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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Tabernacker Henry S., Mr. and Mrs.
Tabor Bobby
Tabor Maude
Tabor Rebecca, Mrs.
Tabor William
Taborn John
Tackacs Irene
Tacker Fred and Milo
Tacket Elmo
Tackett Blanche, Mrs.
Tackett Calvin
Tackett Edna Mae
Tackett Emma, Mrs.
Tackett Infant
Tackett Iva M.
Tackett James
Tackett Lewis
Tackett Lily
Tackett Mildred
Tackett Ralph E.
Tackett Richard
Tackett Richard
Tackett S. A., Mrs.
Tackett W. H., Jr.
Taft Josephine H., Mrs.
Taft Louisa Maria, Mrs.
Tagg C. J.
Tagg Clarence
Tagg George W.
Taggard Infant
Taggert Thomas
Taitershall William
Taitt Ida, Mrs.
Taitt Margaret, Mrs.
Talbert William, Mrs.
Talbort Infant
Talbot B. D., Mrs.
Talbot C. E., Mrs.
Talbot Charles E.
Talbot Ephraim, Capt.
Talbot Infant
Talbott Mary E.
Talbott Sarah J.
Talflirski Infant
Tallmadge H. T.
Tallmadge Harold T.
Tallman Anna, Mrs.
Talman John
Tamer Harry
Tanmer Della, Mrs.
Tanner Amy
Tanner James
Tanner James, Mrs.
Tanner Joyce
Tanner Nellie, Mrs.
Tapshaw William L.
Tarbell David
Tarbell James, Judge
Tarbox Iona
Tarman Mable R.
Tarr James W.
Tate Barney
Tate Charles, Mrs.
Tate David
Tate Evelyn Mae
Tate John
Tate John
Tate John
Tate John T.
Tate William
Tatman Anna
Tatman Willie
Tattershall William
Taub Jacob
Taylor Anna E., Mrs.
Taylor Anna S., Mrs.
Taylor Audrey
Taylor Benjamin
Taylor Charles
Taylor Charles B.
Taylor Charles L.
Taylor child
Taylor Clarke W., Rev.
Taylor Ella, Mrs.
Taylor Emma P.
Taylor Ethel M.
Taylor Evelyn
Taylor Felix H.
Taylor George
Taylor George M.
Taylor Harriet, Mrs.
Taylor Harry C.
Taylor Harry C.
Taylor Herbert
Taylor J. W., Mrs.
Taylor Jack
Taylor James
Taylor James
Taylor James F.
Taylor James F.
Taylor James M.
Taylor James R.
Taylor James, Rev.
Taylor Jesse
Taylor John
Taylor John
Taylor John C., Mrs.
Taylor John W.
Taylor Laura, Mrs.
Taylor Lenna
Taylor Margaret, Mrs.
Taylor Mary J., Mrs.
Taylor Mary J., Mrs.
Taylor Mary, Mrs.
Taylor Nathaniel
Taylor Pauline
Taylor Pearl, Mrs.
Taylor Pearl, Mrs.
Taylor Phoebe, Mrs.
Taylor Ruth L.
Taylor Sam
Taylor Sarah
Taylor Sarah, Mrs.
Taylor Tifie, Mrs.
Taylor Virgil C.
Taylor Will, Mrs.
Taylor William A.
Teare Robert, Jr.
Teller Lena
Templeton C. T., Mrs.
Templeton Charles F., Capt.
Templeton Cornet L.
Templeton Creed T.
Templeton Creed T.
Templeton Dave, Mrs.
Templeton John L., Mrs.
Templeton M. L., Mrs.
Templeton Martin
Templeton Micel
Templeton Ruth
Templeton Ruth, Mrs.
Teney Ross
Tennant children
Tenpenny Ira U., Mrs.
Tepper John
Terko Annie
Terry Albert, Mrs.
Terry Anna
Terry Bruce N.
Terry Infant
Terry James
Terry John
Terry Lillian, Mrs.
Terry Lillian, Mrs.
Terry Riley, Mrs.
Teters James B.
Teuchter Minnie
Tewsehud Anthony
Thacker Avanelle
Thacker Benjamin, Jr.
Thacker Charles
Thacker Cora B.
Thacker Edith
Thacker Edward
Thacker Elisha, Rev.
Thacker Elisha, Rev.
Thacker George W.
Thacker George, Mrs.
Thacker George, Mrs.
Thacker Infant
Thacker Jack
Thacker James
Thacker Mary, Mrs.
Thacker Melroy, Mrs.
Thacker O. M.
Thacker Paul
Thacker twins
Thacker Zack
Thakcer twins
Tharr George
Thatcher Sherman
Thaxton Patricia L.
Thayer Albert M.
Thayer Ed
Theobold Mayme
Theobold Myrna
Theobold Myrna
Theodore George, Mrs.
Theodore Samuel, Mrs.
Therkeldson P. H.
Theselius Frank G.
Thom Will
Thom Will
Thomas A. R. O.
Thomas Addie, Mrs.
Thomas Albert Earl
Thomas Alfred
Thomas Alice M. T., Mrs.
Thomas Almira, Mrs.
Thomas Anna E., Mrs.
Thomas Anna, Mrs.
Thomas Asa
Thomas B. F., Capt.
Thomas B. F., Mrs.
Thomas Benjamin E., Rev.
Thomas Bertha L., Mrs.
Thomas Bruce
Thomas Bud
Thomas Callie, Mrs.
Thomas Charles
Thomas Charles
Thomas child
Thomas D. E.
Thomas David
Thomas David, Mrs.
Thomas E. J., Mrs.
Thomas Eben B.
Thomas Edna R., Mrs.
Thomas Edward
Thomas Edward B.
Thomas Edward B.
Thomas Edward B.
Thomas Elmer
Thomas Garland
Thomas Garland
Thomas George
Thomas George
Thomas George
Thomas George A., Mrs.
Thomas George J., Mrs.
Thomas George W.
Thomas Geraldine
Thomas Gwendolyne, Mrs.
Thomas Gwennie, Mrs.
Thomas H. M., Mrs.
Thomas Harry D.
Thomas Hester J.
Thomas Hezekiah
Thomas Hilda, Mrs.
Thomas Horace
Thomas Horace G.
Thomas Horace G.
Thomas Infant
Thomas Ira, Mrs.
Thomas Isaac
Thomas J. B., Mrs.
Thomas Jacques
Thomas James
Thomas James J.
Thomas James J.
Thomas James, Rev.
Thomas John
Thomas John C.
Thomas John E.
Thomas John H.
Thomas John L.
Thomas John N.
Thomas John N.
Thomas John N.
Thomas Jonathan, Rev.
Thomas Jonathan, Rev.
Thomas Jospeh
Thomas Lida A., Mrs.
Thomas Lilly J., Mrs.
Thomas Lottie, Mrs.
Thomas Malcolm
Thomas Marion
Thomas Mary S.
Thomas Mary, Mrs.
Thomas Mary, Mrs.
Thomas Mary, Mrs.
Thomas Maxine
Thomas McClellan
Thomas Michael
Thomas Mildred
Thomas Nancy, Mrs.
Thomas Nancy, Mrs.
Thomas Nancy, Mrs.
Thomas Nettie G., Mrs.
Thomas Onna, Mrs.
Thomas Paul, Mrs.
Thomas Rachel
Thomas Reece W.
Thomas Reece W.
Thomas Richard
Thomas Richard
Thomas Richard E.
Thomas Robert
Thomas Robert
Thomas Robert, Mrs.
Thomas Rose, Mrs.
Thomas Russell
Thomas Sallie
Thomas Samuel
Thomas Samuel, Gen.
Thomas Sarah
Thomas Sarah A., Mrs.
Thomas Sarah Elizabeth
Thomas Sarah, Mrs.
Thomas Thistle
Thomas Thomas J.
Thomas Virginia
Thomas Wesley, Mrs.
Thomas Will
Thomas William E.
Thomas William E., Jr.
Thomas Horace G.
Thomas Infant
Thomlinson Oscar
Thomlinson Oscar
Thompson A. W.
Thompson A. W.
Thompson Albert C.
Thompson Anna, Mrs.
Thompson Arthur
Thompson Audrey
Thompson Blanche H., Mrs.
Thompson C. W.
Thompson Carl
Thompson Charles
Thompson Charles
Thompson Charles H.
Thompson Charles H.
Thompson Charles W.
Thompson Charley A.
Thompson child
Thompson child
Thompson Christopher
Thompson Cora A., Mrs.
Thompson Dave
Thompson David
Thompson David
Thompson David, Dr.
Thompson David, Mrs.
Thompson Ed
Thompson Edward
Thompson Edward
Thompson Edward, Mrs.
Thompson Eliza J., Mrs.
Thompson Elizabeth Jane, Mrs.
Thompson Ella, Mrs.
Thompson Elsie
Thompson Elsworth, Capt.
Thompson Everett
Thompson Frank
Thompson Garnet S., Mrs.
Thompson George W.
Thompson George W.
Thompson George W.
Thompson George W., Mrs.
Thompson George W., Mrs.
Thompson Gertrude
Thompson Gertrude, Mrs.
Thompson Granville A.
Thompson Harley, Mrs.
Thompson Harlow, Major
Thompson Harriet H., Mrs.
Thompson Harry J.
Thompson Henry A.
Thompson Infant
Thompson Infant
Thompson Infant
Thompson Isom
Thompson J. B.
Thompson J. E.
Thompson Jack
Thompson James
Thompson Jennie
Thompson John
Thompson John
Thompson John
Thompson John and Jesse
Thompson John E.
Thompson John Q.
Thompson Joseph
Thompson Josephine L., Mrs.
Thompson Judge
Thompson Katie, Mrs.
Thompson Lafayette
Thompson Lena
Thompson Lottie, Mrs.
Thompson Luther
Thompson Margaret
Thompson Margaret, Mrs.
Thompson Marion
Thompson Mary M., Mrs.
Thompson Mary S., Mrs.
Thompson Mary, Mrs.
Thompson Mary, Mrs.
Thompson Milton
Thompson Miranda, Mrs.
Thompson Nelson
Thompson Olie
Thompson Olive
Thompson Oscar
Thompson Oscar
Thompson Oscar, Mrs.
Thompson Oscar, Mrs.
Thompson Rebecca, Mrs.
Thompson Reece
Thompson Reece, Mrs.
Thompson Richard
Thompson Robert
Thompson S. H.
Thompson Sarah, Mrs.
Thompson Sidney
Thompson Stella M., Mrs.
Thompson T.
Thompson Wayne, Jr.
Thompson Will
Thompson William
Thompson William
Thompson William Ellsworth, Capt.
Thompson Willie
Thompson Wilma
Thomsen Charles H.
Thomski Luis
Thorn Mr.
Thornberg Frank
Thornburg Mary, Mrs.
Thornbury Estes, Jr.
Thorne Albert
Thorne Albert
Thornhill David
Thornhill Robert
Thornily W. T.
Thornton B. F.
Thornton B. F., Mrs.
Thornton Bernard B.
Thornton child
Thornton Cynthia, Mrs.
Thornton Edna, Mrs.
Thornton John
Thornton John, Mrs.
Thornton Mary, Mrs.
Thorton B. F., Squire
Thorton Georgia, Mrs.
Thorton Harry L.
Thorton John
Thorton Marshall, Mrs.
Thurlow Ella B., Mrs.
Thurston Charles S.
Thurston Infant
Thurston Katherine C.
Tibbets Lulu
Tibbets Mary, Mrs.
Tibbs Isaac
Tice Lawrence
Tice Mrs.
Tidds Otto
Tidwell W. R.
Tierman J. M.
Tiernan Thomas Y.
Tierney Bridget, Mrs.
Tierney Francis
Tierney Nora
Tiller Armovinda, Mrs.
Tiller Charles E.
Tiller Lanion
Tiller Margaret
Tillet Elmore
Tilley Henry
Timberlake Marion
Timberlake Vivian I.
Timm John M.
Timmons Calvin
Timson George
Tingler Clarence
Tingley Clarence
Tingley Richard
Tinker C. A. Dr.
Tinker Charles H.
Tinney Tacey, Mrs.
Tinsley E. S.
Tipton Albert T.
Tipton Charles H.
Tipton David O.
Tipton David, Mrs.
Tipton Dovie, Mrs.
Tipton Edward
Tipton Edward, Mrs.
Tipton Emily, Mrs.
Tipton Harry
Tipton Harry
Tipton Harry
Tipton Morris, Dr.
Tipton Morris, Mrs.
Tipton Morris, Mrs.
Tipton Obe
Tipton Obediah
Tipton Robert
Tipton Robert
Tipton Robert, Mrs.
Tipton Rose
Tipton Ruth
Tisdale John, Mrs.
Tisdale Walter
Titus F., Mrs.
Titus F., Mrs.
Tiven Thomas
Tivner Frank, Mrs.
Tivner Jennie, Mrs.
Tobert John W.
Tobert William
Todd Alice
Todd Anna S., Mrs.
Todd Francis A., Mrs.
Todd Francis, Mrs.
Todd Lilly, Mrs.
Todd Miles
Todhunter William, Judge
Told Fred
Toliver Rose L.
Tolliver "Kate"
Tolliver Charles
Tolliver Enoch
Tolliver Inez
Tolliver Inez
Tolliver Joshua
Tolliver Julia M.
Tomer Charles, Mrs.
Tomlin Kenneth
Tomlinson Carl
Tomlinson Caroline, Mrs.
Tomlinson Frank, Mrs.
Tomlinson Lester N.
Tomlinson Otto
Tompkin Anna M., Mrs.
Tompkins Elmer
Tomplin Gillen
Toms Daniel
Toms Edmund P.
Toms Ellen, Mrs.
Toms Henry
Toney Manry E., Mrs.
Tong Mary A., Mrs.
Tope Harold Langston
Topping John W., Mrs.
Tordiff Amy, Mrs.
Tordiff Anna
Tordiff John
Tordiff Joseph
Tordiff Mary Ann, Mrs.
Tordiff twins
Tosh Ray
Tosh Ray
Toski Louis
Toulson Earl E.
Towers Chester
Towers John
Towers Merle
Towls Herbert
Towne Julia
Towns C. H., Mrs.
Towns Clint
Townsend Clarissa, Mrs.
Townsend Daniel
Townsend Glen
Townsend Goldie
Townsend Grace
Townsend Hazel, Mrs.
Townsend Hiram
Townsend Lavane
Townsend Minna S., Mrs.
Townsend Rass
Townsend Stella, Mrs.
Townsend William, Mrs.
Tracey Roy
Tracy Ainore A., Mrs.
Tracy John B.
Tracy Uri, Col.
Trailor Taylor
Trainer John and family
Tramper H. B.
Trapp David
Trapp William
Trash John
Trautman Sarah, Mrs.
Travers Martin
Traxton Ada, Mrs.
Traxton Ada, Mrs.
Traylor Edna W.
Traylor Etta, Mrs.
Traylor Sherman
Traylor William
Traylor Charles, Jr.
Treadway J. V.
Treash Phillip D., Judge
Treat Charles Henry
Trent Betty J.
Trent Ernest
Trent Haley O.
Trent Jennie
Trent John
Trent John
Trent John, Mrs.
Trent Robert S.
Trent Virgil E.
Trice Arthur
Triebler John B.
Trimble Rachel S.
Triplett Fannie, Mrs.
Triplett Infant
Triplett Theresa, Mrs.
Trolly William
Troup Alexander
Troutman George
Troutman R. E. L.
Trowbridge C. A.
Trowbridge Donald
Trowbridge Isaac L.
Trowbridge O. H.
Trowbridge Ross, Dr.
Troy William J.
Troyer Keith
Truby Henrietta, Mrs.
Truby Henrietta, Mrs.
Truby John, Mrs.
Truby John, Mrs.
Truby Mildred
Truby W. W.
Truby William W.
Truesdell Eva B. N., Mrs.
Truesdell James H.
Truitt Samuel
Trumbo A. J., Mrs.
Trumbo Ambrose
Trumbo Christine, Mrs.
Trumbo Clarissa W., Mrs.
Trumbo Fanny, Mrs.
Trumbo George
Trumbo George W., Mrs.
Trumbo Irene, Mrs.
Trumbo John
Trumbo Robert
Trumbo Robert
Trumbull Frank
Trushwoski Samuel
Tucker Butler R.
Tucker Clovis
Tucker Clovis
Tucker David
Tucker William A., Rev.
Tuffree Joseph
Tuffree Joseph
Tufts child
Tufts James W.
Tufts Levin
Tufts Lewis, Jr.
Tufts Lucinda
Tufts Mabel, Mrs.
Tufts Mary
Tufts Mary A., Mrs.
Tufts Mary V., Mrs.
Tufts Robert
Tufts Ruth
Tugh Gordon
Tulga Amelia
Tulga Amelia
Tulga Amelia
Tulga Amelia
Tulga Anna M., Mrs.
Tulga Charles
Tulga Charles
Tulga Charles
Tulga Charles
Tulga Clarence
Tulga Harmon
Tulga Henry
Tulga Henry
Tulga Infant
Tulga Katherine B., Mrs.
Tulga Leonard
Tulga Mary
Tulga Mildred Louise
Tulga Rachel, Mrs.
Tulga Stephen, Mrs.
Tull Edith
Tullius William
Tuning J. D.
Tuohy Joseph, Rev.
Turley C. H.
Turley C. H.
Turley Caroline, Mrs.
Turley Caroline, Mrs.
Turley Charlotte E., Mrs.
Turley Clyde
Turley Emmett, Mrs.
Turley Ernest
Turley Gusta, Mrs.
Turley John B.
Turley John B. R.
Turley John, Mrs.
Turley Joseph A.
Turley Joseph C.
Turley Lonnie
Turley Martha, Mrs.
Turley Ruth C., Mrs.
Turley W. M.
Turman Herbert
Turman Howard
Turnbull Alice G.
Turnbull Florence
Turnbull Myrtle
Turnbull Robert W.
Turnbull Sarah A., Mrs.
Turner Allie D.
Turner B. H.
Turner Clint
Turner Clint
Turner George
Turner Infant
Turner J. E.
Turner James H.
Turner John
Turner John
Turner John
Turner John
Turner John
Turner Joseph
Turner Leonard
Turner Margaret J., Mrs.
Turner Minnie
Turner Naomi, Mrs.
Turner Oliver
Turner Stella, Mrs.
Turner William A.
Turner William, Mrs.
Turney Alfred B.
Turney Hannah G., Mrs.
Turney Minnie
Turney William
Turney Ephraim
Turnipseed A. G.
Turpan Jacob, Mrs.
Turpin Infant
Turpin Jackson B.
Turvey Alex, Mrs.
Turvey Alice
Turvey David
Turvey Ellen, Mrs.
Turvey Ellen, Mrs.
Turvey Francis, Mrs.
Turvey H. L.
Turvey Howard
Turvey Infant
Turvey James
Turvey Jane, Mrs.
Turvey John, Mrs.
Turvey Joseph
Turvey Marian
Turvey Mary E., Mrs.
Turvey Mary, Mrs.
Turvey Viola
Turvey William
Tussey Anna M., Mrs.
Tutter William
Tuttle Daniel S., Rev.
Tuttle Hattie, Mrs.
Tuttle Norma, Mrs.
Tutty John
Twain Mark
Twigg Harry
Tygart M. B., Mrs.
Tyhurst John
Tyler George P.
Tyler Hiram
Tyler James
Tyler Joseph
Tyler Joseph
Tyler Mary, Mrs.
Tyler P.
Tyler Richard
Tyler Ruby G., Mrs.
Tyler Samuel
Tyler Samuel, Mrs.
Tynera Ralph, Mrs.
Tynes Fred N.
Tyson John R.

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