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Obituaries Taken from Area Newspapers 1900-1930

To obtain the dates and/or copies of the following Obits, PLEASE Email Peggy Wells. These obituaries are a product of many years of hard work by Ms. Wells.  She  scanned newspapers, page by page and owns the copyright to this list of obits.

They do not have the dates, nor do they do lookups for obituaries!

Woda August
Wodo W. H.
Woelfie Rosemary E. R., Mrs.
Wolbert Nelson
Wolcott Lynus
Wold Mabel, Mrs.
Wolf Charles
Wolf Henry V.
Wolf Paul
Wolf Samuel
Wolfe Dr.
Wolfe Edward
Wolfe George
Wolfe Grover C.
Wolfe Henry
Wolfe Henry, Mrs.
Wolfe James T., Prof.
Wolfe John, Capt.
Wolfe Katherine, Mrs.
Wolfe Oscar J.
Wolfe Viola, Mrs.
Wolfert Mollie, Mrs.
Wolff Charles
Wolff Edwin
Wolff Jacob W.
Wolff Jacob/family
Wolmer Allen
Woltz Wanda L.
Womack Anne E., Mrs.
Womack Ben
Womack Evelyn, Mrs.
Womack Ida O., Mrs.
Womack Jefferson D.
Womack Watson N.
Wood Angus
Wood Angus, Mrs.
Wood David D., Dr.
Wood Elizabeth, Mrs.
Wood Ellis, Mrs.
Wood Emmett
Wood Estill R.
Wood George M.
Wood Harold
Wood J. H.
Wood J. S.
Wood James
Wood John
Wood John A.
Wood John A.
Wood John R.
Wood John, Jr., Mrs.
Wood John, Mrs.
Wood Leonard, Gen.
Wood Mary V.
Wood Mayme Louise, Mrs.
Wood Minta, Mrs.
Wood Montraville
Wood Mrs.
Wood Rosa
Wood Royal H.
Wood Royal H.
Wood Thomas
Wood W. O., Capt.
Wood W. P., Mrs.
Wood William
Wood William
Wood William M.
Woodard William F.
Woodburn Finley
Woodburn Frank, Mrs.
Woodburn Homer
Woodfin Eliza, Mrs.
Woodfin Henry
Woodfin Lula J., Mrs.
Woodfin M. F., Mrs.
Woodrow Ernie
Woodrow Louisa, Mrs.
Woodrow Louisa, Mrs.
Woodrow M. E.
Woodrow Maria E.
Woodruff Jacob
Woodruff John, Mrs.
Woodruff Mary, Mrs.
Woodruff R. N.
Woods Caroline, Mrs.
Woods Christina, Mrs.
Woods Clarence E.
Woods Clarence E.
Woods David W.
Woods Earl
Woods Earnest K.
Woods Elmer
Woods Elmer C.
Woods Flora Mrs.
Woods Freda M.
Woods Freda M.
Woods Freda M.
Woods George
Woods George
Woods Hattie, Mrs.
Woods Infant
Woods Ira Mrs.
Woods Joseph, Mrs.
Woods Mary E., Mrs.
Woods Mary K.
Woods Robert N.
Woods Samuel
Woods T. J., Capt.
Woods Victoria, Mrs.
Woods W. P.
Woods Willard
Woods William
Woods William, Mrs.
Woodward Benjamin H.
Woodward Bonnie
Woodward Eloise C., Mrs.
Woodworth Glenn
Woody Gordon, Rev.
Woolen Edith
Woolum child
Woolum child
Woolum George
Woolum Infant
Woolum Jacob
Woolum Mahala, Mrs.
Woolum Mehalia, Mrs.
Woolum Raymond
Woolum Samuel A.
Woolwine Edward
Woolwine Ella L., Mrs.
Woolwine Margaret
Woolwine Margaret, Mrs.
Woolwine S. J.
Woolworth Frank W.
Wooster Ralph
Wooten Elsie
Wooten Elsie, Mrs.
Wooten Elsie, Mrs.
Wooten George C.
Wooten Goldie W., Mrs.
Wooten Isaac
Wooten Jack, Mrs.
Wooten James W.
Wooten Josephine
Wooten Wilbur
Worcester  "Granny Soap", Mrs.
Word Albert
Word Dora, Mrs.
Word W. L., Mrs.
Worden Peter A.
Work Hubert, Mrs.
Workman A. H., Mrs.
Workman Cynthia, Mrs.
Workman Edith, Mrs.
Workman John
Workman Minnie, Mrs.
Workman Nannie
Workman Perry
Workman Robert, Mrs.
Workman S. T.
Workman Tennessee
Worley Edward D.
Worstel Mary, Mrs.
Worstel Mary, Mrs.
Worstell George, Mrs.
Worthington Finley
Worthington Finley
Worthington George H.
Worthington Susan E., Mrs.
Worthington Theodore R.
Worthington W. J., Col.
Wortman Mildred
Wratten Ervie, Mrs.
Wratten Ervie, Mrs.
Wray E. P.
Wray Ernest L.
Wray Hamilton
Wray Howard C.
Wray Howard, Mrs.
Wray Howard, Mrs.
Wray William
Wren Ray
Wrenn William L.
Wrey Adam O.
Wrey Adam O.
Wright Anna, Mrs.
Wright Carrol L.
Wright Charles
Wright Charles
Wright Charles
Wright Charles
Wright Charles W.
Wright Charles, Mrs.
Wright Daniel
Wright Della, Mrs.
Wright Frank
Wright George
Wright George
Wright George Robert
Wright Grover C.
Wright Harold
Wright Herbert B.
Wright J. A.
Wright James
Wright James C.
Wright James M.
Wright Jerry
Wright Lee
Wright Loreen
Wright Lucille
Wright Margaret, Mrs.
Wright Mrs.
Wright Mrs.
Wright Nannie, Mrs.
Wright Oliver A.
Wright Pearl M., Dr.
Wright Rachel
Wright Richard J.
Wright Robert
Wright Robert C.
Wright Rosetha, Mrs.
Wright Samuel U.
Wright Sarah, Mrs.
Wright Tom, Capt.
Wright W. H., Dr.
Wright Wilbur
Wright Willard H., Judge
Wright William
Wright William
Wright William S.
Wright Zola
Wrinkle Jane, Mrs.
Wro John
Wro John, Mrs.
Wro John, Mrs.
Wro Phoebe, Mrs.
Wro Phoebe, Mrs.
Wulfkamp Albert
Wurlitzer Rudolph
Wurtz Harry
Wurtz John
Wurtz Matilda
Wyant Charles
Wyatt Bryon
Wyatt Chauncey P.
Wyatt Edith
Wyatt Edith
Wyatt J. W.
Wyatt Marion
Wyatt William
Wyckoff Maud, Mrs.
Wyley Raymond
Wylie Mr.
Wylie R. W., Mrs.
Wylie Robert W.
Wymer Anna, Mrs.
Wymer Anna, Mrs.
Wymer George W.
Wymer J. P., Major
Wymer Lavina, Mrs.
Wymer Rachel, Mrs.
Wymer William
Wyne William
Wynn John
Wynn Robert, Mrs.
Wysong Claude
Wysong Hubert
Wysor Margaret Blimpson

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