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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Vail Elizabeth, Mrs.
Valance Horace N.
Valentine Curtis
Valentine Ella, Mrs.
Valentine Frank
Valentine Joseph
Valentine Katharyn, Mrs.
Valentine Leonard G.
Valentine Mary L.
Valentine Mary L.
Valien Charles Van
Vallance Callie
Vallance Charles
Vallance Charles
Vallance Charles
Vallance Charles
Vallance Donald R.
Vallance Frank
Vallance Mrs.
Vallance Sam
Vallance Thomas
Vallance Walter
Van Ausdale Charles
Van Bibber Lamand V.
Van Hoose Raymond
Van Horn Infant
Van Horn Infant
Van Vleck Eugene C., Dr.
Vance Alcinda, Mrs.
Vance Anna
Vance Benjamin D., Capt.
Vance Harvey
Vance Infant
Vance J. N.
Vance James
Vance Lizzie
Vance Martha A.
Vance Mary S., Mrs.
Vance Mary, Mrs.
Vance Minnie
Vance Ralph G.
Vance Raymond
Vance Sheriff
Vance Virginia L.
Vance Walter
Vance William A.
Vance William M.
Vance Infant
Vanden E. W.
Vanden Edward
Vanden G. W., Dr.
Vanden James
Vanderbilt G. W.
Vanderbrocht Elizabeth, Mrs.
Vanderhoof Infant
Vanderhoof Margaret A.
Vanderslice S. S., Miss
Vanderverd Bertha, Mrs.
Vandervort Lucy
Vandervort Virgie, Mrs.
Vandivert Vance Keys
VanDusen Louis R.
Vane Elmer
Vanfleet Garrett B.
Vanhoose Alice Mrs.
VanHoose Gilbert and Robert C.
Vanhoose H. J., Mrs.
Vanhoose Jeff
Vanhoose Jefferson
Vanhoose John
Vanhoose John C.
Vanhoose John C.
Vanhoose Jeff Jr.
VanHorn Anna, Mrs.
VanHorn Anna, Mrs.
VanHorn Barney
Vanhorn Curtis, Jr.
Vanhorn Lew
Vanmeter John
Vanmeter Van Buren
Vansickle Belva A.
Vansickle James
Varley Richard
Varner William L.
Varnum Fred
Varnum Fred
Varnum Gerard C., Mrs.
Varnum John A.
Varnum Leander
Varnum Mary A., Mrs.
Varnum Moses
Vass George, Mrs.
Vastine Mrs.
Vattau Charles
Vattau Charles
Vaugh Alvin
Vaughan Clark
Vaughn Ben
Vaughn child
Vaughn Clarke, Mrs.
Vaughn Dial
Vaughn Dial
Vaughn Harriet
Vaughn Henry
Vaughn J. W.
Vaughn Jefferson D.
Vaughn Joe
Vaughn John
Vaughn John M.
Vaughn John M.
Vaughn John, Sr.
Vaughn Joseph
Vaughn Martha W.
Vaughn Mary, Mrs.
Vaughn Melvin
Vaughn Raymon V.
Vaughn Stephen
Vaughn W. H.
Vaughn William
Vaught Elizabeth
Vaughters George
Veach Ironton
Veary Robert
Velnia Sedina, Mrs.
Venan William
Vendervolt William, Mrs.
Venerable Nannie, Mrs.
Venerable Nannie, Mrs.
Venz Charles
Venz Infant
Venz Vera
Venz Vera
Vergne Joseph E.
Vergo Maud T.
Vergo Maud T.
Verigan Caroline, Mrs.
Verigan George H.
Verigan Hannan, Mrs.
Verigan John, Sr.
Verigan Robert E.
Verigan Robert E.
Verigan Robert E.
Verigan Roy
Verlander James W.
Verlander Lulu, Mrs.
Vermillion Alvie
Vermillion Alvy
Vermillion Amos
Vermillion Arthur
Vermillion Arthur
Vermillion Clyde, Dr.
Vermillion Clyde, Dr.
Vermillion Clyde, Dr.
Vermillion Harry
Vermillion Irvin
Vermillion Irwin T.
Vermillion Irwin T.
Vermillion Irwin T.
Vermillion J. P.
Vermillion Jesse
Vermillion Logan
Vermillion Logan
Vermillion Logan
Vermillion Oscar
Vermillion Sarah, Mrs.
Vermillion Sarah, Mrs.
Vermillion Susan, Mrs.
Vermilye Frederick
Vernard Martin
Vernon A. H.
Vest George, Mrs.
Vetter George J., Rev.
Via E. W., Mrs.
Via P. W.
Vial Martha V., Mrs.
Vicars Will
Vicars Will
Vicars Willard P.
Vickers John
Vickers Simon
Vickers Simon, Mrs.
Vidt G. A.
Viehomier Caroline F., Mrs.
Viers Lulu
Viers Lulu
Viers Lulu
Vig Alberta S.
Vincel Julia
Vincel Julia
Vincell William D.
Vincent George
Vinson Anna, Mrs.
Vinson Bellfield
Vinson Harry
Vinson Irvine
Vinson William
Vinson William
Viobet Ulyses
Virgil John
Virgil John
Virgin Charles
Virgin Elza
Virgin Eva S., Mrs.
Virgin Glen H.
Virgin Harvey
Virgin John
Vitito Mary, Mrs.
Vititoe Perry
Vittitoe Allen
Vittotoe Mr.
Voegele Charles H.
Vogan M. E.
Vogelsong Catherine, Mrs.
Vogelsong Harmon
Vogelsong Helen
Vogelsong Henry
Vogelsong Henry, Mrs.
Vogelsong Ida
Vogelsong Infant
Vogelsong Infant
Vogelsong Mary, Mrs.
Vogelsong Mary, Mrs.
Vohlprecht Clara, Mrs.
Vollos Dan
Vomity Mike
Von Kennel Infant
Voorheis Roy
Vorhees Emily, Mrs.
Vorhess Edward, Jr.
Vorsh Lena M., Mrs.
Vose Daniel

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