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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Rabe William Lewis, Dr.
Rable Adolph
Raboll Herman
Radcliff Hannah, Mrs.
Radford Anderson
Radford William
Radway E. M.
Rae Harry
Raff Abner
Raff Howard
Raff Howard L.
Rafferty Edward
Rafferty Edward
Rafferty Edward, Mrs.
Rafferty George
Rafferty John
Rafferty John D.
Raffett James G., Mrs.
Ragsdale B. F., Mrs.
Ragsdale George
Ragsdale Jennie
Rahl Margaret, Mrs.
Raike Martha, Mrs.
Raine Harold E.
Raine Jack
Raine Joseph
Raine Ruth, Mrs.
Raine W. W.
Raines Alex
Raines Ben
Raines Chester G.
Raines Vanna, Mrs.
Rainey John W.
Rairden C. H.
Rairdon W. J. A.
Rake Mrs.
Ralk Grace D.
Ralke William, Capt.
Ralph Charles H.
Ralph Charles H.
Ralph Ellay Perry
Ralston George
Rambacher Andrew
Rambacher Anthony
Rambacher John
Rambacher John, Mrs.
Rambacher John, Mrs.
Rambacher John, Mrs.
Ramey Angeline, Mrs.
Ramey Dora, Mrs.
Ramey Eugene
Ramey Infant
Ramey James
Ramey John W.
Ramey Mary E., Mrs.
Ramey Pierce
Ramsdell Thomas B., Mrs.
Ramsey C. C.
Ramsey C. C.
Ramsey Eunice
Ramsey Geneva C., Mrs.
Ramsey George
Ramsey John L., Mrs.
Ramsey Lillian S.
Ramsey Matt and Brooks
Ranaresky George
Rancahous Emily M., Mrs.
Ranchahous Emily M., Mrs.
Rand James, Mrs.
Randolph Doris
Ranelli Jeanette
Raney Infant
Rankin Hattie
Rankin Lee
Rankin William
Ransbottom Arnal
Ransbottom Creed
Ransbottom Harriet, Mrs.
Ransbottom Harriett, Mrs.
Ransbottom Thomas J.
Rapalee Clark
Rapalee Clark
Rapp August
Rapp Charles
Rapp John
Rapp Martha Louise
Rappold Richard W.
Rardin Fannie, Mrs.
Rardin Jared J.
Rardin Olevia, Mrs.
Rase George
Rase George
Rase Lemoine
Rashid George
Rashter Lucy, Mrs.
Rasp Frank
Rastitter George, Mrs.
Ratcliff Andrew
Ratcliff Augustus
Ratcliff Evelyn
Ratcliff George
Ratcliff Hulda, Mrs.
Ratcliff Infant
Ratcliff Infant
Ratcliff Infant
Ratcliff Isaac H.
Ratcliff John
Ratcliff Lewis P.
Ratcliff Robert
Ratcliff Robert
Ratcliff Samuel P.
Ratcliff Virgie B. W., Mrs.
Ratcliff William
Ratcliffe Augusta
Ratcliffe Elizabeth
Ratcliffe Gladys
Ratcliffe Mary Ann Brysan
Ratcliffe Richard
Rathberger Max
Rathburn Infant
Rathburn J. I., Dr.
Rathburn John
Ratliff Ben
Ratliff Darline
Ratliff Frank
Ratliff Henry, Mrs.
Ratliff Infant
Ratliff Infant
Ratliff James
Ratliff Margarette
Ratliff Nancy, Mrs.
Ratliff Owen D.
Ratliff Ralph
Ratliff Raymond
Ratliff Robert
Ratliff Sarah, Mrs.
Ratliff Walter
Ratz Helen
Rauch Charles
Rauch Charles
Rauch Grace, Mrs.
Rauck Andrew, Mrs.
Rauck Andy
Rauck Andy
Rauck John
Rauck Mary C.
Raurk Anna
Ravencraft child
Ravencraft Ed
Ravencraft Infant
Ravencraft Mary, Mrs.
Ravencraft Thomas
Ravencraft Thomas, Sr.
Rawlings Infant
Rawlings Infant
Rawlings Mrs.
Rawlins Benny
Rawlins Charles
Rawlins David
Rawlins George
Rawlins Irene P.
Rawrey Chester
Rawson Francis, Mrs.
Ray Beatrice
Ray Goldie
Ray Infant
Ray Melvin
Ray Ruth A.
Ray Ruth A.
Ray William E.
Raybold Lucy
Raybold Sarah Mrs.
Raybold William
Rayborn Elizabeth L., Mrs.
Rayburg Infant
Rayburn Billy & John
Rayburn Charles
Rayburn Hairl
Rayburn Infant
Rayburn James W.
Rayburn Malcolm L.
Rayburn Mrs.
Rayburn Nancy, Mrs.
Rayburn Virginia E.
Rayfield Volonia P., Mrs.
Rayner Edgar
Raynor Isidor
Rea Lillie, Mrs.
Reach Randolph
Reack John R.
Reading H. C., Mrs.
Reading James
Reagan Michael J.
Reaper Joseph J.
Reaper Nannie, Mrs.
Rece Emma, Mrs.
Rece G. C., Mrs.
Rece James T.
Reckard Emma Calrina
Reckard J. W., Mrs.
Reckard William
Redbrook Evelyn, Mrs.
Redd Hugh
Redden G. R.
Redden Harvey, Capt.
Redeker Henry
Redeker Henry
Redeker Henry, Mrs.
Redfield Denward
Redman Dave R.
Redman Dave R.
Redman Sophia, Mrs.
Redman Sophie, Mrs.
Redmond David R.
Redmond Grace
Redmond Lewis
Reece George
Reece Gomer
Reed Albert
Reed Albert W.
Reed Anna B.
Reed Benjamin
Reed C. P.
Reed Carlos, Mrs.
Reed Cecil
Reed Clarence W.
Reed Clarence, Mr. and Mrs.
Reed Clifford
Reed Dorothy
Reed Edward
Reed Ella, Mrs.
Reed Ellen Kinney, Mrs.
Reed Eugene A.
Reed George
Reed H. L.
Reed Harley
Reed Harrison
Reed Henry
Reed Henry C.
Reed Infant
Reed Infant
Reed Infant
Reed James
Reed John
Reed John
Reed John C.
Reed John E.
Reed Lewis M.
Reed Louise N.
Reed M. S.
Reed Marinda, Mrs.
Reed Marinda, Mrs.
Reed Mary J., Mrs.
Reed Mary N.
Reed Milton
Reed Myrtle
Reed Myrtle
Reed Myrtle
Reed Robert
Reed Robert
Reed Robert L.
Reed S. E., Mrs.
Reed S. E., Mrs.
Reed S. E., Mrs.
Reed Thomas, Mrs.
Reed Vina E., Mrs.
Reed W. P.
Reed W. P.
Reed William
Reed William L.
Reed William L.
Rees Barbara C.
Rees Gomer
Rees Matilda
Reese Charles, Mrs.
Reese David
Reese David
Reese Ferdinand, Mrs.
Reese John
Reese Waverly
Reeser Harry C.
Reeves Arwood
Reeves Ella, Mrs.
Reeves Francis, Mrs.
Reeves Garrett
Reeves Hazel L.
Reeves John
Reeves Katie, Mrs.
Reeves Margaret, Mrs.
Reeves Waverly
Reeves William
Reffelt Sarah, Mrs.
Reffert E. B.
Reffett Everett, Willis and Zola
Reger Mary A., Mrs.
Regg Harvey
Reicholderfer Carl
Reid Infant
Reid Summerville
Reid Thomas
Reid Whitelaw
Reid Whitelaw
Reidel John H.
Reider Adam
Reif George
Reiger Harry
Reil William C.
Reims August
Reineger Charles
Reinhart F. W., Dr.
Reinhart Robert
Reiss Myron
Reiter Henry
Rembert John, Sr.
Remington Paul D.
Remy A. C.
Remy Adaline
Remy child
Remy Eli
Remy Elizabeth, Mrs.
Remy Flossie
Remy Infant
Remy Lelvurn G.
Remy M. E., Dr.
Remy Mrs.
Remy Ruth
Remy W. M.
Remy W. M.
Rend William P.
Reno Frank
Repley Ernest L.
Resler Emma C., Mrs.
Rexford Everett L., Rev.
Reynolds Benjamin
Reynolds C.
Reynolds C. C.
Reynolds C. J.
Reynolds Calvin W.
Reynolds Charles
Reynolds Charles B.
Reynolds Daisy
Reynolds Daisy
Reynolds Daniel
Reynolds Earl E.
Reynolds Edna L.
Reynolds Edward
Reynolds Elizabeth, Mrs.
Reynolds Flora P., Mrs.
Reynolds Frank
Reynolds Frank, Dr.
Reynolds Frank, Dr.
Reynolds George W.
Reynolds George, Mrs.
Reynolds Henry C.
Reynolds Infant
Reynolds Infant
Reynolds Infant
Reynolds James
Reynolds James
Reynolds John
Reynolds Lew
Reynolds Marjery M.
Reynolds Mary, Mrs.
Reynolds Mollie, Mrs.
Reynolds Morris
Reynolds Mr.
Reynolds Mrs.
Reynolds Nora E.
Reynolds Ralph
Reynolds Susan G.
Reynolds W. W., Mrs.
Reynolds Will
Reynolds William A.
Reynolds William H.
Reynolds Willis
Reynolds Willis
Rhalman Charlotte
Rhea Charles
Rheutroff Caroline, Mrs.
Rhoades Clay
Rhoades H. K., Mrs.
Rhoads E. V.
Rhoads Joshua
Rhoads Joshua
Rhodes Albert
Rhodes D. L., Mrs.
Rhodes Elizabeth, Mrs.
Rhodes James
Rhodes James, Mrs.
Rhodes James, Mrs.
Rhodes Jennie, Mrs.
Rhodes John
Rhodes John, Mrs.
Rhodes Sarah, Mrs.
Ricciardo Clara W.
Rice Artie, Mrs.
Rice B. M., Mrs.
Rice Ben
Rice Ben
Rice C. L.
Rice C. M.
Rice Charles
Rice Charles
Rice Clara V., Mrs.
Rice Clifford H.
Rice D. M.
Rice Delilah, Mrs.
Rice Delmar
Rice E. P., Mrs.
Rice Earl
Rice Elbert
Rice Enoch
Rice Ethel B.
Rice Harlan
Rice Harrietee
Rice Homer L.
Rice John
Rice John W.
Rice Joseph
Rice L. M., Mrs.
Rice Mary J.
Rice Milford
Rice Sarah Ann, Mrs.
Rice Thomas
Rice Wanda L.
Rice Charles W.
Rice Hazel L., Mrs.
Richards Albert
Richards Caroline, Mrs.
Richards Charles D.
Richards Ed
Richards John K., Judge
Richards Joseph
Richards Joseph
Richards Margaret, Mrs.
Richards Marie
Richards Olin
Richards Robert
Richards Ross
Richards Sam, Mrs.
Richards Samuel
Richards William
Richardson Alice T., Mrs.
Richardson Angeline, Mrs.
Richardson Anna C., Mrs.
Richardson Anna C., Mrs.
Richardson Anna C., Mrs.
Richardson B. F.
Richardson Charles H.
Richardson Charles, Mrs.
Richardson Clarence
Richardson Clarence
Richardson Dimple
Richardson Earl "Joe"
Richardson Frank H.
Richardson George L.
Richardson George O.
Richardson Henry
Richardson Herbert
Richardson Infant
Richardson Infant
Richardson Infant
Richardson James
Richardson James
Richardson James
Richardson John
Richardson John S.
Richardson John, Mrs.
Richardson John, Mrs.
Richardson Lew
Richardson Mary F., Mrs.
Richardson Mollie L., Mrs.
Richardson Pearl S., Mrs.
Richardson Richard
Richardson Riley
Richardson Riley
Richardson Robert
Richardson Robert
Richardson William
Richardson William
Richendollar Charles
Richendollar Infant
Richendollar Infant
Richendollar Laura, Mrs.
Richendollar Loren
Richendollar Louis
Richendollar Martha, Mrs.
Richendollar Martha, Mrs.
Richey Charles
Richey George
Richey James Allen
Richey John
Richey Mary
Richey Mary
Richey Oscar
Richey Oscar
Richmond Clara, Mrs.
Richmond Hannah, Mrs.
Richmond J. M.
Richmond J. M.
Richmond Mr.
Richmond R. C., Mrs.
Rickelmer Walter J.
Ricker Adaline H., Mrs.
Ricker Betsey
Ricker Betsey
Ricker J. W.
Ricker J. W.
Ricker Stella
Rickert family
Rickett Charles E.
Rickett Daniel
Ricketts Edwin S., Dr.
Ricketts G. R., Mrs.
Ricketts G. R., Mrs.
Ricketts John
Ricketts Joseph, Dr.
Ricketts Langdon L.
Ricketts Lusiana C., Capt.
Ricketts Merrill, Dr.
Rickman Margaret, Mrs.
Rickman Pleasant H.
Rickman Pleasant H.
Rickman Tillie Mrs.
Ricks J. G., Mrs.
Ridder T.
Riddle Cinda, Mrs.
Riddle Morris
Riddle Valentine B.
Riddle Wood
Ridenour Charles
Ridenour Charles
Ridenour Eliza, Mrs.
Ridenour J. S.
Ridenour James, Mrs.
Ridenour Mathias T.
Ridenour William D.
Ridenous Geraldine
Rideout Amos
Rideout E. F.
Rideout E. F.
Rider Nicholas
Ridge Winnie, Mrs.
Ridgeway John, Rev.
Ridgeway W. Lot
Ridney John K.
Riedel Charles
Riedel Mary, Mrs.
Rief Caroline, Mrs.
Rief Michael
Riel Bertha M.
Riel John
Riel Jonathan N.
Riel Lawrence
Riel Mary, Mrs.
Riel William
Riemenschneider child
Riester Edward
Rife J. M., Mrs.
Riffe J. T., Mrs.
Riffe Louise
Riffe Vinton
Riffie Mrs.
Riggle J. T., Mrs.
Riggle Jane, Mrs.
Riggles child
Riggs Charles, Mrs.
Riggs Cora, Mrs.
Riggs Elizabeth C.
Riggs Hardin
Riggs Hardin
Riggs Harry
Riggs Infant
Riggs John
Riggs Nora, Mrs.
Riggs Ruhamah, Mrs.
Riggs William
Riggs William, Capt.
Rigney Bettie F.
Rigney John
Rigrish Alice C., Mrs.
Rigsby Martha J., Mrs.
Riholdaffer John C.
Rik Henry
Riley Byron
Riley Charles
Riley Charles
Riley Charles F.
Riley Charles F.
Riley Charles F.
Riley Charles J.
Riley Charles W., Mrs.
Riley Charles, Mrs.
Riley child
Riley Elmer
Riley Frank
Riley Frank
Riley George
Riley George
Riley George, Mrs.
Riley Glenn, Mrs.
Riley Infant
Riley James
Riley James, Mrs.
Riley Joe
Riley Joe
Riley John
Riley Joseph
Riley Joseph C.
Riley Joseph C.
Riley Joseph C.
Riley Joseph C.
Riley Joseph C.
Riley Lester
Riley Michael, Mrs.
Riley Minnie
Riley Peter M.
Riley Roberta
Riley Ross
Riley Sherman G.
Riley Squire Thomas
Riley Taylor
Riley William E.
Rilgaberger Charles
Rilly Martha A.
Rimmel Esther
Rinderle Anna, Mrs.
Rinderle Della M., Mrs.
Rinderle Joseph
Rinderle Sarah, Mrs.
Rinehart Edison L.
Rinehart Harry L., Dr.
Rinehart Robert
Ringling Al
Ringling Al
Ripenhoff Joseph
Rirde Carilla
Risner Infant
Rist Alonzo
Rist Alonzo
Rist Charles
Rist Charles
Rist Charles, Mrs.
Rist Frank
Rist Henry Clay
Rist Ivy, Mrs.
Rist Jack
Rist Matilda
Rist Sophia, Mrs.
Rist Surrilda, Mrs.
Rist William H.
Rister Lear
Ritcher Robert
Ritchie Alexander
Riter Catherine, Mrs.
Riter Charles
Riter Daniel, Jr.
Riter Mattie, Mrs.
Riter Phillip, Mrs.
Rithfuff Opal
Ritter Adam
Ritter Danny J.
Ritter Emma, Mrs.
Ritter Herman
Ritter Joseph
Ritter Leonard
Ritter Mrs.
Ritter Rose, Mrs.
Ritter W. H., Mrs.
Rittman Henry
Rivers Violet
Roach Allen
Roach child
Roach Eli
Roach Flora
Roach George
Roach Griffin
Roach Infant
Roach Infant
Roach Margaret, Mrs.
Roach Mary H.
Roach Nathan
Roach Robert, Mrs.
Roach Samuel
Roach Thomas
Roach W. W., Mrs.
Roach William
Roach William
Roadamour H. L., Judge
Roark Della, Mrs.
Roark Louis
Roark Ruric Neville, Dr.
Roark Ruth
Roark Ruth
Roark Virginia, Mrs.
Robb Francis C.
Robbins Ellis
Robbins Ellis
Robbins Guy, Mrs.
Robbins Isaac
Robbins James F.
Robbins John
Robbins John, Mrs.
Robbins Mrs.
Robbins Paul
Robbins Rhoda
Robbins Willy
Roberson William M.
Roberts Amanda, Mrs.
Roberts Amanda, Mrs.
Roberts Andy M.
Roberts Anna, Mrs.
Roberts Calvin
Roberts Calvin
Roberts Catherine W., Mrs.
Roberts Clara, Mrs.
Roberts David
Roberts Doris Jane and Lois Jean
Roberts E. E., Judge
Roberts Elizabeth, Mrs.
Roberts Ella W., Mrs.
Roberts Elmer
Roberts Elmer
Roberts F. G., Judge
Roberts Frank
Roberts George K.
Roberts Grace C.
Roberts Herman
Roberts Ike
Roberts Infant
Roberts J. C., Mrs.
Roberts John
Roberts John, Mrs.
Roberts John, Mrs.
Roberts Joseph R.
Roberts L. M.
Roberts Lewis
Roberts Mary J., Mrs.
Roberts Mary J., Mrs.
Roberts Oliver
Roberts Oliver
Roberts R. D.
Roberts Radford
Roberts Reece
Roberts Reece
Roberts Robert W.
Roberts S. J., Mrs.
Roberts Sheridan
Roberts Shirley J., Jr.
Roberts Theodore
Roberts Thomas
Roberts W. S.
Roberts Wightman D.
Roberts Will
Roberts William H.
Roberts William H., Rev.
Roberts Winnie, Mrs.
Roberts Samuel I.
Robertson C. M.
Robertson Cormillous M.
Robertson Elizabeth, Mrs.
Robertson Ella, Mrs.
Robertson George R.
Robertson L. B., Mrs.
Robertson W. C., Mrs.
Robey Carl E.
Robins David
Robins Emory
Robins Maggie, Mrs.
Robinson A. C.
Robinson A. C.
Robinson Adna D.
Robinson Alf W.
Robinson Alice V., Mrs.
Robinson Ann
Robinson Arno C.
Robinson Arthur
Robinson Benjamin
Robinson Benjamin J.
Robinson Bertha, Mrs.
Robinson Bud
Robinson Catherine M.
Robinson Charles, Mrs.
Robinson Charles, Mrs.
Robinson child
Robinson Clarissa, Mrs.
Robinson Dorcas, Mrs.
Robinson Edward, Mrs.
Robinson Elizabeth, Mrs.
Robinson Elizabeth, Mrs.
Robinson Emily, Mrs.
Robinson Emma C.
Robinson Grace, Mrs.
Robinson Harry
Robinson Infant
Robinson Infant
Robinson J. R., Mrs.
Robinson J. W.
Robinson James
Robinson James
Robinson James
Robinson James O.
Robinson James W.
Robinson Jennings
Robinson Jerome, Mrs.
Robinson Jim
Robinson John Hanson
Robinson John S.
Robinson John W.
Robinson Lawrence
Robinson Leslie A.
Robinson Lucretia, Mrs.
Robinson Lycurgus
Robinson Maggie
Robinson Maggie, Mrs.
Robinson Mary A., Mrs.
Robinson Mary C., Mrs.
Robinson Mrs.
Robinson Mrs.
Robinson Myrtle, Mrs.
Robinson Nathan A.
Robinson Nora, Mrs.
Robinson Oliver P.
Robinson Pina
Robinson R. J., Mrs.
Robinson R. W.
Robinson Rose, Mrs.
Robinson S. W.
Robinson Sam
Robinson Samuel
Robinson Solomon, Mrs.
Robinson Tandy W.
Robinson Tony L.
Robinson W. G.
Robinson William
Robinson William
Robinson Woodrow
Robison Adaline, Mrs.
Robison J. W.
Roby Elizabeth, Mrs.
Roby Henry
Roby Martin L.
Roby Ursla A.
Rockefeller John D., Mrs.
Rockwell Albert
Rockwell Harrison
Rockwell Marcellus
Rockwell Orlo S.
Rockwell Thomas
Rodamour Mamie, Mrs.
Rodarmor Charles
Roden Mary, Mrs.
Roden Willis E.
Rodgers Albert M.
Rodgers Albert, Mrs.
Rodgers Anna, Mrs.
Rodgers Bert
Rodgers Calbraith P.
Rodgers Elijah
Rodgers Elizabeth, Mrs.
Rodgers Elizabeth, Mrs.
Rodgers George
Rodgers George
Rodgers George
Rodgers John E.
Rodgers John G.
Rodgers John Q.
Rodgers M. A.
Rodgers Mae, Mrs.
Rodgers Manuel
Rodgers Margie
Rodgers Sarah S., Mrs.
Rodgers Thomas J. W., Rev.
Rodgers Turner, Mrs.
Rodgers Will
Rodman Harry H., Dr.
Roe Eliza B., Mrs.
Roe Mary L.
Roe Woodrow and Oriel
Roelle Mary, Mrs.
Roetting Clemens
Roetting Clemons
Roetting George
Roetting George, Mrs.
Roetting Katherine, Mrs.
Roetting Margaret M., Mrs.
Roetting Mary E., Mrs.
Rogala John
Rogala John
Rogers Addie
Rogers Alice
Rogers Altomort M.
Rogers B. A., Capt.
Rogers C. E.
Rogers Charles
Rogers Chester
Rogers Clayton
Rogers Clayton
Rogers Cornelius J.
Rogers Edward K.
Rogers Eliza C.
Rogers Elmer
Rogers Forest
Rogers Harriet
Rogers Henry H.
Rogers Herman
Rogers Ida W., Dr.
Rogers India M., Mrs.
Rogers Infant
Rogers Irwyn
Rogers James
Rogers John
Rogers Kenneth
Rogers Larry
Rogers Lillian
Rogers M. A.
Rogers Mabel
Rogers Mary
Rogers Mary B., Mrs.
Rogers Norman
Rogers Peter
Rogers Peter
Rogers Ruth
Rogers W. S., Col.
Rogers Will, Jr.
Rogers William
Rogers William
Rogers William
Rogers William G.
Rogers William R.
Rohn George, Mrs.
Rohne George, Dr.
Rollins Louis
Rollins Louis
Rollins Sarah, Mrs.
Rollyson L. A., Mrs.
Roloto Fred
Rolph Alma J., Mrs.
Rolph Elijah
Rolph Herbert
Rolph J. B.
Rolph William F.
Rolston W. L., Mrs.
Romaine C. E.
Roman Nellie, Mrs.
Romans Lydia, Mrs.
Romine Mabel J.
Ronk Lewis H.
Ronk Lewis H.
Rood George W.
Rood Orie
Roof Infant
Rooker Howard
Rooney Dennis
Rooney Edward
Rooney Frank, Mrs.
Rooney John
Rooney Thelma
Rooney Thomas
Rooney Thomas
Roop girls
Roosevelt Samuel M.
Roscoe Ernest
Rose Anna H., Mrs.
Rose Charles
Rose Charles
Rose Charles
Rose Charles F., Jr.
Rose E. W., Capt.
Rose Edward L.
Rose Elizabeth A., Mrs.
Rose Elizabeth, Mrs.
Rose Fred
Rose Infant
Rose J. D.
Rose J. D., Mrs.
Rose J. W.
Rose John
Rose Laura J.
Rose Lucy, Mrs.
Rose Margaret, Mrs.
Rose Martha Jane, Mrs.
Rose Mr.
Rose Nancy, Mrs.
Rose Phylis
Rose Ruth M.
Rose Sampson
Rose Sarah
Rose Thomas
Rose Thomas
Rose Thomas
Rose William
Rosebaum Alfred
Roseberry Allen
Roseberry Allen
Roseberry Edward
Roseberry Frank
Roseberry Howard
Roseberry Sarah, Mrs.
Rosebraugh Lawrence
Rosebroad John
Rosebrock Mrs.
Rosebrough John, Mrs.
Rosebrough Lawrence
Rosebrought Infant
Rosemire Louis F.
Rosenberg F.
Rosenberry Dorothy, Mrs.
Rosenberry Josephine, Mrs.
Rosenbrough Ruby M.
Rosenthal Samuel, Mrs.
Rosewear Henry E.
Ross Albert O., Dr.
Ross C. A.
Ross Clara
Ross Earl
Ross Emphraim, Mrs.
Ross Garfield
Ross Garfield
Ross James and Frank
Ross James M., Sr.
Ross James T.
Ross Jane A., Mrs.
Ross John
Ross Lewis, Mrs.
Ross M. L.
Ross Marie, Mrs.
Ross T. N., Mrs.
Ross Thomas N., Mrs.
Ross Thomas R.
Ross Walter C.
Ross William H.
Ross William, Mrs.
Ross William, Mrs.
Ross William, Mrs.
Roten Frances Elizabeth
Roten Jonathan
Roth Ella G., Mrs.
Roth Ernest A.
Roth Fred
Roth Fred, Mrs.
Roth Gertrude
Roth Isabel, Mrs.
Roth John
Rothchild David
Rothenbuecher Christina, Mrs.
Rott Bobby
Rott Lena
Rottinghaus Henry J.
Rouse Mary, Mrs.
Rouse Sadie
Roush Carrie, Mrs.
Roush Charles
Roush George, Mrs.
Roush Hiram
Roush Ira
Roush J. W.
Roush John
Roush John C.
Roush Luther M.
Roush Martin
Roush Martin
Roush Norma
Roush Philadelphia, Mrs.
Row John M.
Row John, Rev.
Rowan Margaret, Mrs.
Rowand Lydia, Mrs.
Rowand Weston T., Mrs.
Rowans William
Rowe Albert
Rowe Albert, Mrs.
Rowe Andrew C.
Rowe Asennath, Mrs.
Rowe Asennath, Mrs.
Rowe Aurelia, Mrs.
Rowe Aurelia, Mrs.
Rowe Bertha, Mrs.
Rowe Charles F.
Rowe Charles G.
Rowe children
Rowe Dave
Rowe Della
Rowe Della M., Mrs.
Rowe Elizabeth, Mrs.
Rowe Elizabeth, Mrs.
Rowe Floyd
Rowe Grace, Mrs.
Rowe Guy
Rowe Guy
Rowe Guy, Mrs.
Rowe Infant
Rowe Infant
Rowe Infant
Rowe James H.
Rowe James H.
Rowe Jean E.
Rowe John
Rowe Lora A.
Rowe Madison
Rowe Mary
Rowe Nathan
Rowe Oscar, Jr.
Rowe Rachel, Mrs.
Rowe Robert
Rowe Sarah Jane, Mrs.
Rowe Sarah Jane, Mrs.
Rowe Wesley
Rowe Wesley
Rowe William
Rowe William E.
Rowe William H.
Rowe Willie
Rowland Emma, Mrs.
Rowland Infant
Rowley Emma
Rowley T. B.
Rowsey Mrs.
Rowtley Charles
Roy A. W., Mrs.
Roy A. W., Mrs.
Roy Albert W.
Roy Andrew
Roy Gladys, Mrs.
Roy I. W., Mrs.
Roy John, Sr.
Roy sons
Royal Delbert
Royal Ella, Mrs.
Royal Henry
Royal Minnie, Mrs.
Royal Minnie, Mrs.
Royal Robert
Royal Wesley
Royer Alex
Royer Alex, Mrs.
Royer Alex, Mrs.
Royer Elizabeth, Mrs.
Royer Julia C., Mrs.
Royer Mae
Royse Pearl, Mrs.
Ruark Vera L.
Ruark Wayon E.
Rube James, Mrs.
Rubin Anna
Ruble Harry
Rucker Asa L.
Rucker Asa, Mrs.
Rucker David J.
Rucker Dewy
Rucker Eleanor, Mrs.
Rucker Elizabeth, Mrs.
Rucker Elizabeth, Mrs.
Rucker John
Rucker John
Rucker John
Rucker John
Rucker John R.
Rucker John W.
Rucker Kyle
Rucker Lou
Rucker Louis
Rucker Margaret J., Mrs.
Rucker Mary B., Mrs.
Rucker Mary B., Mrs.
Rucker Mary C., Mrs.
Rucker O. L.
Rucker Pearl, Mrs.
Rucker Rayburn R.
Rucker Richard
Rucker Robert
Rucker Roberta
Rucker Thomas
Rucker W. D.
Rudd Mary A., Mrs.
Rude John
Rudish Frank
Rudman Frank
Rudman Frank, Mrs.
Rudman George
Rudman Henry E.
Rudolph Peter
Ruel Clara M.
Ruel Henry B.
Ruff August
Ruff Daniel
Ruggles A. C.
Ruggles Alonzo, Jr.
Ruggles Charles
Ruggles child
Ruggles Elbert
Ruggles Elmer
Ruggles George, Mrs.
Ruggles Infant
Ruggles Infant
Ruggles James
Ruggles Jane P.
Ruggles John
Ruggles John
Ruggles Rebecca, Mrs.
Ruhlin Gus
Rul Grace M., Mrs.
Rule Infant
Rule J. H., Mrs.
Rule James, Mrs.
Rule Sam
Rumpf John W.
Rumpf John William
Rumstall H. L., Mrs.
Rundy Henry
Runyan Hattie, Mrs.
Runyan Willard
Runyans Rose
Runyon Amaziah
Runyon Barnett, Mrs.
Runyon Cecil
Runyon Charles, Jr.
Runyon Charles, Mrs.
Runyon child
Runyon child
Runyon Emma
Runyon Fae, Mrs.
Runyon Fred
Runyon Garland
Runyon Infant
Runyon J. W.
Runyon Loretta
Runyon Mary
Runyon Otto, Mrs.
Runyon Sarah, Mrs.
Runyon Sherman
Runyon Sherman
Runyon Virginia I.
Runyon William
Runyon William
Runyon William J.
Runyons Rose
Rupenthal Carl A., Mr. and Mrs.
Rupert Dottie Blankenship, Mrs.
Rupert Frank
Rupert Mrs.
Rush Clara
Rush Harold
Rushmore Frank, Mrs.
Rushmore Martha
Ruskin John
Rusky Rose, Mrs.
Rusky Rose, Mrs.
Russ Wilhelm
Russell A. P.
Russell Albert, Jr.
Russell Andrew
Russell Anna
Russell B. M.
Russell Bessie, Mrs.
Russell Calvin, Mr. and Mrs.
Russell Carl
Russell Carrie
Russell Carrie
Russell Charles
Russell child
Russell Clifford
Russell Crockett
Russell Crockett
Russell Edward
Russell Edward
Russell Edward C.
Russell Edward, Mrs.
Russell Eliza S.
Russell Ella
Russell Elmer
Russell Enoch
Russell Enoch, Mrs.
Russell Frank
Russell Fred
Russell Grace Jenkins
Russell Grace, Mrs.
Russell Harry
Russell Harvey
Russell Helen
Russell Hugh
Russell Hugh
Russell Hugh
Russell Hugh
Russell Hugh
Russell Infant
Russell Infant
Russell Infant
Russell J. C.
Russell J. W., Capt.
Russell James
Russell James C., Judge
Russell James C., Mrs.
Russell John
Russell John
Russell John
Russell John
Russell John, Mrs.
Russell Josephine, Mrs.
Russell Julia, Mrs.
Russell Kenneth
Russell Lillian
Russell M. T.
Russell Mark, Mrs.
Russell Mary E., Mrs.
Russell Mary, Mrs.
Russell Mary, Mrs.
Russell Matilda, Mrs.
Russell Minnie
Russell Mr.
Russell Nathan
Russell O. J.
Russell R. R.
Russell Ralph
Russell Raymond
Russell Reuben
Russell Roy, Jr.
Russell Samuel J.
Russell Sarah, Mrs.
Russell Sarah, Mrs.
Russell Susan, Mrs.
Russell Syvvenus
Russell Thomas
Russell Thomas A.
Russell Thomas E.
Russell Thomas E.
Russell Thomas, Mrs.
Russell W. A.
Russell W. A., Mrs.
Russell Washington
Russell Wesley
Russell William
Russell William
Russell William
Russell William E.
Russell Leonard
Russian Pedro
Rust Albert
Rust Charles
Rust Edward
Rust Florence, Mrs.
Rust Grace
Rust John H.
Ruth Anna, Mrs.
Ruth August
Ruth Callie, Mrs.
Ruth George T.
Ruth Nancy J., Mrs.
Ruth Yvonne
Rutherford Clarence
Rutherford Will
Ruthford Sallie, Mrs.
Rutledge Amanda, Mrs.
Rutledge Anderson
Rutledge Anderson, Mrs.
Rutledge Anderson, Mrs.
Rutledge Clarence, Mrs.
Rutledge George
Rutledge Ida, Mrs.
Rutledge Jack
Rutledge W. H., Mrs.
Ryan Amy
Ryan Benjamin I.
Ryan Billy
Ryan Charles
Ryan Ernest
Ryan John J.
Ryan John J.
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Martin
Ryan Michael, Sr.
Ryan Thomas, Mrs.
Ryan Vessa, Mrs.
Ryan William
Rye Alfred
Rye James A.

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