.
McMackin John, Mrs.
McMackin Lawrence
McMackin Lawrence
McMahan C. E., Mrs.
McMahan Marjorie
McMahon Bridget, Mrs.
McMahon Bridget, Mrs.
McMahon Frank
McMahon John
McMahon John
McMahon John, Major
McMahon Julian, Mrs.
McMahon Mahala
McMahon Minnie, Mrs.
McMahon Nicholas, Sr.
McMahon Nina, Mrs.
McMahon R. W., Mrs.
McMahon R. W., Mrs.
McMahon William J.
McMakin Charles
McMan Memnin, Mrs.
McMannan J. J.
McMannus John D.
McManus Harriet C., Mrs.
McMaster Alfred
McMaster Mrs.
McMasters John, Mrs.
McMasters Ora
McMchon Mary I.
McMillan Infant
McMillan Sarah, Mrs.
McMillen Essie, Mrs.
McMillen Marion
McMillin Emerson
McMullan Frank
McMullen Annie, Mrs.
McMullen Frank
McMullen John W.
McMullen Paul E.
McMullen Ralph D.
McMurray Robert L.
McNab Alex
McNally Mrs.
McNally T. J.
McNamara Lawrence
McNamara Thomas
McNamee Harry
McNary Eleanor, Mrs.
McNary Eleanor, Mrs.
McNary William
McNaughton John
McNeahan Theodore H.
McNeal J. C.
McNeal Mason
McNeal Mrs.
McNeal Mrs.
McNeally Collie, Mrs.
McNealy Charles
McNearney Mary, Mrs.
McNeely Edward
McNeely Hugh, Mrs.
McNeely Nancy J.
McNeely Samuel
McNeill Ella, Mrs.
McNelly James
McNichols Gladys
McNichols Gladys
McNichols Kate, Mrs.
McNichols Kate, Mrs.
McNurlin Joshua
McNutt Infant
MCoy George
McPherson Joseph
McPherson Joseph A., Sr.
McPherson Mary Ida, Mrs.
McPherson Ralph
McPherson William
McPherson William, Mrs.
McQuade Mrs.
McQuaid Frank, Mrs.
McQuaid Harry, Mrs.
McQuaid John W.
McQuaid Percy
McQuaid Perry
McQuarry Leila
McQuestain James
McQuiddy J. H.
McQuigg Harry
McQuigg Mary Jane, Mrs.
McQuigg Ruth, Mrs.
McQuillen Paul
McRae Florence, Mrs.
McRea Lizzie, Mrs.
McSorley Bert
McSorley Mrs.
McVay Andy
McVey Ruth
McVey W. Herman
McVey William H. and family
McWilliams J. M., Mrs.
McWilliams R. W.

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