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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Oakes A. D.
Oakes A. D., Mrs.
Oakes Elmer
Oakes Flossie R., Mrs.
Oakes Frank
Oakes George W.
Oakes John D.
Oakes Joshua
Oakes Margaret, Mrs.
Oakes Oscar
Oakes Roy
Oakes Samuel
Oakes Temperance, Mrs.
Oakley Annie
Oaks Flossie R., Mrs.
Oaks Rossie A., Mrs.
Oatman Martin L.
Obenchair Kate, Mrs.
Oberholtzer Madge
Oberlin Henry
Obermeyer Sophie, Mrs.
Oblinger E. V.
Oblinger E. V.
O'Brien Clell
O'Brien Daniel
O'Brien Daniel J.
O'Brien Ed
O'Brien Edith
O'Brien Edward
O'Brien Harry
O'Brien Henry
O'Brien John, Mrs.
O'Brien Katherine
O'Brien Mayme
O'Brien Michael
O'Brien Patrick
O'Brien Robert
O'Brien Rose
O'Connell Frank J.
O'Connor Dominick
O'Connor Fannie Johnston, Mrs.
O'Connor James
O'Connor Jessie
O'Connor John
O'Connor Patrick J.
O'Connor Thomas
O'Connors Thomas
O'Connors Thomas
O'Daniels Robert
O'Dell Delbert, Mr. and Mrs.
Odolfski Adolf
O'Donnell Eddie
O'Donoghue Phillip A., Rev.
O'Dwyer John A.
Oemisch Charles
Oemish Mary, Mrs.
Offord child
O'Gara Mary, Mrs.
Ogden Lupton, Mrs.
Ogg Mr.
Ogg Mrs.
Ogie Lucy
O'Halloran John
Ohm Edward
Ohnstead Knute
O'Keefe Elizabeth, Mrs.
O'Keefe John
O'Keefe Margaret
O'Keefe Margaret
O'Keefe William
O'Kelley Margaret
Okonowicz Mary, Mrs.
O'Kuma Marquis
Oldham F. F.
Olds Elda
O'Leary Alice
O'Leary Frances L., Mrs.
O'Leary Paul F.
Oliger Samuel
Olin Daniel, Mrs.
Oliver Charles
Oliver Daniel
Oliver Fannie
Oliver George S., Viola and Mary
Oliver George, Mrs.
Oliver Infant
Oliver Infant
Oliver James
Oliver John
Oliver John
Oliver John C., Capt.
Oliver Robert M.
Oliver Thurmond
Olliver John, Capt.
Ollman Russell
Ollom Edna
Ollom I. W.
Ollum Edith, Mrs.
Olmstead Maude Harriet, Mrs.
Omey Ed
Omish Kate
O'Neal Oscar, Mrs.
O'Neal Peter
O'Neil William
O'Neill Bessie V., Mrs.
O'Neill Bridget, Mrs.
O'Neill John W.
O'Neill Johnson
O'Neill Katherine, Mrs.
O'Neill Mack, Mrs.
O'Neill Mollie, Mrs.
O'Neill Rhuama
O'Neill Sarah, Mrs.
O'Neill W. B.
Oney Bobby
Oney Burlin, Mrs.
Oney C. C.
Oney Infant
Oney John T.
Oney Lydia M.
Oney Sam
Oney Sam
Oney Sarah E.
Oney Infant
Ook Mary
Oppenheimuer Emanuel
Opperman Maria, Mrs.
Orahead Pauline
Orcutt Don
Orcutt Infant
Orcutt R. W.
Ordelkofski Adam
Ordway William
Orlozski Ivan
O'Roark D. C.
O'Roark Hazel
Orosz child
Orr David
Orr John
Orr John, Mrs.
Orr Mr.
Ort George B.
Ort John J., Serg.
Ort John Justin
Ort L. O., Mrs.
Ort Mayme
Ort William, Mrs.
Orth Washington W.
Orthmey Fred, Mrs.
Orthmey Fred, Mrs.
Orthmeyer Amanda, Mrs.
Orthmeyer Amanda, Mrs.
Orthmeyer Fred
Orthmeyer Fred
Orthmeyer Fred W.
Orthmeyer Fred W.
Orthmeyer Herman O.
Orthmyer Hazel R.
Ortseifer Rose, Mrs.
Ortself Rose, Mrs.
Ortself Rose, Mrs.
Orwig Russell
Osborn Albert
Osborn Alex
Osborn Charles
Osborn Edna
Osborn Frank
Osborn James
Osborn Margaret, Mrs.
Osborn Paul
Osborn Victor
Osborne Aaron
Osborne Albert
Osborne Calloway
Osborne David
Osborne David
Osborne Frank
Osborne Frank
Osborne Frank, Mrs.
Osborne Gussie
Osborne Harley
Osborne Infant
Osborne John
Osborne Mrs.
Osborne Willard
Osborne William F.
Osenton Charles
Osgood Clara
Osgood George K.
Osgood John
Osgood John
O'Shaughnessy Catherine
Osman Phyllis
Ossington Arthur D.
Ossington Ethel D., Mrs.
Osterly August
Osterman J. D., Mrs.
Osterman twins
Ostrender Ruth J.
Ostrouski Stanley
Oswald Caroline E., Mrs.
Ott John
Otten Otto, Mrs.
Otterbel Andrew
Otto Jacob, Sr., Mrs.
Otwart Catherine, Mrs.
Otworth Anna G.
Otworth Catharine, Mrs.
Overstreet H. W.
Overtuis John
Overturff Mrs.
Owen C. J., Mrs.
Owen Infant
Owens Albert
Owens Annie, Mrs.
Owens Arda
Owens Edna
Owens Elizabeth
Owens Henry
Owens Henry T.
Owens Ida D.
Owens John
Owens Mary E., Mrs.
Owens Mattie
Owens Mattie, Mrs.
Owens Ruth
Owrey Dolores
Owrey Ida B., Mrs.

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