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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Naegele Agnes, Mrs.
Nagel Hester A.
Nagley John, Sr.
Nahnke Elizabeth, Mrs.
Nance Amanda, Mrs.
Nance Bannister
Nance Charles, Mrs. and child
Nance David, Mrs.
Nance Dottie M., Mrs.
Nance E. W.
Nance E. W.
Nance Edward W.
Nance Edward W.
Nance Elijah
Nance Elmer L.
Nance George W.
Nance Hannah, Mrs.
Nance Irwin O.
Nance Irwin Otto
Nance Isaac
Nance James L.
Nance Janie
Nance Jordan
Nance Lillian, Mrs.
Nance Lottie
Nance Lottie
Nance Mary Jane
Nance Mary, Mrs.
Nance Mattie, Mrs.
Nance Meredith
Nance Mrs.
Nance Robert
Nance Sarah, Mrs.
Nance Sherman
Nance Teddy M.
Nance Welcome
Nance Wilbur A.
Nance Will, Mrs.
Napier Charles
Napier Patton
Napper P. L.
Nash Clarence
Nash Henry
Nash James, Mrs.
Nash John
Nast Margaret, Mrs.
Nauert Herman, Mrs.
Nauert Herman, Mrs.
Nave E. G.
Nave E. G.
Nay John
Naylor Kate
Neace Floyd
Neal A. S.
Neal Benjamin F.
Neal Benjamin F.
Neal Charline
Neal child
Neal Clifford
Neal Daniel
Neal Edwin
Neal Elizabeth D., Mrs.
Neal Elizabeth Pendleton, Mrs.
Neal Enoch
Neal Ernie
Neal Ernie
Neal G. E.
Neal George
Neal George
Neal Grant
Neal Henderson
Neal Henry S.
Neal Henry S., Hon.
Neal Infant
Neal Infant
Neal Infant
Neal J. M.
Neal Jacob
Neal James E., Col.
Neal Jemima, Mrs.
Neal Jemima, Mrs.
Neal Jerry
Neal Jessie, Mrs.
Neal Jimmy
Neal John
Neal John A.
Neal John A.
Neal Laken
Neal Lawrence T.
Neal Lee and Howard
Neal Leonard B.
Neal Leonard L.
Neal Leonard, Corp.
Neal Mary J., Mrs.
Neal Mr.
Neal Oscar
Neal R. B.
Neal Rhoda, Mrs.
Neal Rosetta K., Mrs.
Neal Simeon
Neal Theodore
Neal Theodore
Neal Theodore
Neal Thomas
Neal Thomas
Neal Thomas Henry
Neal Thomas, Mrs.
Neal Vawanda, Mrs.
Neal Vinton
Neal Vinton, Mrs.
Neal Vinton, Mrs.
Neal Walter
Neal Wanda L.
Neal William T.
Neal Theodore
Neale W. O., Mrs.
Nealy Charles
Nease Patton
Nedson Noch
Neece Catherine, Mrs.
Needham David G.
Needham David G.
Needlehammer John, Mr. and Mrs.
Neekamp Frank
Neekamp Frank S., Mrs.
Neekamp Frank, Sr.
Neekamp Ralph E.
Neff Banning, Mrs.
Neff Burdine
Neff Clara, Mrs.
Neff Denslow
Neff Emma, Mrs.
Neff George R.
Neff Henry
Neff Infant
Neff James R.
Neff Juanita F.
Neff Julia, Mrs.
Neff Mildred
Neff Robert
Neff Robert, Mrs.
Neff T. B.
Neff Thornton, Jr.
Neff Vernie M.
Neff William
Neighart John
Neil Robert R.
Neiser J. J.
Neiswonger J. W.
Nelson Augustus
Nelson Bonnie H., Mrs.
Nelson Caleb
Nelson Carl
Nelson Charity
Nelson Charles
Nelson Curtis
Nelson Ellen, Mrs.
Nelson Elsie R.
Nelson Fletcher
Nelson Floyd
Nelson Frank
Nelson Fred W.
Nelson George B.
Nelson Grace E.
Nelson Greenville
Nelson Greenville
Nelson Harold
Nelson Hays
Nelson Ida Mrs.
Nelson Infant
Nelson Infant
Nelson Infant
Nelson James R.
Nelson Jane Russell, Mrs.
Nelson Juanita
Nelson Knute
Nelson Lucy C., Mrs.
Nelson Mae Mrs., James and James Jr.
Nelson Mrs.
Nelson N. C., Mrs.
Nelson Noah, Jr.
Nelson Ollie
Nelson Pansy
Nelson Ralph
Nelson Susan
Nelson Thomas
Nelson William C.
Nesbitt Francis D., Mrs.
Nesser Julia N., Mrs.
Nester John
Nester Rosa
Nestor Jesse
Nestor Silas, Mrs.
Neu Anna, Mrs.
Neu Jacob
Neugert Vin
Neuman Mildred
Neumeister Anna
Neville Florence
Neville Frederick, Mrs.
Nevin Robert, Col.
Nevitt George
New Louella, Mrs.
Newbarger Rebecca, Mrs.
Newberger George
Newberger Rebecca, Mrs.
Newberry Spencer B.
Newcomb Mary
Newcombe Sarah, Mrs.
Newcombe Sarah, Mrs.
Newell C. W.
Newey Daniel, Sr.
Newhart Frederick
Newland Doyle
Newland Walter
Newland William
Newman Anna, Mrs.
Newman Anna, Mrs.
Newman Anna, Mrs.
Newman Carl
Newman Carr
Newman Carr
Newman Charles
Newman Dennis
Newman Dennis
Newman Drucilla, Mrs.
Newman Ethel G.
Newman Frances A., Mrs.
Newman Fred
Newman George
Newman George M.
Newman George, Mrs.
Newman Grant
Newman Hazel E.
Newman Hazel E.
Newman Infant
Newman Infant
Newman James
Newman Johanna, Mrs.
Newman John
Newman John A.
Newman John L.
Newman John W.
Newman John, Mrs.
Newman Joseph
Newman Joseph H.
Newman Joseph, Mrs.
Newman Lafayette
Newman Mary A.
Newman Melcena, Mrs.
Newman Nettie, Mrs.
Newman Orville H.
Newman Sila P.
Newman Valentine
Newman Valentine, Mrs.
Newman Valentine, Mrs.
Newsom Alex
Newsom Book
Newsome Jack
Newsome John M.
Newson A. J.
Newton Elijah
Newton James K.
Newton James, Capt.
Newton Jarius
Newton Josephine, Mrs.
Neylon Mary A., Mrs.
Nicely Elizabeth, Mrs.
Nicely Jeanette S., Mrs.
Nicely Samuel
Nichol Peter
Nicholas John
Nicholas Mary, Mrs.
Nicholls child
Nichols "Bud"
Nichols A. J.
Nichols Anna
Nichols Belle, Mrs.
Nichols Bert
Nichols Bertha
Nichols Eli
Nichols Eliza, Mrs.
Nichols Ellis L.
Nichols Francis A., Mrs.
Nichols Helen
Nichols Hugh
Nichols Ida, Mrs.
Nichols Infant
Nichols Infant
Nichols Irene
Nichols Irene
Nichols Jesse
Nichols John
Nichols John
Nichols Joney
Nichols Lester W.
Nichols Lucy F., Mrs.
Nichols Maggie, Mrs.
Nichols Orman
Nichols Robert
Nichols Russel
Nichols Sarah, Mrs.
Nichols Solomon
Nichols Susan, Mrs.
Nichols Urban
Nichols Virgie A., Mrs.
Nichols Willard, Mrs.
Nicholson George L.
Nicholson George L., Mrs.
Nicholson Kate R.
Nicholson Samuel D.
Nick Helen
Nick Helen
Nickel Nancy E.
Nickell Lonnie E.
Nickell Robert
Nickels Cordelia
Nicklas John, Mrs.
Nickle Harry
Nickles Abigail, Mrs.
Nickles Arthur
Nickles David
Nickles Mary Anna, Mrs.
Nickles Polly, Mrs.
Nickles Rudolph
Nieberding Frank
Nieman Lena, Mrs.
Nierman Theodore
Nigh Samuel H.
Nigh William H.
Nigh William H.
Nigh William H.
Nihoul Dennie, Mrs.
Nimmo Posetta and Rosetta
Nippert Infant
Nixon David
Nixon David, Mrs.
Nixon Henry
Nixon James H.
Noble Alvie
Noble Charles
Noble Edward
Noble Edward, Mrs.
Noble Frank, Jr.
Noble Fred
Noble George W.
Noble Grace, Mrs.
Noble Henry
Noble Infant
Noble James E.
Noble Lucinda, Mrs.
Noble Polly, Mrs.
Noble Sarah J., Mrs.
Noble Vick
Noble William
Noble William S.
Noble Frank, Jr.
Nochols James
Nockengost Madeline
Nodge Alex
Noe Cecil
Noe Gladys
Noe Mariella
Noel Amanda K., Mrs.
Noel C. H. A.
Noel Emma
Noel John
Noel John W.
Noel Junior
Noel Mary E., Mrs.
Noell Charles
Noell Charles
Noell Charles, Mrs.
Noell John
Noell Mr.
Nola Joseph, Mrs.
Nolan John
Nolan John
Nolan M.
Nolan Mary
Nolder Ivan
Nolder J. Kinney, Mrs.
Nolte Elizabeth
Nolte Madge C., Mrs.
Nolte Madge C., Mrs.
Nolte Walter
Nolte William
Nolte William, Mrs.
Nolter Ruth
Norman Rena, Mrs.
Norman Ruth
Norman Virginia
Norman Willard
Norman Willard
Normand Mabel
Norris Amaziah
Norris Charles
Norris child
Norris Frank
Norris Frank
Norris Hannah
Norris Ida Mae
Norris Infant
Norris J. B.
Norris Jacob W.
Norris Jesse E.
Norris John E.
Norris John H.
Norris Julia A., Mrs.
Norris Leonard
Norris Lucinda, Mrs.
Norris Mabel
Norris Marcellus
Norris Margaret
Norris Margaret, Mrs.
Norris Margeret J.
Norris Martha J., Mrs.
Norris Nellie, Mrs.
Norris Ray, Mrs.
Norris Will
Norris Willard M.
North John
North Mary
North Mary J., Mrs.
Northington S. M.
Northington S. M.
Northup Lavina McCall, Mrs.
Norton Edward B.
Norton Emily D., Mrs.
Norton Emily, Mrs.
Norton George
Norton Howard E.
Norton Hughes, Mrs.
Norton Jesse R.
Norton Joe, Mrs.
Norton John M., Capt.
Norton John N., Capt.
Norton John, Capt.
Norton Julia
Norton Nancy, Mrs.
Norton Nancy, Mrs.
Norton O. D., Dr.
Norton Thomas J.
Norton Thomas, Major
Notter Harvey
Notter Nancy Carrie, Mrs.
Nourot Mary
Nourse Infant
Nourse Richard
Novil John
Nowland E. J.
Noye Edward N.
Noyes Wilson
Noyle Infant
Nuckals Infant
Nuckolls Infant
Nuckols E. C.
Nugen I. V.
Nugen I. V.
Nugent Edward Frederick
Nugent John
Null Andrew
Null Andrew T.
Null Doris
Null Infant
Null Infant
Null Infant
Null John
Null Nellie
Null Orba, Mrs.
Null Park
Null Park, Mrs.
Null Wilbur B.
Null William
Nunley Alice
Nunley Bert
Nunley John
Nunley William
Nusser William C.
Nutt Arthur B.
Nutter Barclay
Nutter Barkley
Nye A. Tupper, Mrs.
Nye George B., Dr.

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