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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Pachjian Mary, Mrs.
Pachoma Sister
Pack Anderson
Pack Fleary
Pack Francis
Pack J. C.
Pack J. C.
Pack J. C.
Pack Nellie Robinson, Mrs.
Pack Nellie, Mrs.
Pack Samuel
Pack Samuel
Packard Dan
Packard Frank L.
Packett Infant
Paden Dick
Paden W. W., Capt.
Page Jack
Page Jackson
Page John
Page Thomas N.
Page Will
Page William
Page William, Mrs.
Paige Henry
Pail J.
Paine Emily S., Mrs.
Paine Jefferson
Painter Leola
Painter William
Painter William
Pall Charles H.
Palmer Cyrus
Palmer Cyrus
Palmer Cyrus, Jr., Mrs.
Palmer Cyrus, Mrs.
Palmer Eliza Elizabeth
Palmer Eliza Elizabeth, Mrs.
Palmer Elizabeth
Palmer Elizabeth
Palmer Emory
Palmer Etta, Mrs.
Palmer Frank
Palmer H. O., Mrs.
Palmer Infant
Palmer Joseph
Palmer Lillian I.
Palmer M. H.
Palmer Margaret
Palmer Reuben
Palmer Russell
Palmer Ruth
Palmiter Bert
Palmitier Stanley
Palte Benjamin
Pancake Addie B., Mrs.
Pancake Alfred C.
Pancake Andrew, Mrs.
Pancake Andy J.
Pancake Bertha
Pancake Chester
Pancake Compliment
Pancake Cora
Pancake D. J.
Pancake Dibbie, Mrs.
Pancake Edward
Pancake Effie G., Mrs.
Pancake Henry
Pancake Infant
Pancake Infant
Pancake Isaac
Pancake Isaac
Pancake Mamie, Mrs.
Pancake Maria, Mrs.
Pancake Mariah, Mrs.
Pancake Mary, Mrs.
Pancake Nancy, Mrs.
Pancake Oscar
Pancake Zacharia
Pannell Jerry
Pannell Mabel
Pappas Peter
Paragon Emma J.
Parker Asbury
Parker Benjamin
Parker Charles L., Mrs.
Parker Georgia
Parker Harry, Mrs.
Parker Infant
Parker J. H., Capt.
Parker James
Parker John W.
Parker Lee
Parker Leo
Parker Nathan E.
Parker Ray
Parker Ray
Parker S. L., Mrs.
Parker Sadie L., Mrs.
Parker Thomas
Parker Thomas, Mrs.
Parkins John N.
Parks Nona
Parks Sarah, Mrs.
Parlney Thomas
Parnell Andre
Parnell Anna, Mrs.
Parnell Catherine
Parnell Ella, Mrs.
Parnell Infant
Parnell Lewis M.
Parnell Louis
Parnell Marie
Parnell Mariette L.
Parnell Patrick, Mrs.
Parris Bessie L.
Parry Joseph, Dr.
Parsley Sherman
Parson Callie B.
Parsons Alice H., Mrs.
Parsons H. D.
Parsons Hiram B.
Parsons Hiram, Mrs.
Parsons J. W., Mrs.
Parsons Jonathan
Parsons O. F.
Parsons Robert
Partlette William
Partlow Bessie C., Mrs.
Partlow Della, Mrs.
Partlow Edgar
Partlow Eliza, Mrs.
Pascoe James
Pasley Infant
Pasley Infant
Pasley Jenny, Mrs.
Pasley Jessie
Pasley John
Passley Elizabeth, Mrs.
Patch Rose, Mrs.
Patrick child
Patrick Infant
Patrick John
Patrick Lowry
Patrick Morgan
Patrick Mrs.
Patrick Mrs.
Patrick Richard
Patrick Ruby, Mrs.
Patrick Wanetta M.
Patrick William
Patten Charles
Patten Charles
Patten James
Patten James
Patten Samuel
Patters Infant
Patterson Alma M.
Patterson C. E.
Patterson C. F., Dr.
Patterson C. H.
Patterson Charles G.
Patterson Charles K.
Patterson child
Patterson James R.
Patterson John D.
Patterson Louis A., Mrs.
Patterson Mabel, Mrs.
Patterson Monroe
Patterson Mrs.
Patterson R. F., Rev.
Patterson R. F., Rev.
Patterson Richard
Patterson Roscoe E.
Patterson Sallie
Patterson Salome, Mrs.
Patterson Samuel L.
Patterson Stanley, Mrs.
Patterson Thomas E.
Patterson Walter F.
Pattison Frederick
Pattison John M.
Patton Ambrose
Patton Beulah
Patton Beulah, Mrs.
Patton Charles
Patton Elias, Dr.
Patton Elizabeth
Patton Elmer
Patton Elva
Patton Georgia
Patton Hannah, Mrs.
Patton Henry
Patton James and Everett
Patton John
Patton John
Patton John
Patton John, Mrs.
Patton Laban T.
Patton Lawrence H.
Patton Leander
Patton Matthew
Patton Maynard
Patton Okey
Patton Pauline
Patton Sallie J., Mrs.
Patton Stephen
Patton W. J.
Patton Will, Mrs.
Paugh Solomon
Paul Beula
Paul Charles
Paul Charles M., Dr.
Paul child
Paul David S.
Paul Guy M.
Paul Henry
Paul Jeremiah R.
Paul Jeremiah R.
Paul Jerry, Mrs.
Paul Jerry, Mrs.
Paul John Albert
Paul M. D.
Paul M. D.
Paul Mary, Mrs.
Paul Mary, Mrs.
Paul Rodney
Paul Sardine
Paul William
Paul William A.
Paules Albert
Paules Albert
Pauley Fred
Pauley Roy G.
Paulin Phillip, Mrs.
Paulin Phillip, Mrs.
Pavis Evelyn A.
Paxon J. D.
Payne Adolphus, Mrs.
Payne Adolphus, Mrs.
Payne Albert
Payne Alonzo
Payne Bessie, Mrs.
Payne Burnell, Mrs.
Payne Burwell
Payne Celester, Mrs.
Payne Charlotte, Ann
Payne child
Payne Clyde
Payne Corwin N.
Payne E. J., Mrs.
Payne E. J., Mrs.
Payne Elmer
Payne Etta
Payne Eugene
Payne Eugene
Payne Flemming
Payne Grigg
Payne Henry, Mrs.
Payne Ida, Mrs.
Payne Infant
Payne J. M.
Payne J. W.
Payne James A.
Payne John
Payne John H.
Payne John, Mrs.
Payne Lasco
Payne Leroy
Payne Leslie
Payne Lily, Mrs.
Payne Lily, Mrs.
Payne Lizzie
Payne Lucille
Payne M. F., Mrs.
Payne M. F., Mrs.
Payne M. M., Mrs.
Payne Malinda
Payne Margaret, Mrs.
Payne Oscar
Payne R. E., Mrs.
Payne R. R.
Payne Rebecca, Mrs.
Payne Rose Mary
Payne Sarah
Payne Serena
Payne Silas
Payne Sue E.
Payne Thomas F.
Payne Thomas F.
Payne Uriah, Capt.
Payne Verna, Mrs.
Payne Vesta, Mrs.
Payne Virgie, Mrs.
Payne Virginia
Payne W. R.
Payne William E.
Payne William U.
Paynter Minnie L., Mrs.
Payton Cay A.
Payton Charles
Payton John, Mrs.
Payton Joseph
Peak Harriet F., Mrs.
Pearson Alex
Pearson Eli
Pearson John H.
Peary Robert E.
Pease Beulah
Pease Charles W.
Pease Minnie A. B., Mrs.
Pease R. B., Mrs.
Peck Earlie, Dr.
Peck Hiram D., Judge
Peck John H.
Peck Mary A.
Peeble Hilda S., Mrs.
Peebles John G.
Peebles John, Mrs.
Peebles Margaret J.
Peebles Margaret J.
Peebles Mary
Peebles Mary E.
Peebles R. R.
Peebles Robert
Peel Louis C.
Peer Lem
Peggins Infant
Pejanich Tevto
Pemberton Abram
Pemberton Albert
Pemberton Alma, Mrs.
Pemberton Amanda, Mrs.
Pemberton Bessie
Pemberton Cecil
Pemberton Charles
Pemberton Clint
Pemberton Daisie
Pemberton Delaney
Pemberton Edward
Pemberton Edward
Pemberton Elijah
Pemberton Elijah
Pemberton Elijah, Mrs.
Pemberton Ella, Mrs.
Pemberton Emmansetta
Pemberton Eva
Pemberton Frank
Pemberton Frank, Mrs.
Pemberton Hannah E., Mrs.
Pemberton Ida
Pemberton Ida, Mrs.
Pemberton Infant
Pemberton Infant
Pemberton Jack V.
Pemberton Jackson
Pemberton James V.
Pemberton John
Pemberton John
Pemberton John I.
Pemberton John W.
Pemberton Joseph H.
Pemberton Katie
Pemberton Larry A.
Pemberton Lena, Mrs.
Pemberton Leonard R.
Pemberton Lillian
Pemberton Minnie, Mrs.
Pemberton Pauline, Mrs.
Pemberton Richard
Pemberton Richard
Pemberton Richard
Pemberton Richard C.
Pemberton Richard, Mrs.
Pemberton Rosemary
Pemberton Rosie L.
Pemberton Ruth
Pemberton Sarah, Mrs.
Pemberton Sarah, Mrs.
Pemberton Shirley
Pemberton W. F.
Pemberton W. M.
Pemberton William
Pemberton William C.
Pemberton William, Mrs.
Pemberton Infant
Pence Orva H., Mrs.
Pendergast Daniel
Penix J. D.
Penn James
Pennington Alberta
Pennington Annabelle
Pennington child
Pennington Clyde
Pennington Dennis
Pennington George
Pennington James E.
Pennington Joseph
Pennington Laura, Mrs.
Pennington Lillie V., Mrs.
Pennington Minnie, Mrs.
Pennington Ruth M.
Pennington Ruth M.
Pennington Sally, Mrs.
Pennington Sally, Mrs.
Pennington Susan
Pennington Thelma
Pennington Will H.
Pennywitt Carl
Penrod Alfred
Penrod Emanuel F.
Penrod Emanuel F.
Penrod Frank Mrs.
Penrod Gay
Penrod George
Pepper George W.
Percifield George
Percy G. W. C.
Perdew Infant
Perdew Susan, Mrs.
Perdue C. A., Mrs.
Perdue Clyde
Perdue George
Perdue Nelson
Perdue Will
Perego I. W.
Perego Lewis H.
Perkins Carl
Perkins Frank
Perkins Harry
Perkins Infant
Perkins Infant
Perkins Infant
Perkins Infant
Perkins Isaac, Mrs.
Perkins James, Mrs.
Perkins John
Perkins John
Perkins Johnnie H.
Perkins Johnnie H.
Perkins Louis
Perkins Marion
Perkins Martha
Perkins Phoebe
Perkins Sherman
Perkins Sherman
Perkins Thomas
Perkins Thomas
Perkins Thomas
Perkins William R.
Perko John
Perrigine Emma J., Mrs.
Perring Mary A., Mrs.
Perry Albert, Mrs.
Perry Alfred T.
Perry Anna
Perry Eddie
Perry Elias, Rev.
Perry Elmer, Elsie, Bessie and Raymond
Perry Gladys
Perry Gladys
Perry Grant
Perry Ina F.
Perry Infant
Perry James
Perry James E.
Perry Janie
Perry John, Mrs.
Perry John, Mrs.
Perry Joseph, Mrs.
Perry Kathleen W.
Perry Miss
Perry Mrs.
Perry Nan B., Mrs.
Perry Susannah D., Mrs.
Perry William
Perry Anthony
Pershing J. J. Mrs.
Peters Adaline Louise, Mrs.
Peters Adaline Louise, Mrs.
Peters Anna L., Mrs.
Peters Arthur, Mrs.
Peters C. B.
Peters Camoralza, Mrs.
Peters Catherine, Mrs.
Peters Cecil
Peters Charles, Mrs.
Peters child
Peters D. C., Mrs.
Peters D. F., Mrs.
Peters Earl S.
Peters Ellen, Mrs.
Peters Ezra
Peters George
Peters George
Peters George
Peters George
Peters Georgia
Peters Henry W.
Peters Ida Naomi
Peters Ida Naomi
Peters Infant
Peters James A.
Peters Jarvis M.
Peters Joe
Peters John A.
Peters John Albert
Peters John G.
Peters Mansfield
Peters Mary A., Mrs.
Peters Mary J., Mrs.
Peters Norvel M.
Peters Ptolomy
Peters Sam W.
Peters Samuel
Peters Thomas
Peters Walter
Peters William H.
Peters William H.
Peters William S.
Peterson Elizabeth, Mrs.
Peterson Elizabeth, Mrs.
Peterson Emma
Peterson Emma, Mrs.
Peterson George F.
Peterson George F.
Peterson George F.
Peterson Nellie, Mrs.
Peterson Vina, Mrs.
Peterson Vina, Mrs.
Petit Austin
Petit Matt
Petit Nellie
Petrie child
Petro Edward
Pettersch Herman
Petticord Richard
Pettit Laura, Mrs.
Pettit Leon
Peyton Elizabeth
Peyton F. R.
Peyton John
Peyton John A., Mrs.
Peyton John A., Mrs.
Peyton Margaret, Mrs.
Peyton Nelle, Mrs.
Peyton Nellie, Mrs.
Peyton Randolph
Peyton Richard
Peyton Robert
Peyton Wayne
Peyton William, Mrs.
Pfaff Christian
Pfaff Mary P.
Pfahler Eugene
Pfau Jacob
Pfeffer Louis, Mrs.
Pfeiffer Herman
Pfeiffer James
Pfiffer Nora E., Mrs.
Pfuts Ross
Pharen Oscar
Phaton Jahneta, Mrs.
Phelps George
Phelps Infant
Phelps James D., Rev.
Phelps James V.
Phelps James V.
Phelps John
Phelps John
Phillips Abe
Phillips Charles, Mrs.
Phillips Chloe
Phillips Craddock
Phillips Edward
Phillips Edward L.
Phillips George
Phillips George
Phillips Glen G.
Phillips Harold
Phillips Harry, Mrs.
Phillips Henry, Mrs.
Phillips Isabelle, Mrs.
Phillips J. W.
Phillips James
Phillips John
Phillips John
Phillips John F.
Phillips John, Col.
Phillips John, Mrs.
Phillips John, Mrs.
Phillips Jonathan Sharp, Rev.
Phillips Louise M.
Phillips Mary
Phillips Mary J., Mrs.
Phillips Milton, Mrs.
Phillips Orpha M.
Phillips R. A., Mrs.
Phillips R. A., Mrs.
Phillips Rebecca, Mrs.
Phillips Soloman
Phillips Valentine
Phillips W. F., Mrs.
Phillips William, Mrs.
Phillips Mrs.
Phillps J. J.
Phipps Samuel
Phipps Virginia M.
Phoenix George W.
Phoenix George W.
Phoenix George W., Mrs.
Phoenix George, Jr.
Phoenix James
Pickelsimer Rebecka
Pickens Elizabeth, Mrs.
Pickens John
Pickering Edward
Pickiesimer Woodrow
Pickle John
Picklesimer Richard
Pierce Bonnie, Mrs.
Pierce Charles
Pierce Charles
Pierce child
Pierce David, Mrs.
Pierce George N.
Pierce Goldie
Pierce Harry C.
Pierce Henry C.
Pierce Henry, Mrs.
Pierce Infant
Pierce Infant
Pierce James
Pierce James
Pierce James W.
Pierce James W.
Pierce James W.
Pierce Jane, Mrs.
Pierce John
Pierce Lydia, Mrs.
Pierce Marie
Pierce Marie R., Mrs.
Pierce Mary E., Mrs.
Pierce Mary L.
Pierce Mary, Mrs.
Pierce Polly A., Mrs.
Pierce Rebecca
Pierce Richard
Pierce Sadie, Mrs.
Pierce Troy
Pierce William
Pierce William T.
Pierpoint Benjamin
Pierpoint Gilbert
Pierpoint John
Pierpoint John
Pierpoint Mr.
Pierson James
Pierson William
Pig Amelia, Mrs.
Pigg Ernest
Pigman Arlie, Mrs.
Pigman Elizabeth B.
Pigman George
Pigman Goldie
Pigman John
Pike F. N., Mrs.
Pike Frank
Pike Infant
Pike Margaret, Mrs.
Pike Sarah A.
Pilch Catherine, Mrs.
Pilcher C. T.
Pilcher Charles
Pilcher David
Pilcher Infant
Pilcher Infant
Pilcher Infant
Pilcher James
Pilcher James
Pilcher Kathryn
Piles Margaret
Pine Joseph
Pine Samuel E.
Pine Tolbert
Pine William
Pines Margaret, Mrs.
Pinkerman Albert
Pinkerman Alex
Pinkerman Alex
Pinkerman Charles
Pinkerman Clemy
Pinkerman E. A.
Pinkerman Elias
Pinkerman Gladys, Mrs.
Pinkerman Hiram
Pinkerman Mary, Mrs.
Pinkerman Patrick
Pinkerman William
Pinkerton William
Pinkerton William
Pinkham Frank D.
Pinson Henry P.
Piper E. P.
Piper Lillian O.
Pirrung Anna
Pirrung Henry
Pirrung Henry
Pirrung Joe, Mrs.
Pirrung Mary V., Mrs.
Piscler Arthur, Mrs.
Pittenger Joseph
Pittenger Robert
Pittinger A. B.
Pittman Daniel
Pittmann Adam (Family)
Pitts A. J., Jr.
Pitts Green
Pitts Mary M.
Pitts Mary M.
Pitts Mary M.
Pitts Parasade
Pixley Charles L.
Pixley Charles L.
Pixley Charles L.
Pixley Earl
Pixley M. S., Dr.
Place Infant
Platt Ellen, Mrs.
Platt Lucinda E.
Platt Thomas C.
Pleasant Elizabeth
Pleasant Helen N.
Pleasant James
Pleasant Jane, Mrs.
Pleasant John F.
Pleasant Lona
Plocker Henry
Plocker Henry
Plumb A. J., Mrs.
Plummer Forest
Plummer John
Plybon Emily, Mrs.
Plybon Harry M.
Plyley George
Plymale J. M.
Plymale John
Plymale Mr.
Plymale Rebecca E., Mrs.
Poe R. M.
Poetker Anna C.
Poetker Henry
Poetker John
Pogue Jane, Mrs.
Pogue Mary J., Mrs.
Poindexter Carl
Point Salome
Point Salome
Point W. W.
Pointer Edward L.
Poirier Harden B.
Poland Nettie
Polick Annie, Mrs.
Poling John, Jr., Mrs.
Polka Mike
Polley Alice
Polley Alice
Polley Alice, Mrs.
Polley Carl
Polley George
Polley Ida, Mrs.
Polley Meade G.
Polley Meade G.
Pollitt H. Carr
Pollock August
Pollock child
Pollock Rebecca
Pollock Robert, Mrs.
Pollock Sarah A., Mrs.
Polls Albert, Capt.
Polly Mary
Polly William
Polly William
Pomerene Atler
Pool Hardy
Poole Beulah
Poole Emma, Mrs.
Poole P. G.
Poole Perry, Mrs.
Poole Scott A.
Poole Thelma
Poole Victor
Poor Harry
Pope brothers
Pope E. B.
Pope Howard
Pope John
Pope P. P., Rev.
Poplin Roscoe
Poppleton Charles C.
Porter A. V., Capt.
Porter Belle Black
Porter Burrell
Porter Charles F.
Porter Chester A., Mrs.
Porter Dorothy
Porter Dorothy M.
Porter Edwin H.
Porter Ernest
Porter Ethel, Mrs.
Porter Francis M.
Porter Galley
Porter Gene S.
Porter George R.
Porter Harley P.
Porter Infant
Porter Infant
Porter Infant
Porter Ivie, Mrs.
Porter James G.
Porter Jeremiah
Porter John
Porter John F.
Porter John Jackson
Porter John W.
Porter John W., Mrs.
Porter John, Mrs.
Porter Mary
Porter Mary G., Mrs.
Porter Mary, Mrs.
Porter Mattie B.
Porter Maudie, Mrs.
Porter Missouri
Porter Onda
Porter Sadie, Mrs.
Porter William
Porter William
Porter William
Porter William
Porter William
Porter William
Porter William, Mrs.
Posey Bertha H., Mrs.
Posey Infant
Posey Infant
Post C. W.
Post Warner
Postal Halford
Postle Adienne A.
Postle J. S., Rev.
Poston Clinton L.
Poston Grant
Poston John
Poston John
Poston Mary E.
Potter Barbara
Potter child
Potter Cynthia, Mrs.
Potter Ed
Potter Esquire
Potter Henry Codman
Potter Infant
Potter Infant
Potter James
Potter James M.
Potter James, Jr.
Potter Mary J.
Potter Melvin
Potter Oakley
Potter William M.
Potter William, Mrs.
Potters Frank E.
Potts N. N.
Pouch Elizabeth, Mrs.
Powell Bata, Mrs.
Powell Benton
Powell Carl H.
Powell Charles
Powell Charles H.
Powell Decatur
Powell Dewey
Powell Dewitt J.
Powell Elizabeth, Mrs.
Powell Ernest
Powell George
Powell George E.
Powell Harry
Powell Henry
Powell Henry, Mrs.
Powell James
Powell James
Powell James, Mrs.
Powell John
Powell Mae
Powell Nannie R., Mrs.
Powell Sallie S.
Powell W. H., Gen.
Powell W. H., Gen.
Powers Ben F., Mrs.
Powers Edward, Mrs.
Powers Harriet W., Mrs.
Powers J. D., Mrs.
Powers James P.
Powers John
Powers John, Mrs.
Powers John, Mrs.
Powers William
Poyer W. O.
Pradd Charles
Prater Cleo
Prater Columbus
Prater Columbus
Prater Elizabeth, Mrs.
Prater Fred
Prater Fred
Prater John
Prater John R.
Prater Oscar
Prater Roy
Prater William
Prater William, Mrs.
Pratt Anna, Mrs.
Pratt Anna, Mrs.
Pratt Anna, Mrs.
Pratt Arthur
Pratt Bobby
Pratt Charles
Pratt Elizabeth, Mrs.
Pratt Frank, Mrs.
Pratt Infant
Pratt J. W.
Pratt James
Pratt Julia A., Mrs.
Pratt Julia, Mrs.
Pratt Olga
Pratt Robert
Pratt Robert L.
Pratt Robert L.
Pratt Russell
Pratt Teddy
Pratt Virginia
Pratt Willard F.
Pratt William
Pratt William
Pratt William
Predegar Fred
Preller John, Mrs.
Prendergast Daniel
Prents Edward
Presley Charles
Pressler Katherine, Mrs.
Preston Elliott, Mrs.
Preston Elliott, Mrs.
Preston Elliott, Mrs.
Preston Fred
Preston John
Preston Marcela
Preston Mary H., Mrs.
Preston Shade
Preston South G., Rev.
Preston Thomas
Preto Robert
Price "Dutch", Mrs.
Price Arlie L.
Price C. E.
Price Charles P.
Price Clarissa, Mrs.
Price Earl
Price Earl W.
Price Edward
Price F. Lemaster, Mrs.
Price Florence, Mrs.
Price Glenn
Price Harry
Price J. C.
Price James
Price John H., Judge
Price Joseph
Price Landon J.
Price Martha G.
Price Mary, Mrs.
Price Nancy, Mrs.
Price Rachel, Mrs.
Price Rachel, Mrs.
Price Thomas W.
Price W. B.
Price William
Price William, Mrs.
Pricer Clarence
Pricer Emma C., Mrs.
Pricer Levy
Pricer Mary J.
Pricer R. A., Mrs.
Pricer William E., Dr.
Prichard C. C. C., Mrs.
Prichard Charles
Prichard J. E., Judge
Prichard J. M., Dr.
Prichard Jerry
Prichard Kate
Prichard Katherine
Prichard Lewis, Dr.
Prichard Olive W., Mrs.
Prichard R. J.
Prichard W. M.
Prichard William A.
Prickett S. B. D., Rev.
Pride Frank
Pride Frank
Pride Infant
Pride Infant
Pride Martha, Mrs.
Priest Edwin
priest Lizzie, Mrs.
Prim Infant
Primm Elizabeth, Mrs.
Primm George
Primm Hannah, Mrs.
Primm James
Primm James
Primm Martha, Mrs.
Primm Sarah, Mrs.
Primm Thomas
Prince Blanche
Prince Blanche
Prince Ellis T.
Prince James
Prince James L.
Prince Leander
Prince Martin
Prince Theresa, Mrs.
Prine Francis
Printer Edna
Prior Hannah, Mrs.
Pritchard Clarke, Mrs.
Pritchard Dave W.
Pritchard Infant
Pritchard John
Pritchard Margaret, Mrs.
Pritchard R. W.
Pritchard Richard W.
Pritchard Samuel P.
Pritchard Thomas, Mrs.
Pritchett Frank
Probert Fred
Probert Fred, Mrs.
Progler H. S.
Progler H. S.
Progler Marguerite
Prose Abe L.
Prose Charles
Prose Clara
Prose Muriel
Prough children
Provens Alexander
Provens John
Provens John
Pruett Henry
Pruett Joseph
Pruitt A. J.
Pruitt A. J.
Pruitt A. J., Mrs.
Pruitt Agnes
Pruitt Claude
Pruitt Darlene
Pruitt Dora
Pruitt Edna
Pruitt George
Pruitt Infant
Pruitt James
Pruitt James
Pruitt James, Mrs.
Pruitt Jane E.
Pruitt John
Pruitt Mary C.
Pruitt O. G.
Pruitt O. G.
Pruitt Orville
Pruitt Sarah, Mrs.
Puckett Emma E., Mrs.
Puckett Greene
Puckett Ralph
Puckett Russell
Puckett Russell
Puckett Samuel
Pugh Anna, Mrs.
Pugh Clara, Mrs.
Pugh Edna
Pugh George
Pugh James N.
Pugh Marjorie
Pugh Mason
Pugh Olive
Pugh Olive
Pugh Ollie M.
Pugh Samuel
Pulaski Aaron
Pullan Harry C.
Pulley Alma, Mrs.
Pulliam Daniel
Pullman Nathan, Mrs.
Pultz Emily, Mrs.
Purdue Arnold L.
Purdum Louise Davey, Mrs.
Purdum Nelson
Purdum Nelson
Purdy Harry
Purdy J. C.
Pursell Clara M., Mrs.
Pursell Thomas J., Capt.
Purtee George
Purtie John
Purtie John
Pusey George L.
Puthoff H. V.
Puthoff Joseph, Mrs.
Puthoff Mary, Mrs.
Puthuff Mary
Putledge William
Putnam Anna, Mrs.
Putnam George F.
Putnam W. E.
Putoff Henry
Putoff Mary A., Mrs.
Pyertis N. T.
Pyle William
Pyles Allen H.
Pyles Bessie M., Mrs.
Pyles Bessie M., Mrs.
Pyles Charles, Mrs.
Pyles Charlotte
Pyles Clarence, Mrs.
Pyles Donald F.
Pyles Elizabeth, Mrs.
Pyles Ewing
Pyles Geranna
Pyles H. W.
Pyles H. W.
Pyles Hannah D., Mrs.
Pyles Henry
Pyles Infant
Pyles Jacob
Pyles Myrtle
Pyles Nancy Jane, Mrs.
Pyles Ora Opal
Pyles Rosealia
Pyles Sarah A., Mrs.
Pyles Sarah E., Mrs.
Pyles Thomas, Mrs.
Pyles Thomas, Mrs.
Pyles Tom
Pyles William
Pyrell Patrick D.

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