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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Sablett Geraldine
Sablett Gertrude
Sabo Andrew
Sabo John
Sadler Thomas
Saeger William
Saeger William
Sagar Mary, Mrs.
Sage Elizabeth, Mrs.
Sage Laura A.
Sage Russell
Sager David
Sager Elizabeth, Mrs.
Sager Louisa
Sager Martha
Sager Martha
Sager Thomas
Sailor Joseph
Sailor Samuel
Saler Frederick L.
Salisbury John H.
Salisbury William, Dr.
Sallady John M.
Sallards E. M., Dr.
Salle Herman
Salle Herman
Salle Shelby
Salm Joseph
Salm Joseph
Salmon J. A.
Salmons Clarence
Salsedo Andrae
Salt Susannah, Mrs.
Salt Susannah, Mrs.
Saltz William
Salyards Herbert
Salyards James L.
Salyards William
Salyer Add
Salyer Junior
Salyer Mary, Mrs.
Salyers Allen J., Edna M. and James L.
Salyers Alpha, Mrs.
Salyers Amos
Salyers Estil
Salyers Ethel, Mrs.
Salyers Hattie, Mrs.
Salyers Henry
Salyers Infant
Salyers Infant
Salyers James R.
Salyers John
Salyers Juanetta
Salyers Margaret A.
Salyers Mildred I.
Salyers Noah
Salyers Noah
Salyers Roy V.
Salyers William T.
Salyers Willie
Salyers Wirt, Mrs.
Salyers Woodrow
Samalie Pauline, Mrs.
Sammons Nancy J.
Samoas Earl
Sampen Mary Jo
Sample George W., Capt.
Samples Mary W., Mrs.
Sampselle J., Mrs.
Sampselle Maud, Mrs.
Sampson Amanda, Mrs.
Sampson J. T.
Sampson James
Sams E. J.
Sams Mr.
Samuels Lydia, Mrs.
Samuels Rebecca, Mrs.
Sanborn Ellsworth
Sanborn Thelma
Sande Rock
Sander Mr.
Sanders Benjamin
Sanders Bossie B.
Sanders Catherine, Mrs.
Sanders Catherine, Mrs.
Sanders Charles A.
Sanders Ebenzer M.
Sanders Edith M.
Sanders Edward
Sanders Edward
Sanders Elisha, Mrs.
Sanders Elisha, Mrs.
Sanders Fred
Sanders H. A.
Sanders Harvey
Sanders Helen L.
Sanders Henry
Sanders Hildegarde, Mrs.
Sanders Isaac
Sanders Isella
Sanders John
Sanders John
Sanders John
Sanders John G.
Sanders John W.
Sanders John, Mrs.
Sanders Louise, Mrs.
Sanders Luella, Mrs.
Sanders Marie
Sanders Mary J., Mrs.
Sanders Mary J., Mrs.
Sanders Mary L.
Sanders Mr.
Sanders Nina, Mrs.
Sanders P.
Sanders Ralph
Sanders Robert
Sanders Thomas
Sanders Woodrow
Sanderson James, Mrs.
Sands Charles
Sands Charles
Sands Coleman
Sands James W.
Sands Mrs.
Sands Mrs.
Sands Thomas
Sands Zack
Sanford Caroline, Mrs.
Sanford Caroline, Mrs.
Sanford Caroline, Mrs.
Sanford Ernest J.
Sanford George W.
Sanford George W., Mrs.
Sanford George W., Mrs.
Sanford Robert H.
Sanford T. Spence, Capt.
Sanford John
Sanford John
Sans Infant
Santelle Edward
Sapienza James, Mrs.
Sarrell Tracy
Sassin Infant
Saunders Amanda M., Mrs.
Saunders Darlyene M.
Saunders Dora, Mrs.
Saunders Elizabeth, Mrs.
Saunders Elizabeth, Mrs.
Saunders Frank
Saunders Frank
Saunders Infant
Saunders Infant
Saunders J. A.
Saunders J. R.
Saunders James
Saunders Kenneth
Saunders Lily
Saunders Lindsey
Saunders Lona Fay
Saunders Lona Fay
Saunders Margaret
Saunders Maria, Mrs.
Saunders Ogle
Saunders Robert, Mrs.
Savage C. E.
Savage Charles
Savage Charles, Mrs.
Savage Harrison
Savage Hubert
Savage James H.
Savage Margaret
Savage Oscar
Savage P. M.
Savage P. M.
Savage Pleasant M.
Savage Pleasant, Mrs.
Savage Scoville D.
Savage Susan, Mrs.
Savage W. J.
Savary Edna L.
Sawyer C. M.
Sawyer Charles E.
Sawyer Royal
Sawyers Clara Belle Turney
Saxon Infant
Saxton Avonle
Saxton Frank
Saylers Juanita
Saylor Benjamin
Saylor Benjamin F.
Saylor Charles T.
Saylor Henry
Saylor Lucy, Mrs.
Saylor Mary J.
Saylor Mary, Mrs.
Saylor Michael
Saylor Nelson
Saylor Spicy, Mrs.
Sayre Ella
Sayre Eugene, Mrs.
Sayre Gene F.
Sayre John W.
Sayre Mrs.
Sayre Wilson
Scaggs Dennie, Mrs.
Scaggs Franklin
Scaggs Garnet
Scaggs Garnett
Scaggs George W.
Scaggs Harry
Scaggs Infant
Scaggs Infant
Scaggs Lewis
Scaggs Mary A., Mrs.
Scaggs Nancy, Mrs.
Scandland William M.
Scanlon Morris
Scanlon Thomas
Scanlon Timothy S.
Scarberry Isaac E.
Scarberry James
Scarberry Lucy
Scarberry Infant
Scarlet Joseph
Scearcy B. F., Mrs.
Schaaf Milan
Schachleiter George W., Col.
Schachleiter George W., Col.
Schachleiter George W., Mrs.
Schachlieiter Frank G. P.
Schad Mary, Mrs.
Schad William
Schade Augustus E., Dr.
Schaefer Catherine E., Mrs.
Schafer Bertha M., Mrs.
Schafer Catharine E.
Schafer Edgar C.
Schafer Fred
Schafer Infant
Schafer Margaret, Mrs.
Schafer Thomas
Schafer William
Schaffer Betty L.
Schaffer Christine S., Mrs.
Schaffer Emma H., Mrs.
Schag George, Mr. and Mrs.
Schagnosky Frank, Mrs.
Schauer Marie
Schaug George, Mrs.
Schaus Mrs.
Schcreek Infant
Scheck George, Mrs.
Scheeler George
Scheid Helen
Scheider J. J., Rev.
Schell Ida, Mrs.
Scheltz Margaret
Schenck Florence
Schere Ralph F.
Scherer Anna K., Mrs.
Scherer Anna L.
Scherer Annie E., Mrs.
Scherer Annie E., Mrs.
Scherer Annie, Mrs.
Scherer Ella, Mrs.
Scherer Geneviere
Scherer Henrietta, Mrs.
Scherer Infant
Scherer Margaret T.
Scherer Thomas
Scherer Walter L.
Schermer Birdie, Mrs.
Schermesser Frank T.
Schiel Addie S., Mrs.
Schiff Jacob H.
Schillenger Mary, Mrs.
Schillinger George
Schillinger Phillip
Schimf Geradeline
Schimmick Mr.
Schinasi Solomon
Schivers William
Schlatter Francis
Schlegel John
Schletker Edna, Mrs.
Schley Winfield Scott
Schlitz William H., Mrs.
Schlock Frederick
Schlosser Louise
Schlosser William, Mrs.
Schmauder Chris, Mrs.
Schmauder Christian
Schmid Martha, Mrs.
Schmidlapp Jacob
Schmidt Chester
Schmidt child
Schmidt Elizabeth, Mrs.
Schmidt Frederick
Schmidt Hans
Schmidt Infant
Schmidt Jacob
Schmidt Jacob, Mrs.
Schmidt Joseph B., Rev. Father
Schmidt Joseph B., Rev. Father
Schmidt Louis
Schmitz Gertrude
Schmutz Charles
Schmyser Rosella
Schneider Ada Mrs.
Schneider Beulah I.
Schneider Carl
Schneider Donald
Schneider Donald
Schneider Donald
Schneider Frank
Schneider H. C.
Schneider Jacob
Schneider James F.
Schneider John
Schneider John
Schneider K.
Schneider Kemper
Schneider Margaret
Schneider Mary Elizabeth, Mrs.
Schneider Wade and Wayne
Schneithars J. Milton, Mrs.
Schnider Hattie, Mrs.
Schnier Mary E. D.
Schnorr Phillip
Schnorr Phillip
Schnorr Phillip
Schnoskey Fred
Schnosky Hanna, Mrs.
Schoeder Harry
Schoenholz John F.
Schoenig Albert A.
Schoepman Fannie, Mrs.
Schofield Charles
Schofield Edward
Scholfield Selina, Mrs.
Schools Mildred L.
Schott Charles
Schott Mrs.
Schrader Augusta, Mrs.
Schrader Augusta, Mrs.
Schrader Howard
Schrader Margaret
Schrader Mrs.
Schramm Catharine
Schramm Frederick
Schreckengost Ossie
Schreiber Abraham
Schreiber Catherine, Mrs.
Schreiber Mary
Schriber Albert
Schrieber George
Schriver Brent
Schroder Laura
Schroeder Clara, Mrs.
Schroeder Helen
Schroeder John H.
Schroeder Mrs.
Schroeder William F.
Schubar Walter C.
Schubart A. C.
Schubart A. C.
Schubart Mary B., Mrs.
Schubart Walter C.
Schuckhart Harry L.
Schuell child
Schug child
Schug Ernest
Schug George
Schugg Mayne
Schugh Jacob
Schuh Frank, Mrs.
Schuh William
Schuiller Anthony
Schuler Anthony
Schultz Clotine
Schultz Edward
Schultz Frank M.
Schultz John
Schultz Matilda
Schultz Rose
Schultz Rose
Schum Caroline
Schum Mary, Mrs.
Schum Mary, Mrs.
Schumann Pauline
Schurz Carl
Schurz Carl
Schuyler Robert
Schuyler William H.
Schwab Edward W.
Schwab Gladys
Schwab Margaret, Mrs.
Schwab Mary M.
Schwab Rose, Mrs.
Schwamberger Hilda
Schwartz Jeanette, Mrs.
Schwegier Frank Joseph
Schweickart Frederick
Schweickart Arthur, Mrs.
Schweikart Louise, Mrs.
Schweinger A. J.
Schweninger Catherine
Schweninger Henry
Schweninger Henry
Schwickart Frederick
Scierer Michael
Scior Adam
Scior Fred
Scior Fred B.
Scior Infant
Scior Infant
Scior Jessie
Scofield Edwin W.
Scott Adalaide, Mrs.
Scott Adelaide, Mrs.
Scott Albert
Scott Aletta, Mrs.
Scott Alice M., Mrs.
Scott Almira, Mrs.
Scott Anna, Mrs.
Scott Anna, Mrs.
Scott Betty L.
Scott Bryan
Scott Caroline, Mrs.
Scott Carrie L.
Scott Charles
Scott Clara, Mrs.
Scott Cyrus
Scott Daisy A., Mrs.
Scott Elizabeth, Mrs.
Scott Ernest, Mrs.
Scott Eugene
Scott F. W.
Scott Frank
Scott G. W.
Scott Harold, Jr., Mrs.
Scott Harry
Scott Harry G.
Scott Infant
Scott J. B.
Scott James
Scott James W.
Scott John
Scott John C.
Scott John, Mrs.
Scott Lonsinilay, Mrs.
Scott Lula M., Mrs.
Scott M. A.
Scott Margaret, Mrs.
Scott Mary E.
Scott Nancy N., Mrs.
Scott Nora
Scott O. P., Mrs.
Scott Robert
Scott Robert N., Mrs.
Scott Samuel
Scott Samuel
Scott Sara E.
Scott Sarah F., Mrs.
Scott Sarah F., Mrs.
Scott Shelby, Mrs.
Scott Sherman
Scott Thelma
Scott Thomas W.
Scott Uriah B.
Scott Virginia, Mrs.
Scott W. P.
Scott Walter
Scott Wiley E., Mrs.
Scott Will B.
Scott Will P.
Scott William J.
Scott William M.
Scott William P.
Scott William P.
Scott Zeddie E.
Scowden Chester
Scowden Infant
Scraggs Mahalia
Scripps Edward
Scripture Helen
Scrivens Harold
Scronce Nettie
Scuco Francis
Scudder George D., Mrs.
Scurlock Herbert S.
Seabert R. C.
Seagraves Callie, Mrs.
Seal Sarah J., Mrs.
Search Virginia C., Mrs.
Searer Irving
Searight John C.
Searl F. C., Judge
Searles F. M.
Searls F. M.
Searls Mr.
Sears Annie, Mrs.
Sears Infant
Sears Infant
Sears John, Capt.
Sears John, Capt.
Sears Mrs.
Seaton John, Judge
Seaton Martin
Seaton Mollie
Seaton Samuel
Seaton William B.
Sebuever Edith, Mrs.
Seckman Fred/family
Secrest C. F.
Secrest N. E. Miss
Secriest Elizabeth
Secrist Infant
Secrist John M., Mrs.
See Maggie, Mrs.
Seebohm Adolphus
Seegar Barbara, Mrs.
Seeley Albert
Seeley Boudinot
Seeley Sarah B., Mrs.
Seese Charles
Seiferth Cora P.
Seig Paul H.
Seitz Henry, Mrs.
Selb Agnes, Mrs.
Selb Angelica
Selb Angelica, Mrs.
Selb Anthony
Selb Anthony, Mrs.
Selb Anthony, Mrs.
Selb Emery, Mrs.
Selb Emory
Selb John
Selb Minnie
Selbee James
Selbo Louis
Selbs Lewis
Selby A. D.
Selby Frank
Selby George D.
Selby George D., Mrs.
Selby Homer, Mrs.
Selby Laura Moody, Mrs.
Selby Sarah
Selby Sarah
Seldomridge Howard
Self Hyriam
Sellars George, Mrs.
Seller Maggie
Sellers Virginia M.
Selvage Carrie
Selvick Wesley
Semones Ed
Senfabaught Clara, Mrs.
Sennett Charles
Sennett Charles L.
Sennett Leonard
Sennett Lon
Serey Ellen, Mrs.
Serey Kenneth W.
Serey William
Serey William, Mrs.
Sergeant Daniel, Mrs.
Sergeant Harry
Serris Peter
Serris Peter
Serva Infant
Sesher Edward
Sesher Ella, Mrs.
Sesher Ethel L.
Sesher Flora, Mrs.
Sesher Infant
Sesher John
Sesher Margaret, Mrs.
Sesher Nancy, Mrs.
Sesher Nancy, Mrs.
Sesher Robert D.
Sesher Ruth, Mrs.
Sesher Warren
Sesher Warren S.
Setherland Eliza J., Mrs.
Setser Infant
Seuler George
Severen Marie
Seweel Bessie, Mrs.
Sewell Bryant
Sexton Charles
Sexton Elizabeth
Sexton Floyd
Sexton Harlan, Judge
Sexton Hopie
Sexton J. B., Mrs.
Sexton Mary B., Mrs.
Sexton Nancy, Mrs.
Sexton Norman
Sexton Olet
Sexton Raymond
Sexton Shirley Simmons, Mrs.
Sexton Warren
Seyler Jacob
Seyler Jacob, Mrs.
Seymer Leo
Seymour Guy
Sgers Leona, Mrs.
Shackleford Cora
Shackley Ernest
Shackley Ernest
Shadowen Martin
Shafer Bertha S., Mrs.
Shafer Bertha, Mrs.
Shafer Carrie, Mrs.
Shafer Charles
Shafer Charles
Shafer Charles W.
Shafer Charles, Mrs.
Shafer Charles, Mrs.
Shafer Chloe G., Mrs.
Shafer Curtis
Shafer Effie
Shafer Elizabeth, Mrs.
Shafer Garnet Fay
Shafer Harry, Mrs.
Shafer Hershel
Shafer John
Shafer John, Sr.
Shafer Martha E., Mrs.
Shafer Martha, Mrs.
Shafer Mary E.
Shafer Raymond A.
Shafer Robert
Shafer Robert C.
Shafer Samuel
Shafer Sophia, Mrs.
Shafer Tony
Shafer Will
Shafer William
Shafer William S.
Shaffer Bertie, Mrs.
Shaffer Jennie
Shaffer Nathan
Shaffer Raymond, Mrs.
Shaffer Reuben
Shaffer William
Shahan William
Shahan William, Mrs.
Shales Margaret Louisa, Mrs.
Shall James
Shamblin Phillip
Shamblin Raphael
Shaner Frank A.
Shaner Katherine, Mrs.
Shaner Piersol
Shank David, Jr.
Shank Infant
Shanks Alice
Shannon Edward, Mrs.
Shannon Elizabeth, Mrs.
Shannon Infant
Shannon Martin
Shannon Martin
Shannon Micky
Shannon Sarah, Mrs.
Shanosky Martin
Sharer John C., Mrs.
Sharkley Mary L.
Sharp Alfred W.
Sharp Annie, Mrs.
Sharp Edward
Sharp Eliza A.
Sharp Elizabeth Anne, Mrs.
Sharp Florence, Mrs.
Sharp Francis
Sharp Henry
Sharp Hulbert
Sharp James, Mrs.
Sharp Mary, Mrs.
Sharp Matilda, Mrs.
Sharp Minnie, Mrs.
Sharp Ross
Sharp Ross
Sharp W. H., Mrs.
Sharp William
Sharp William G.
Sharp Albert, Mrs.
Sharpe Isabelle
Sharron Edward
Shattack William, Dr.
Shattuck Ada, Mrs.
Shattuck Donald
Shattuck John, Dr.
Shaughnessy Matthew, Mrs.
Shaut Elizabeth Ann
Shavor Mary, Mrs.
Shaw E. H.
Shaw Effie
Shaw Grace, Mrs.
Shaw Helen, Mrs.
Shaw Johanna
Shaw Joseph P.
Shaw Rebecca H., Mrs.
Shawner Taylor
Shea Bess
Shea Bridget, Mrs.
Shea Bridget, Mrs.
Shea John
Shea John
Shea Nellie
Shearer Lorena
Shearer Lorena
Shearer William, Mrs.
Sheatsley Addie, Mrs.
Sheehan Cornelius
Sheehan James
Sheets Aaron
Sheets Addie, Mrs.
Sheets Charles, Mrs.
Sheets Edward
Sheets Elizabeth A., Mrs.
Sheets Henry W.
Sheets Isaiah V.
Sheets James F.
Sheets Orville
Sheets Robert
Sheets Rolla
Sheets William, Mrs.
Sheetz John J.
Shehard Isabelle
Shelby James
Shelby Samuel V., Mrs.
Sheldon Aaron
Sheldon George P.
Sheline John, Mrs.
Shell David
Shelton C. M., Mrs.
Shelton Catherine, Mrs.
Shelton Charles
Shelton Charles, Mrs.
Shelton Emma, Mrs.
Shelton Infant
Shelton Infant
Shelton Jennie, Mrs.
Shelton John C.
Shelton Nannie, Mrs.
Shelton Thomas A.
Shepard A. O.
Shepard Alonzo
Shepard Anna Bertha Cook
Shepard Carl
Shepard Emmett L.
Shepard Eugene
Shepard Isabelle
Shepard James L., Capt.
Shepard Joe "Big Boy"
Shepard Ralph W.
Shepard Susan, Mrs.
Shepard Susie
Shepard twins
Shepard W. K.
Shepard William
Shepherd Anna
Shepherd Flora, Mrs.
Shepherd Jobie
Shepherd Joe
Shepherd Margaret and Mary
Shepherd Samuel
Shepherd Sarah, Mrs.
Shepherd Woodrow
Sheppard Catherine, Mrs.
Sheppard Charles
Sheppard Charlton
Sheppard Elizabeth, Mrs.
Sheppard Elizabeth, Mrs.
Sheppard Frank L.
Sheppard Infant
Sheppard Infant
Sheppard Isabelle, Mrs.
Sheppard J. L.
Sheppard Josephine, Mrs.
Sheppard Margaret, Mrs.
Sheppard Samuel
Sheppard Susan, Mrs.
Sheppard Thomas C.
Sheppherd Isaac
Sherer John F.
Sheridan Arthur
Sheridan Dennis, Mrs.
Sheridan Michael
Sheridan Sarah, Mrs.
Sheridan Thomas J.
Sheridan Thomas J.
Sheridan William
Sheridan William M.
Sherlock George
Sherman Alma
Sherman Alma
Sherman Anna M., Mrs.
Sherman Conrad
Sherman Dale
Sherman George
Sherman George
Sherman Henry
Sherman Henry, Mrs.
Sherman Hilda
Sherman Infant
Sherman John
Sherman John E.
Sherman Josephine, Mrs.
Sherman Maggie
Sherman Martha, Mrs.
Sherman Richard
Sherman Samuel
Sherritt Roy S. L.
Sherwood Isaac R.
Sherwood Mrs.
Shetka Annie
Shewalter Mary, Mrs.
Shibley Arthur
Shields Agnes, Mrs.
Shields Barney
Shields Ellen M., Mrs.
Shields Mary
Shields Virginia L.
Shilling Wilbert
Shingier Clara E.
Shingler J. J., Mrs.
Shingler Neva
Shinnick Mrs.
Shipley E. G., Mrs.
Shipman Martha H.
Shipman William, Dr.
Shipton James
Shipton James A.
Shipton James T.
Shiree Infant
Shirley Earl
Shirley Fred A.
Shirley H. C.
Shively Fred, Mrs.
Shively Levy
Shockey Charles E.
Shockley Frank
Shockley Vesta, Mrs.
Shoemaker John
Shope "Granny Soap", Mrs.
Shope A. S., Mrs.
Shope Avanelle, Mrs.
Shope child
Shope Clarence K.
Shope Dolly, Mrs.
Shope Earl
Shope Edward
Shope Frank
Shope Glen R.
Shope Harry
Shope Harry A.
Shope Infant
Shope Infant
Shope Infant
Shope James
Shope James
Shope James E.
Shope Marie, Mrs.
Shope Mary, Mrs.
Shope Myrtle M., Mrs.
Shope Otis
Shope Paul
Shope twins
Shope William
Shore Adam
Shore Erwin
Shore Ethel
Shore Eve
Shore George
Shore George
Shore George L.
Shore George R.
Shore George R.
Shore Infant
Shore Irvin
Shore Jennie E.
Shore John
Shore Robert
Shore Sallie, Mrs.
Shore Thelma
Shore W. B., Mrs.
Shore William
Shore William
Short Andrew
Short Andrew
Short Andrew, Mrs.
Short Frank
Short Mary, Mrs.
Short Mr.
Short Myrlte, Mrs.
Short Myrtle M.
Short Paul and Milton
Short Samuel
Short Vernon
Short William J.
Short Wilma
Shorting Henry
Shortridge Louise
Shotsky Fred, Mrs.
Shotsky Mary, Mrs.
Shott J. D., Mrs.
Shotwell Mr.
Shouse Mary A., Mrs.
Shouse Mary, Mrs.
Showen Mrs.
Showman Edward, Mrs.
Shreves Hezekiah
Shreves John
Shreves John
Shrout Carl W.
Shryock Edward, Mrs.
Shuck Infant
Shuff Bertha
Shuff Samuel
Shugart Russell
Shultz Anna, Mrs.
Shump Frank
Shump Louise N.
Shurtliff Mary B., Mrs.
Shuss Mary C., Mrs.
Shute Cassie, Mrs.
Shute L. W.
Sibley Hiram I., Mrs.
Sibley Ira
Sickle Anna, Mrs.
Sickles David E., Gen.
Siddall John M.
Sidman Paul, Mrs.
Sidman Paul, Mrs.
Sidman Paul, Mrs.
Sieff Leah, Mrs.
Sieff Mrs.
Sieger Oscar
Sierer Harriette J.
Sierer Harriette J.
Sifritt J. W.
Sigler Alvey
Silavos Joseph
Silbaugh Mary J., Mrs.
Silbaugh S. J., Dr.
Silbaugh William H., Dr.
Silbaugh William, Dr.
Sill Catherine, Mrs.
Silliman G. W.
Silliman James A.
Silliman James H.
Silliman James, Mrs.
Silliman John, Jr.
Silliman William E.
Silverman Caroline, Mrs.
Simington John
Simmons E. H.
Simmons Everett
Simmons J. R.
Simmons John H.
Simmons P. W., Mrs.
Simmons Peter W.
Simmons Phoebe
Simmons Phoebe
Simmons Simeon
Simmons W. V., Mrs.
Simms Arthur
Simms Belle, Mrs.
Simms Belle, Mrs.
Simms Ben R.
Simms Carlton
Simms Charles
Simms Donald
Simms Frank
Simms Rhoda, Mrs.
Simms William
Simon Abraham J. B.
Simon Anna
Simon Augusta, Mrs.
Simon Augusta, Mrs.
Simon Infant
Simon Infant
Simon John H.
Simon Josephine, Mrs.
Simon Mona
Simon Oscar M.
Simones Charles H.
Simones Laura
Simones William C.
Simonton A. E., Mrs.
Simonton Effie, Mrs.
Simonton Harry
Simonton John C.
Simonton Joseph M.
Simonton W. A.
Simpson Annabel
Simpson Charles
Simpson Charles
Simpson Clark
Simpson F. W.
Simpson Gertrude A.
Simpson Gladys
Simpson Louis
Simpson Nicholas
Simpson Nicholas, Mrs.
Simpson Pruitt
Simpson S. C., Mrs.
Simpson Sadie B., Mrs.
Simpson Samuel
Simpson Samuel C.
Simpson Samuel, Mrs.
Sims Carlton
Sims Charles G.
Sims Charles G.
Sims Delbert S.
Sims Jason, Mr. and Mrs.
Sims L. T.
Sims W. W.
Sinclair Dohlnan J.
Sinclair M., Mrs.
Sincox Harry
Singer "Cap"
Singer Electa
Singer Grace
Singer Jake, Mrs.
Singer Jasper M.
Singer William, Mrs.
Sinkford Elizabeth, Mrs.
Sinkford Moses, Mrs.
Sinks Louisa, Mrs.
Sinnott Charles W.
Sinnott Infant
Sinnott John
Sinnott Leo
Sinnott Mary M., Mrs.
Sinnott Patrick
Sinnott Patrick, Mrs.
Sinton David
Siple Beulah C.
Siple Beulah C.
Siple child
Siras Infant
Sisler Albert C.
Sisler Elizabeth R., Mrs.
Sisler Enos
Sisler Herbert
Sisler Hubbard
Sisler Infant
Sisler John
Sisler Josie B., Mrs.
Sisler P. C.
Sisler Rom C.
Sisler Sarah
Sisler Sarah W., Mrs.
Sisler Sarah W., Mrs.
Sisler Susan J.
Sission Elizabeth, Mrs.
Sisson Emma, Mrs.
Sisson F. W.
Sisson Mert, Mrs.
Sisson Myrtle
Sites Agnes, Mrs.
Sites Andrew
Sites C. W.
Sites child
Sites Christopher A.
Sites Edward, Mrs.
Sites Fannie V., Mrs.
Sites Harry
Sites Harry
Sites Isaac
Sites John, Mrs.
Sites Laura
Sites Lona, Mrs.
Sites Lona, Mrs.
Sites Lydia Tate, Mrs.
Sites Mary J. Webb
Sites Merrill L.
Sites Rosa A., Mrs.
Sites Thurman
Sites C. W.
Sites Thurman
Sitz John
Sitzenstock Clara
Six Jacob
Sizemore Andrew L.
Sizemore Clifford
Sizemore Geneva
Sizemore Infant
Sizemore Infant
Sizemore Jess, Mrs.
Sizemore John, Jr.
Sizemore Joseph, Mrs.
Sizemore Lige
Sizemore Vernon
Sizemore Warren
Skaggs Sara
Skelding Edward
Skelding Rebecca
Skeleton Charles
Skellinger John
Skelton Frank
Skelton James
Skelton Jennie
Skelton Jennie, Mrs.
Skelton John C.
Skelton John C.
Skelton Merrell
Skelton Samuel
Skelton William B.
Skidmore C. P., Mrs.
Skidmore Olive E.
Skiffington Barney
Skinner Anderson
Skor M. L.
Skyles Pearl
Slack Robert L.
Slagle Emery
Slagle Emory
Slagle Nancy, Mrs.
Slater A. C., Jr.
Slater Al, Mrs.
Slater Infant
Slater J. W., Capt.
Slater James
Slater Joseph
Slater Nancy B., Mrs.
Slather William
Slatter Paul D.
Slattery Eugene
Slattery Marion C., Mrs.
Slattery Samuel
Slattery Wilbur
Slattery May F.
Slaughter Albert, Mrs.
Slaughter Albert, Sr.
Slaughter John
Slaughter Nelson
Slaughter Sarah C., Mrs.
Slaughter Vissta
Slaughter Vista
Slavens Francis, Mrs.
Slayton John
Sleinmetz J. O., Mrs.
Sliger Oscar
Slitsky John
Sloan C. J., Dr.
Sloan C. J., Dr.
Sloan C. J., Dr.
Sloan D. C.
Sloan Dorothy
Sloan Ed, Mrs.
Sloan Edward, Mrs.
Sloan Eliza
Sloan Elizabeth T., Mrs.
Sloan Flora G.
Sloan Grace
Sloan Grace
Sloan Grace
Sloan Grace
Sloan Harold
Sloan Henry, Mrs.
Sloan Henry, Mrs.
Sloan Infant
Sloan James
Sloan Jim
Sloan John
Sloan John W.
Sloan John, Mrs.
Sloan Julia
Sloan Mahala, Mrs.
Sloan Margaret A.
Sloan Margaret A., Mrs.
Sloan Margaret Ann, Mrs.
Sloan Mary A., Mrs.
Sloan Mary Clara, Mrs.
Sloan Nancy, Mrs.
Sloan Nora
Sloan Nora
Sloan Richard
Sloan Sarah, Mrs.
Sloane Dovey
Sloane E. A.
Sloane Infant
Sloane Mahala, Mrs.
Sloane Mary, Mrs.
Sloane Ulric, Judge
Sloas Pauline
Slocum Herbert, Mrs.
Slomiski John G.
Slone Mahala
Slusher Edmund J.
Slusher Fred
Slusher George
Slusher Henry
Slusher Henry
Slusher Jesse M.
Slusher John, Mrs.
Slusher Sarah, Mrs.
Slusher Thomas, Mrs.
Slusher Thomas, Mrs.
Slutz W. L., Dr.
Slyby child
Slyh Clarence H.


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